B&B Transcript Friday 6/1/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 6/1/07


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Rick: It's chaos at the office right now.

Ashley: Is the press surrounding the building?

Rick: Yeah. They're tailing everybody. Everybody wants to talk about Ridge and the confession.

Ashley: No comment?

Rick: I don't know what to say. I definitely don't know what to say to Phoebe.

Ashley: I'd stay away from "I told you so."

Rick: Ashley, she -- she broke up with me. She ended our relationship because she was so sure her father had nothing to do with Shane's murder. She's got to be devastated.

Ashley: It's a lot for a girl her age to face.

Rick: You ever wish you were just wrong about something?

Ashley: Every time I think about that sound I heard that night when I was in the lab. The night that ridge didn't make our date. It was a gunshot.

Rick: It's not always great to be right.

Ashley: So don't be right. Just -- just be there. I mean, Phoebe's going to need you right now.

Phoebe: I knew he'd call. Good.

Constantine: So, Rick's coming home?

Phoebe: As soon as he can.

Constantine: Did he say why he didn't call?

Phoebe: Well, he didn't get my messages. I'm sure he just got busy.

Constantine: Well, he didn't say why? I mean, I thought I heard you ask him.

Phoebe: Did I? We just -- we were talking about my dad. And he was shocked my dad turned himself in.

Constantine: But isn't that why you guys broke up in the first place? Because, you know, he thought your dad had something to do with Shane's death.

Phoebe: No, no, he was shocked that my dad confessed, and he called me as soon as he heard about it. And now that he's coming home, I can talk to him and explain that I overreacted. And he'll understand. I mean, he'll probably just want to forget the whole thing.

Brooke: Nick?

Taylor: No, he's in a meeting.

Brooke: Oh. Glad to be back at work?

Taylor: Very.

Brooke: How are you and the kids holding up?

Taylor: Well, aside from the annoying photographers, we're fine. It's a good thing that Thomas and Steffy are in Europe. They're missing all of it.

Brooke: R.J. and Phoebe aren't so lucky.

Taylor: Phoebe feels like she can't really go anywhere without feeling like she's spied on by the media.

Brooke: R.J.'s so young, he doesn't understand what's going on. I'm glad about that. But you can't shelter Phoebe like that.

Taylor: I wish I could.

Brooke: How's she dealing with all this?

Taylor: She doesn't say a whole lot. I just try to reassure her that Ridge will be fine. He's got the best attorneys and he'll have the support of the entire family.

Brooke: I don't know how much support he's going to get from Stephanie. She would have done anything to keep him from coming forward. You know she held me hostage? I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't convinced her to let me talk to Ridge.

Taylor: Well, I'm glad you did.

Brooke: I would have done whatever it took to get Nick out of jail.

Constantine: It's kind of hard to forget you got dumped.

Phoebe: Well, I'll talk to him, and tell him that I made a mistake. I think he'll take me back.

Constantine: Man, he would be an idiot not to.

Phoebe: Thank you. I have been a complete head case today. And you've been amazing.

Constantine: Well -- well, thank you, ma'am. Looks like my work here is done.

Phoebe: You're leaving?

Constantine: Yeah. I told you I'd stick around until, you know, Rick called.

Phoebe: Right, right. I'm sure you're busy.

Constantine: Nah, I was just going to go to the studio and mess around. You should come.

Phoebe: I -- I can't. I --

Constantine: Why? It's better than hanging around here thinking about your dad.

Phoebe: Well, I wouldn't want to get in the way of anything.

Constantine: No. No, we could do some tracks.

Phoebe: Oh, do you think I'm ready for that?

Constantine: Yeah, yeah, come on, I'll work with you. Give you some tips. It'll help you get your mind off things.

Phoebe: Okay. I just want to call my mom on the way. Felicia, hi.

Felicia: Hey.

Phoebe: If you're looking for Nick, he's not here.

Felicia: Actually, I'm looking for your mom, too. Yeah, I wanted to talk with them about your father. Aren't you --

Constantine: Constantine.

Felicia: Yeah, hi.

Constantine: Hi.

Phoebe: Constantine thinks that Rick and I have a future in music.

Felicia: Speaking of Rick, have you heard from him? I'm getting swamped with calls from overseas, and my international expert is AWOL.

Taylor: Well, that must have been very difficult to have to hurt someone that you care about to do what's right for another person.

Brooke: Ridge did the right thing on his own. I just had to give him a little encouragement.

Taylor: Well, it's too bad you couldn't have done that for Phoebe and Rick.

Brooke: Excuse me?

Taylor: You heard they Broke up?

Brooke: No. Why?

Taylor: Rick had suggested that Ridge was the one who may have killed Shane, and Phoebe didn't handle it well. She handled it rather badly and she ended things.

Brooke: But now that she knows he was right, that ridge was involved somehow, maybe they could patch things up.

