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Ridge: Brooke slept in her car?

Stephanie: That's what she told us.

Eric: You, Lt. Baker and this Dorothy Bascomb --

Stephanie: From Child Protective Services.

Eric: Why do I know that name? I know that name.

Stephanie: We served together on a couple of boards. And on the committee for, you know, the prevention of child abuse. You can imagine how surprised I was when she walked in. And embarrassed -- when she found out that it was my grandchildren that had been left alone all night because their mother was off boozing with some stranger in a hotel room.

Ridge: I know it must have looked that way.

Stephanie: It looked and smelled that way. 

Ridge: Didn't Brooke explain all that?

Stephanie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. She said she bumped into somebody who spilled the drinks all over her. Really.

Ridge: Well, I don't suppose it's too much to ask for you to have a little compassion as far as she's concerned. She's been through a lot.

Stephanie: I know that she's in a tailspin, but it's her own doing. You're not even thinking about going over there and holding her hand, are you? Not when things are going so nicely with you and Ashley.

Eric: Well I imagine Ridge would like to check in on his children. Be sure they're okay.

Ridge: Yeah, what he said.

Stephanie: And how do you think Brooke will interpret that?

Ridge: As a father wanting to check on his kid.

Stephanie: No. Look, you just broke it off with her. Don't send her mixed signals. That's what you always do. Let me go over, see the children, and I'll call you. Is that fair enough?

Nick: Oh, I've missed you so much!

Hope: Can we play pirate, Nick?

R.J.: Please?

Nick: Pirate? Hmm. Well, I just happen to bring along something --

R.J.: What's that?

Hope: It's a map, right?

Nick: Aye, it's a map. And this is going to take us straight to the treasure. Now go get your gear on, time's a wastin'! Oh, old. Old and corny. Am I still cute when I'm corny?

Brooke: Thanks for coming.

Nick: Yeah. Ye, when you called, you said -- you sounded a little -- you okay?

Brooke: No.

Nick: Well you know, if you ever need me -- or if those kids ever need me --

Brooke: It just breaks my heart every time I look at them. I think how frightened they must've been.

Nick: Bridget told me you're trying to put things back together with the dressmaker --

Brooke: Well, it's too late. He's with Ashley now.

Nick: I see. Well, I wouldn't count on that lasting.

Brooke: Well, it doesn't matter. He doesn't want to take another chance on me. He still thinks I'm in love with you. And he's not wrong.

Brooke: I'm sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable, Nick -- but, it's the truth. And I've had to face a lot of truth lately. Last night -- I can't even believe that that happened.

Nick: Well, I'm sure Stephanie was gloating.

Brooke: Stephanie is not the enemy here Nick. I am -- and I've been so torn up about you and Ridge that I forgot what was really important to me. My children. So I made an appointment.

Nick: An appointment with who?

Brooke: With Taylor. As a professional.

Nick: You want Taylor to be your shrink?

Brooke: Yeah. I certainly hope that she can do something for me, somehow. I feel like I'm just going out of my mind here.

Nick: When is this appointment?

Brooke: Well, it is actually very soon. That is why I called you.

Nick: I see. So you want me to watch the little people, umm, let me think about that. All right, I'd love too. I think we'll have a good time together. 

Brooke: Great -- you're a godsend.

Nick: Well you know, I don't know about a godsend, but -- you go talk to Taylor and maybe your head will be in a better place then it is now.

Brooke: What I said about my feelings for you --

Nick: Brooke, you know sometimes some things are better left unsaid.

Ridge: You made this for me?

Abby: At art camp. I had so much fun at your pool party, I wanted to say thanks.

Ridge: Aren't you a sweetheart.

Abby: Plus you've made Mom so happy.

Ashley: Abby --

Abby: Well, he has.

Ashley: Okay, it's true.

Ridge: Can I open it now?

Abby: If you want. I made it in ceramics. Hope you like it.

Ridge: Wow, look at that. You furled this all by yourself? 

Abby: Uh-huh.

Ashley: Abby, I love the glaze you picked. It really is pretty.

Ridge: Yeah, I do, too. It's great. Can I keep it here in the office?

Abby: Sure.

Ridge: I'll use it as my cup in the morning for my coffee. It'll inspire me when I draw.

Ashley: Aww, now that's a huge compliment.

Abby: It's okay to drink out of, the glaze won't hurt you or anything.

Ridge: Oh well, that's good to know.

[Ashley and Ridge laughing]

Ashley: Oh honey, I think Samantha's mommy's downstairs waiting for you, she's going to take you to the movies. And Molly, she's at her desk right out there, remember?

Abby: Uhh-huh.

Ashley: She's going to take you down the elevator.

Abby: All right --

Ashley: Have fun at the movies.

Abby: We will.

Ridge: Can I give you a thank you hug? Thank you.

Abby: You're welcome.

Ridge: Thank you so much.

