B&B Transcript Monday 6/25/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 6/25/07


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Bridget: Are they the same or not?

Carl: What do you think?

Bridget: I can't look. Just tell me, please. Where the eggs that were used in Taylor's IVF the donor's or are they my mother's?

Nick: You can justify this any way you want, Brooke. But what I hear is that I'm having a baby with Taylor, so you go back to the dressmaker.

Brooke: Forrester Originals.

Nick: To work with the dressmaker.

Brooke: Nick, I don't have a future with you. Then I don't have a future here.

Nick: His isn't about the job then? It's about us.

Brooke: There is no us. And it's time that I've accepted that. Children need their parents, Nick.

Nick: Working here will not keep you from your children, Brooke.

Brooke: They need both their parents, if possible. And if there's any feelings between the two parents, then -- look, you're the one who told me that I would be tied to Ridge forever because of R.J.

Nick: Doesn't mean that you have to work together.

Brooke: If I worked here, there would have been problems.

Nick: We've talked about this. We've talked about it in front of Taylor. She's completely on board with this. You know it.

Brooke: Taylor's only feeling confident right now because she just married you and she's going to have your child. But she did say her feelings could change.

Nick: Like yours have changed for Forrester? Do you hear yourself? You want to go back and work with the Forresters? Ridge and Stephanie. All of that craziness! It's insane! It doesn't make sense.

Brooke: And what about this? You, me and Taylor? Does that make sense? Look, Nick. This is not going to work. And this conversation proves that. Please, just -- just tear up the contract. Please?

[Paper rips] Thank you.

Taylor: I'm sorry. Am I interrupting something?

Brooke: No. I was just saying good-bye to your husband.

Ridge: He's a two-timer? Is that what you just said?

Constantine: Look, I shouldn't have said anything.

Ridge: You think that Rick is cheating on my daughter?

Constantine: You should probably discuss this with Phoebe.

Ridge: She knows? No, no. There's no way she'd let something like that happen. She has too much respect for herself.

Constantine: She should respect herself and her talent -- she's a very gifted young woman.

Ridge: Is that your professional opinion?

Constantine: Your daughter and I are doing some great work together. I really believe in her. I just don't think that she should be around anyone that doesn't believe in her.

Carl: I got it for you. There it is.

Bridget: They both look the same.

Carl: They're identical.

Bridget: So that means --

Carl: The eggs which were fertilized for the Marone IVF came from the fertility lab.

Bridget: So there's no mistake?

Carl: The administration told you the truth.

Bridget: The eggs that were used in Taylor's IVF were from the anonymous donor, not my mother!

Carl: That's right.

Bridget: Oh God. Oh, thank God. This is amazing. Oh thank God, Taylor is not carrying my mother's baby.

[Felicia laughs]

Thorne: A rock star shows up on the property and you start acting like a giddy teenager.

Felicia: Oh, shut up. Talent and confidence are attractive no matter what you do.

Rick: You've made your appearance. You can take off now.

Constantine: Thanks, but uh -- I think I'll stick around a little while.

Rick: This is a family get together.

Constantine: Phoebe invited me.

Rick: Phoebe thinks you can make her a rock star.

Constantine: And what, you don't want that for her?

Rick: If that's what she wants, I think she can handle that on her own.

Phoebe: What's going on?

Constantine: Oh, Rick here was just expressing his belief in you.

Phoebe: Well, that's sweet.

Constantine: He thinks you'd be better off without my help.

Rick: He's using you, Phoebe.

Phoebe: I -- I'm sorry, Constantine. This is nuts.

Rick: Has he really done anything for you at all? Look, I'm sorry, all right. I'm not trying to be a jerk here, I just -- I don't think you can trust this guy.

[Constantine laughs]

Rick: Is something funny?

Phoebe: Rick, please. Don't make a scene. Everyone's having a really good time.

Constantine: Look, obviously he doesn't appreciate what I've done for you. So, why don't we just show him? Okay? Why don't you sing with her?

Rick: Oh, I see. You want to make me a rock star too? That's great. But I'm sorry, I'm going to have to regretfully decline.

Constantine: Don't say I never gave you the chance.

Taylor: Are you saying you two aren't going to be working together?

Brooke: Nick tore up the contract.

Taylor: Why?

Brooke: Because I asked him to.

Taylor: You don't want to take the job?

Nick: She's going back to Forrester Originals.

Brooke: Taylor, I appreciate all of your support and your courtesy that you've shown me. But, come on. Let's be honest. You can't really be disappointed about this.

Taylor: No, I'm curious.

