B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/29/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/29/07


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Nick: You want to play cat and mouse with me, Forrester, you're gonna have to tell me which one I am.

Ridge: You're a rat, Nick. But so am I.

Nick: Admitting to me that you killed McGrath isn't getting me out of here.

Ridge: Oh, you'll be out of here soon enough. First, there are a couple of things I want you to hear that won't be in the morning newspaper.

Nick: Okay. Like what?

Ridge: You didn't dump McGrath's body in the Santa Monica Bay. I did.

Taylor: Has Nick been released?

Lt. Baker: If you'll excuse me, this is one of those rare opportunities where I might actually make it home in time for dinner.

Taylor: Wait, didn't Ridge come and talk to you?

Lt. Baker: You know, I appreciate that you believe in your husband's innocence, but once there's a conviction, my job is done.

Taylor: I just talked to Ridge. He said he was coming to talk to you, and he just confessed everything. You have to let Nick go.

Eric: I never would have believed that a jury would find this such an open and shut case. How did Nick take it?

Stephanie: Not well.

Eric: And Jackie? Was she there? Did you see her?

Stephanie: Uh, yes. But --

Eric: What did she -- ?

Stephanie: Ridge came back from Paris.

Eric: Well, it's about time. What took him so long? The opening of that store was more than a week ago.

Stephanie: In hindsight, Eric, I think I may have given him some bad advice.

Eric: Really? Again?

Stephanie: Nick -- Nick didn't kill McGrath. No one did.

Eric: Well, whose body did they pull out of the bay?

Stephanie: Oh, it was Shane's body. It was Shane's body. I want to try and explain this to you. And I'd like to think that if you'd been in my place, you would have done the same thing. But you know, what's done is done. And now --

Eric: Stop, stop. I've heard this preamble before. What are you telling me? Are you telling me that you killed that boy?

Stephanie: My God, no.

Eric: Well, then what? Anything else would be a relief.

Stephanie: Ridge was with Shane when he died.

Eric: Ridge? What does that mean, "with"? "With"?

Stephanie: It was an accidental shooting, but I think that Ridge will be -- could be legally held responsible. And --

[Stephanie sighs] -- I guess I can be, too, for helping after the fact.

Nick: Well, keep going.

Ridge: I dumped McGrath, but I did not frame you.

Nick: Come on. I'm dying to hear the story.

Ridge: Shane McGrath was trying to kill himself. I tried to stop him. We struggled with the gun, it went off. I ended up putting Shane in one of those garment bags. I was on your boat earlier that day. I went down to see Phoebe there. I saw where you kept your keys, in that little coffee can. So later, I took your boat out a couple miles. Shane was dead. There's no pulse, but I just had to check one last time. When I zipped him back up in that bag, I must have caught a little bit of his hair in there. I had no idea it would turn out to be evidence against you. Wrapped him up in that anchor chain. Never thought he'd be found. I'm not trying to excuse myself with all this. I just want you to know that it wasn't personal. Not then, anyway.

Judge: Are you saying the young man killed himself?

Taylor: Ridge told me he was trying to intervene when the gun went off.

Tartaro: No, I'm having a problem with this so-called "confession." Why dispose of the body?

Taylor: I don't know. People do a lot of strange things when they're in shock. I don't know. They do it out of fear. But all I'm trying to tell you is that Nick didn't do it, and he needs to be released.

Tartaro: The ink on the verdict isn't dry.

Taylor: I don't even know what difference that makes.

Judge: Mrs. Marone, in criminal justice, the jury's decision is the holy of holies. We just don't snap our fingers and make it disappear.

Taylor: Okay, fine, but what if it's wrong? I mean, where's the justice in that?

Judge: Counselors, will one of you please ask the logical question?

Storm: Well, when did Ridge decide to frame your husband is what I'd like to know.

Taylor: He didn't. You know that he was borrowing the boat. That's all.

Tartaro: We found the victim's blood on Mr. Marone's shirt.

Storm: Well, that happened on a separate occasion, as I tried to explain to the court. Mr. McGrath came to my client's office, my client walked into the elevator, they came to blows, and that's how the blood got on the shirt.

