B&B Transcript Thursday 7/12/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/12/07


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[Fire alarm beeping]

R.J.: Mommy! Help us! Help us!

Hope: Mommy!

Brooke: No, don't move! Stay away from the flames. Hold on to R.J. tight, okay honey? Mommy's going to find out a way to put out the fire.

Nick: I cannot find that lighter anywhere.

Taylor: It wasn't down in your car?

Nick: No. And I want to call Brooke. Just give her a heads up that it might've fallen out of my pocket when I was wrestling with those kids. You know, I don't want them to pick it up and think it's something they can play with.

Taylor: I know I have told you this before, but you are going to be the most amazing father.

Nick: Really? Well, tell that to Stephanie. She practically fell off her broom when she came to the house and saw me with her grandkids. Unbelievable. Brooke's having trouble catching a break lately, isn't she?

Felicia: And you, you gorgeous girl, you get to spend the night with your cousin, Dominick and me.

Thorne: I'm sure Aunt Felicia has a lot of fun things in store for you, sweetie.

Felicia: I do. Starting with banana splits in the kitchen.

Aly: Mmm!

Felicia: Mmm!

Thorne: Hey, you remember to be good, okay?

Aly: I will, Daddy.

Thorne: All right, sweetie. And don't forget to brush your teeth and say your prayers before bed, okay? I love you, honey.

Aly: I love you, too, Daddy.

Thorne: Okay, sweetie.

Felicia: Thorne, it's just one night. She'll be fine.

Thorne: I know. I know.

Felicia: So, big plans, huh? Hot date? Who's the lucky lady?

Thorne: Thanks again, okay. Talk to you in the morning.

Dorothy: After I left your office, I decided to try to track down Hope's biological father. I realize he hasn't been in her life lately, but I figured if we could locate him --

Stephanie: You weren't able to, were you? And believe me, it's just as well that you didn't.

Dorothy: Obviously, you don't have a high opinion of the man.

> Stephanie: He's a bum. A real con artist. And he made Brooke's daughter, the older daughter, made her life just miserable.

Dorothy: That would be -- Bridget, a doctor at university?

Stephanie: Yes, wonderful girl. She was married to him.

Dorothy: Was that before or after his involvement with her mother?

Stephanie: During. Brooke got pregnant while he was still married to Bridget. So you -- I think you can understand now why I'm really concerned about my grandchildren. I mean, considering -- considering the fact that she made some terrible mistakes when she raised the older kids.

[Fire alarm beeping]

Brooke: No, honey. Just stay down.

Hope: Mommy! I'm scared!

Brooke: No, honey. Go back. Hold on to R.J. Stay right there!

[R.J. coughing]

Ridge: Brooke!

Brooke: Oh my God! It's all right. It's all right, honey.

Ridge: It doesn't work!

Brooke: The other one is right at the top of the stairs there. It's okay. Don't worry.

Ridge: Here. Is that better? Keep going. Keep drinking. Logan, how did this happen? How'd it start?

Brooke: I don't know, Ridge. I went into the kitchen. I was making the kids some dinner. I came back in here and --

Ridge: The kids were in here alone?

Brooke: Well no, they weren't alone. I -- didn't you just hear what I said? I -- are you insinuating that I --

Ridge: No, I'm not insinuating anything. It's just that last night you left them alone here, and now today the house almost burns down.

[Fire sirens] It's not like you. I'll let them know that everything's under control.

Stephanie: It's always the children that suffer, isn't it? And Brooke's children, I feel suffer because she has no real moral compass. Her judgment as a parent, too, I've always believed was highly questionable.

Dorothy: Like asking the man who almost let her little girl drown to keep an eye on both she and her brother while she goes out?

Stephanie: Yeah, you'd think she learned a lesson. Dorothy -- I think I have to tell you that Brooke had a breakdown once before. A number of years ago.

[Cell phone rings]

Stephanie: Do you mind if I take this? Hello? Yes, this is Stephanie Forrester. What? I'll be there right away! There was a 911 dispatch -- to Brooke's house. This is exactly what I was afraid of.

Thorne: It's been a year. Aly doesn't even want to celebrate her birthday. I tell myself, every morning, that I have to be strong for our little girl. She needs her daddy. But it's just too damn hard! Why were you taken away from us? Why? Forgive me.

Brooke: Did they find anything?

