B&B Transcript Monday 8/6/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/6/07


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Ridge: Am I brilliant, or what?

Ashley: I coulda told you that.

Ridge: I would have felt like such an idiot if I hadn't forgiven you.

Ashley: I know. See? I kept telling you.

Felicia: I understand why ridge couldn't do anything about it. But what about you, Daddy?

Eric: I had my hands full here. I couldn't --

Ridge: What is going on?

Felicia: Mom and Phoebe are going on rich ginger's show.

Ridge: Oh, I forgot. Turn it on. Turn it on.

Felicia: Am I the only one out of the loop on this?

Ashley: Well, I think Stephanie will be a great spokesperson. She's very articulate.

Felicia: And unpredictable.

Eric: We just need to clear up any brand confusion between our company and Forrester creations. I think Stephanie can handle that.

Felicia: Oh, you think so? The last time mom had a microphone in her hands, she was outing Jackie Marone as a prostitute on national TV.

Ashley: Jackie was a prostitute?

Brooke: So, what do you think, Jackie?

Jackie: They're not bad.

Brooke: But they're not great, either.

Jackie: Oh, this one's lovely. For a little girl.

Clarke: Are we doing stuff for kids now?

Brooke: No. I was just -- missing my kids.

Jackie: Brooke, you'll get them back. Stephanie doesn't always win. I mean, we're living proof of that.

Clarke: Speaking of the iron lady, she's about to make her debut on "The rich ginger show" right now.

Brooke: Do we have to watch?

Jackie: Oh, I think we should. Stephanie won't miss this opportunity to bash the competition.

Announcer: Live from Los Angeles, it's "The Rich Ginger show."

Rich: Thank you, thank you. Yes, the audience is pumped, and who could blame them? They know who's here. Please welcome Phoebe and Stephanie Forrester.


Rich: Phoebe, welcome. Very nice to see you.

Stephanie: Nice to see you.

Rich: Stephanie, welcome. Welcome. Please, have a set. Let us begin with you, Phoebe. Here you are, Ridge Forrester's daughter. You're the heir -- heiress to the Forrester fashion dynasty. You're a model. Now you have your own fragrance, I hear.

Phoebe: I have it right here, actually.

Rich: What a coincidence. Is that for me? Thank you. Thank you.

Phoebe: Well, I hope you'll share it with your daughter.

Rich: Yes, well if I share it with my daughter, you'll never see it again. She's your biggest fan.

Stephanie: Oh, I might object to that. I think as her grandmother, I'm her biggest fan.

Rich: Yes, and you've been very supportive of her interest in music.

Stephanie: Absolutely. I support anything that enriches her life.

Rich: Well, we don't know if it's going to enrich you yet, but it's certainly getting a lot of attention, isn't it? And tell me now about the boldface challenge.

Phoebe: Oh, it's an on-line promotion for Boldface records.

Rich: And that is Constantine Parros's new label.

Phoebe: That's right. I recorded two duets. One with Constantine. And the other one with -- Rick Forrester.

Rich: Who is not related to you. That's your boyfriend, right?

Phoebe: He was.

Rich: Awww --

Phoebe: But both songs can be found online at Boldfacerecords.Com and then on August 24th, the winning song will be sung at a concert.

Ridge: She's not gonna sing with Rick! It's not gonna happen!

Donna: See, they just clip it on like that. Wa la!

Aly: Pretty.

Donna: Yeah.

Aly: Look, dad. Extensions!

Thorne: Wow.

Aly: Can I take them to grandma and grandpa's?

Thorne: Of course you can, sweetheart. Share with your cousin, Hope.

Aly: I will. Thanks, Donna.

Donna: Oh, your welcome.

Thorne: Oh, there's Catherine. Come on.

Donna: Have fun.

Thorne: I'll walk you out.

Donna: Tell hope and R.J. I miss them.

Thorne: I'll be back in a sec.

Donna: Here take this. Don't forget. Stephanie. All high and mighty. You think you've won, but you haven't.

