B&B Transcript Thursday 7/19/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/19/07


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Judge: Order. You don't consider Ms. Logan to be a responsible parent. Is that your testimony?

Taylor: In her present state of mind? Um, my guess is, that was what I was saying.

Judge: Based on your conversation, do you have any concerns about the children's safety while in her care?

Taylor: Um, well, Brooke had stated some misgivings.

Judge: What sort of misgivings? What did she say to you?

Taylor: She had just -- well, she had said some things like, she was a bad mother. And she didn't deserve her children and they would be better off with Ridge. But Brooke was -- was very, very emotionally upset that day. And people really do tend to -- they overstate things when they're under emotional duress.

Judge: But those were her words?

Taylor: Uh, yeah.


C.J.: All right, you hear that, everybody? Felicia thinks there's a clear winner. And so do I, so -- who is it? Rick and Phoebe?

[Cheers and applause] Or Phoebe and Constantine?

[Cheers and applause] Uh-huh. Okay, okay, but before we announce the artists with the next hit duet on their hands, on behalf of the Insomnia coffeehouse and my bank account, I would like to thank all of you for coming out and giving these guys a listen. So --

Felicia: I think we have two very different songs here.

C.J.: Very true, very true. Sung by two very different dudes and one very hot girl. Wouldn't you say so?

[Cheers and applause] All right. The big moment. Drum roll, please. The guy who sang the best duet with the lovely Ms. Phoebe is --

[In unison] Rick --

Felicia: Constantine!

C.J.: We have a tie!

[Cheers and applause]

Storm: Dr. Marone, when Ms. Logan approached you for help, she wanted to hire you as a personal therapist, isn't that right?

Taylor: Yes.

Storm: And even though you turned her down for personal reasons, isn't that a clear indication of her stable character, that she sought professional help?

Taylor: Oh, seeking counseling is a very healthy behavior. Any psychiatrist or therapist will tell you that.

Storm: I believe that's sufficient. Thank you. No further questions, your honor.

Judge: Thank you, doctor. You may step down.

Storm: Your honor, I'd like to recall ms. Logan to the stand, please.

Judge: Ms. Logan, will you please take the stand?

Brooke: Yes, I was distraught when I sought out Taylor. I said some things that people say when they're upset or down on themselves. But I'm very responsible. I don't pose a danger to my children. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of them.

Storm: Nothing further.

Dorothy: Before Ms. Logan gets up, if I may?

Judge: Ms. Bascomb, you may.

Dorothy: You were preparing dinner in the kitchen for the children while the fire started in the living room.

Brooke: Yes.

Dorothy: Were you using any noisy appliances?

Brooke: It was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit salad. So no.

Dorothy: You weren't talking on the phone? Listening to the radio? Watching TV?

Brooke: No. I was alone. It was very quiet.

Dorothy: Alone with your thoughts.

Brooke: I guess you could say that.

Dorothy: The kitchen is not too far from the living room where the kids were playing with the lighter. Yet, when you returned, there was a great big fire going on. Now, how is it possible that you didn't smell the smoke? Or hear the alarm? Or R.J. or Hope crying for help? It's because you were so distracted by the roar of your own thoughts, preoccupied by your own misery --

Nick: Judge! I would like to be heard.

Storm: Nick, please --

Judge: Who are you?

Nick: My name's Nick Marone. This is my wife. It was my lighter that started that fire. And I take full responsibility for what happened in that house. So, if anybody should be punished here, it should be me, for what happened in that house, not her. You know, judge, what are we talking about here? We're not talking about a woman who can't be trusted with her children. A woman, who can't be responsible -- I was married to her. She's one of the best mothers I've ever seen.

Judge: Please sit down. And at the risk of repeating myself, this proceeding is in no way punitive. We're trying to determine what is best for these children. You may resume.

Dorothy: Do you need me to repeat the question?

Brooke: No, ms. Bascomb. I wasn't oblivious to my children. People have problems and they deal with them. They meet their responsibilities. And that's what I've done. That's what I do and I will continue to do that when hope and R.J. come home. End of story.

Dorothy: No further questions, your honor.

Storm: Nor from me, your honor.

Judge: Thank you, Ms. Logan. You may step down. We'll take a brief recess, and then I will give you my ruling.

