B&B Transcript Thursday 6/7/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/7/07


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Rick: Bridget? Bridget, come on, wake up! Bridget? Are you okay? Bridget, it's Rick. Come on. Come on. Wake up! Wake up!

Constantine: So, what do you think of the new site?

Phoebe: Boldfacerecords.Com. It's great.

Constantine: Thanks.

Phoebe: Don't thank me yet.

Constantine: What's this?

Phoebe: It's the new fragrance from Forrester Originals.

Constantine: Oh, Phoebe.

Phoebe: I know. I thought you might want to surprise your girlfriend. There is a girlfriend, right?

Constantine: Let's just say, I'm working on it.

Phoebe: That's all I get? No details? Okay, okay. I'm not going to pry. It just -- it was really just my way of saying thank you for stopping by at the house and being a friend when I needed one.

Constantine: Only you ran out on me when Rick called.

Phoebe: Well, in case you were wondering, we're back together, actually. Which would be the most amazing thing if I wasn't so focused on my dad.

Constantine: Yeah, it's been a rough time for you and your family.

Phoebe: Yeah, but you've been so patient. I mean, we were supposed to lay down tracks weeks ago, and it's just been one thing after another with me.

Constantine: So, let's make up for some lost time now. Come on, shall we?

Phoebe: Why not? All right.

Brooke: I really should be going.

Nick: Brooke? I want to talk to you about something, it's maybe a bit of stretch here. But it's actually more of a business proposition.

Brooke: A business proposition?

Nick: Yes. How would you feel about reviving Brooke's bedroom line for Forrester Creations?

Brooke: What?

Nick: The business took a hit while I was gone. We need to generate some sort of a positive buzz and fast. And I just can't think of any other way to do than announcing that Brooke Logan is back at Forrester Creations, reinventing her Brooke's bedroom line, okay?

Brooke: Okay, have you talked to your mother?

Nick: My mother? No, why?

Brooke: Because she came to me when you were in jail. She asked me if I wanted to join the company again. I guess there was a lot of chaos going on over there and she was doing her best to try to keep it all together.

Nick: Very smart of her. I guess the million-dollar question is, what was your answer?

Brooke: You mean, what I told your mother? Or the truth?

Rick: Bridget? Bridget, come on, wake up! Bridget? Bridget? Bridget? Hey, hey, are you okay?

Bridget: Rick? What happened?

Rick: I don't know. I just got home with our food and I found you out cold on the floor.

Bridget: Oh, God.

Rick: Hey, easy, easy. Easy, easy, easy. Come on. We'll get you over to the couch. Are you okay? Can you walk?

Bridget: Yeah.

Rick: All right. Sit down.

Bridget: Oh, my God --

Rick: Bridget, I got to get you a doctor.

Bridget: No, no, please, don't.

Rick: You were passed out on the floor. You fainted. There's got to be a damn good reason for that.

Bridget: There is. I -- Rick, I don't think I can do anything about it.

Rick: What are you talking about? Wait, does this have anything to do with what you told me earlier about the mistake that you were involved in at work?

Bridget: I just wanted to do something. Because they were already frozen and the research project -- I mean, I thought -- it's the tech said they didn't -- the label because of the numbers of the label -- and then Nick, and Taylor, their baby.

Rick: Nick and Taylor, okay. So this about the in vitro?

Bridget: God, the donor wanted to remain anonymous. And so, they labeled those eggs "Marone." But there was another petri dish and that lab tech thought -- oh.

Rick: What? He thought what? What's the problem?

Bridget: The eggs that were fertilized with nick's sperm --

Rick: Yeah? What about them?

Bridget: They might not have been from the donor. They might have been Mom's. like the morning of the sun, come alive and love someone but we've got will go and on never ending never ending never ending.

Constantine: That's cool. Let's do it again.

Phoebe: I don't know -- it's weird singing by myself. I'm so used to singing with Rick.

Constantine: Come on, you're doing fine.

Phoebe: I don't know. I think I'd be doing better if Rick was here.

Constantine: I've asked him to come, the dude never shows.

Phoebe: But, he's got a lot going on too.

Constantine: Look, if it will make you feel better, why don't you give him a call?

Phoebe: Okay. I think I might actually. Thanks.

Rick: Bridget, you can't be serious. You cannot be serious. You are serious. How did Mom's eggs get mixed up with the donor's? How the hell does that even happen?

[Cell phone rings] What?

Phoebe: Hey, Rick. It's me. I'm down at Constantine's studio and we're recording and I'm just, I'm getting really distracted thinking about my dad. And I just -- I feel like I'd do better if you were here. Can you please come sing with me?

Rick: Phoebe, look, I'm sorry. I really can't talk right now. I got to call you back.

Constantine: What's his excuse this time?

Phoebe: He didn't have one. He was just going to call me back.

Constantine: Meaning what? Everything else is more important than his girlfriend?

Phoebe: No, Rick's not like that. He's always there when I need him.

Constantine: Right, right. Except when he's trying to find evidence to put your dad behind bars or when you really need his support, like right now. I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. It's just that you have so much going on right now, and I don't understand why Rick doesn't see that.

Phoebe: He does. I mean, I know it might not seem like it to you, because you don't know him. But there really isn't anything he wouldn't do for me. I mean, Rick's kind and real. I mean, and he's the most caring guy I could ask for.

Constantine: I hope so, for your sake. Because that's what you deserve, Phoebe, and nothing less.

Nick: You told my mother you didn't think it was a good idea, didn't you?

Brooke: Mm-hmm. But not because I didn't want to help you.

Nick: I realize that.

Brooke: I hope you do.

Nick: You're doing it for me and Taylor. Respecting our marriage.

