B&B Transcript Thursday 5/24/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/24/07


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Stephanie: Get out of the car.

Brooke: Put the gun down, Stephanie.

Stephanie: I'm going to count to three. One.

Brooke: Don't be ridiculous.

Stephanie: Two.

Brooke: You wouldn't shoot me.

Stephanie: You are threatening to send my son to prison.

Brooke: Okay. Okay. I'll get out of the car.

Judge: Ms. Tartaro. You may make your opening statement.

Storm: Rick, would you mind going outside and calling your mother again?

Tartaro: I'll keep my statement brief. Really, there isn't much to say. This is an open and shut case. Now, the defense will try to complicate it. I'll give you evidence of a man, just married and anxious to protect his new family. Now, the defense may tell you that he was attacked. They'll try to paint the victim, Shane McGrath, as a volatile and dangerous man. But the facts in this case are clear. It's very simple. Dominick Marone shot Shane McGrath and then disposed of his body to conceal the crime. Now, I'm confident that once you hear the facts, once you hear the evidence, you'll have no problem making the right decision in this case.

Judge: The defense may proceed.

Storm: According to the prosecutor, this case is so simple that even 12 people who couldn't get out of jury duty could figure it out. I disagree. I believe you'll figure it out. But it's not so simple. And it's definitely not open and shut. So, in the interest of justice, I hope you'll forgive me for wasting your time with a few facts of my own. Fact -- the evidence that the prosecution is so confident about doesn't prove that Mr. Marone killed anyone. It places Shane McGrath on his boat, but it doesn't tell us when or what he was doing there. And it certainly does not place Mr. Marone there with him. Fact, Mr. Marone is a wealthy man. He's a powerful man. Some would say a ruthless man. And a man like that has many enemies. Jealous, vindictive people who would give just about anything to see Mr. Marone sitting exactly where he's sitting right now. Which is why it is my belief, and I hope it will be yours too, that Mr. Marone was framed for a murder he did not commit.

[Ridge remembering]


Brooke: You can't keep me here forever.

Stephanie: I'm going to keep you here as long as I have to.

Brooke: If it was an accident, he won't have to go to jail.

Stephanie: It was an accident! The problem is, there only two people in the room that know what happened, and one of them is dead! So, how does he prove that it was an accident?

Brooke: Stop it! I don't want to debate this anymore. You're not helping yourself and you're not helping Ridge.

Stephanie: You are not helping Ridge. Why? Why are you being so loyal to Nick? What do you think, he's going to dump Taylor and come running back to you? It isn't going to happen.

Brooke: Oh, my God, please. Just let me out of here! Damn it, Stephanie! Let me go!

Tartaro: This audiotape has been admitted into evidence as exhibit "a". Mr. Chase, you are the harbormaster of the Marina Del Rey?

Harbormaster: Yes, I am.

Tartaro: As such, it is your responsibility to monitor the traffic in and out of the marina?

Harbormaster: Yes, ma'am.

Tartaro: Now, was the tape the jury is about to hear taken from your office?

Harbormaster: Yes.

Nick: Harbormaster Shady Marlin ii.

Harbormaster: Come in Shady Marlin ii.

Nick: Going out for a couple of hours, no destination, taking the new rig for a spin, over.

Tartaro: We've already established the day and time this tape was made. Can you confirm that information?

Harbormaster: Yes.

Tartaro: And do you recognize the voice on the tape?

Harbormaster: It's Nick Marone.

Tartaro: No further questions. Your witness.

Storm: Do you have any other record of the Marlin leaving the marina that night?

Harbormaster: No, sir.

Storm: Could someone else have taken the boat out without your knowledge?

Harbormaster: Someone else?

Storm: Can a boat leave the marina without contacting you?

Harbormaster: Yes. But I keep an eye out.

Storm: So, you never leave your post?

Harbormaster: Sometimes I have to.

Storm: Okay, so if a boat left the marina during one of those times, could you miss it?

Harbormaster: Yes.

Storm: Now, are you the only one watching the marina? Is there any security guarding the boats?

Harbormaster: Not really.

Storm: So anyone could have had access to my client's boat that night?

Harbormaster: I guess.

Storm: No further questions.

Tartaro: Redirect, your honor. Mr. Chase, were there any reports of suspicious activity around the marina the week in question?

Harbormaster: No, ma'am. Not a one.

Stephanie: You're going to stay right where you are.

