B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/18/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/18/07


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Judge: Ms. Logan, that's enough!

Brooke: I deserve to be heard!

Storm: Brooke, please. Sit down. Please.

Brooke: No, Stephanie Forrester is trying to destroy me. The only reason this hearing is happening is because she hates me. I can accept that, but I can't accept the fact that she brings in child protective services and fabricates some story that I'm an unfit mother! I'm a thousand times better mother than she will ever be!

C.J.: Yes, Madison. That looks great. Thank you. Ken, come on. Pull that chair through this. Make this a three top. Dana, thank you very much.

Some might say it's a hopeless fight like the sun coming up on a Saturday night

Constantine: Right. No, I know you're just marking it. Just remember to sing that song a third above me.

Phoebe: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I always forget that.

Constantine: It's okay. It's okay. You need something?

Rick: No, just listening. Hey.

Phoebe: Hey. What'd you think?

Rick: You were great. As usual. You -- was a little rough. You know, you might want to save yourself the embarrassment and just drop out now. Because when this is all said and done, Phoebe and I will be declaring ourselves the winner and we can all go home.

Constantine: I'm not dropping out of anything. Phoebe and I are going to own this competition. And it's going to be especially impressive because we won it here -- on your home turf.

Rick: My home turf?

Constantine: Insomnia? Come on, this is where you and Phoebe made a name for yourself. This is Forrester territory. It's cool. It's fine. It doesn't even matter. 'Cause Phoebe and I are going to win anyway. And I gotta warn you, pal -- it's not gonna be pretty.

Judge: Now that you've had a chance to calm down, perhaps you'd like to answer some questions.

Brooke: Yes, your honor.

Judge: All right. On the night the children were left alone, you fell asleep in the car? Is that correct?

Brooke: I had a very emotional week. And I didn't want the children to see me like that so -- while I was driving home, I just pulled off to the side of the road to gather myself a bit. And I didn't realize that I was so tired.

Judge: According to Ms. Bascomb's report, the children were in the care of your sister, Donna?

Brooke: There was a misunderstanding. Donna left before I got there.

Judge: Will you explain that?

Storm: Your honor, if I may? I've spoken with our sister, Donna. And it turns out that it was raining that evening. Donna thought she saw Brooke pull her car into the driveway. Since Donna had a flight to catch that evening, she didn't stay to confirm that Brooke was actually in the house.

Judge: I see. And on the day of the fire, the children were in the care of Dominick Marone.

Brooke: My ex-husband.

Judge: But not the children's father?

Brooke: He's like a father to both of them.

Judge: He brought the lighter that started the fire into the house.

Brooke: He left it there accidentally.

Judge: Do you always allow your ex-husband to smoke when he's with the children?

Brooke: He wasn't smoking. He was playing.

Judge: Playing?

Brooke: Pirates. Nick is a sailor. And he was showing the kids how to make a treasure map. He was burning the edges with the lighter to make it look old. But the point it, I mean, he's very responsible. He would never do anything to put the children in danger.

Storm: Your honor, the point is my client is right. She's a wonderful mother. There's no reason whatsoever for Ms. Bascomb to take those children out of their home.

Judge: I'd like to hear what Ridge Forrester, the boy's father, has to say.

C.J.: All right. Let's get this show on the road. First, I'd like to thank everybody for coming out today. Now as most of you know, we've had some very special events here at the Insomnia cafe, and today is going to prove to be one of our finest. A couple of months ago, Rick Forrester and Phoebe Forrester sang for the very first time on this very stage. And today, not only are they back, but they are going head-to-head with another incredibly hot duo -- Constantine and Phoebe. That's right, I said it twice because she's performing twice. What can I say, the girl has a hard time making up her mind.


Girl: Let's get on with the show already.

C.J.: Really? It's like that, is it? Okay, all right. I won't keep you waiting any longer. Our first couple, Rick and Phoebe! Give it up for them.


[Rick and Phoebe singing]

Moon so bright night so fine keep your heart here with mine life's a dream we are dreaming race the moon catch the wind ride the night to the end seize the day stand up for the light I want to spend my lifetime loving you if that is all in life I ever do

Ridge: No one wants to see Brooke's children taken away from her. Least of all, me.