Taylor: Wait a minute, aren't there some video cameras in the elevator? Do we have a recording of that? Wouldn't it be on a tape?

Tartaro: Do we have that video?

Lt. Baker: The warrant didn't cover it.

Judge: What about the physical evidence in Mr. Forrester's office?

Lt. Baker: We didn't find any.

Taylor: Well, I'm sure if you asked some maintenance people there, they might have seen something. And I know there's surveillance cameras all over that place.

Storm: Well, can we subpoena the recordings? Can we do that now, tonight?

Judge: Yeah. Send my clerk to Lieutenant Baker's office and tell him to bring my seal.

Lt. Baker: Detective Scott, I've got a job for you.

Eric: An accident?

Stephanie: Shane was suicidal. He tried to kill himself, and Ridge tried to stop him.

Eric: Neither you or Ridge said a word when Nick was arrested.

Stephanie: Well, who the hell -- how did we know he was going to get convicted? I just said to Ridge, let's wait and see how it turns out.

Eric: And then Ridge stands up at that press conference and tells the world that Nick got what he deserved?! Was that your idea, too?

Stephanie: Oh, please. I don't want to stand here and debate with you whether Marone got what he deserved or didn't get what he deserved.

Eric: Are you gonna try to justify what's happened to Nick?

Stephanie: He -- do you want me to tell you what happened or not?

Eric: Absolutely!

Stephanie: He couldn't go to the police because of Grant Chambers, the court ruling.

Eric: Oh, my God. The judge said that if Ridge was ever involved with a firearm again, he would go straight to prison.

Stephanie: He didn't shoot Grant. Your son Rick did.

Eric: What? Rick? That's not possible. Rick was just a child.

Stephanie: Exactly. He was a child. And he has no memory of it. Ridge took the blame to protect your son because he loved Brooke.

Eric: Oh, God.

Stephanie: He panicked. He just panicked, and he took the body down and dumped it in the bay. And my God, what -- what court, what jury is ever going to believe that that wasn't premeditated murder?

Eric: Stephanie, good people make bad decisions all the time. I used to think that yours fell into that category. Where's Ridge now?

Stephanie: He's downtown. He's going to tell the police and the district attorney everything.

Eric: Oh, my God.

Stephanie: I told him I wanted him to wait. Let's see what happens. If nick gets a sentence of two years, he could be out in less than one with good behavior.

Eric: Not one more word! Not one!

Nick: You're such a good liar, I can't even tell if you're lying. "Not personal"? Even if you didn't lift a finger to have me set up, which I'm not saying I believe, how could you watch the police haul me off? How could you let it come to this? Or is that mother love's contribution? I know she's pulling the strings here, Forrester. 'Cause you don't have the guts to stick it out this far.

Ridge: There was no reason to think you'd be convicted, Nick. Your self-righteous arrogance is always gonna be your downfall. Spitting insults at the police, talking to Shane like he didn't even deserve to live. You acted like a guilty man. I'm gonna tell Lieutenant Baker my story. That's why I came here. As much as you deserve to be behind bars, Nick, I'm gonna set you free.

Nick: If you're trying to convince me that you've got a conscience, it ain't working.

Ridge: I wish I could've saved Shane. Everyone's got two stories, Nick -- what they wanted to do and what actually happened. It's all very unintentional. But not with you and me. You and me, everything is very intentional, very personal, isn't it, my brother?

Nick: You're not my brother. We got the same old man. There's a difference.

Ridge: It's the way it's been with you since day one. Always wanting to be the only Marone son. Take our dad's name, you make yourself his right hand. There wasn't much room for me, was there, Nick?

Nick: Shut up, Forrester. You sound like a whiny kid, when in reality, you've had a red carpet ride your whole life.

Ridge: I came here to be honest about what happened. But I'd be lying if I didn't say a big part of me would love to see you rot in prison for the rest of your life.

Stephanie: Where are you going?

Eric: I'm gonna go see Ridge, in jail, which is where you'll probably end up for your part in this whole thing. Will you ever learn?!

Stephanie: I just wanted to protect him, Eric.

Eric: Well, you had exactly the opposite effect, didn't you? There'll be no saving him now. You're going with me. If he has to face the music, then so do you.