Brooke: If you don't let me go, you're the one going to jail.

Stephanie: Oh, you want to see R.J.'s grandmother in prison?

Brooke: Now, all of a sudden we're family?

Stephanie: Well, sometimes families don't get along. They do disagree.

Brooke: Stephanie, you strangled me and kidnapped me and held a gun on me!

Stephanie: I didn't shoot you, did I? I only lost my temper a little bit.

Brooke: You've lost your mind if you think I owe you some kind of loyalty. I don't, Stephanie. Think about everything that you're done to me.

Stephanie: I try not --

Brooke: Think about it! I mean, maybe you've forgotten. But I certainly haven't. And I won't! Never!

Stephanie: I'm not going to let you destroy our --

Brooke: The physical attacks.

Stephanie: I'm not let you destroy these children! Don't you ever, ever say anything like that to me again.

Brooke: Humiliations. Let go! Put me down! You hear me?

Stephanie: My dear take a look, you bitch! That's no halo! And you're not heroine.

Brooke: The insults and degradations. Why do you treat --

Stephanie: The whore of Beverly Hills he wants him like a $2 hooker. A mother in perpetual heat slut, that's what you are and that's what you'll always be. I don't give a flying fink what you do. Where you do it, or who you do it to. There's no shortage of whores in the world

Brooke: I've put up with enough! I won't let you treat me like that, ever again. And I am not going to help you put an innocent man in jail. You can't buy my silence, you can't buy my loyalty. There's only one way you can stop me.

Tartaro: Mr. Digby, you are a forensic expert.

Digby: Yes.

Tartaro: The hair found on the defendant's boat was confirmed to belong to the victim, Shane McGrath.

Digby: Yes.

Tartaro: And was this blood-stained shirt also found on the boat?

Storm: Your honor.

Judge: Do you have an objection, Mr. Logan?

Storm: No sir. The defense will stipulate that the shirt does belong to Mr. Marone and the blood on the shirt does belong to Shane McGrath.

Lt. Baker: We followed the evidence. We had Mr. Marone's own words that he took the boat out that night. The hair and blood samples we found on the boat gave us cause to arrest him.

Tartaro: But surely, you needed more than just a few hairs and some blood. Did Mr. Marone also have a motive?

Lt. Baker: Yes, he did.

Tartaro: Could you elaborate?

Lt. Baker: Days before the victim washed up on the beach, Dr. Taylor Hayes Marone, the defendant's wife, requested a restraining order against Shane McGrath. She felt that McGrath was stalking her daughter, Phoebe, and posed a danger to the family.

Tartaro: Did the defendant feel the same?

Lt. Baker: Yes, he did. However, when I explained to him that a restraining order might not be necessary, he became extremely frustrated and emotional. He said that if the police weren't prepared to take this seriously, he would deal with McGrath himself.

Tartaro: Thank you, Lieutenant. Your witness.

Storm: Lieutenant baker, isn't it true that Shane McGrath is a drifter with a criminal record?

Lt. Baker: Yes.

Storm: So, he's not the type of man that any parent would want associating with his teenage daughter?

Lt. Baker: No, sir.

Storm: Any parent, including Ridge Forrester, Phoebe's father?

Lt. Baker: A parent would have reason to be concerned.

Storm: So, he would have even more reason to want to protect his family than my client, wouldn't he?

Lt. Baker: Yes. However, Mr. Forrester agreed with me. He didn't think the restraining order was necessary either.

[Water splashes]

[Glass breaks]

Bailiff: Court is back in session. Please be seated.

Judge: Ms. Tartaro, are you prepared to call your next witness?

Tartaro: I am, your honor. The prosecution calls Mrs. Jacqueline Marone to the stand.

Brooke: I meant what I said, Stephanie. When I get out of here, I'm going straight to the D.A.

Stephanie: If you get out of here.

Brooke: What Ridge did to Shane, it wasn't murder. But if you do anything to me, it will be.

Stephanie: That's how you see me, isn't it? Really. Capable of anything.

Brooke: I've got the scars to prove it.

Stephanie: No good memories?

Brooke: Excuse me?

Stephanie: Well, we have had our moments. Welcome to the family, Brooke.

Stephanie: You've brought amazing success to this company and to the family. Eric and the boys love you. I know that. And you've given them beautiful children. Children that I love as well in spite of my differences with you.

Brooke: You've made me so happy today.

Stephanie: I think it's the nicest gift I ever got in my life.