Ashley: Bye baby girl.

Abby: Bye Mom.

Ashley: Have a good time. I love you.

Abby: I love you, too.

Ridge: Bye sweetie.

Ashley: I miss you.

Abby: Okay --

[Ashley laughing]

Ridge: What an amazing little girl.

Ashley: Isn't she? She is.

Ridge: She's adjusted quite well considering everything you guys have been through the last while.

Ashley: The divorce I went through, and then her Grandpa dying, Hong Kong, L.A. Now her dad is going through another divorce. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Ridge: Pretty big iceberg for an 8-year-old.

Ashley: I hear your kids are going through a lot, too. Your mom told me what happened with Brooke. You must be really worried about R.J.

Ridge: Yeah, Hope, too.

Ashley: Is there anything I could do to help?

Ridge: No, I appreciate it. I'm afraid my mother's trying to corner the market on helping me.

Stephanie: Honey, did I leave my car keys here?

Eric: Yeah, they're on the drawing board there.

Stephanie: Oh, I couldn't get very far without them, could I?

Eric: Look, why don't you take your own advice? Stay away from Brooke. Just leave her alone.

Stephanie: You know Eric I'd love to, but I'm not going to abandon those little children. If you had seen R.J.'s face when I got there, he was scared to death, because he had no clue as to where his mother was.

Eric: The situation is under control now.

Stephanie: For how long? I'm not going to let what happened to Bridget and Rick, happen to these children. Brooke turned her daughter into a doormat -- and Rick has had more than enough of his own emotional problems.

Eric: Those two are my children, too.

Stephanie: Well then all the more reason that we should stay involved as grandparents. Be a good example. A role model for those children. Because Brooke isn't capable of it. Especially now.

Taylor: Brooke, if I'd known you were the person on the schedule, I would have cancelled.

Brooke: Taylor please, just listen to me.

Taylor: No, I'm not going to be your therapist. I'll get you a referral.

Brooke: No! I can't wait.

Taylor: I can get you into to see somebody today.

Brooke: Do you know how impossible that would be to explain to a complete stranger everything that happened to me how it's affected me? I can't do that, you are the only one that I can turn to. The only one that I can trust.

Taylor: Well there's a reason for that.

Brooke: Please. I am desperate. I put my children in danger last night --

Taylor: What? You put your children in danger, how?

Brooke: I will explain everything to you if you'd just agree to help me. I am in crisis. Please --

Taylor: I can see you're in crisis, but the answer is no.

Brooke: Just talk to me then as a friend. Okay, I am begging you.

Taylor: Brooke, I'll talk to you as a friend, but I'm not talking to you as a doctor. Maybe I can share with you what I know about the dynamics of psychology and about mental health. But that's it. I'm not your doctor, are we agreed on that?

Brooke: Yes -- yes -- that is fine. Thank you. Thank you, Taylor.

Taylor: So what happened -- last night? That got you so upset? How is it? Was it that bad?

Brooke: Ridge -- he -- he doesn't want to see me anymore. He thinks that I'm in love with Nick.

Taylor: See, this is why I really didn't think this conversation would be a very good idea. But is Ridge right? Are you still in love with my husband? 

Brooke: The truth is, Taylor, I'm in love with both Ridge and Nick -- but you are pregnant. And you're having his baby and of course that changes everything.

Taylor: Forget about me, forget about this baby. Just tell me how you're feeling. You said you were hoping to get back with Ridge.

Brooke: He's rejected me -- and now I just feel so alone. I'm alone and powerless. And I just feel like my life is spinning out of control. And I really have no way to stop it.

Ridge: Brooke's a bit of a mess these days.

Ashley: She would have to be, given what happened.

Ridge: I want to spend more time with R.J. Take some of the burden off, if I can.

Ashley: Thank you.

Ridge: I know what it's like being a single parent.

Ashley: You do?

Ridge: When I was married to Taylor -- long story, anyway she was pretty much out of commission for several years and I raised Thomas and the girls on my own.

Ashley: And look how well they turned out.

Ridge: Well now that I have you hydrated, I think its time you I made you sweat.

Ashley: Oh yeah?

Ridge: Uhh-huh.

Ashley: What did you have in mind? 

Brooke: I was in such pain. I was in chaos and suddenly it was morning and my children were so frightened.

Taylor: Why do you think you fell asleep like that?

Brooke: I was empty inside. Drained -- I should have known better than to close my eyes.

Taylor: So, you did what felt good in the moment.

Brooke: Gee, like I've never done that before.

Taylor: Impulse control has been a problem for you.

Brooke: You must think I'm pathetic. I am pathetic! I'm emotionally unstable, Taylor. Flip-flopping around most of my life. And now the two men that I love, they've walked out on me.

Taylor: Feels like you're at a crossroads?