Judge: Ms. Bascomb's report raises some very serious concerns. While the children have had adequate food, shelter and education, supervision seems to be another matter.

Ridge: I admit, R.J. and Hope have been put in some rather precarious situations lately. I was very upset to find out that they'd been left alone all night. That had to be terrifying for them.

Judge: And the night of the fire, you arrived at Ms. Logan's home?

Ridge: Yes, I did.

Storm: Your honor, with all due respect --

Judge: I want to know what happened.

Ridge: When I arrived at the house, the living room was in flames. If I hadn't shown up when I did -- I don't even want to think about what might have happened. Brooke, there've been a lot of changes recently. The last couple of months have been difficult, I know. But I think you need to take the time just to get your life back together. And not just for the kids, for yourself, too. I really believe that's what you need now.

Storm: Do you consider yourself to be a good parent, Mr. Forrester?

Ridge: Very much so.

Storm: Given the fact that you were recently convicted of obstruction of justice in the death of Shane McGrath -- which is a serious felony by the way -- what kind of role model do you think that makes you? Someone better qualified then Brooke Logan to be entrusted with the care and custody of these children? Mr. Forrester? Ah, I see. You've decided to plead the fifth all of a sudden. Okay. No further questions, your honor.

Judge: Thank you, Mr. Forrester. You're excused.

Brooke: Ridge, what were you saying? You know I'm perfectly capable of raising my children.

Ridge: Brooke --

Brooke: This is all about your mother. She is using Hope and R.J. to get me out of your life. Why can't you see that?

[Rick and Phoebe singing]

I will want nothing else to see me through if I can spend my lifetime loving you loving you

[Cheers and applause]

Felicia: That's going to be tough to beat.

Stephanie: Your honor, I would like to set the record straight on one thing. I did not initiate any contact with child protective services. They were called to Ms. Logan's home as the result of two minors being left alone all night.

Judge: But you and Ms. Bascomb are acquaintances?

Stephanie: Yes. Ms. Bascomb and I serve on a number of boards together. May I address this vendetta that Ms. Logan speaks about?

Judge: Go ahead.

Stephanie: Well, whether there is a vendetta or not. That's not really the issue, is it? The issue is whether or not Ms. Logan is a fit or an unfit mother. I've known Ms. Logan for a long, long time. She's been married to three men in my family. My husband, Eric Forrester is the father of her two grown children. My son, Ridge, is the father of Ridge Jr., One of the minors involved in this situation. And her daughter, Hope, the other minor involved in this, was born out of wedlock. Has this affected how I feel about Ms. Logan? You bet it has. I think that Ms. Logan, at this time in her life, is an unstable woman. She's had a nervous breakdown once before -- a number of years ago. I think that she's on the verge of another breakdown. And I think that there are two innocent little children that would suffer as a result.

Storm: You made a point of attacking my client based on her past relationships?

Stephanie: Well, I think it demonstrates the type of woman that she is.

Storm: And you admitted that these relationships prejudiced your opinion of her?

Stephanie: I just testified to that.

Storm: Your honor, given Mrs. Forrester's obvious bias against my client, I believe her testimony is incompetent and should be stricken from the record.

Judge: I'll take that into consideration.

Storm: Thank you, your honor. Nothing further.

Judge: Mrs. Forrester, thank you. You're excused.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Judge: Excuse me, ma'am. This is a closed hearing.

Taylor: I'm sorry for interrupting, your honor. I'm Taylor Marone.

Judge: Ah, yes. Dr. Marone. Your timing's perfect. We're -- we're ready for you now.

Brooke: I knew Taylor would come through for me.

Storm: Yeah, well don't get too excited. She was subpoenaed.

Brooke: Subpoenaed?

Storm: Directly by the judge.

Taylor: Your honor, for the record, I have very serious reservations about being here today. I have a very complicated history with Brooke Logan and the entire Forrester family. And given that --

Judge: Well given that, I'm sure what you have to say will be most helpful. Please take the stand.

Brooke: Thank you, Taylor. Thank you for doing everything you can to keep me and my children together.


C.J.: All right, all right! That was very nice, you guys. All right. Well, that's going to be a tough act to beat. But if anybody can do it, it's this man right here. Let's give it up for Constantine and Phoebe!