Taylor: To tell you the truth, I -- I hope they don't.

Brooke: What do you mean?

Taylor: Well, she was wrong about Ridge, but I don't think she was wrong to have broken up with Rick.

Brooke: Taylor, how can you say that? She must be miserable.

Taylor: Can you imagine how much more miserable she would have been if Rick had pressured her into having sex and then she got pregnant. Can you imagine that?

Brooke: My God, where is this coming from?

Taylor: I'm talking about Phoebe -- Phoebe and her emotions. She's been through a lot lately with this family crisis, and her emotions are all over the place. And when someone is like that, when all those emotions are heightened, sometimes they become a little more vulnerable and they need some security and

Brooke: Okay, yes, she does feel secure with Rick. But that's because Rick has been nothing but a gentleman to her.

Taylor: I know. I think Rick is a great guy. I think he's great. But, you know, it's no secret that -- well, you're very sexually free, and I mean, I would be crazy to not think that Rick would be the same way.

Rick: If Phoebe needs me, I will be there for her.

Ashley: Good.

Rick: Look, whatever's going on with Ridge right now, it does not erase what we just had in Mexico.

Ashley: I think Ridge's situation does take precedence, though.

Rick: I understand that, but I need you to know that our tie down there -- it was not a fling. It was not a one-night stand. It -- it was important to me. You are important to me.

Ashley: You're important to me, too. I just don't think that we have to label this. Not right now.

Rick: Okay, then we don't have to label it. I'm not sure there's even a label that fits. But that doesn't mean we can't talk about it.

Ashley: You really want to talk about this right now?

Rick: I do.

Ashley: Ridge just confessed to being involved in Shane's death, which means he could go to prison, which means Phoebe could lose her father for a very, very long time.

Rick: I know. I know. It -- look, we'll deal with that when we get home. It's going to be a while before get --

Ashley: Back to reality.

Rick: That is not what I meant.

Ashley: I know what you meant. I know what you're trying to say. I just -- I don't really think right now is the right time.

Rick: Ashley -- Ashley, wait, look. But right now, it's just you and me on this airplane for a little while longer.

Ashley: No, no, no, no, no, it's not just you and me, our lives aren't that simple.

Rick: If you wanted simple, you should not have gotten involved with me.

Ashley: You're right. It was your idea to go to Mexico.

Rick: It was. And I don't regret it.

Ashley: Well, I don't want you to ever regret it. Which is why I swore the pilot to secrecy, so unless you tell someone, no one's ever going to know where we were or what we did.

Rick: Sounds good to me. And I don't know about you, but that time in Mexico is something I will never forget.

Phoebe: Come in. Yeah, I just talked to him, actually, and he should be home later this afternoon.

Felicia: Well, that's a relief.

Phoebe: Yeah, for me, too.

Felicia: He didn't call you last night?

Phoebe: No, he just found out about dad's confession this morning.

Felicia: What do you mean he just found out? Where was he, on mars?

[Cell phone rings]

Phoebe: It's Rick. Hi.

Rick: Hey! I just called the office; it's crazy over there. I couldn't get through to my dad or anybody.

Phoebe: Well, Felicia's here, do you want to talk to her?

Rick: Oh, could you just tell her to meet me at the office? And Phoebe, I really want to see you. Could you meet me there, too?

Phoebe: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Rick: Thanks. I'll see you soon.

Phoebe: Okay, see you. Um, he's on his way to the office, and he wants us to meet him there. I'm really sorry; I do want to record with you very badly, but its just bad timing.

Constantine: No, it's cool. Look, the offer stands whenever you want. Whenever you want to come down, the studio's a great place to sort of get away from it all. I put on the headphones, focus on the music; leave everything else behind the soundproof glass.

Phoebe: Thank you, I might take you up on that.

Constantine: I hope you will.

Phoebe: Oh, Felicia, would you mind locking up? I want to get there as soon as possible.

Felicia: Go on, I'll be right behind you.

Phoebe: Thank you very much.

Constantine: Nice meeting you.

Felicia: Oh, wait a minute there, Casanova. Not so fast.

Taylor: No, no, no, it's okay, Meriah. Don't worry. No, don't call security. Don't worry, it's fine. I thought you left.

[Door slams]

Brooke: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I just did. I made it all the way down to the car.

Taylor: Stomping and slamming doors, apparently, all the way down.

Brooke: Just take it back. What you said about Rick. Take it back.

Taylor: Okay, fine. Fine, it was inappropriate for me to have preconceived notions about what your son's sexual habits are. But I do have to say, I -- you know, it does give me pause to be concerned about what kind of values he may have learned from you, because you're so sexually uninhibited.

Brooke: Oh God, Taylor. I came here out of concern!

Taylor: Well, there's nothing left to be concerned about. Everything is fine. You know? Nick is out of jail. We're married. We're having a baby. We saw the baby today on the ultrasound. And I really believe that Nick is probably the happiest he's ever been.

