B&B Transcript Friday 8/3/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/3/07


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Ashley: I guess you don't think I deserve to be forgiven. I don't understand that. Because there's so much good waiting on the other side of forgiveness, Ridge. There's so much good waiting for you and me. You just have to want it enough to get past this.

Stephanie: Run, run, run --

R.J.: Daddy!

Ridge: Hey.

Aly: Grandma said we could go swimming.

Hope: Can we?

Ashley: Wait a second, what are you doing here?

Abby: Mrs. Forrester said we're having a barbecue.

Stephanie: Well, it's a great night for a barbecue. Here we are, all together, right? So, run upstairs and put bathing suits on.

Stephanie: Fast, fast, fast -- quick, quick, quick --

Ridge: Mother, this is not really a great time --

Stephanie: Oh, honey, relax. Of course it's a good time for barbecue. And the number one barbecue person's on his way. There's a bag of groceries in the car. Ashley, does anybody ever say no to her?

Ridge: The question is, does she ever hear it?

Donna: You're designing?

Brooke: Struggling is more like it.

Donna: Well, it's new. It'll come.

Brooke: Yeah.

Donna: Now, sis, what's that?

Brooke: It's a DVD that Nick made for me of the kids. Do you want to see?

Nick: Show me what a real pirate's made of. That's it. Bare your soul.

Brooke: It's so cute.

Nick: Run, run -- get him, get him. Show me spirit. Spirits.

Brooke: He didn't know what to do. It's cute.

Hope: We love you, Mommy.

R.J.: We love you, Mommy.

Donna: Well, I saw them today. The kids.

Brooke: Really? Where?

Donna: At the beach. You know, the bar/snack bar.

Brooke: Oh, I'm glad Ridge is getting them out.

Donna: Well, they were with Stephanie. But they seemed fine. You know, they were happy to see me -- which she didn't like one bit.

Brooke: Did they ask about me?

Donna: Well, you know, she didn't really give them a chance to.

Brooke: All I can do is my work, and my therapy, and just be responsible.

Donna: You're going to get your children back, Brooke. Stephanie won't.

Brooke: Won't what? Donna, where are you going?

Donna: I've got a date.

Stephanie: Oh, thank you, honey.

R.J.: How old are you?

Eric: You can't count that high.

R.J.: 17?

Eric: That's exactly right. Come on, let's see if he's up here.

Stephanie: Abby is just a natural at being a good sister. What?

Ridge: I want you to go to your room and write, "I will not be so overbearing," 100 times.

Stephanie: And why would I do that? I'm just trying to help you.

Ridge: No, mother, you're trying to pair me off with Ashley. Whether I want it or not.

Stephanie: Sweetheart, you do want it. It's just you don't know how to get there from here because your feelings are still hurt.

R.J.: Grandpa's 17.

Stephanie: And don't I know it. How many times has that man broken my heart? Would I be better off without him? God knows I try. And the answer is always no. Pride's a wonderful thing. But you can't come home to it at night, crawl in bed and snuggle up with it. If I can set aside my pride for love, you can, too.

Hope: Can we go home now?

Stephanie: Sweetheart, we are home.

Hope: To Mommy.

Stephanie: Well, we just started dinner.

R.J.: I ate chicken.

Stephanie: I know. I saw it. That was good, wasn't it? Guess what we have for dessert? Cupcakes.

R.J.: Where?

Stephanie: Over there.

Eric: Right over there by the wall.

Stephanie: Listen, hope, Alexandria's staying overnight. Don't you want to keep her company? And maybe we can get Abby to stay, too?

Hope: Can Abby stay over?

Abby: Can I?

Ashley: Um, you know, honey, we're going to talk about that a little later, all right? Why don't you come and eat?

Ridge: Sorry about my mother there.

Ashley: That's okay. I know about your mom. I don't know about you and me.

[Knock on the door]

Thorne: Oh --

Donna: Oh, what?

Thorne: I thought I was picking you up.

Donna: Oh, you didn't say. I can just wait outside.