[Applause and cheering]

Constantine: Feeling all right? Everyone feeling good? All right. Na, na, na, na, na, na na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na well, I don't believe we can't find a remedy and I don't know why everybody says good-bye it don't matter who you are you can't go very far it's written in the stars singing, everybody loves everybody cries everybody dreams of a perfect life and that's all right so let's get busy give it a try everybody love somebody tonight it'll be all right cause everybody loves everybody cries singing na, na, na, na na, na, na, na na, na, na, na na, na, na, na, na are new simply socials perfect for entertaining ? Observe... Everybody loves everybody cries everybody dreams of a perfect life and that's all right so let's get busy give it a try everybody loves somebody tonight it'll be all right it'll be all right, baby 'cause everybody loves everybody cries na, na, na, na, na

[Cheers and applause]

Constantine: Thank you.

C.J.: Thank you. Excellent job you guys. Excellent job. Felicia, Rick, you wanna slide on up here? Another round of applause. Really great, really great. All three of you guys did an excellent job. So there you have it. Our two couples. Now here's how it's going to go down. When I say a couple's name, I want you guys to give it up for 'em. Clap, scream, throw your bras up on stage. You know, whatever you gotta do. Just make yourself heard. And the couple with the loudest response will then be declared the winner of Insomnia cafe's first annual "Duel of the duets." All right, is everybody ready? All right?

[Cheers] Our first couple -- Rick and Phoebe.

[Cheers and applause] All right, all right. And our second couple -- Phoebe and Constantine.

[Cheers and applause] I don't know. What do you think, Felicia?

Felicia: I'd say we have a winner.

C.J.: I'd say so, too.

Judge: How long have you known Ms. Logan?

Taylor: Oh, a long time. Years.

Judge: You recently saw her professionally?

Taylor: No, that isn't accurate, your honor. Brooke came to speak with me because she -- she just wanted somebody to talk to. But there wasn't any psychiatric evaluation.

Dorothy: Then your conversation isn't privileged. Judge I --

Judge: Ms. Bascomb is correct.

Taylor: Your honor -- with all due respect, I really prefer not to be a part of this proceeding. I have never been a therapist to Brooke Logan at any time. And I just don't see how I could shed any light on this.

Judge: I'm trying to learn all I can so that I can rule in the children's best interest. That's why I asked you here today.

Brooke: Taylor, it's all right. Go ahead. Tell the judge exactly what kind of a mother I am.

Judge: Even though you're not here in a professional capacity, you are a licensed psychiatrist. Your opinion carries a certain weight. So please tell us, doctor, in your own opinion, when you met with Brooke recently, how'd she seem to you?

Taylor: That's -- that's difficult to answer.

Judge: Did she say anything about Mr. Forrester or Mr. Marone?

Taylor: She said --

[Taylor remembering]

Brooke: You must think I'm pathetic. I am pathetic! I'm emotionally unstable, Taylor, flip-flopping around most of my life. And now, the two men that I love, they walked out on me.

Judge: Dr. Marone?

Taylor: Brooke was -- a little upset. And um -- well she was really confused. And so -- you know, she was telling me about some things that had happened in her life recently. Some upsetting events. I think they would have upset anybody.

Judge: Did she mention her children?

[Taylor remembering]

Brooke: I don't deserve to have those kids, Taylor. I know that I can be a good mother. It's just that whenever something goes wrong romantically, that is all I think about. I become obsessed with it. And everything else takes a back seat.

Taylor: Brooke knows that, you know, she's done some things that have been wrong. But, parents do their best. And -- they learn from those mistakes. And that's exactly what I think Brooke has been doing. And I really, I believe that, that's what she's been doing.

Judge: Are you a mother, Dr. Marone?

Taylor: Yes, I am. I have three grown children, and I'm expecting one right now.

Judge: If you had children the same ages as Ms. Logan's, would you feel comfortable, in her present state, with her taking care of them?

Storm: Your honor, I don't see how this is relevant.

Judge: I would like to hear Dr. Marone's answer. Let me ask it another way. Would you trust Ms. Logan to take care of your baby?

[Taylor remembering]

Brooke: I'm a bad mother. I can't raise those children on my own.

Taylor: Uh -- no, I wouldn't.

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