Nick: You make me laugh, Forrester. You're such a pompous ass. You have been given more love and attention than any ten people have had a right to. And what do you do with it? You throw it away, time and time again. You know, we're different, you and me. And we're never gonna be the same. But like you said, I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that a big part of me would love to see you rot the rest of your life in here.

Ridge: Well, what do you know, Nick? Maybe we're more alike than you think. Be good to Taylor and my kids.

Taylor: Ridge, I've been looking everywhere for you. I thought you left the building.

Ridge: I told you I wouldn't.

Judge: Good. You're both in the same place. That will save us some steps. Mr. Forrester, this is not a hearing. But the people of the state of California are represented, as are the police.

Ridge: I understand.

Judge: Your ex-wife has told us quite a story.

Ridge: And it's all true.

Judge: Sir, you're not obliged to say anything in the absence of counsel. In fact, I urge you not to.

Ridge: I waive my right to counsel.

Judge: You have certain knowledge then that Mr. Marone did not commit the crime he stands convicted of?

Ridge: Yeah, I do.

Taylor: It was an accident though. He didn't want to kill Shane.

Tartaro: Your honor, until we have a confession in Mr. Forrester's own words, I --

Ridge: I believe I just gave you one.

Dt. Scott: Lieutenant.

Lt. Baker: Oh, what is it, Scott?

Storm: You got the surveillance tape?

Dt. Scott: Yeah, it was no trouble.

Lt. Baker: You get the dates and times I asked for?

Dt. Scott: Yes, sir. Mr. Marone and the victim in an altercation in the elevator. You can see that the victim's nose was bleeding.

Storm: So, some of his blood got onto my client's shirt, just as we said.

Dt. Scott: This is from the camera in the garage below Forrester Originals. Mr. Forrester can clearly be seen carrying a large garment bag and placing it in the trunk of his car.

Judge: Detective, you're now an officer of the court. Transcribe this as best you can. Counselors, do I hear a request?

Storm: Your honor, based on the new evidence and Mr. Forrester's admission, we ask that the jury verdict be set aside.

Judge: Does the people respond?

Tartaro: In the interest of justice, the people join in the request.

Judge: The verdict is set aside, and a new trial will be ordered. Our apologies to you, sir. Mr. Marone will be released from custody and released on his own recognizance.

Taylor: Storm, a new trial? What?

Storm: He has to say that. Um, there's not gonna be one. They've got their man.

Lt. Baker: You're free to go. I'm afraid you're not.

Stephanie: Hello, Lieutenant.

Lt. Baker: Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie: My husband is in with my son. He thought it might upset Ridge to see me.

Lt baker: Yeah. It kind of upsets me, too.

Nick: Your son showed me something today, but he didn't learn it from you.

[Ridge remembering]

Ridge: Mother, what I can't do here is keep going like this. It's the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning. I think about it all day. I close my eyes, and all I can see is Shane's face when that gun when off.

[Gunshot] I've got accept what I've done. Got to accept the consequences, too.

[Water splashes] Mother tell you?

Eric: When she finally had no choice, yeah. Why didn't you?

[Ridge sighs]

Ridge: I don't suppose you'd like to hear it now.

Eric: No. I'd like to tell you we're gonna be able to get you out of this, but I don't see how.

Ridge: Mother would scold us, chastise us, send us to our room. The worst punishment was always that look right there. You're gonna make say something I've been avoiding saying so far, because it just made it seem kind of cheap and insufficient. I'm sorry.

Eric: You're not a criminal, Ridge. I'm not sure I could say the same for your mother though.

Nick: Thank you.

Taylor: That's it? Anything else?

Nick: Unless I get arrested for doing something between here and the street.

Taylor: Don't even joke.

Nick: I like the way you get in these people's faces. Very sexy.

Taylor: Well, I have been known to be a little aggressive, annoying --

Nick: Can you go back to being the reasonable one now, please?

Taylor: Don't worry. It's all just a front.

Nick: Ah, would you like to put this back on?

Taylor: With this ring, I take you.

Nick: Thanks for getting my back, kid.

Taylor: Are you kidding? You think I wanted to do those 3:00 A.M. feedings by myself?

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