Thorne: No, let me just get my keys.

Donna: And why are you so dressed up?

Thorne: Well, I thought Cafe Russe would be nice.

Donna: Cafe Russe? I see.

Thorne: What?

Donna: It's just -- you know, very formal.

Thorne: Well, we can go anywhere you'd like. What?

Donna: When a man drops a lot of money on a girl he doesn't want in his house --

Thorne: I didn't say that.

Donna: It's usually a payoff. And I'm not a hooker, Thorne. And despite what your mother says about me, I don't need to be paid off for the other night.

Thorne: That's not why -- why do you keep suspecting me of the worst possible motives?

Donna: I'm sorry. Just force of habit with your family, I guess.

Thorne: Well, I can't blame you for that. You know what? I don't like reading menus in French anyway. How about that we stay here and make a grilled ham and cheese and a beer. How does that sound

Donna: Sounds great to me.

Thorne: Good, why don't you shut the door and make yourself comfortable? I'll be right back.

Donna: Can I help?

Thorne: Ham and cheese, I can take care of. Aly just wanted to put out some mementos for the one-year anniversary of --

Donna: It's beautiful.

Thorne: I just haven't gotten around to putting them away. Beer okay?

Donna: Perfect. It's perfect.

Abby: Can I sleep over?

Ashley: Oh honey, I don't think so. Not tonight, okay?

Abby: Okay. Can I watch the rest of the movie though?

Eric: It's short, you know. Talking animals don't have as much to say as talking people.

Ashley: Okay, then.

Stephanie: Well, in that case, why don't you and I high-tail it out of here.

Ridge: Don't even think about leaving. You're the one that got us into all this. You can just stay and keep an eye on things. Could I talk to you for a minute before you leave?

Stephanie: Hmm -- sounds good to me.

Eric: Shall I just throw her in the pool for you --

Stephanie: Oh, go make some root beer floats for the kids.

Ashley: I think you may be misreading your son this time, honestly.

Donna: So, what time does Aly get home from the sitter's?

Thorne: She's going to stay over at Ridge's house with --

Donna: With my niece and nephew. So nice of your mother to loan them out to Ridge. Do you know she wouldn't even let Brooke say good-night to them?

Thorne: Can I get you another beer?

Donna: What, you don't want to have an opinion?

Thorne: I don't want to have an argument. And besides, no one in my family gives a damn about my opinions anyway, so I got out of the habit.

Donna: I don't need another beer, if that's why you're getting up.

Thorne: No, me neither.

Donna: You're not much of a drinker, are you?

Thorne: No, not so much.

Donna: Yet you don't remember going to bed with me.

Thorne: Well, I have good days and bad days.

Donna: Are you looking for these?

Thorne: You went through my pockets?

Donna: Well, the label says, "Take one tablet at bedtime as needed."

Thorne: I know what it says.

Donna: Is it bedtime?

Thorne: They're very mild.

Donna: Not the way you're taking them.

Thorne: For our first date, this conversation is getting pretty heavy.

Donna: You don't expect anyone to pay attention, do you? Just being ignored, it's what you're used to. Well, I'm not used to looking the other direction and it's not a skill I care to develop. I saw the name on the bottle, so I looked it up and -- it's usually prescribed for anxiety?

Thorne: May I have them, please?

Donna: How many do you take?

Thorne: It doesn't matter.

Donna: I read it can be addictive, too.

Thorne: Well, I'm not there.

Donna: If you say so. You've got a problem, haven't you?

Eric: Contemplating a skinny-dip, or are you just trying to drive the men wild?

Stephanie: No, honey, just you.

Eric: Yeah.

Stephanie: Um, Ridge's bedroom light is on.

Eric: Well, maybe he's going to bed. Where's Ashley?

Stephanie: Was she in the kitchen?

Eric: She was. But no. No, she's not.

Stephanie: Well, I would say things are definitely looking up.

Ashley: Hi. Here you are. Um, I just want to let you know that Abby and I will be leaving.