Ridge: You mean how it started?

Hope: Maybe it started by itself.

Brooke: Honey, if you know something, you can tell us. We won't get mad.

Stephanie: R.J.! Hope!

R.J.: Grandma!

Stephanie: Oh, thank God you're all right! Oh my God, what happened?

Dorothy: I'd like to know that myself.

Brooke: What are you two doing here?

Dorothy: Hi, kids. Hi there. You remember me? Ms. Bascomb, but you can call me Dorothy. You two okay?

Brooke: Yeah, yeah. They're fine. Everything's fine.

Stephanie: How can you say everything is fine after what's happened these last 24 hours? Stop pretending -- saying everything is fine when it's not. Open up your eyes before it's too late. Please.

Brooke: This is private property. I don't want you here, or you.

Dorothy: I need to know how this fire happened.

Brooke: We don't know how it happened.

Dorothy: Well, for the sake of these children, their future safety, I'm not going anywhere until we find out exactly how it happened.

Nick: Hey, it's me. Keep gettin' this voicemail, so I guess you're busy with the kids. Or whatever. Anyway, I'm at Taylor's office. And we're getting ready to head home, so I thought that I would drop by and try to find my lighter. It seemed to drop out of my pocket while I was wrestling around with the kids. So if that's okay, just call me and let me know. Or not. Thanks.

Brooke: Let me talk to you outside. You had no right calling child protective services!

Dorothy: Excuse me. Excuse me. I was with Mrs. Forrester when the 911 call came in.

Brooke: What do you mean, you were with her?

Fireman: Excuse me, ma'am. We've uncovered the source of the fire.

Brooke: I'll be right there.

Stephanie: You mean we'll be right there?

Brooke: I told you before, this is private property. If you don't leave, I will call the police.

Ridge: Here you go.

R.J.: Thank you.

Ridge: Not hungry, kiddo?

Fireman #1: Uh -- Mr. Forrester. Can we see you over here for a moment, please?

Brooke: You said you found the cause of the fire?

Fireman #2: Yes, ma'am. It's right here. Do either of you smoke?

Brooke: No. No, but I know somebody who does.

Ridge: It's Nick's lighter.

Brooke: He was here, watching the kids and I was -- out.

Ridge: So what? He just lights up in front of the kids? He can't wait? It's bad enough you let him come over here again. Letting him watch the kids after what happened to Hope before? Besides, I don't want him puffing away in front of the children. The guy's obviously irresponsible enough, not even to take his lighter.

Hope: Don't be mad at Nick. It's not his fault. He showed us how to make a pirate map with these really cool edges.

Brooke: He burnt the edges?

Hope: I guess it must have fell out of his pocket.

Brooke: Oh, so he dropped it and you found it after he left.

Hope: R.J. told me not to touch it. But I wanted to light a candle for our picnic, so -- I'm sorry. I didn't mean --

Brooke: Honey. Honey, I know. It's okay. I know you didn't mean to start the fire.

Fireman #2: Fortunately, your mommy had more than one fire extinguisher. That's a good thing. Which is what we recommend for all houses. One on every floor, in plain sight --

Fireman #1: And definitely one in both the kitchen and garage. Places where fires most frequently occur. Of course, that means checking each extinguisher once a month to make sure it's not damaged or needs recharging.

Fireman #2: Which we know it's hard to keep track of with our busy lives. But it's certainly worth the family's safety.

Fireman #1: Still, young lady, playing with fire, hmm?

Hope: I promise I won't do it again.

Fireman: #2: Good girl.

Brooke: I always check the fire extinguishers. I even have my PDA programmed to remind me. I don't know what happened. Everything's just been so crazy lately.

Dorothy: Yes, I'll be there when I'm done. Good-bye, Sean.

Stephanie: We are going back in there, aren't we?

Dorothy: The well-being of two kids are at stake. I'm not going anywhere until I find out exactly what happened.

Ridge: Nick Marone is what happened.

Stephanie: What? What do you mean?

Ridge: It was his lighter that started the fire. Apparently, he left it behind and Hope found it.

Dorothy: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Are we talking about the same Nick Marone that was watching the kids when you were by there earlier?

Stephanie: Yes.

Ridge: You should have told the guy to take a hike! He's got no business being around little kids! First, he almost lets hope die, drowning. And now he pulls out his lighter and plays with it like it's some kind of toy!