Brooke: Yeah --I am. I am. And every road I take it just seems to be the wrong one or every decision I make it's bad. It's not just for me, it's for my children, too. Instead, I was just so weak. So irresponsible -- I mean, what kind of mother falls asleep in her car and leaves her children home alone all night long? You should have seen the way the woman from the Child Protective Services was looking at me -- like I shouldn't even be around my kids. And you know maybe she's right. Maybe they're better off without me. 

Nick: Argh! I'm looking for me pirates. Oh, there they are. Down here lass, all the way down. Boy! Now I want you to go over there and feast your eyes and tell me what you see. 

Hope: Treasure!

Nick: That's right! Off you go! Off to the treasure! Good now, get your pirate hat on right there. Put them on -- put them on -- let me show you a little trick I learned in the seven seas. Here we are -- look at what we do to our treasure map. Aye! Watch now lads. Burn the edges. Only pirates can do this, now. Not young scallywags like you. And why do we do that? In case the other pirates find it -- then they'll think it's no good and they'll throw it away. And then what? 

Hope: Then we'll keep the treasure for ourselves.

Nick: Wrong! The Captain keeps the treasure for himself.

[Nick has evil laugh]

[Kids yelling]

Nick: So you mutiny here! Come here. I'll make shark bait out of you, yes I will. Call mutiny on me.

[Doorbell rings]

Nick: Shall you? I'll show you.

[Nick has evil laugh]

Nick: Who's got my treasure? Ahh! Who could that be? Open the door I say, I'll make you walk the plank! Arghhh, arghhh -- arghhh! 

Stephanie: Arghhh, yourself matey's! 

Ashley: The company's steam room. People do things differently in California.

Ridge: Yeah well, I wouldn't work in a place that didn't have one. Come in here and after a while you can -- sort of clear your mind. Gets the creative juices flowing.

Ashley: That makes sense. I get some of my best ideas in the shower.

Ridge: See there you go, you're a natural.

Ashley: So ummm, what is the protocol? Do you just kind of sit and wait for your muse to overtake you?

Ridge: Oh, that's one technique. One of many.

Ashley: Mmm --

Ashley: Getting creative already, I see.

Ridge: Just getting warmed up.

Ashley: Oh -- warm is good.

Ridge: Does that mean -- hot is even better?

Ashley: Umm -- I'll have to get back to you on that 'cause I'm in deep consultation with my muse.

Ridge: Really?

Ashley: Yes.

Ridge: Is that a closed door session?

Ashley: Uhh-huh. Yes, it's invitation only.

Ridge: What does a guy have to do to get invited?

Ashley: Submit a proposal.

Ridge: Mmmm -- decent or indecent?

Ashley: Use your imagination.

Ridge: Thought I was.

Ridge: I'm very glad you came in my life, Ms. Ashley Abbott.

Ashley: And what a life it is.

Ridge: Think it's something you might like to --try? Think it's something you might get used to?

Ashley: Twist my arm. 

Brooke: I don't deserve to have those kids, Taylor. I don't deserve to have them!

Taylor: Don't say that -- you don't mean it.

Brooke: Oh, I do, I do mean it! I'm a horrible mother! I mean look at me, I'm falling to pieces.

Taylor: Brooke, we all have moments where we feel like we're falling apart. We feel like we don't have any confidence left and we don't have anything to cope with one more day. But this is what you have to understand. Feelings and emotions, they're not facts. Even though you've acted on your emotions most of your entire life, you've always been very resilient. You're a very strong woman.

Brooke: I don't feel like it now. I just feel really weak and selfish -- I wouldn't want me. I don't blame anybody else who doesn't want me either. I mean all I do is neglect my family and my friends and my children. And I thought that I could get Nick back. I really thought that he would walk away from you. But he showed me. And Ridge -- Ridge has come back to me many times. But not this time. He finally wised up. He got sick of me. Because all I ever do is cause people pain. I ruin their lives. Every rotten thing that Stephanie ever said about me, it's true.

Taylor: Brooke --

Brooke: No, it's true! And I have to change, Taylor. I have to -- for hope and R.J. -- before something terrible happens. 

Stephanie: Brooke in the kitchen with the kids?

Nick: Brooke's out.

Stephanie: She's out?

Nick: She's out.

Stephanie: You mean she left the children all alone last night and now she's left them with you?

Nick: You can go, Stephanie.

Stephanie: You know what I think would be a better idea, Nick? You go and I'll stay here and take care of my grandchildren.

Nick: Brooke asked me to help out.

Stephanie: Well, that's just another example of her bad judgment these past couple of days.

Nick: Well, I'm not going anywhere.

Stephanie: Being a good mother has never been her forte. I am genuinely concerned about these children. You didn't see her this morning when she came strolling in reeking of alcohol. No one knows where she really was last night -- or with whom.

Nick: You've been licking your chops for this, haven't you? There's nothing you want more than to see Brooke fail. Kick her when she's down. Let me tell you something Stephanie, that is not going to happen. Not on my watch.

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