B&B Transcript Thursday 5/31/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/31/07


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Rick: Now see, wasn't this a great idea? Blowing off our meeting in New York. Waking up on the beach in Mexico. Hey, maybe we should go for a jog or something -- Ash? Ashley?

Phoebe: Well, I -- I already called the office, and everyone's so busy no one had time to talk to me.

Bridget: Well, then I guess it's good you stayed home.

Phoebe: Do you have any idea where Rick is? I mean, I've called him a lot and he hasn't returned any of my calls.

Bridget: Yeah, he went on that business trip to New York. Remember?

Phoebe: Well, do you know where he's staying?

Bridget: Oh, no honey, I don't. But I'm sure, when he gets a second, he'll call you. He's probably just swamped dealing with press. And he's got his clients. Your father's confession really has everybody scrambling, so just relax, cause I'm sure he will call you as soon as he can.

Phoebe: Even -- even if he thinks we broke up?

Bridget: Why would he think that Phoebe?

Phoebe: I was -- I was just so angry at him for supporting Nick over my father that I told him I didn't want to see him again. Do you think that's why he hasn't called?

Bridget: Sweetheart, I, um -- he will, he'll call you. He cares about you way too much to let you have to go through all this alone.

Nick: What's going on?

Taylor: I couldn't sleep.

Nick: Why?

Taylor: I was thinking about Ridge.

Nick: I'm not sure how I should take that.

Taylor: I just can't get it out of my head. I mean, I believe that Ridge killed Shane by accident. But, I guess, I don't know -- I get the part where, where he panicked, and he didn't know what to do, and he wanted to hide evidence, and he didn't say anything. But I -- I guess what I just can't wrap my brain around is how he let you go to trial, knowing that you had nothing at all to do with this.

Nick: Well, here's the deal. Forrester confessed, and I'm a free man. Which means I get to escort my wife to the hospital, for the very first ultrasound of our new baby.

[Cell phone rings]

Phoebe: Rick?

Constantine: Uh, Phoebe. Hey, it's Constantine.

Phoebe: Oh hi. Hi.

Constantine: Are you all right? I read about your father in the paper.

Phoebe: Yeah, I guess everyone has.

Constantine: It's tough.

Phoebe: Yeah. Yeah.

Constantine: Look, if you don't want to talk about it --

Phoebe: No it's -- it's okay

Constantine: Is it?

Phoebe: No, no.

Constantine: Sound like you could use a friend.

Phoebe: What I really need is Rick.

Rick: Where the hell did she go? She didn't even leave a note.

Ashley: Hi! You're up.

Rick: Hey there. You went jogging?

Ashley: Yes. It was so beautiful, the sunrise, the ocean. This place is everything you said it was and more.

Rick: Well, I didn't know where you were.

Ashley: Aw. I didn't want to wake you.

Rick: Well, you could have. I thought we could have breakfast in bed, or something.

Ashley: Well, actually I ordered breakfast at the front desk, it should be here any second. And I called the pilot; we're going to go back to L.A. This afternoon.

Rick: Wh -- this afternoon? I -- I thought we had such an incredible night, thought we could --

Ashley: Wanna have an incredible morning?

Rick: Yeah.

Ashley: Okay. Don't go anywhere, all right? I'm going to be right back, I'm going to take a quick shower.

Rick: Okay.

Ashley: And if room service comes, I just took care of the tip downstairs.

Bridget: I still can not believe Ridge. Framing you for Shane's death.

Taylor: Well, I'm pretty certain Stephanie had something to do with it. She's always protecting her son, and she doesn't really care about who it affects.

Bridget: I think this is really, really hard on Phoebe right now. Dealing with all of this after breaking up with Rick.

Taylor: I know, and she had broken up with Rick because she was upset with him because he had said he was certain that Ridge had set Nick up.

Bridget: Which he had.

Taylor: I know. So I guess, really, maybe the break up was inevitable.

Bridget: If that's the case then, I'm sure that another wonderful guy will come along for Phoebe.

Constantine: You're sure it's okay, me stopping by like this?

Phoebe: Mm-hmm, I'm glad you're here. I was kind of going crazy by myself.

Constantine: I could see that. Wow, big house, probably echoes.

Phoebe: Just in my head. The same question over and over again. How could this happen?

Constantine: You had no idea your dad was involved with Shane's death.

Phoebe: No. And thank you.

Constantine: Thanks for what?

Phoebe: For not saying my dad was a murderer. Because he isn't, it was an accident.