Brooke: But promise me something. Don't let it get around. Brooke Logan thinking of someone else besides herself. I wouldn't want to ruin my reputation that I have about being totally self-absorbed.

Nick: You have my word. For the record, I wouldn't ask you to do this if I thought Taylor would have a problem with it.

Taylor: Have a problem with what?

Phoebe: I'm sorry. I've been all over the place today. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Constantine: It's cool. I understand. Look, you've been on an emotional roller coaster these last few weeks. I mean, first Shane, then your dad and the trial, and then Rick -- I mean, I think it's finally catching up to you.

Phoebe: Yeah.

Constantine: So, when was the last time you actually had a good night's sleep, huh?

Phoebe: I don't know.

Constantine: See? You can't even remember. Look, we'll -- you know, we'll figure it out some other time when you're more rested.

Phoebe: Are you kicking me out?

Constantine: No. I don't think you're in any condition to drive home.

Phoebe: Maybe.

Constantine: Maybe you should stay here. You know, stretch out, catch up on some Zs. I don't think you even realize how exhausted you really are.

Phoebe: Really?

Constantine: Yeah.

Phoebe: Thank you for being such a sweetheart. Why some girl does not show up is beyond me.

Constantine: All right. Here you go.

Nick: I was just talking to Brooke about reviving Brooke's bedroom line for Forrester Creations. The business took a bit of a hit while I was locked up and I thought the best way to get it back on solid ground was to go with a proven winner.

Brooke: Which Brooke's bedroom has always been. But of course, if you object --

Taylor: No. Why would I object? Nick's a brilliant businessman; he knows what he's doing. And if he thinks this is the thing to do -- well, then, I support him 100%. And we all need lingerie. So, do you think you might be able to start sooner? You know, it's better than later.

Brooke: No, if I decide to do it, I mean, there is a lot of consider.

Nick: I'll have a proposal drawn up and messengered over. That way, it will be there if and when you decide.

Brooke: That works for me. Thank you. Taylor, enjoy this time. I mean, I know this morning sickness really is no fun. But pretty soon, you'll be past it. And a child is always a blessing. I'll show myself out.

Taylor: Good night. That was very interesting. So, you wouldn't even asked me if you didn't think I would approve? I don't even know what to say.

Bridget: Do you remember when Mom came to me and she wanted to see if -- if she would be able to give Nick the baby that Taylor couldn't?

Rick: Yeah, she wanted to be sure before she went to him. I assumed it was for a routine blood test.

Bridget: No, I wish that was all it is. It's a bit more involved than just that.

Rick: How much more involved?

Bridget: Well, Mom wanted the works. So, that involved harvesting some of her eggs. And Mom's eggs are viable.

Rick: Meaning, she could have had a baby with Nick?

Bridget: Right, yes. If that's what Nick wanted. But Nick made it very clear to her that he was committed to Taylor. So, I suggested that Mom -- Mom's eggs could be frozen and they could be donated to research. And those eggs should have ended up in Dr. Kumar's research lab. Not the fertility lab. And when it came time for the eggs to be fertilized with Nick's sperm, Mom was in the system as B. Marone. And the donor's eggs were also in the system under Marone. And that lab tech assumed since I was working with my mother, that --

Rick: What? Go on.

Bridget: He thinks he handed me Mom's eggs. That's what he thinks. He says he thinks he did that.

Rick: Those are the eggs that were mixed with Nick's sperm. And they became embryos.

Bridget: Taylor's carrying our Mom's baby. Rick, Taylor -- Taylor could be pregnant with our mother's child.

Nick: Are you really upset with me?

Taylor: You don't think I have a right to be upset? We're married. We're supposed to be a team.

Nick: Exactly. That's why I would even do this because we are married. Because we are a team. Because I have complete confidence in the situation.

Taylor: I'm kidding. I'm teasing.

Nick: Okay.

Taylor: I'm kidding. No, actually we had a talk a little bit earlier. She and I, and things are good. All good.

Nick: You two --

Taylor: And we're not best friends.

Nick: You were nice to each other.

Taylor: Yes. Well, I wouldn't go that far. But we got along. And we had a little talk. And she said something to me. She said some things that were really nice and I really believe that she meant them.

Nick: What did she say?

Taylor: She told me that even if she never stopped loving you, that she would always respect us and she would never act on it, out of integrity. Something about, that she wouldn't break up an innocent child's family, specifically, our child.

Nick: And you believed her?

Taylor: Yeah, I really do.

Nick: I'm glad. Our child -- just don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that.

Taylor: That makes two of us. No, three.

Rick: Who are you calling? Are you calling Taylor? Gimme that! Bridget!

Bridget: She --

Rick: You can't tell her over the phone --

Bridget: She deserves to know. Taylor, hi.

Taylor: Bridget, hi. I know why you're calling.

Bridget: You do?

Taylor: Yes. The glucose test tomorrow. I didn't forget, I know you wanted to remind me and tell me what all I'm supposed to do. I know I'm not supposed to have any food after midnight. And I'm supposed to drink a terrible tasting sugary water and all of that. I've got it on a sticky note on my bathroom mirror.

Bridget: Actually, there's something else that I --

Taylor: Bridget, are you still there?

Bridget: Yeah, Taylor, yeah. I'm here. You know what? It's just getting late, so we can discuss this tomorrow.

Taylor: Okay. All right. Fine. Okay, I'll see you then. All right, bye.

Bridget: How am I going to ever do this? How am I ever going to tell Nick and Taylor that their baby is also our mother's baby?

Taylor: What?

Nick: So, that's all Bridget wanted, to talk about the glucose test?

Taylor: I don't know.

Nick: All right.

Taylor: It's no big deal. We need to focus on this. Focus on that -- what I'd like to focus on is the baby right now.

Nick: That's fine with me.

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