B&B Transcript Friday 5/25/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/25/07


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[Birds chirping]

Stephanie: Thank you, Julian.

Brooke: Well?

Stephanie: The plane hasn't landed yet, but they're still on their flight plan. So he should be here.

Brooke: He is going to be on time? I mean, that trial resumes this morning. You know what, I'm not even going to think that way. Of course, the jet's going to land on time and he's going to get down to the courthouse. He's going to tell the judge everything that he knows. That he killed Shane. That is the plan. Right?

Stephanie: It was.

Brooke: Stephanie --

Stephanie: What's the point of him going down to the courthouse? Why can't we just wait and see, you know, what the verdict is?

Brooke: Oh my God! I knew it! I knew you would do something like this!

Stephanie: I've been thinking about this all night. I mean, really -- there's no reason for him to go to the courthouse, to the police, to anybody right now. Let's just wait and see. Because if nick is acquitted, if Nick's acquitted, then nobody has to go to jail. It's a win-win situation. For everyone.

Brooke: Nick is an innocent man.

Stephanie: Ridge is an innocent man, too.

Brooke: Well, that's not for us to decide. Ridge has made the decision to come forward and tell the truth. I'm proud of him for that. You should be too.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brooke: Hello?

Storm: Oh thank God, Brooke! Where have you been?

Brooke: It's a long story.

Storm: Well I hope it's a good one. I've been trying to reach you.

Brooke: I know, I'm sorry -

Storm: Never mind, never mind that. Just please, please tell me you got something out of Stephanie. We're desperate here.

Brooke: I'm on my way to the courthouse right now.

Storm: Well, is that a yes or a no?

Brooke: You'll have to be patient.

Storm: Yeah well, that's a little tough, considering how badly things have gone here.

Brooke: Things aren't as bad as you think.

Storm: What does that mean?

Brooke: Trust me. I'm not going to let Nick go to jail for a crime he didn't commit. I'll see you soon.

Stephanie: You're going to do it, aren't you? You're going to turn my son in?

Brooke: Yes. If Ridge doesn't turn himself in -- I will. He's been living in hell, Stephanie. He's been living this secret long enough. We all have. It's time the truth was told.

Stephanie: I know. I know, you're right. I know you're right. I know it. It's just -- I'm his mother. And even though he's a grown man, I still want to protect him. I don't want him to go to prison. I don't want him to be away from me, from his family.

Brooke: He's going to be okay. No matter what happens, I really believe he's going to be fine. He's strong -- so are you.

[Ridge remembering]


[Water splashing]

Phoebe: I know you couldn't have done this, Dad. There's no way.

Bailiff: Please be seated.

Storm: I just spoke with Brooke.

Nick: What did she say?

Storm: All she'd tell me is that she's on her way.

Judge: Mr. Logan? Whenever you're ready.

Storm: Sorry, your honor. The defense calls Phoebe Forrester.

Bailiff: Please raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Phoebe: I do.

Storm: Miss Forrester, is it true that Shane McGrath was stalking you?

Phoebe: Well, I don't know if I'd call it stalking exactly --

Storm: But he was following you around? Showing up at places he wasn't wanted? Your house, clubs, restaurants?

Phoebe: Yes.

Storm: Did he follow you to Dominick Marone's boat?

Phoebe: Not that I'm aware of.

Storm: But you did spend the night there alone?

Phoebe: Yeah, but I never saw Shane there.

Storm: Did your father ever come visit you at the boat?

Phoebe: Mm-hmm. He stopped by to make sure I was okay. But he didn't stay very long.

Storm: Just long enough to leave his fingerprints all over the boat. Can you confirm that Shane McGrath was at your father's office on the day in question?

Phoebe: He was.

Storm: So you were actually one of the last people to see Shane McGrath alive.

Tartaro: Objection. Speculation.

Judge: Get to the question, Mr. Logan.

Storm: Did Shane McGrath see anybody else that night?

Phoebe: I don't know.

Storm: So it's feasible that your father might have seen Shane?

Phoebe: I -- I guess so. But --

Storm: Thank you, Miss Forrester.

Tartaro: Let's talk about the evening when Shane McGrath came to your mother's home. Please tell us what happened.

Phoebe: He said he was there to apologize for some things that had happened between us. And then he got angry. And Nick threw him out.