Stephanie: Come out and see us in the hall just for a moment. Thank you for coming. I know you didn't want to be involved in this.

Taylor: If I hadn't been subpoenaed, I wouldn't be here.

Eric: Gee, I wonder who made that happen.

Stephanie: The truth has come out. That's what counts. And you came through for us.

Taylor: Look, I wasn't taking sides. I hate being in the middle of this.

Ridge: Poor Brooke. She looked totally blindsided.

Eric: Your testimony was more condemnation than anything else. Whether you meant it to be or not --

Stephanie: Well, let's just stop talking about Brooke. This is about the children and their needs. And that's what comes first.

Ridge: So, you don't think Hope and R.J. need their mother?

Stephanie: Not in her current state of mind, no.

Ridge: I just want her to get whatever time she needs to get her life back together.

Taylor: Look, I doubt anything dire is going happen. At the most, he might impose supervision, or he might tell her to get some mandatory counseling. But I would personally be stunned if he didn't just send the children home with her tonight.

Rick: So, Felicia, thank you very much. I appreciate that.

Felicia: Well, it's not that I don't like your song, I just like his better.

Rick: So much for family.

Madison: I thought they were both really good.

Rick: Thank you --

Madison: And I love the rock and roll look.

Phoebe: Yeah?

C.J.: It's pretty nice. I don't know, I kind of prefer the old Phoebe.

Rick: Old? I believe the word you're looking for is classic.

Constantine: Right. Like Lawrence Welk.

Madison: Who?

Rick: You weren't know classic if it bit you in the --

Felicia: Oh, boy, am I thirsty.

C.J.: Well, you're in the right place for that. Ladies, can I buy you a drink?

Rick: So, you really thought you were going to walk away from this?

Constantine: We'll settle this.

Fan: Can we have your autograph?

Constantine: Oh, sure. Of course.

Rick: So, why would a girl want that?

Phoebe: You're worried I'm going to run off with him next?

Rick: No.

Phoebe: No? Hmm, doesn't really sound like you're worried about losing me.

Rick: Well, here's the deal. I have an idea. Why don't you lose these clothes, and the make-up and this whole rock star attitude -- so we can focus more on this. Come on, let's get out of here. I have a surprise for you.

Phoebe: Yeah?

Rick: Yeah.

Phoebe: Okay.

Brooke: How could Taylor say those things? Doesn't she know what's at stake for me?

Storm: Well, Taylor's testimony does carry more weight than it would if she were strictly a layperson. But this judge seems pretty fair to me.

Taylor: Brooke? Can we talk?

Brooke: Haven't you said enough already?

Bailiff: Court is back in session.

Judge: Please be seated. I'm ready with my ruling.

Felicia: All right, big brother, call me the minute you hear anything. I mean it. Bye.

Constantine: I thought you didn't like me.

Felicia: What makes you think I do?

Constantine: C.J. said you liked my song better.

Felicia: Look, it's not that I don't like you, Constantine. It's that I don't like you for my 18-year-old niece.

Constantine: And like Rick is so much better? I mean, my interest in Phoebe is --

Felicia: Strictly professional. Yeah, uh-huh, you said that before.

Constantine: Well, if Rick would stop smothering her talent, I could actually do something with her.

Felicia: Okay, assuming that he succeeds in getting her not to sign with your label -- I know another Forrester who'd like to make music with you.

Constantine: Really? What do you play?

Rick: All right, no peeking.

Phoebe: All right.

Rick: All right, you ready?

Phoebe: Uh-huh.

Rick: Open.

Phoebe: My God, it's beautiful. It looks like you thought we were going to win.

Rick: Well, we did. Because I still have you.

Phoebe: What about Constantine?

Rick: I'm sorry, who?

Phoebe: Even if it was a tie, it's been an incredible night. And I think we really do have a reason to celebrate.

Rick: What do you mean?

