B&B Transcript Monday 7/9/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/9/07


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Hope: Do you want your cereal?

Dispatcher: 911 emergency.

Hope: My mommy is lost. Can you find her?

Dispatcher: And what is your name?

Hope: Hope.

Dispatcher: Hope, how old are you?

Hope: 6.

Dispatcher: When is the last time you saw your mommy?

Hope: Yesterday. Then she didn't come home.

Stephanie: Abby is so sweet.

Ashley: I said not one word. Well, except that "Invite me back" was a little pushy.

Stephanie: She's adorable. And she was wonderful with R.J. The little boy needs friends. Believe me.

Ashley: Really? He seems pretty happy.

Stephanie: Children want to be happy. They know it's expected of them. And I know what that's all about. I'm not pleased with the way those two children are being raised, though.

Ashley: Brooke seems like a fairly devoted mother.

Stephanie: Don't get me started about Brooke's devotion. Rick was so starved for attention; he shot one of her husbands just to get it.

Ashley: Yeah, I heard about that. What Ridge did for him, it's unbelievable.

Stephanie: My son is always falling on his sword for that woman. That's his prerogative, he's an adult. But R.J. isn't. Neither is Hope. And I don't want them raised the same way that Bridget and Rick were.

Rick: Here you go. No, no, no, don't worry about it. It's on me.

Madison: You're just trying to buy my vote. When are we going to hear these songs anyway?

Rick: Well, if you stay in the audience, I'll buy your coffee for a month.

[Constantine remembering]

Ashley: Hi, Rick. It's me. About last night -- um -- call me. Au revoir.

Felicia: Hey.

Constantine: Felicia.

Felicia: You remembered my name. Oh, I'm sorry. Am I distracting your cruising?

Constantine: No, I'm here on business. Who's that girl that Rick's all over?

Felicia: Dude, you are so barking up the wrong tree.

Ashley: You know, we all make mistakes as parents, right?

Stephanie: Well, we're not just talking about milk going sour here. I mean, Brooke is in another category. But I've said enough.

[Knock at the door]

Stephanie: Lt. Baker?

Lt. Baker: I was driving by when I got the dispatch. Brooke Logan's daughter says her mother is missing. Do you know that?

Stephanie: I should be so lucky. No, she's not missing; she's just not working here anymore. I'll call Bridget and take care of it.

Lt. Baker: Well, she wasn't the caller. It was the little girl.

Stephanie: Hope?

Lt. Baker: That's right. She and her brother were home alone last night.

Brooke: Oh my -- oh, my God. What happened?

[Car starts]

Officer #1: Where's your Aunt Donna now?

Hope: She had to go on a plane.

Officer #2: Last night?

Officer #1: Did she tell your mom that?

Hope: When Mommy called.

Stephanie: Hope, R.J. --

Both: Grandma!

Stephanie: Oh, honeys. Are you okay? Are you all right?

Hope: Yeah.

Stephanie: Good. Did Mommy call?

Hope: No.

Stephanie: No? Well, don't worry, she will. You know what, I bet she's someplace where her cell phone can't work. Why didn't you call me and grandpa?

Hope: You might be asleep.

Stephanie: Oh, honey. That's so considerate of you. But I don't want you to ever worry about that again. If you need me, you call. Did you sleep down here?

Hope: Yes.

Stephanie: Did you eat anything this morning?

Hope: R.J. didn't want his breakfast.

Stephanie: Oh, that's probably 'cause I didn't fix it for him. What a big girl you are, taking care of your brother that way. I'm very proud of you. And I don't want you to worry about your mom, okay? Because your mommy always takes very good care of herself.

Rick: Madison, you know Constantine.

Madison: Yeah, doesn't everybody? You probably you don't remember me now. Phoebe's friend?

Constantine: Yeah, well any friend of Phoebe's is a friend of mine.

Phoebe: Constantine, hey.

Constantine: Hey.

Phoebe: Everyone's talking about the concert -- contest -- whatever we're calling it.

Madison: Hey, maybe I could help somehow? Rick and Phoebe won't be any use, all they do is stare at each other.

Constantine: Actually really need to do is a sound check with the manager. Excuse me.

Madison: Did I just make a fool of myself?

C.J.: You need a little jump-start. Single-shot or double-shot?

Felicia: I don't care.

C.J.: Felicia, if people don't care about coffee, what do they care about? Hey, Constantine, what's up man?

Constantine: Hey, man. When you get a sec, can we check out that sound system?

C.J.: Yeah, yeah. Sure. Let me check on something and I'll be right with you.

Constantine: Thank you.

Felicia: So, when do we get to hear these infamous duets?

Constantine: What wrong tree?

Felicia: All right. Whatever problem you have with Rick, leave me out of it, okay. He's family.

Constantine: And Phoebe's your niece, so it's okay with you that her boyfriend might be cheating on her?

Felicia: You don't know what you're talking about.

Constantine: But I think you do.

Woman: Child protective services.