Brooke: You love me.

Stephanie: I love you sweetheart. You've grown up.

Brooke: I know you love me.

Stephanie: Those children are the Forrester legacy. And in reality, so are you, Brooke. I don't want Ridge's mistake to become part of that legacy. If you go to the district attorney now, before we know anything -- and everything that we've accomplished, will just become part of -- of one of the biggest scandals that this town's ever seen.

Tartaro: Mrs. Marone, do you recall a day when Shane McGrath visited the Forrester Creations office?

Jackie: Yes. Shane -- Mr. McGrath came to our offices to sell something. And I wasn't interested.

Tartaro: Was your son with you at that time?

Jackie: Nicky came a little later.

Tartaro: How did he react when he saw Mr. McGrath?

Jackie: Well, he told him to leave.

Tartaro: He told him?

Jackie: He escorted him out of the office.

Tartaro: It got physical? He threw Shane out?

Jackie: Yes.

Tartaro: Thank you, Mrs. Marone.

Storm: Mrs. Marone, did your son, Dominick Marone, punch Shane McGrath?

Jackie: They fought. Yes.

Storm: Is it possible that during that fight that Mr. Marone got some of Shane McGrath's blood on his shirt?

Jackie: Yes, it is.

Tartaro: Objection! Speculation!

Storm: Withdrawn.

Tartaro: Mrs. Marone, did you see blood on your son's shirt?

Jackie: He had on a dark jacket.

Tartaro: Did you see any blood?

Jackie: No.

Tartaro: Now, you said they fought? Punches were thrown? Would you say your son was angry?

Jackie: I don't know what was in his mind.

Tartaro: He attacked Shane McGrath in the office. Was he acting out of anger?

Jackie: Yes, but he didn't attack --

Tartaro: And if Shane had confronted him again, would he have been even more angry? Would he have been angry enough to kill?

Storm: Objection!

Tartaro: Withdrawn.

Brooke: You're not the only one who's worried about the Forrester legacy. Ridge --

Stephanie: Understands -- he understands why he has to keep quiet.

Brooke: But he didn't want to. You forced him to go to Paris.

Stephanie: Ridge is fine.

Brooke: No, he's not. I know Ridge. And I know what he must be going through.

Stephanie: Look, once Nick is acquitted, once everything gets back to normal --

Brooke: Normal? Stephanie, Ridge killed a man. Shane was shot and Ridge had that gun in his hand. He's never going to forget that. And if he doesn't come forward now, that's going to haunt him forever.

Stephanie: I don't want him to go to jail.

Brooke: I will have tell the courts that Ridge didn't shoot Grant. I'll just have to come forward and we'll have to tell the truth. The whole truth. Everything. What your son did. What my son did. How Rick shot grant, and Ridge took the blame.

Stephanie: You want to bring this all up about Rick and Grant? This whole mess?

Brooke: Oh, God. No, no, of course I don't. I don't. But what else are we going to do? What choice do we have? Rick was a minor then, so -- I don't think he's going to be held accountable now. Do you? Look, Stephanie, we have to tell the truth. The truth. For our sons. Please, just call Ridge. Call Ridge now.

Stephanie: You call him.

[Phone rings]

Ridge: Mother?

Brooke: No, it's me.

Ridge: Logan?

Brooke: Yeah. I'm here with your mother. And I know about Shane.

Ridge: It was an accident.

Brooke: You can explain everything when you come home.

Ridge: You want me to come back?

Brooke: As soon as you can.

Ridge: Mother's with you right now?

Brooke: Yes, she is. She realizes that what you were doing was wrong. That you need to tell the police everything that happened. And that she -- she agrees that letting Nick take the fault was also wrong. And I know that you know that. Ridge, please just come home.

Ridge: That's what I wanted to do in the beginning.

Brooke: Well, now you can.

Ridge: Look, Logan, I don't know what you said to change her mind about all this, but thank you. I know this sounds kind of crazy, but if you had any idea what I've been going through --

Brooke: I do. I'll see you soon. Well, he sounds relieved.

Stephanie: I'm sure.

Brooke: What about you?

Stephanie: I guess I'm relieved, too. I feel I can breathe again. You were right about all of this. I guess I -- I guess in my heart I knew we just couldn't keep going on like this. Lying, getting in deeper every day. But you know, sometimes, Brooke, you just -- you lose your way. I guess we've lost ours. Thank you.

Brooke: The truth will set us free.

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