Tartaro: Do you remember anything Nick said to Mr. McGrath?

Phoebe: Well he told Shane to leave me alone or --

Tartaro: Or what?

Phoebe: Or the two of them would have a problem.

Tartaro: And after that, did Mr. McGrath leave you alone?

Phoebe: No.

Tartaro: No further questions, your honor.

Driver: Straight home, Mr. Forrester?

Ridge: No, Gary. I want you to take me somewhere else.

Driver: Certainly, sir. Where to?

Ridge: The L.A. county courthouse.

Storm: I want to talk to you about the night that Shane McGrath was at Forrester Originals. The last night he was seen alive.

Ashley: I never saw him.

Storm: But you were in the building?

Ashley: Yes.

Storm: Did you hearing a strange or unusual sound that evening?

Ashley: Like what?

Storm: Well that's what I'm asking you, Miss Abbott.

Ashley: Yes, I heard a sound.

Storm: Could you please describe it for us?

Ashley: It was a popping sound. It was quick and short.

Storm: Sort of like a gunshot?

Tartaro: Your honor --

Storm: Withdrawn. So, you had a date with Ridge Forrester that evening. How did that go?

Ashley: It didn't.

Storm: I'm sorry?

Ashley: Ridge canceled at the last minute.

Storm: I see. And when he called you, did he tell you why he couldn't make it?

Ashley: I didn't speak with him, I spoke with his mother. It was some kind of business emergency. Frankly, I think he was still trying --

Storm: Thank you, Miss Abbott. That's fine. Your witness.

Tartaro: You're a member of the Abbott family of Genoa City, Wisconsin?

Ashley: Yes.

Tartaro: Daughter of John Abbott, founder of Jabot Cosmetics?

Ashley: Yes.

Tartaro: Your father passed away last year. I'm sorry for your loss.

Ashley: Thank you.

Tartaro: Now when he died, he was serving a prison sentence. Correct?

Storm: Objection. Relevance?

Tartaro: I'm getting to that, your honor.

Judge: You may continue.

Ashley: Yes. My father died while he was in prison.

Tartaro: That must have been very hard for you. I mean, to see this man that you loved spend his golden years locked away from his family. Especially since you tried so hard to keep that from happening. You even took the blame for his crime. You lied to the police to protect him. Isn't that right?

Ashley: Yes, I did.

Tartaro: Which tells us everything we need to know about your credibility. No further questions, your honor.

Judge: You may step down, Miss Abbott.

[Reporters clamoring]

Mr. Logan, call your next witness please.

Storm: The defense calls Dominick Marone to the stand.

[Reporters clamoring]

[Cell phone ringing]

Ridge: Mother.

Stephanie: Hello, sweetheart. Where are you?

Ridge: On my way to the courthouse.

Stephanie: Oh good, I got you just in time. Um, listen. I've been thinking -- why don't we wait until the jury comes back with the verdict? Because, I think Nick's going to be acquitted.

Ridge: Nick going free doesn't really change the facts, does it? I took a man's life and then I tried to cover it up.

Stephanie: Honey, it was an accident. You tried to save a very sad young man.

Ridge: Well I'll explain to the court.

Stephanie: If they don't believe you, is a clear conscience worth 20 years in prison? Look, all I'm saying is please -- let's just wait until the verdict comes in. All right?

Bailiff: So help you God?

Nick: I do.

Storm: Is it fair to say that you didn't like Shane McGrath?

Nick: It's fair to say.

Storm: Can you please tell us why?

Nick: He was harassing my stepdaughter. She was frightened, uncomfortable -- I wanted it to stop.

Storm: So you were just protecting her like any stepfather would?

Nick: Exactly.

Storm: When was the last time you saw Shane McGrath?

Nick: It was a few days before the body washed up. He'd stopped by my office to try to get my people to give him a major account.

Storm: Do you own a gun?

Nick: No, I don't.

Storm: Did you shoot Shane McGrath and dump him off the side of your boat in the middle of Santa Monica Bay?

Nick: No, I did not.

Tartaro: You wanted Shane McGrath to stay away from your family?

Nick: Yes.

Tartaro: Was he the kind of man who would listen to reason?

Nick: No, not in my opinion. I felt he was a bit crazy.