Constantine: Are uh, we the only ones here?

Phoebe: Uh, yeah. My mom's at a doctor's appointment, and Nick went with her.

Constantine: What about Rick? Where's he?

Phoebe: I -- I don't know. We broke up.

Ashley: It smells delicious.

Rick: Good choice.

Ashley: We should eat now? Or, is it going to get cold if we wait?

Rick: I really don't know what the rush is. I mean, people aren't expecting us back in Los Angeles for a few days.

Ashley: I know, but they're going to wonder where we are when they find out that we're not in New York.

Rick: That's a good point.

Ashley: All right?

Rick: Okay, um, change of plans. I -- I took you to Mexico, so you could discover some exotic new scents for your fragrances --

Ashley: Oh, you mean like huevos rancheros?

Rick: I am serious! Ashley, we are in paradise. It is so beautiful, don't you want to see more of it?

Ashley: I loved my run. And I absolutely adored waking up next to you. So yeah, I would love to stay here for a whole week if I could.

Rick: Really?

Ashley: Mm-hmmm.

Rick: Cause I'm not getting that feeling from you.

Ashley: You wanna know where this is going?

Rick: I do, yeah.

Ashley: I don't know where it's going. I mean it could be the start of something, or it might not be. I do know that I'm enjoying myself, and I'm really enjoying you, and I don't have to necessarily define this to enjoy it. Do you?

Rick: No, no, not right now.

Ashley: That's good. That's good, because I would really hate to think that the pilots giving us a few more hours all for nothing. And it might not be a week, but I think it's enough for what I have in mind. I think.

Ashley: What?

Rick: You don't really need to know where this is going?

Ashley: Experience has taught me to take things as they come.

Rick: No expectations?

Ashley: No disappointments. Look, I'm not fooling myself, you and Phoebe just broke up. You don't know what's going to happen with that. You need some time to figure out what you want.

Rick: Ashley, this is not about Phoebe and me. I am here with you in Mexico, because I want to be here with you.

Ashley: But would you be here if she hadn't broken up with you?

Rick: This is not Paris.

Ashley: I know. It's Mexico, they speak Spanish here.

Phoebe: I was just so sure that my dad didn't have anything to do with Shane's murder, and when Rick said that he did, I -- I overreacted.

Constantine: No, it just seems that way now.

Phoebe: Because I was wrong.

Constantine: Well, so was Rick for not supporting you.

Phoebe: But he was right.

Constantine: He had suspicions. I mean, nobody really knew what happened until, uh -- until your father confessed.

Phoebe: I just -- I wish he'd call. I mean, even if it is to say "I told you so."

Constantine: Well, he wouldn't do that, would he?

Phoebe: No, no. I mean, maybe that's why he hasn't returned my phone calls. So he wouldn't be rubbing my nose in it. I just -- we promised that we wouldn't let anything come between us, and I broke that promise. Now I'd give anything to get that back.

Nick: So what do we do?

Bridget: Nothing, you just relax and watch the screen.

Dr. Caron: Now if you guys don't mind, I'd like Bridget to conduct the examination.

Bridget: I'm still on my O.B. rotation.

Taylor: That's fine.

Bridget: Okay, well let's see where that little Marone is hiding. Okay, the uterine wall is -- it looks good.

Dr. Caron: And the placenta?

Bridget: It's developing normally. Very well placed. And there's the fetus.

Nick: Where?

Dr. Caron: It's hard to see, it's still very small.

Bridget: It's grown, you know. From a few cells to millions of cells since your last ultrasound.

Nick: What's the flashing light?

Taylor: That's the heartbeat. Look at the heart beating.

Nick: Oh.

Bridget: Well, it's not a heart, actually, yet. It's more like a tube.

Dr. Caron: Mm-hmmm.

Bridget: But it will keep pulsing like that while the fetus develops, and for the rest of it's life.

Nick: Our baby has a pulse.

Bridget: Dr. Caron, do you think we could give them a minute?

Dr. Caron: Yeah, sure.

Nick: Thanks. Look at this. We're having a baby.

Taylor: Well, we have a little ways to go.

Nick: Yeah, I understand that. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but just looking and seeing like this. It's just so --

Taylor: It's good news. It's good news.

Nick: I'm just so lucky and so proud.

Taylor: We're blessed. Very blessed.

Nick: And the blessings are going to keep on coming. There's nothing but clear skies and calm seas for our little family.

Nick: Look at that, huh?

Taylor: Mm-hmmm.