Stephanie: Well, I did try to get him to leave, but --

Dorothy: The point is -- it's bad enough to have a mother leave her two children alone unsupervised at night. But to go back, hours later, and leave them with someone who isn't even responsible. Plus, I'm concerned that Hope's actions -- starting a fire could be a cry for help. Cops has been at this home twice today. Now, despite how brave these kids are acting, it had to have been traumatic for them. It's obvious the mother's going through some kind of trauma of her own. Given all that, and what I've learned about the mother's past mental history -- I have no choice. I've got to remove those two children from this home. Tonight.

Ridge: You're taking Brooke's children away?

Dorothy: Well, I'm placing them with you, temporarily. For their own safety.

Stephanie: I think this is the best thing. Honestly. Until Brooke settles down and she's stable again.

Ridge: You're acting like she's one step from the booby hatch here. She's just going through a rough time.

Stephanie: But it's the children that are suffering. If that wasn't apparent before tonight, it should be now.

Ridge: Look, I'm not saying I'm not concerned. It's just that Brooke loves those kids so much.

Dorothy: I don't doubt that for a moment. But her recent behavior --

Stephanie: Wait, excuse me. You agree that Brooke needs help? In the meantime, should the children suffer?

Dorothy: Now, we're not talking about removing the children from their mother forever, just until she can pull herself together.

Ridge: It just seems kind of drastic.

Stephanie: Well honey, it's not our decision. Dorothy is the professional. And if she feels that's the best thing to do.

Dorothy: I realize you're not hope's biological father. But since we can't find Mr. Sharpe, I was hoping that she could stay with you.

Ridge: Of course. She's R.J.'s sister. They shouldn't be separated. Besides, I love that girl as much as my own.

Stephanie: Hey.

Fireman: They want to see the fire truck.

Ridge: Okay, slugger. Go ahead. It's all right.

Stephanie: I think you should take them right now. Go straight to your house. Dorothy and I will tell Brooke.

Dorothy: Just let me say this. I want your family to heal, I don't want you separated. But my first priority is the children's safety. Which I assume is yours.

Brooke: I'll have the fire extinguishers replaced first thing in the morning.

Fireman #1: Look, don't beat yourself up about this, all right? It was an accident. Nothing more.

Stephanie: Ridge said that one of the fire extinguishers was defective.

Brooke: What part of leave didn't you understand?

Stephanie: Don't be defensive. No one is accusing you of anything.

Brooke: I can see that you want to lecture me, Stephanie. But you might as well just save your breath. Because it was an accident. You can even ask the firemen. So, just get off my back. I don't need you to make my day any worse.

Dorothy: I assure you that is not my intention. However, as someone who's worked for child services for over 20 years, I've seen accidents turn into tragic consequences, if children are left unsupervised.

Brooke: They were not left unsupervised. I went into the kitchen to make some dinner. Not every parent can watch every child every second of the day.

Dorothy: You are missing my point.

Brooke: And what is that?

Dorothy: There was a lighter left behind, by a man you allowed to supervise your children. The same man who almost let your little girl drown!

Brooke: Oh my God, I already told you. That was an accident! He adores Hope. He would never let her drown!

Dorothy: However, on the heels of what happened -- you leaving the children alone, how traumatizing that must have been for them. And yet, you turn around and leave them with the same man. Yes, your judgment is being questioned. My concern is the children. And whenever anything is suspected, the state dictates that my agency do a thorough investigation. And if circumstances dictate, I have to go in and remove the children.

Brooke: Where are my kids? Where are they? Are they still outside with the fireman? Where are my kids? Where's R.J. and Hope? Where are they?

Fireman: Ms. Bascomb.

Brooke: My God. Oh my God. They're gone!

Stephanie: Now look, don't get upset. Just stay calm.

Brooke: No, you better tell me where my damn kids are!

Stephanie: We're going to get help for you, okay? Just stay calm.

Brooke: No, I'm not going to stay calm. I need my kids! I need R.J. and I need Hope! You better tell me where they are! Where are they? Where did you take my children? I need those kids. They're all that I have. Please, just tell me where they are! I love them, and I need them. And they need me. So please, just tell me where my babies are.

Dorothy: Will you --

Brooke: Please, just tell me where they are! Where did you send them? Where did you send my babies? Just tell me where they are. Tell me, please. Tell me!

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