Thorne: You know, Aly is crazy about you. And so is her father. You know, I might have forgot about us the first time, but I will never forget about last night.

[Phone rings] Don't move. Hey, dad.

Eric: Thorne, I just wanted to remind you of your mother's appearance on "The Rich Ginger show."

Thorne: Oh, okay. Thanks, I'll turn it on now.


Rich: We're back with Stephanie Forrester. Stephanie, the grand dame of west coast fashion. I'm not entirely up on my haute couture, but do you own two fashion houses?

Stephanie: No, we don't. And thank you for giving me the chance to straighten out that confusion. We own Forrester Originals. We no longer own Forrester Creations.

Rich: But you started both companies.

Stephanie: Yes. My husband and I did. Absolutely. But as I said, we're no longer involved with Forrester Creations.

Rich: Brooke Logan Forrester, she works over there?

Stephanie: I think she does, but she's no longer a member of my family.

Rich: Oh -- that sounds like a story. I feel it.

Stephanie: You're absolutely right. And luckily for me, one with a very happy ending.

Rich: Good.

Brooke: Happy?! You stole my children you bitter old cow! She has to pay for that. Somebody has to make her pay!


Donna: Can't your mother plug her company without getting personal?

Thorne: Business is personal with my mother. Everything is personal with my mother.

Donna: I know. When I think about what she's put my family through --

Thorne: Hey, relax, okay? Listen -- let's go in the bedroom. I can take your mind off my mother.

Donna: No, I'm just -- I'm too angry, okay? I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself.

Eric: What the hell is she thinking? Insulting Brooke like that?

Ridge: We should get down there and try and stop her.

Ashley: It was just a little jab. Maybe nobody caught it.

Felicia: Mmm, I don't know. If mom started throwing jabs, you can best be sure there's a haymaker on the way.

Rich: Let me make sure I have this straight -- Nick Marone bought Forrester Creations?

Stephanie: Yes.

Rich: And then you started Forrester Originals.

Stephanie: Yes, with my husband, Eric, and my son, Ridge. They are responsible for making Forrester brand such a valuable brand name.

Rich: All right, so -- and the name is the only connection between the two?

Stephanie: Correct.

Rich: Brooke Logan --

[Stephanie gasps]

Stephanie: I thought we'd heard the last of her.


Rich: Now, she was involved in both companies, right?

Stephanie: "Was" being the key word.


Donna: Are they laughing at my sister?

Rich: Brooke used to be your daughter-in-law.

Stephanie: Oh, a few times, yes. She's also married to my husband. She's his ex-wife. And, you know, I've often thought if I had a brother, she would have ended up as my sister-in-law, too.


Rich: Currently playing the role of mother to your grandchild.

Stephanie: Yes.

Ridge: Oh, no.

Eric: She won't.

Rich: Stephanie, I read something in the paper. There was a custody issue. Something about a fire?

Stephanie: Oh, please, let's not go there. It's a very sad, sad, situation.

Stephanie: But let me assure you -- my grandchildren are fine. I don't mean to mislead you in any way. They're living with my son, Ridge, their father. And he's -- you know, he's a wonderful dad. It's difficult though, you know, when you have to deal -- children have to deal with a person's emotional instability. I'm speaking of Brooke, of course.

Brooke: What did she say?!

Stephanie: Please forgive me. We're not here to speak about ms. Logan and her life. Which is spinning out of control. We're here to talk about music and fashion.

Rich: Well, I'm sure that with Brooke Logan on board their next collection might be a little wacky, hmm?

Stephanie: Well, I think it's safe to be -- I think it'll be wacky-tacky. That's her style.

Rich: That might run in the family. I remember when her that was kind of a va-va-voom there.

Stephanie: Yes, I saw that show. It was a little embarrassing. But fortunately for my family, that nightmare is over.

Rich: Mm-hmm. So, you have no regrets? You don't mind that you've lost Donna and Brooke to Forrester Creations?

Stephanie: No, not at all. I think we're better off. There is a customer base for the wacky-tacky style of the Logan sisters, but Forrester originals will always continue to deliver to our clientele, elegance and style.