Brooke: Well, you and Nick and having child, and that needs to come first.

Taylor: So, you're not going to take the job because you have too much respect for our relationship as parents?

Brooke: Just as you would respect the same situation if it were reversed, right?

Taylor: Yeah, of course. But --

Brooke: Well, then that's all that needs to be said.

Taylor: Brooke, are you sure? Because I really thought that we had made some breakthroughs with the three of us.

Brooke: We did. We really did, and your confidence really put everything in perspective for me. I just think our kids need to grow up in an environment that doesn't have all this stress, and the distractions and tension. Their parents need to be focused directly on them. That's what I want for my children and yours.

Taylor: Thank you.

Brooke: So, take care of your baby. I'm sure the three of you will be very happy. Bye.

Carl: I told you that I could help.

Bridget: Oh, you have, Carl. You have no idea how much you've helped. Thank you.

Carl: You're welcome.

Bridget: You can't imagine what this would have done to my family if these labels had not been the same.

Carl: Pretty awkward, huh? Everybody knows that your mother was married to Nick Marone.

Bridget: Well, my mother's still in love with him. I mean, obsessing, actually, is probably a better word. But I can say that, because I -- well, I've been there myself. I've just gotten over it, but my mother isn't anywhere near that. And if she found out that this baby inside of Taylor was hers --

Carl: A ticket to Crazytown?

Bridget: And for all of us. And if I found out that I'd been responsible for it in any way, I don't think I could have ever forgiven myself for making that kind of mistake.

Carl: You didn't. Cryo-storage's labels don't look anything like these. I'm telling you, their machine is ancient.

Bridget: Are you sure?

Carl: Positive. Your mother's eggs were not in the petri dish.

Bridget: Oh, thank you, Carl. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, my goodness. I'm so relieved.

Carl: Well, hey, I -- I get off in a few hours, how about we go celebrate? Champagne, a couple of straws --

Bridget: Oh, no. The party. Oh, my goodness.

Carl: What party?

Bridget: At my dad's.

Carl: Oh, well, the Forrester family function. Classy.

Bridget: I could probably still make it if I hurry. I doubt that it is over. Oh, Carl, thank you so much. You have no idea. You've really, really come through for me. I won't forget this.


Felicia: Constantine's a really charmer, huh?

Rick: Not you, too.

[Rick sighs]

Taylor: What just happened?

Nick: Ridge.

Taylor: She's going back to him?

Nick: Yeah.

Taylor: What are you going to do?

Nick: About what?

Taylor: The bedroom line.

Nick: Well, it doesn't make a lot of sense without her.

Taylor: I'm sorry.

Nick: It would have been good for the company. Potentially bad for us.

Taylor: No. We would have been just fine. Although, I can't say I'm not happy that she won't be running around the hallway, underwear. I told you, I was okay with it. I told you that Brooke is not a factor in our marriage or our family. I really was okay with it.

Felicia: Hey.

Thorne: How are the kids?

Felicia: Oh, Katherine has them drawing pictures of the guest house. Dominic loves his cousins so much, he doesn't want them to leave.

Ridge: Just let them continue playing then. I got something I want to talk to you guys about. It involves Brooke. I have convinced her to come back to Forrester Originals.

Stephanie: No.

Felicia: Whoa, doesn't she have a contract with Nick?

Ridge: She's going to try and get out of that.

Eric: So, Forrester Creations will not be re-introducing the bedroom line?

Thorne: Well, that's good news for us.

Stephanie: It is not good news. Now, why-- why would you do something like this? After everything that woman put you through, why would you bring her back?

Eric: He's talking about business, Stephanie --

Stephanie: Oh, please.

Thorne: Brooke helped Ridge get out of jail.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, he feels grateful and he's relieved, I can understand that. But that's no reason to bring her back in --

Brooke: Hello?

Ridge: Hey, Logan. Come on. Come on in, sweetie.

Brooke: You told them?

Ridge: Just now. Have you talked to Nick? How'd it go?

Brooke: Uh, he tore up the contract. I'm free to come back to Forrester Original if you'll all have me.

Eric: Of course we will, Brooke.

Brooke: Good.

Thorne: Welcome back.

Brooke: Thank you.

Ridge: Uh, Thorne, Felicia, dad, would you mind giving me a minute to talk to mother alone?

Eric: Let's all go back down to the pool. Come on.

Stephanie: I will not allow this.

Rick: Hey, you're back. Ned?

Bridget: I've got such a good news. It's not mom's baby.

Rick: What, are you sure? I mean, this Carl guy, he has proof?

Bridget: Iron clad. I cannot believe I let myself get so worked up over all of this.

