B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/20/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/20/07


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[Reporters shouting]

Taylor: Good grief. I should have brought some raw meat for these vultures.

Stephanie: The only carcass they want is Ridge's.

Christine: Taylor, I'm glad you're here. We can go over your testimony.

Taylor: Well I heard you just pulled off a major miracle. You got a motion for continuance, here in private.

Christine: Well, it surprised me, too. But I will take it. It might be the only break we get today.

Stephanie: Really? Is that your honest assessment of the case?

Christine: Stephanie, without knowing all the players --

Taylor: I wouldn't think we're going to get any more favors.

Stephanie: No, you're right. I suppose if it were up to the D.A., she'd roll in a guillotine, before they even swore in the jury.

Christine: I'm going to ask for trial to be put off long enough so I have a decent opportunity to prepare my case.

Taylor: What if the judge says no?

Christine: It amplifies my grounds for an appeal.

Stephanie: An appeal? Well, that doesn't sound very good.

Rick: Phoebe, I am so sorry. I know this has been hell for you.

Phoebe: I'm just so scared about dad. I can't -- I can't lose him, Rick.

Rick: I cannot testify to something that I did not do.

Phoebe: What if you did to it? I mean, what if everyone's right?

Rick: Phoebe, Phoebe, please --

Phoebe: Do you think you could have just blocked it out? I mean, could you have shot Grant Chambers, Rick? Try to remember. Please.

Brooke: Honey, where is your brother? I really need to talk to him before the trial starts.

Bridget: Okay, well, have you checked the office?

Brooke: Actually, that's where I'm going to check next.

Bridget: Oh, mom, you didn't get a lot of sleep last night, did you?

Brooke: No, I was on the phone for many hours talking to your grandma. About a lot of things.

Bridget: Like what?

Brooke: Well, people think that I'm controlling and manipulative, but the reality is, I'm just not in control of me. I mean, I just don't stop to think. I react. Ridge hits my son and I react by running off to Nick and I throw myself at Nick and he turns me down. So I react by throwing myself at him even harder.

Bridget: Well, have you -- have you thought about why you do this? Why you do this constant ping-pong.

Brooke: Yes, I've thought about it. And I guess I could blame my father for abandoning me. But I can't, Bridget. I can't do that anymore because it's really nobody's problem. I can't blame anybody for the choices that I make in my life. That would just be a cop out. So that is something that I have decided that I need to change. I'm just sorry it took Ridge going through this mess to finally open my eyes.

Felicia: A continuance?

Stephanie: Well yes. They attorney's had hardly any time to prepare the case.

Thorne: Well what if the judge doesn't grant it?

Eric: We have to assume the trial starts.

Stephanie: I just hope you're assuming correctly.

Thorne: On a wing and a prayer, huh?

Eric: Yeah.

Felicia: There's Ridge.

Bailiff: All rise. Case number 1501-620. People of the state of California versus Ridge Forrester. The Honorable Devin Q. Owens presiding.

Judge: Be seated.

Tartaro: Jennifer Tartaro for the state, your honor.

Christine: Christine Blair for the defense. Your honor, I filed a motion about having the trial --

Judge: Yeah, I've read it. Now where do you expect this to go, Ms. Blair?

Christine: I came on board less than a week ago. I need time to prepare my case.

Tartaro: What case? Oh, right. The alleged botched suicide. Very original.

Christine: Your honor --

Judge: Ms. Tartaro --

Tartaro: It was a compliment.

Judge: What's this about a suicide?

Christine: We are diligently seeking evidence that the deceased, Shane McGrath, was attempting suicide the night he died. My client tried to stop him, there was a struggle, the gun went off --

Tartaro: Your honor, the victim, not the deceased, had been threatened with harm more than once by Mr. Forrester. And the only suicidal act that Mr. McGrath committed that night, was seeking out Ridge in the first place.

Judge: Why do you believe you'll find evidence the victim intended to kill himself?

Christine: Compelling evidence has already been found. Your honor, if I may submit defense exhibit a, Shane McGrath's cell phone.

Tartaro: Where did you get that?

Christine: It was discovered in the Forrester Originals office building, last night. It contains a text message, which I would like to investigate further.

Judge: I'll consider it.

Ridge: Where are you Rick?

Rick: Phoebe, I can't remember shooting Grant Chambers because I didn't do it!

Phoebe: Well my dad didn't shoot Shane, either. But if he can't testify, then no jury's ever going to believe him. I mean, he could go to jail for years.

Rick: And I lie, under oath, they see through it, and I wind up in a cell right next to him.

Phoebe: I understand.

Rick: Phoebe, please. If I could remember, I would run to that courthouse as fast as I possibly could. Because I would do anything to take away this pain that you're in. Look at me. It is breaking my heart that I can't do this for you.