Lt. Baker: Oh, Ms. Bascomb.

Woman: Lieutenant.

Stephanie: Dorothy Bascomb?

Dorothy: Mrs. Forrester?

Stephanie: Yes, we met at --

Dorothy: The abuse prevention council. Quite a powerful story. Hard to forget. What brings you here?

Stephanie: Well, these are my grandchildren. We don't know where their mother is. Kids, this is Ms. Bascomb.

R.J.: Hi.

Dorothy: Hello, hi.

Hope: Nice to meet you.

Dorothy: Nice to meet you.

Officer #2: Anybody hungry?

Stephanie: Oh, thank you, Officer. Why don't you guys have some breakfast? Go on. Don't worry, I'll be right here.

Dorothy: So, it's your daughter-in-law who's missing?

Stephanie: Yes, and -- well, I can't for the life of me believe that she would leave the children alone all night.

Brooke: What's going on?

Hope: Mommy!

R.J.: Mommy!

Brooke: Oh, my God, sweetheart! Are you all right? What happened? Are you okay?

R.J.: Yeah.

Lt. Baker: Is it just me, or --

Stephanie: No, she smells of alcohol.

Brooke: When I came up and saw the policemen and their cars and everything. What happened?

Hope: R.J. Got scared but I didn't.

Brooke: What? Oh, are you okay? Are you still scared?

R.J.: Yeah.

Brooke: You're not scared anymore, are you? You know what? Mommy's home, okay?

R.J.: Yeah.

Brooke: Don't worry about a thing.

R.J.: Where were you?

Brooke: Oh, I had to pull off the side of the road. I was in my car and -- what happened here? Was there an accident?

Officer #1: Your daughter called 911, ma'am.

Stephanie: No one knew where you were.

Brooke: Where's Aunt Donna?

Hope: She had to go away.

Stephanie: The children spent the night alone, Brooke.

Brooke: What? You mean she couldn't even wait till -- oh -- oh, my God, I am so sorry! Oh, are you okay?

Stephanie: Your children spent the night alone. But it looks like you had company.

Brooke: Sorry to disappoint you, Stephanie, but I fell asleep in the car. Look, does any of this really matter now? I mean, can't you see that you're upsetting the children?

Lt. Baker: Ms. Logan, the police were called. A report has to be filed.

Brooke: All right. My sister was babysitting the kids. And everything was fine. I called to check in and -- I have no idea why she would leave them alone.

Hope: A car came and Aunt Donna thought it was you.

Brooke: A car? Who?

Hope: We didn't let him in.

Stephanie: I bet it was the messenger service. I -- I had a box of things sent over for you from the office.

Brooke: You did the right thing, sweetheart.

Officer #1: Can you give me your car's location while you were -- did you say "Sleeping it off"?

Brooke: No! I wasn't sleeping anything off. I'd had a very difficult day, emotionally and in every other way. And then I almost got into an accident, so I thought I'd pull off the side of the road and collect myself a bit. I wasn't even a quarter of a mile away.

Dorothy: Well, we're going to need to speak with your sister as well.

Brooke: And who are you?

Dorothy: Dorothy Bascomb, Child Protective Services. Would you please have your sister give me a ring?

Brooke: Child Protective Services? No, no! This is way out of hand!

Dorothy: Mrs. Forrester, you know, this is an absolutely marvelous day. It would really be nice to take the children outside.

Stephanie: Oh, yes, I think you're right.

Brooke: Yeah.

Stephanie: Yeah. Kids, let's go outside and I'll get you some juice in a minute.

Brooke: That's a great idea.

Stephanie: Okay? Come on.

Brooke: I'll see you in a minute.

Stephanie: I don't suppose you'll be needing this? Hold on.

Brooke: Okay, this is all a big misunderstanding. A miscommunication between my sister and myself.

Dorothy: Your children are wonderful.

Brooke: Thank you.

Dorothy: I'm just wondering why it took them so long to make that call. Are they accustomed to being left alone for shorter periods of time?

Brooke: No, they're never left alone.

Lt. Baker: Would you like to tell us where you were last night?

Brooke: No, I wouldn't.

Dorothy: Well, perhaps your gentleman friend would give us the answer to those questions.

Phoebe: Hey, what did you think of the sound system?

Constantine: I think I might have to bring some of my own equipment -- but it'll work.

Rick: I'm sorry it's up to your great standards. At least you're not making an excuse about the whole thing.

Constantine: I don't do excuses. Have a nice day.

C.J.: See you, man.

Phoebe: Why do you have to be like that with him?

C.J.: He is lacking a little in the sense of humor department.

Rick: Yes, thank you. Exactly. I'm sorry. You want me to play nice?

Phoebe: Yes.

Rick: All right, I'll play nice.

Felicia: Bye, I'll see you later. What?

Constantine: You know who she is, don't you?

Felicia: You know, I have job to get to.

Constantine: The woman Rick was seeing. Or is he still?