Ridge: Close the door. Look, if you and I are going to be seeing each other --

Ashley: Don't worry about that. I mean, at work, you're on another floor, I'm on a different floor. It shouldn't be a problem.

Ridge: That's not what I'm talking about.

Ashley: So, what are you talking about?

Ridge: I don't want you to leave. Never let a headache stop you from taking your son...

Thorne: Yeah, I have a problem, but it's not the pills.

Donna: Maybe I should keep them.

Thorne: Yeah, maybe you should. It started out feeling like I couldn't sleep. So, I went to the doctor, and then it started feeling like I didn't want to be awake.

Donna: She was so special.

Thorne: If time heals all wounds, why do I still wake up every morning and mine are still there? The only thing that I was good at was being married to Darla. She was the only one that ever made me feel like the most important person in my own life.

Donna: Love isn't that hard to come by.

Thorne: Well, that's what I told myself. And that's how I got into that mess with Taylor. But if that's the case, why are you alone?

Donna: I didn't think I was at the moment.

Thorne: You're not interested in me.

Donna: No? Why not? I mean, since you can read my mind.

Thorne: Well, for one thing, you hate my family.

Donna: So do you.

Thorne: No I don't. Mostly I don't.

Donna: Okay, why do you think I'm really here?

Thorne: Because you don't give a damn either.

Donna: Do you want be a mind-reader? Look like one.

Thorne: Maybe I want to look at you.

Donna: You can see me with your hands. You can even pretend if you want. I can be anybody. I really can. Are you feeling sleepy?

Thorne: No.

Donna: You don't need the pills to take the pain away. I've got something better.

Ridge: I don't know how to do this.

Ashley: It's okay. We haven't been seeing each other long enough for this to qualify as a real break-up.

Ridge: Oh, that I know how to do. It's this feeling of being betrayed by you -- feeling that you betrayed my daughter. She's not holding a grudge, she's over it. Why can't I do the same?

Ashley: I don't know. But if you can't forgive me, you can't forgive me.

Ridge: I can't.

Ashley: Okay.

Ridge: But I have to. Because -- I love you. The thing I've been leaving out. It's this thing I'm scared to death would happen to me again. And it's the thing I wanted most. And here you are. I almost let you walk away, knowing I would have been a fool to do that. But I couldn't say the one thing that would stop you. I really hate what you did.

Ashley: I didn't know you were going to be the man in my life, you know.

Ridge: Yeah. I guess, there's a certain amount of telling and untelling that has to go on when things are new, huh? You know there are a thousand things I haven't told you about my life --

Ashley: Wait a second. I don't want to hide from you. I don't want to hide from being wrong. I should've told you sooner. And I'm so sorry. I'll never hurt you that way again. I'll put you first. I'll deserve your trust.

Ridge: Okay, wait a minute. I'm usually the one who disappoints around here --

Ashley: No, don't -- don't, don't try to make me lower my expectations of you. Because I see you better than you think I do.

Ridge: I guess we're both a little bruised, huh?

Ashley: I guess so. I have to warn you, though. If we do this, making up? I'm playing for keeps, okay?

Ridge: Yeah.

Nick: Where's the treasure? Show me. Ah, there's the treasure

Hope: We love you, Mommy.

R.J.: We love you, Mommy.

Stephanie: Oh, the light went out in the bedroom.

Eric: Well, so it has. We Forrester men.

Stephanie: Yes, I can attest to that, sweetheart. Why don't you tell Abby that she can stay over? That her mother's changed her mind?

Donna: What am I thinking now? Your mother hounded mine like a rabid dog --

Thorne: Not about sleep.

Donna: What about now? Sends my father away and left us defenseless.

Thorne: That I really slacked off at the gym.

Donna: Wrong. Now? Terrorized my sister and stole her children.

Thorne: What I'm thinking now is too loud to tell.

Donna: What am I thinking now? And now it's going to stop with me.

Thorne: Are you trying to drive me crazy? Is that what you want?

Donna: I'm looking at what I want. The next Mrs. Thorne Forrester.

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