Rich: Yes. There you have it. And thank you both, Phoebe and Stephanie, thank you for joining us. And thank you for smelling so good. And this has been quite a treat because I know -- Stephanie, you don't do the talk show circuit often, do you?

Stephanie: I'm shy.


Rich: Yeah.

Both: Slanderous bitch!

Donna: Stephanie wins again. And my family ends up humiliated in front of the whole country. How am I supposed to show my face?

Thorne: Stay here with me.

Donna: I can't.

Thorne: Why not?

Donna: Because I've been kidding myself. To think that we can just put all our baggage behind us and enjoy each other. Stephanie won't let that happen.

Thorne: I will talk to her.

Donna: No, not about us!

Thorne: Listen, her behavior is unacceptable, okay? And someone needs to tell her that.

Donna: Thorne, you are just so sweet to want to stand up for me. But if Stephanie can come between Brooke and her kids, what chance do we really have?

Thorne: I'll tell you what chance we have. You stay right here and wait until I get back.

Donna: Where are you going?

Thorne: I'm gonna take care of this once and for all. You guys hungry?

Brooke: Hasn't she done enough to me?

Jackie: That was nothing, Brooke.

Brooke: Nothing?

Jackie: Well, next to nothing.

Brooke: She insulted me on live television.

Jackie: Words.

Brooke: Her words to the cps agent caused me to lose my children. And that interview is not going to help me get them back.

Clarke: I don't think the judge was tuning in.

Brooke: Oh God. She made me look like a crazy person. Like I light that fire that almost killed my children.

Clarke: I don't think she said that exactly.

Brooke: Well, she wouldn't say it straight up. She's too smart for that.

Jackie: If she really was smart, she would have handled this with class. Badmouthing you was so unprofessional. And accusing us of catering to trollops.

Brooke: No, she made us look ridiculous. Forrester creations. My family. Me. What about the children? What if they hear about this? And if the tabloids pick it up? I've always been very careful to insulate the children from any media about me. And you know Stephanie, she certainly won't. I'm not there to explain.

Donna: Oh, honey. I'm so sorry.

Brooke: Why can't she just leave us alone?

Donna: You just gotta hang in there, okay?

Brooke: I don't know if I can. I don't. I'm just tired and I'm really lonely. And I really miss the kids so much.

Donna: Don't worry. You are not alone, okay? I'm here. And if you can't fight Stephanie, I will. With everything I've got.

Phoebe: Hi, guys.

Ridge: Hey, sweetie. Good job.

Phoebe: Thank you. You think?

Felicia: Oh, you look beautiful.

Ridge: We need to talk about this Boldface challenge thing.

Eric: We have some other issues to discuss first.

Stephanie: I think that went very well.

Ridge: Mother, we were watching, you know that?

Stephanie: Oh, I would hope so. Wasn't she fabulous?

Eric: You went on television to draw a line between Originals and Creations.

Stephanie: And I believe I did.

Felicia: Boy, did you ever.

Eric: You brought the kids into it?

Stephanie: Well, I only answered the questions that I was asked.

Ridge: By insulting Brooke? Very mature.

Stephanie: Well, I thought I was very gracious. What are you talking about? Whenever he would say something, I turned the statements right back into fashion -- whenever he wanted to ask me a question about Brooke and her lap-dancing sister.

Ashley: I think maybe everybody's just kind of concerned that your comments may have had a negative impact on the brand.

Stephanie: Well, thank you for that, Ashley. I'll keep that in mind. I, however, think that there's no doubt and confusion in anybody's mind as to what company we now own. This is not the time to be polite and pull punches.

Thorne: How dare you! How dare you attack Brooke and Donna on TV?

 Stephanie: Oh, please. You, too?

Thorne: Mother, have you not caused those people enough pain?

Stephanie: Honey, they're sitting over in our old offices trading on the Forrester name.

Thorne: Mother, what you said tonight was not about us losing our company. It was malicious. And it was low, mother. And it's gonna stop right now! I mean it! You leave the Logans alone!