Phoebe: The trial started. I have to go.

Rick: Phoebe, I'm sorry.

Phoebe: Bye.

Tartaro: I object! How do we know Shane McGrath even wrote that message?

Judge: Read it again, counselor.

Christine: Phoebe, this is good-bye. I'll love you forever but I won't be bothering you, anymore.

Judge: Unsent?

Christine: It was saved as a draft on Shane's phone. He could have been planning to expand on it.

Tartaro: Maybe he was planning to launch it into outer space. We'll never know. This is all speculation.

Christine: Good-bye forever! Exactly the words one would expect to find in a suicide note.

Tartaro: Or a farewell note before Shane left town. Which he might have done, had he not been shot to death, stuffed into a garment bag, and shoved off a boat by an irate father.

Judge: I'm inclined to agree with Ms. Tartaro. The phone message, because it is vague and open to different interpretation, would be inadmissible in evidence. You have very thin soup, counselor.

Christine: Exactly why I need more time to investigate.

Judge: Mr. Forrester, did you have a lawyer before Ms. Blair took on your case?

Ridge: My family was interviewing various attorneys, however --

Judge: You were taking your sweet time with that. Thank you, you've answered my question. You haven't persuaded me counsel. Your client has had ample opportunity to obtain a lawyer and craft a defense. Motion denied. Bailiff, bring in the jury -- and we'll proceed --

Christine: I have a second motion, your honor. One that should be heard outside the presence of any prospective jurors.

Tartaro: What is it this time?

Christine: I want an in limine ruling on a question of evidence that has to be answered now, as it will affect my entire defense.

Judge: What is your question ms. Blair?

Christine: Ridge is our only occurrence witness. He has a prior felony conviction involving a firearm.

Judge: You don't say?

Christine: I want to bar the state from using his prior to tar and feather him if Ridge should testify.

Tartaro: Bar us? On what grounds?

Judge: Good question.

Christine: Ridge never should have been convicted. He did not shoot Grant Chambers!

Tartaro: That is beyond absurd, Judge! Why are we wasting time on these nonsensical motions?

Judge: An even better question.

Christine: The defendant's prior conviction for attempted murder was based on a false confession --

Tartaro: Oh, please.

Christine: Proper to protect the real shooter. A minor at the time. If Ridge's conviction were voided, it would allow him to testify without the fear of his credibility being tainted.

Tartaro: My esteemed opponent wants to wave her magic wand and make her client's record go away. Are we in Vegas or a court of law?

Stephanie: My son did not shoot Grant Chambers!

Judge: Quiet, please.

Christine: I'm sorry.

Judge: Ms. Forrester.

Christine: I'm sorry.

Judge: You know, I don't know what it is in Wisconsin, but here we have a concept called -- contempt of court.

Christine: I apologize for Mrs. Forrester's outburst, but she is correct. There are extenuating circumstances which --

Tartaro: Here we go again.

Christine: Which I will prove to you, if you will allow me to call an expert witness. Dr. Taylor Hayes.

Tartaro: Your honor, call any one you want when we're in front of a jury. For now, this farce of a hearing is over.

Judge: I was under the impression that I run the show here. Not you Ms. Tartaro.

Tartaro: Your honor, forgive me. But come on.

Judge: I'm going to give ms. Blair some leeway here. Key word -- some.

Christine: Thank you, your honor.

Bridget: Wow, Mom. I'm so impressed. I'm really, really proud of you for being able to face up to all that other stuff.

Brooke: Ridge and I share so much. We share an incredible history together. We share a son. And now, R.J. and I -- we might be losing him forever.

[Reporters shouting]

Christine: Dr. Hayes, based on your --

Stephanie: Did you speak to Rick?

Christine: Your training, your experience as a psychiatrist, your knowledge of Rick Forrester since his childhood, his relationship with Grant Chambers, your conversations with Rick and members of his family and friends, do you have an opinion, doctor, to a reasonable degree of medical and scientific certainty, whether he presently suffers an emotional or a mental condition that blocks him from remembering certain facts from his childhood?

Tartaro: Your honor, I have help my tongue up until now.

Judge: And you get a gold star, counsel.

Tartaro: Dr. Hayes is being asked to give her medical opinion of the mental state of a young man who was never her patient.

Judge: Well I want to give the defendant the broadest possible latitude. In front of a jury, I'd sustain your objection. But I want to hear the doctor's answer to this and other questions. And I'll give you a continuing objection.

Christine: Would you like me to repeat the question?

Taylor: No. No, there's no need. The answer is yes. In my medical opinion, Rick Forrester is um -- he's definitely repressed this memory of shooting grant chambers.

Christine: On what do you base that opinion?

Taylor: From talking to him. From observing him. From seeing and hearing how adamantly he is still in denial.