Judge: It's getting late, so I'll be brief. Starting with the issue of Brooke Logan's character. No credible evidence has been presented that she's a person of bad morals. Next, I will remind ms. Bascomb that Ms. Logan cannot be held responsible for, in any way punished for someone else's carelessness. The long ago hot tub incident and the accidental fire are immaterial. In order to protect the children from harm in the future, I have to assess whether Ms. Logan is capable of providing adequate care for them moving forward. The evidence I've heard suggests that she's done so in the past. However, based on the testimony of Dr. Taylor Marone about her recent emotional state, I can only conclude that Ms. Logan is not capable at the present time of giving them the same care and attention. I, therefore, do not believe that it's in the best interests of Ridge Forrester Jr. And Hope Logan, both minors, to remain in the custody of their mother. Accordingly, I'm setting aside the provision in the divorce decree for joint custody, giving Ridge Forrester Sr. Sole custody of their son.

Brooke: No!

Judge: Until such time as the court is satisfied that Ms. Logan has recovered.

Brooke: You can't take my children!

Storm: Brooke --

Brooke: No, no, you can't do this! It isn't fair.

Judge: Ms. Logan, I strongly urge you to consider and seek counseling to help you better cope with life's stresses and disappointments, so that you can adequately focus your attention where it needs to be focused. Once you've proven that you can master these skills --

Brooke: Wait, wait, you mean, I have to take some sort of test before I see my children again?

Judge: You will be given generous supervised visitations. Now, as to Hope Logan, Ms. Bascomb's report states that the biological father cannot be found. Putting her in foster care is one option --

Ridge: Your honor -- those children are brother and sister. They should not be separated. I will gladly take hope if that's okay with you.

Dorothy: That would be my recommendation as well.

Judge: Me too. So ordered. Ms. Logan, do you understand the new arrangements?

Brooke: Yes. Yes, I understand. I understand that it is wrong.

Judge: It's temporary. For the good of all of you.

Brooke: How could separating my sweet, innocent children from their mother, be good for them? I don't care what you or anybody else in this courtroom thinks. I love my children and they love me. You are not helping my family. You are destroying it!

Rick: Maybe we should -- we should have some dinner, huh?

Phoebe: Maybe we shouldn't.

Rick: Phoebe -- hey.

Phoebe: Rick, it's okay. I want to.

Brooke: Temporary. What -- what does that mean? How long is this outrage going to go on?

Storm: Well, I suggest that you do as the court instructs. Find a therapist and we'll petition the court, when the time is right to reinstate the original custody terms. I'm sorry, Brooke. I have to go fill out some paperwork. So, why don't you go and stay here and I'll be right back. I'll take you home and we can talk some more, okay? Brooke? Stay right here. I'll be back, okay?

Nick: I'm so sorry.

Brooke: It's not your fault. I just can't talk right now. I'm too upset.

Nick: Well, there she is. All smiles, aren't you, Grandma? You got exactly what you wanted today, didn't you?

Stephanie: Yes, I did. The children are safe, in a home to die in a fire. Or drown in a hot tub --

Nick: Not another word out of you! What happened today -- what you did to Brooke, I won't forget it.

Ridge: And your stupidity that almost killed a couple of our kids, we're not going to forget that either, Nick. Come on, Mother.

Eric: Never speak to my wife that way again.

Taylor: Brooke, I -- I am truly sorry. I never expected the judge to rule that way.

Brooke: You didn't expect it? After you pounded that last nail into my coffin? I told you those things in confidence, Taylor. I never dreamed that I would be sitting in a courtroom and hearing those words used against me.

Taylor: I was subpoenaed. This is why I told you I didn't want to testify.

Brooke: Every mother has their doubts. I mean, you could have at least said that to the judge. Made some sort of effort --

Taylor: I tried.

Brooke: You stabbed me in the back!

Taylor: I didn't mean to, Brooke, I didn't. God, I wish you never would even come to me and ask me to help you.

Brooke: Yeah, well, I wish I didn't either. Because now thanks to you, my children aren't going to be spending the night in their beds tonight. They're not going to be spending every single day with their mother. I'm going to miss out on months and months of their childhood. It's time that I can't get back with them, Taylor. So, why don't you just take your lame excuses and get the hell of out my sight!

Taylor: Maybe you really do need this time alone. I hope you make the most of it and get some help.

Brooke: God, you're a mother and you're pregnant even. I mean, I thought I would get at least some kind of compassion from you. I hope to God that you never have to feel what I'm feeling. Having your children ripped from you. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

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