B&B Transcript Friday 7/27/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/27/07


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Rick: How did you know --

Phoebe: Know the other woman was Ashley? I didn't until just a second ago, when she said Au revoir." It's how she signed off on your PDA. Look, it was what it was. It was just a brief flirtation. It was over before it began.

Rick: I wish I could say that that's true. But I can't leave it like that.

Phoebe: Well, I have a choice words for Ashley --

Rick: No, please don't. Don't blame her. I went to Ashley in a time of need. It goes back to our time together in Paris.

Phoebe: In Paris?

Rick: That's where Ashley and I first met.

Phoebe: Right, at International, working on the fragrance. What does that have to do with us?

Rick: There's more to the story. Ashley had just gone through a divorce. She was in a very difficult situation. We were there for each other. Spent a lot of time together. And we grew close.

Phoebe: How close?

Rick: Very close.

Ridge: Leave it.

Ashley: Somebody needs you. You better get it.

Ridge: No.

Ashley: Go ahead.

Ridge: I won't be long.

Ashley: Okay.

Ridge: Whoever this is, your timing is lousy. Oh, Jarrett, I might have expected. Listen -- hold on a second. Hold on.

Ashley: Go ahead and take care of this. I've got some things I have to do.

Ridge: Okay. Don't be long.

Ashley: I won't.

Ridge: All right, Jarrett, here's the scoop. This is the only thing I can tell you about the new collection. At least, the only principal thing.

Stephanie: Can I get you something? Coffee, tea?

Taylor: No, no, this isn't a social visit, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Oh. So, I understand your husband is signing Brooke's paychecks these days. That mustn't set very well with you, does it?

Taylor: It's a working relationship, Stephanie, nothing more.

Stephanie: Right, until Brooke says it's something other than that. And you know she's going to that.

Taylor: What I know is that my husband is committed to me and our baby and really, you should be more concerned with your son, Thorne right now.

Stephanie: What about Thorne?

Taylor: That's why I'm stopping by. I saw him last night at the bikini bar.

Stephanie: Well, he was going out on a date. Did you see him somewhere?

Taylor: Yes, I did. But don't let this happy facade that he's got going fool you. Okay, there's something going on with Thorne. I don't think he's doing too well.

Thorne: Barkeep -- another one.

Bartender: Sure you don't prefer coffee instead?

Thorne: Just give me the damn drink.

Donna: If I had a mother ha

Thorne: My manners. One for the lady.

Donna: Well, that's ironic. You call me a lady when your mother calls my sister and me, sluts, whores, tramps --

Thorne: Just ignore her.

Donna: Well, that's hard for Brooke to do when Stephanie's taken her children from her. I mean, how would you feel, losing some you loved the most in this world? Thorne, I'm so sorry. I wasn't thinking.

Thorne: That's all I do is think. Just think of what my life would be like if Darla was still here.

Phoebe: So, you and Ashley were very close while you were in Paris?

Rick: Yes, we were.

Phoebe: Then, you've been keeping all this quiet since you've been back in L.A.

Rick: Phoebe, Ashley came back here. She was starting a brand new job. We wanted to keep things as professional as possible. We didn't want make things uncomftable or awkward --

Phoebe: For me, because we all work together.

Rick: Yeah. Exactly. I didn't want there to be a problem between us, okay? I didn't want to give your father ammunition to use against us.

Phoebe: So, you were what? Protecting me?

Rick: Yes. Yes, I was. Isn't that what somebody does when they love someone as much as I love you?

Phoebe: I guess, I didn't -- I didn't really make it easy for you. I mean, I was pushing you away when I thought you were blaming my dad for Shane's death. I mean, that's when it happened, right? Ashley was there for you when I -- when I should have been.

Rick: Phoebe --

Phoebe: Did you kiss her?

Rick: Listen, I --

Phoebe: Did you and Ashley kiss? I'm just -- Rick, you didn't

Stephanie: So, Thorne got angry with you.

Taylor: Well -- it's completely understandable. It's been almost exactly a year since Darla died. And I know the things he was saying, they were definitely coming from a place of pain.

Stephanie: Well, considering everything, I guess he's entitled.

Taylor: I know I cost him his wife.

Stephanie: No, I was thinking that he fell in love with you and you chose Nick over him.

Taylor: That is not true and you know it. I'm not standing here trying to minimize my responsibility in this. I get it. I know. I have to live with it the rest of my life.

Stephanie: So does -- so does Alexandria and Thorne.

Taylor: Unfortunately, I know that too. But I also that --has been trying to pull it together and be the best father he can be for Aly. And of course, as long as Thorne's okay, Aly's okay. But after what I saw last night, Thorne's not doing okay.