Christine: Thank you, Dr. Hayes.

Tartaro: Dr. Hayes, could Rick be denying any memory of the shooting because he flat out wasn't there and didn't do it?

Taylor: I believe he did do it.

Tartaro: On the basis of hearsay upon hearsay?

Christine: Objection!

Judge: Rephrase.

Tartaro: You were not present when Grant Chambers was shot. Were you?

Taylor: No.

Tartaro: So it's impossible for you to know, of your own knowledge, who was there.

Taylor: Correct.

Tartaro: Do you know, again of your own knowledge, where Rick was at the time the shooting took place?

Taylor: No, but --

Tartaro: Now you are aware, are you not, that Grant testified at Ridge Forrester's sentencing hearing that Ridge was the person who shot him.

Taylor: Yes, I know that Grant did testify in court.

Tartaro: You also know that Ridge pleaded guilty to shooting Grant Chambers and testified to the same offense at sentencing.

Taylor: They were protecting Rick.

Tartaro: That's what you were told.

Taylor: Yes.

Tartaro: By the defendant?

Taylor: Yes.

Tartaro: But not until after he was indicted for murdering Shane McGrath. Isn't that right?

Taylor: No. No, that is not right. Um -- Ridge told me about this years ago. Right after he was sentenced that he did not shoot Grant.

Tartaro: So, a man who had just sworn, under oath, that he was guilty of shooting Grant Chambers took you aside and said -- by the way, I didn't do it. Honest. I was protecting the kid. And you believed him.

Taylor: Ridge wouldn't lie about something like that.

Tartaro: What would he lie about, Dr. Hayes? Would he lie about being responsible for killing Shane McGrath and dumping his corpse in the deep blue sea? Might he go so far as to let your husband, Nick Marone, take the fall for him? Ah, that would be quite a whopper, now wouldn't it?

Christine: Objection!

Tartaro: I just have a few last questions for Dr. Hayes. Has anyone ever told you they heard Rick admit to shooting Grant?

Taylor: No.

Tartaro: Not Rick's mother? Or father? Or even Stephanie Forrester who has injected herself so mightily into this case?

Taylor: No.

Tartaro: So not that any of them were present at the shooting, or had any more first hand knowledge then you did. I could go on like this all day, judge.

Judge: That won't be necessary. I find the evidence insufficient to warrant vacating the prior conviction. If Mr. Forrester testifies, he becomes fair game. We'll have a brief recess and then we'll start with our jury selection.

Rick: Right on schedule.

Brooke: You may not remember, but you did pull that trigger. Grant didn't lie.

Rick: Mom, I am not going down there and becoming a sacrificial lamb.

Brooke: Nobody's asking you to.

Rick: Oh, really? Are you sure about that?

Brooke: Ridge was willing to sacrifice his whole future for you, don't let him risk it again.

Rick: It's not up to me! I can't remember.

Brooke: Have you even tried? Please. Just think back. Think back to when you were that kid again.

Rick: I'm sorry. You're wasting your time.

Brooke: If you can't do it for me, then do it for Phoebe. Try to remember, Rick. Please. Don't let that poor girl lose her father.

[Rick remembering]

Phoebe: I'm so scared about dad. Try to remember, Rick. Please.

Brooke: You did pull the trigger. Grant didn't lie. Think back to when you were that kid again.

Rick: I shot Grant Chambers. I shot Grant Chambers.

Thorne: Look, I realize no one wants to discuss business but --

Felicia: But if Ridge is convicted, God forbid. Of even if he isn't, we still have to come up with a press release for the media.

Eric: Your brother is not going to be convicted. He's not a killer.

Stephanie: I'm worried. So far, Christine's 0 for two.

Brooke: I know. And I've been trying to get Rick to remember what he did, but I can't seem to get through to him.

Phoebe: It's like he wants to remember really badly. He just --

Ridge: If only just to prove us all wrong.

Taylor: Sweetheart, if he can't remember, he can't remember. No amount of pressuring is going to change anything. In fact, it could hurt him.

Bailiff: Court is now in session. Please take your seats.

Judge: Bailiff, invite the public in and then summon the first panel of potential jurors.

Phoebe: Your honor, please don't send my dad to jail. This is all just a huge mistake.

Judge: Okay just be quiet.

Phoebe: No, he didn't mean to kill Shane. It was an accident. He was trying to help him.

Tartaro: Your honor, how many more of these tantrums are we going to have to put up with?

Phoebe: You're only after him because of his prior.

Judge: Young lady --

Phoebe: He shouldn't even have a prior.

Rick: She's right. Ridge never should have been convicted.

Judge: Who are you?

Rick: Rick Forrester, your honor. I have no idea who killed Shane McGrath, but I do know who shot Grant Chambers. Ridge didn't shoot him. I did.

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