Nick: Right there, flashing light, the fetus --

[Knock at the door] Come in!

Bridget: Hi.

Nick: Hey.

Bridget: I just have the photos and the measurements of the baby. I wanted to put them back in your file.

Taylor: Great.

Nick: You need this one, too?

Dr. Caron: No, that's for you.

Nick: All right.

Taylor: So you think everything looked good?

Dr. Caron: Oh yeah, your pregnancy is progressing exactly as it should. Fetus is developing normally, I didn't see any problems with the amniotic fluid, or the uterus, or the placenta.

Nick: Everything's a-okay?

Dr. Caron: Everything's a-okay.

Bridget: This is the wrong file.

Dr. Caron: B. Marone.

Bridget: No, that's my mother's file.

Dr. Caron: Oh, I'm so sorry. I was supposed to change that weeks ago. I'm sorry, I'll make sure it's in the system today.

Nick: Well, I've got the right Mrs. Marone right here. And she's got my baby growing inside of her belly. See?

Phoebe: I should have known he wasn't being vindictive or mean. He's not like that.

Constantine: Well, you wanted his support.

Phoebe: I wanted him to agree with me. I wanted him to believe that my dad was innocent, and he didn't. And he couldn't lie to me about it. He was being honest, and I broke up with him for being honest with me. I mean, of course he hasn't called me. He probably hates me.

Constantine: He doesn't hate you. Come on, he'll call. Okay? And I'll stick around until he does.

Phoebe: Really?

Constantine: Yes, really. You need a friend right?

Phoebe: I do.

Constantine: Well, that's why I'm here.

Phoebe: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Rick: Here you go.

Ashley: Thank you, baby. Can I have the paper too, please?

Rick: Sure. Ah -- only if you promise to stay one more day.

Ashley: No, we can not stay --

Rick: One more night.

Ashley: No, no we can't stay anymore, we can't.

Rick: Ashley, listen to me. We got in so late last night, we missed the sunset. So what do you say we just -- we stay one more night, and we watch the sunset.

Ashley: We saw the sun -- I saw the sunrise. And isn't that kind of the same thing, only in reverse?

Rick: That's very funny. No, I'm serious, come on, what do you say? It's so spectacular here. I mean look at this.

Ashley: Oh, my God.

Rick: What?

Ashley: Oh my God, Ridge.

Rick: Whoa. Did he confess to killing Shane?

Ashley: I don't know, I can't read, it's in Spanish.

Rick: I've got to call Phoebe. Ahh, I've got no reception in here!

Ashley: Check the phone right there on the desk.

[Phone ringing]

Phoebe: Oh, please be him.

[Phone ringing] Rick?

Rick: Phoebe it's me.

Phoebe: Oh, God, thank God. Hi.

Rick: I just heard about your dad. Are you okay?

Phoebe: Well, I am -- I am now. Wait, you just heard? Did you not get my messages?

Rick: Um, no. No, I'm sorry, I didn't get any of your messages.

Phoebe: I've been calling you all night. I thought you were avoiding me after what I said to you.

Rick: No, Phoebe, please, don't worry about that right now.

Phoebe: I was wrong. I just didn't want to believe that my dad was involved.

Rick: So he confessed?

Phoebe: Yeah, but it was an accident. It wasn't a murder. Shane tried to kill himself.

Rick: Listen Phoebe, hang on. Just, you can tell me all of this when I get back home, okay?

Phoebe: You're coming home?

Rick: As soon as I can.

Phoebe: You have no idea what that means to me. Rick, I was so afraid. I need you, Rick, I really need you.

Nick: I think you need glasses.

Taylor: That is not what you think it is. You can't tell if it's a boy. Whatever you think it is, it's probably the umbilical cord.

Nick: This kid is all Marone male.

Taylor: It's too early to tell.

Nick: Hey, I'm a sailor. Anything floating around in water, I'd know. I have a sixth sense about these things.

Taylor: Well, you know what, I have a sixth sense too.

Nick: You do? About what?

Taylor: About you. I think you're going to make an incredible father.

Nick: Well, thank you.

Taylor: That's not a compliment, it's a fact.

Nick: Well, I've got a fact for you. This is real.

Taylor: Yes it is. When I suggested in vitro, I -- I was excited, because I was doing that for you, because I knew how much having a baby of your own would mean to you. But, you know, now that it's happening, I just can't even tell you how much joy I'm feeling now that I know our child is inside of me. You know, it's our baby. Our baby.

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