Stephanie: Do you think he's drinking too much?

Taylor: I'm a recovering alcoholic, Stephanie. I know the signs of addiction. The thing that makes this whole thing just so ironic is that Thorne's the one that took me to AA meetings. He's the one who told me that I had a problem. He was the one who knew that I was in trouble.

Stephanie: So you think he's in trouble?

Taylor: You haven't noticed? Stephanie, he's not the same.

Thorne: It's been a year. They say time heals everything, right? Not that I on that it hasn't. It's family and friends. They just want you to grieve and move on. So, you pretend to gather up your life and that you are okay. How can you be okay if that person who is your life is -- is no longer there? And all you have left is an empty glass of booze. And a ruptured heart that can't be fixed. God, I'm pathetic or what?

Donna: Well, you sound like a man who -- what are those? Fine, don't tell me. Like I care anyway.

Thorne: Hey, where are you going?

Bartender: Do you want to call a cab or should I?

Donna: Oh, I'll take him. I know where he lives. Just help me get to the car.

Rick: Phoebe, please listen to me. You broke up with me. I was hurt. I was devastated -- confused. I didn't -- I didn't understand why after everything we had been through, you could just -- you could leave. You could give up on us like that. That's what I was feeling on that plane to New York. I thought things were over between us. I truly thought that we were done. That you never wanted to see me again. Look, I have to tell you something. I don't want there to be anymore secrets between us. I never made it to that meeting in New York. I instructed the pilot to fly Ashley and me to a hotel in Mexico and we --

Phoebe: Stop --

Rick: Phoebe, I just --

Phoebe: Stop --

Rick: I want you to know --

Phoebe: I said stop! My God, Rick, you're standing there, telling me that you and Ashley slept together after we'd been broken up for what? 48 hours? I mean, how can what we have mean so little to you, that you -- I mean, unless you were thinking about being with her this -- this whole time, because -- because you could -- you could be with her, like you couldn't be with me because she could give you what you needed.

Rick: Phoebe -- no -- Phoebe, it wasn't like it. Please -- please -- Phoebe, stop. Phoebe?

Stephanie: Taylor, well, what do you think I should do?

Taylor: Well, I just -- I'm asking you to keep an eye on him and be supportive and available to him. And if you see that this is continuing, I -- I really think he's going to need some help. And I want you to call me.

Thorne: Where are we?

Donna: Geez, you really are out of it.

Thorne: Thirsty.

Donna: Like you haven't had enough to drink tonight.

Thorne: Water.

Donna: Fine. I'll get you some water, then I'm out of here.

Thorne: Darla. Darla.

Donna: Damn you, Stephanie Forrester. Everywhere I turn, you're there. I swear to God, if the last thing I ever do -- that's it. That's how I'll get even with the witch.

Ashley: Hi. You're still here. Where's Phoebe?

Rick: She ran out. She was upset.

Ashley: Upset about what?

Rick: I had to tell her everything, Ashley. Everything about us.

Ridge: Okay, just tell me when exactly the shipment will arrive. Okay, just make sure -- I'll have to call you back later. Phoebe, what's going on? What happened?

Phoebe: You were right.

Ridge: Right about what?

Phoebe: About Rick and the other woman? He was -- they were -- they were having an affair.

Ridge: Oh, sweetie. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Phoebe: I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. I'm sorry I didn't see what was right in front of my face. How could I, if Rick and Ashley were so good at -- so good at hiding it?

Ridge: Ashley? Ashley? Ashley? Ashley abbot? You're not telling me that -- Ashley is the other woman in Rick's life?

Ashley: Phoebe knows? You told her about Paris?

Rick: Yep.

Ashley: Does she know everything that happened after that, Rick?

Rick: Well, if you asking me if she knows we slept together --

Ashley: Where is she?

Rick: I don't know.

Ashley: What if she tells Ridge before I have a chance to talk to him? What if she's with him right now?

Phoebe: Apparently, it started in Paris, when they were working together. And Ashley was single again and so was Rick. And they were attracted to each other. Obviously, they still are.

Ridge: Were you saying this is the reason Ashley came back to L.A.? That they're still involved -- they're still sneaking --

Phoebe: No, no, it's like that. Or so Rick claims. I mean, I don't know. How am I supposed to trust anything he says anymore? It's just -- I really thought that he loved me. I believed him when he said he wouldn't hurt me again. You know, why did he do this, Dad? Why did they do this to us?

Ridge: I don't know, sweetie.

Thorne: Water.

Stephanie: There's nothing you can do nothing, nothing, nothing --

Thorne: Darla?

Donna: It's okay. Everything's okay now. I'm here. Nothing I can do, Stephanie. Just watch.

Ashley: Ridge?

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