Rick: Yeah, that's putting it mildly.

Bridget: I'm not going to let this get to me anymore. You shouldn't let anything get to you either.

Rick: I won't.

Phoebe: Hey. Hi.

Bridget: Hi, Phoeb.

Phoebe: Hey, do you want to walk me out?

Rick: You're leaving?

Phoebe: Yeah, Constantine came up with some new ideas for a duet, so we're going to go record them.

Rick: I thought you would have time to discuss the fragrance today.

Phoebe: I do. I will. I'm going to come by after.

Rick: It's your job.

Phoebe: And I'll do it. Rick, I'm not going to let the family down. It's just -- this is important, too. It's important to me.

Rick: Okay.

Phoebe: I have to go. Constantine's waiting.

Rick: All right.

Phoebe: I love you.

Rick: I love you, too.

Ridge: You don't think Brooke is good for this company?

Stephanie: I don't think she's good for you and until a little while ago, you agreed with me.

Ridge: Mother, all we're talking about is Brooke coming back to work for the company.

Stephanie: Yesterday, she was in business with Nick.

Brooke: Nick let me out of my contract. I thought you would be happy about that.

Stephanie: Well, you know, I would be, if you hadn't set your sights on him again.

Brooke: Ridge and I have a child. We will always be a part of each other's lives.

Stephanie: Have you forgotten what happened in Australia? Didn't she dump you, jump on a plane and then come here and jump in bed with Nick?

Ridge: No, mother, I haven't forgotten all that. Brooke's also the reason I'm not rotting in jail right now. Where would your gratitude be right now?

Stephanie: With Rick, who stood up for you and spoke for you. And that's where your gratitude belongs.

Brooke: Why don't you just accept this and just move forward? Stephanie: Because I know you. I know you better than any living human being. Nothing is ever over with you. You're in love with the idea of Nick, because you can't have him. And something will happen. And then you will be on your knees, begging him to come back. It's just a matter of time.

Ashley: So, what's happening? Phoebe left?

Rick: Yeah. She went to the recording studio with Constantine. Phoebe and I are still okay, though.

Ashley: Oh, yeah? So she forgave you?

Rick: Mm-hmm. But she doesn't know about you, or Mexico, or anything --

Ashley: Hmm. But you're back on track?

Rick: Yes.

Ashley: I'm happy for you.

Rick: Thank you.

Carl: She gave me a little kiss, and a hug, but hey, Carl, you deserve it.

Cryo lab tech: Can you sign for these?

Carl: I'm not a lab tech.

Cryo lab tech: Can't drop them off without a signature.

Carl: You know what, chief. Bring them over here.

Lab tech: All right. Cryo-storage protocol.

Carl: That's not from cryo-storage.

Cryo lab tech: Mm-hmm.

Carl: No, look at the labels.

Cryo lab tech: Aren't they great? We finally got a new printer. Just like the one we have here. Top of the line.

Carl: When did you make the switch?

Cryo lab tech: A few weeks ago.

Bridget: Hey, are you okay?

Rick: Yeah. Come on, sit down. So you're sure about the mix-up at the hospital?

Bridget: Yeah, there is no mix-up. Mom's eggs were definitely in the lab. But it's not her baby.

Carl: Oh, no. Oh, oh no. No, no.

Cryo lab tech: Are you okay, man? You look kind of sick.

Carl: I'm fine. I think I just made a horrible mistake.

Ridge: Drive carefully, Logan.

Stephanie: This is wrong, and you know it.

Ridge: Just leave Brooke alone.

Stephanie: I will, if you will.

Ridge: Mother, she's going to come into the office tomorrow. You can greet her like everyone else, or you can stay away. Again?

Ridge: We're going to be the best damn team in the business, yeah.

Stephanie: Honey, this isn't about business. You're so vulnerable to this woman. Please tell me that you're not considering the possibility of a future with her again.

Ridge: I'm always going to have a future with her, mother. His name is R.J.

Stephanie: Of course. That's how she got to you. She used the child.

Ridge: Okay. I'm not having this conversation --

Stephanie: Fine, let's talk about something else. How about a new woman? What about someone like, Ashley Abbott? She intrigued you there for a while, didn't she? Or is it just over?

Ridge: I'm not ruling anything out.

Stephanie: Including being dumped for Nick again.

Ridge: Look, Brooke is through with Nick. She's out of his life, out of his business. And after today, all ties to him are going to be severed.

Stephanie: What's that got to do with it? What does that got to do with you?

Ridge: Good-bye, Mother. Talk to you later.

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