Tartaro: Crazy people can be dangerous. Were you afraid of what Shane McGrath might do to your wife's daughter?

Nick: Yes, I was.

Tartaro: Afraid enough to kill him?

Storm: Objection!

Tartaro: Shane McGrath was living on the streets before he died. Is it possible he possessed a gun? That he might have shown up at your boat, trying to pick a fight?

Storm: Objection! Conjecture!

Tartaro: Withdrawn. So you threw Shane out of your wife's house and out of your office. Obviously, you still weren't sure you'd seen the last of the man -- since you told Lieutenant Baker that if Shane turned up again you'd take care of the problem yourself. Is that accurate? Mr. Marone?

Nick: That's what I said.

Tartaro: Thank you.

Nick: But I didn't kill him.

Tartaro: This shirt was found on your boat, shortly after Shane's body turned up, dead from a gunshot wound. Is it yours?

Nick: Yes.

Tartaro: Were you wearing it the last time you took out the Marlin?

Nick: Yes.

Tartaro: No further questions, your honor.

Driver: Sorry about this traffic, Mr. Forrester.

Ridge: It's okay, Gary. Just do the best you can.

[Ridge remembering]

Brooke: Letting Nick take the fall was -- was also wrong. And I know you know that. Ridge, please, just come home.

Ridge: That's what I wanted to do in the beginning.

Brooke: Well, now you can.

Tartaro: The other side would have you believe that Dominick Marone is a loving husband and father. A pillar of the community who would not resort to murder. But I remind you of what his own mother said in this very courtroom. The confrontation between him and Mr. McGrath wasn't polite, it wasn't civil. It was physical, even violent. Mr. Marone wasn't just upset with Mr. McGrath -- he was enraged! A man hell-bent on keeping Mr. McGrath away from his family for good. We may never know what happened exactly, but what we do know is that nick Marone took Shane McGrath's dead body out to the middle of the bay and dumped it! He tried to cover up his murder. And we know this because of one thing -- the evidence. The evidence does not lie, ladies and gentleman of the jury. It points clearly and incontrovertibly to Dominick Marone. He killed Shane McGrath! And I ask you to do your duty. And find Mr. Marone guilty.

Rick: Hey.

Phoebe: I want you to know, what you did really hurt me.

Rick: I know. Phoebe, listen --

Phoebe: Trying to get Nick off by blaming my father?

Rick: I'm sorry --

Phoebe: You're sorry? You know how much I love my father. If you loved me, too, you never would have --

Rick: Whoa -- if? If I love you?

Phoebe: I was ready to give my entire life to you and sacrifice everything to be together. And I can't. I cant. Not anymore.

Rick: What are you saying?

Phoebe: It's over. We're over.

Rick: Phoebe, please just --

Stephanie: Brooke.

Brooke: Where's Ridge?

Stephanie: Uh, no idea. You know, maybe he changed his mind.

Brooke: Have you talked to him?

Stephanie: I, uh -- well --

Brooke: You did. What did you say to him? Where is he?

[Reporters clamoring] Thank God. Hi, Ridge. Look, I know this is going to be difficult. But you're doing the right thing. And I'm going to be with you every step of the way.

Ridge: Mother.

Stephanie: Ridge.

Ridge: Am I late?

Stephanie: No, the jury is still deliberating.

Bailiff: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? The verdict is in.

Stephanie: That was fast. I wonder what that means.

Brooke: You know what you have to do.

Taylor: What do you think it means that the jury came back so quickly?

Jackie: I don't know.

Bridget: That's usually a really good thing, isn't it? It means the case was clear-cut.

Jackie: What direction?

Storm: So, how you doing?

Nick: Ask me in a couple minutes.

Judge: Has the jury reached a verdict?

Foreman: We have, your honor.

Storm: Your honor, if I may --

Judge: Closing arguments are over, counselor. The verdict?

Judge: The defendant will rise. What say you?

Foreman: In the case of Los Angeles County versus Dominick Marone -- on the charge of murder in the second degree -- we the jury, find the defendant -- guilty.


Judge: Bailiff, remove the defendant from the court.

Nick: There's your man right there! You're guilty, you son of a bitch! Now be a man and admit it, Forrester. Do it, Forrester! Be a man and admit it! Admit it! Forrester!!

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