Brooke: Was that supposed to make me feel bad?

Taylor: Look, I'm sorry if nick's joy is bringing you pain. I'm just -- I'm thinking that maybe -- maybe you really are having a hard time seeing that Nick has moved on. And you might be feeling a little frustrated that I'm pregnant and -- see, I'm just -- I'm trying to enjoy this pregnancy and this time in my life. And I don't want any stress. And so, I -- I just think maybe it's better if we don't come around each other.

[Phones ringing]

[Phoebe remembering]

Shane: Please, Phoebe, please, just listen to me!

Phoebe: Do not come back --

Shane: Please!

Phoebe: I will call security if I have to, Shane.

Phoebe: Dad, what did you do?

[Phoebe remembering]

Ridge: I was involved in shooting Shane McGrath. I dumped his body in the Santa Monica bay. And I allowed nick to be accused of doing that, hoping he'd get sent to prison for it.

Rick: I still can't believe Ridge confessed to this.

Phoebe: Rick! Oh my God, Rick, it's awful. I'm so glad you're here.

Felicia: What's this about Phoebe's future in music?

Constantine: She is very talented.

Felicia: Yeah, she's very vulnerable. Her father's being brought up on murder charges, he could go to jail.

Constantine: Felicia was it? Right. Um, I assure you, my intentions with your niece are purely legitimate.

Felicia: Mm-hmm.

Constantine: I have a record label.

Felicia: Is that what you think Phoebe should be concentrating on right now? Cutting a demo.

Constantine: I think she could use a distraction.

Felicia: You are distracting, I'll give you that. And a pretty decent singer.

Constantine: Oh, well, thank you. I'm also a pretty good judge of, uh, talent, and Phoebe has a lot of potential.

Felicia: Yeah, you know what, I see that.

Constantine: Good.

Felicia: I do, I see a lot of potential in this situation Constantine. Potential for you to hype your new label, maybe get a little free press out of your new client's family crisis --

Constantine: Oh.

Felicia: But you know what I see most? A lot of potential for an easy-going, little, young, trusting girl like Phoebe to get really hurt.

Constantine: You don't trust me?

Felicia: I really don't know you. And something tells me Phoebe doesn't either.

Constantine: Well then, why don't you come down to the studio with her, and see what I'm all about?

Felicia: Don't give me that look.

Constantine: I just want you to give me a chance!

Felicia: I know. You are looking for trouble. And not just from me, but from Rick, Phoebe's boyfriend, the guy she sings with. Remember him?

Constantine: Right, well, uh -- well Rick is invited too. I'm telling you, I'm not trying to take advantage of anyone Felicia. You know, I -- I care about Phoebe. And I'll support her, whether we make a record or not.

Brooke: You're still threatened by me. I thought we'd gotten past that.

Taylor: I did. You're the one here looking for Nick.

Brooke: I'm not after your husband Taylor.

Taylor: Fine.

Brooke: I was. But then when you told me you were pregnant with his child, I knew that my life with Nick was over. So just relax, and enjoy your pregnancy, because if I were in your shoes, that's exactly what I would do. I would be the happiest woman in the world.

Rick: It's okay. I'm here now, it's going to be okay.

Phoebe: I'm sorry. I was wrong, I was wrong. Everything I said, I was so wrong.

Ashley: Hi.

Phoebe: Ashley, hi.

Ashley: I'm so sorry for what you and your family are going through. If there's anything I can do --

Phoebe: I should be the one apologizing Ashley, I -- to both of you. I overreacted when you were accusing my father.

Ashley: You were defending your dad, I understand what that's like.

Phoebe: You're his friend. I should have known that you would never say something to intentionally hurt him. And you, you would never do anything to hurt me.

Ashley: I'll let you talk.

Rick: I'll catch up with you later, okay?

Ashley: Okay. And again, I'm so sorry for everything that's happening.

Phoebe: I'm so glad you're here.

Rick: Do you want to talk about it?

Phoebe: It was -- it was over. Nick was convicted, and then my dad -- he told mom and me first.

Rick: Oh man.

Phoebe: I couldn't believe it. He just said it, just like that.

Rick: Phoebe, I am so sorry.

Phoebe: But you knew, you tried to tell me.

Rick: Yeah, but see, I didn't know. I didn't know for sure. I'm so sorry for being insensitive to you. I should have realized how much it would hurt you.

Phoebe: You were right. My dad -- my dad shot Shane. And, um, I broke up with you for being honest with me. And made you feel like you couldn't be truthful, and I was wrong. I would do anything to take that back.

Rick: Phoebe, don't worry about that now.

Phoebe: I was worried, when I couldn't reach you. I need you. Rick, I don't think I can go through this by myself.

Rick: I'm here. I'm here for you.

Phoebe: Forever?

Rick: Forever.

Ashley: Thanks, I'll get the rest of this later.

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