Stephanie: I don't think you need to worry about Brooke and Donna, honey. They can take care of themselves. That's really what they do best. And you know something, darling -- they don't give a flying fig about you.

Thorne: I want to speak to you in private. Because, unlike you, I don't like putting our family conflicts on public display.

Stephanie: You're not going to defend those Logan sisters again, are you?

Thorne: Yes I am, mother. Because it was right.

Stephanie: No, it's not. Look, I can see that you're in emotional turmoil. I understand that. You want to move on with your life. It hasn't been easy. And I can see that your emotions are all stirred up about Darla.

Thorne: No, mother. I'm fine.

Stephanie: Really? Taylor said she ran into you at the bikini and that you were drinking too much and that you yelled at her.

Thorne: This is not about Darla --

Stephanie: Well, I don't believe that it's about Donna and Brooke.

Thorne: Look, just because you don't have respect for them --

Stephanie: They do not deserve your respect either.

Thorne: What I feel and who Ii feel it for is none of your business.

Stephanie: I'm very worried about you.

Thorne: Well, you should be worried about yourself. Do you hear the things that you say? I mean, do know what you sound like?

Stephanie: If I sound happy, because those two girls are out of my life, I am happy!

Thorne: You humiliated Brooke and her family on television tonight, mother. Now, you know what that woman is going through. But no, you just couldn't resist pouring more salt into the wound! It was cruel, mother! And it was careless.

Stephanie: Oh really? Really? Thorne, everything I said is the truth, and you know it. And so does everybody else. Those girls are no longer our problem. They're out of our lives and I am happy about that! Get it into your head!

[Cell phone rings]

Donna: Hello.

Thorne: Hey. Are you still at the house?

Donna: Well, I had to come to the office. But I can meet you back there.

Thorne: Can you meet me anywhere else?

Donna: Where?

Thorne: I -- anywhere. I just -- I just need to get the hell out of here.

Donna: You talked to your mother? You didn't tell her about us?

Thorne: No. But I sure as hell wanted to.

Donna: Thorne, just -- no. Don't let her poison this, okay.?

Thorne: Listen, Aly's going to be spending a few days with them -- let's drive up the coast, okay. We can book a B&B in Santa Barbara.

Donna: You know, listen -- you sound exhausted. Why don't you just let me take care of all the arrangements, okay? Just -- I'll take care of everything.

Donna: Are you feeling better?

Brooke: No.

Donna: You will be, very soon. I promise.

Brooke: I want to believe that.

Donna: You cannot lose faith.

Brooke: Faith in what? The justice system? My relationship with Ridge?

Donna: Faith in yourself. Your worth as a person and as a mother. You can't let Stephanie take that from you, too.

Brooke: Why not? She's taken everything else that matters to me?

Donna: Look, I know it's hard. Together, okay?

Brooke: How? How do I do that? I just feel so helpless. There's nobody that I can appeal to. They've taken my children and -- I mean, I used to be able to turn to Ridge. And to Eric. And now, they're both on Stephanie's side. And now, the police. CPS. I mean -- Donna, what did I do to deserve this?

Donna: Nothing. Nothing. You've given the best of yourself to that family. You've made them millions. You brought hope, that little ray of sunshine, into their lives. And if it wasn't for you, ridge might still be in jail right now. Stephanie should have embraced you as a daughter. But she abused you, instead.

Brooke: Just like always.

Donna: Yeah, well, that's all about to change. You say you're alone in this, but you're not. I'll stand up for you. And Stephanie will regret messing with us.

Brooke: Look, I -- I'm gonna go home. I'm certainly not going to be much good here today.

Donna: Okay. All right. Well, I'll stop by and check on you later, okay? I just gotta take care of something right now.

Brooke: Thanks.

Donna: Las Vegas. Casinos. Clubs. Hotels. Tours. Wedding chapels.

[Donna remembering]

Stephanie: Well the Logan sisters, I think it's safe to say, have been a little bit of a nightmare for us. But fortunately, it's over.

Donna: You think your nightmare is over, Stephanie? It hasn't even begun.

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