Felicia: If you think I'm going to help you come between those two --

Constantine: I'm just looking out for her. I am. Why aren't you? She's not 15. She's thinking happily ever after with a guy who could still be cheating on her. And if he's not, what's the harm in telling me who she is?

Brooke: Look, I was just trying to get rid of the man. I don't even know who he is, and I certainly didn't sleep with him. If you don't believe me, why don't you check with him?

Lt. Baker: Were you driving under the influence?

Brooke: No! All I had to drink was some sparkling water.

Officer #1: Well, you smell pretty strongly of liquor, ma'am.

Brooke: That's because when I got up to leave, the man blocked my way, and I barged past him and he spilled his drink all over the front of me. Where are my children?

Stephanie: They're out here, Brooke. I'm taking care of them.

Brooke: Look, obviously you don't believe me, so why don't you do a Breathalyzer test right now?

Stephanie: Lieutenant, I can vouch for Ms. Logan, she is not a drinker. Her sister, on the other hand, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I'm sure that's where the blame lies.

Dorothy: Well, I think it took a lot of courage to admit to having emotional distress. But, being a stranger, I'd come to that observation myself. Do you think maybe the kids might want to spent the afternoon somewhere else?

Brooke: No. No, they've been frightened enough already. I'm sure they want to be with their mother, and certainly want to be with them.

Stephanie: I agree with that. I think the best place is for them to be with their mother.

Brooke: Thanks so much for your time.

Dorothy: Well, just doing our jobs.

Brooke: Thank you.

Lt. Baker: Have a nice day. Take the children for the day?

Brooke: No, no, I'm fine, as I said.

Stephanie: What about this man that you spent the night with?

Brooke: Stephanie, I didn't spend the night with anybody! Didn't you hear me?

Stephanie: Oh, stop with the outrage. Okay? I mean, it's not as thought it's beyond the realm of possibility.

Brooke: Look, I just want to be alone with my children.

Stephanie: And I want you to guarantee me that this will never happen again.

Brooke: It won't. What do you want, something signed in blood?

Stephanie: Well why should I believe you? All the promises you've broken over the years. These children were traumatized by being alone here last night. I love those kids. I don't want that to ever happen again. If you break this promise I -- I'll do whatever it takes to protect them. I'm telling you that.

Brooke: Now, I want you both to listen to me. Yes, I'm upset with Auntie Donna, but really, it was my mistake.

R.J.: Why didn't you?

Brooke: Because, you know how sometimes you're hurt or you're upset about something, and you don't want anybody to see you upset, so you feel like you want to go hide in your room? Well, that was Mommy yesterday.

Hope: It's okay if you cry, Mommy.

Brooke: Mommy's going to be just fine. Okay? And nothing like this is ever going to happen again. I promise. Come here.

Ashley: Is everything okay? Did Brooke have an accident or something?

Stephanie: Oh, um -- she fell asleep in her car. I mean, that's what she told everyone anyway. And on the face of it, I guess it's true. Her -- it was her sister's fault. She left Donna in charge of the children.

Ashley: Brooke must feel terrible.

Stephanie: Well, I -- I don't know how terrible she feels. But, I'm just concerned she's going to go off on one of her -- one of her benders.

Ashley: I didn't know Brooke had a drinking problem.

Stephanie: No, no. It hasn't got anything to do with alcohol. It's just -- although, when she got to the house, she wreaked of it. I'm afraid she's going to go off on one of her sexual rampages. I don't know what the hell she was doing at a bar at that hour.

Ashley: Okay, wait a second. I mean, from my perspective, she doesn't seem like she's over Ridge enough to be looking for somebody new.

Stephanie: Oh, you don't know Brooke. If she doesn't have a man of her own, she'll grab the closest one.

Ashley: That seems a little harsh. I mean, we all get lonely.

Stephanie: Yes, we do. But you know, the truth is harsh. Do you know who hope's father is?

Ashley: No. I know Brooke's been married a few times. So have I. So I mean --

Stephanie: No, it wasn't one of Brooke' it was her daughter's husband. And she got pregnant while Bridget and he were still married. So, now I think you can understand why I'm not crazy about Brooke's parenting style. I couldn't do anything really to save Bridget and Rick -- although I wanted to. But I told her, if she does anything to those two little children, R.J. and Hope, she'll answer to me.

Hope: Should I call Daddy for you?

Brooke: Ridge?

Hope: Or maybe Nick.

Brooke: Oh, honey. I mean, we could call them, but we don't need to. And you know they would do anything in the world for us. But we can take care of each other. We're a family. We will always be together.

Stephanie: Well, for better or worse, Child Protective Services has it on file now.

Ashley: CPS was called in?

Stephanie: Well, of course. Anything involving children that age. My God, they were left alone all night. Anything could have happened.

Ashley: Well, I guess you're right -- I mean, does Ridge know? He has to be told.

Stephanie: Oh, right. Well, you know, if Brooke doesn't -- doesn't get control of herself and take better care of those children, somebody else is going to have to. And I'll see to it. .

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