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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/22/07


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Brooke: What are you doing?

Stephanie: Don't tell anyone. I won't let you. I'm telling you. So help me God, if I have to, I will.

Rick: Phoebe, I know you're just trying to protect your dad. Okay, like any daughter would. But do you want an innocent man to go to prison?

Phoebe: Of course not --

Rick: Okay --

Phoebe: But whether or not Nick did it, I know that my father didn't. And for you to be sitting here trying to prove that he did -

Rick: That's not what I'm doing. Phoebe, okay, we need to take a step back here.

Phoebe: No. No, not when you're sitting here thinking what you are about my father.

Phoebe: About what he did to you in Sydney and how he would do anything in the world to protect his little girl.

Rick: McGrath was stalking you, Phoebe. Of course you father would do anything to keep you safe.

Phoebe: Not murdering Shane! My God, do you hate him that much?

Rick: You know me better than that.

Phoebe: I thought I did. Look, my dad is not a perfect person, but you have no idea what an amazing father he is. When my mom was gone, he was there for me and Steffy and Thomas in every way possible. And all you see if how he treated Brooke -- or how you think he treated Brooke -- but that is not who he is, and he is definitely not a murderer.

Rick: I'm not saying that he is. Please, Phoebe, listen to me. I'm just trying to find something that proves Nick innocent --

Phoebe: You know what? Knock yourself out. But if you think for one second that my dad is a murderer and be here looking around his desk trying to prove that he is -- I don't know, maybe we aren't right for each other.

Jackie: Brooke is with Stephanie right now?

Nick: She's trying to get her to come clean.

Jackie: About Rick? He could turn up something in Ridge's office --

Nick: Time's the problem, mother. We've only got a week before the trial.

Storm: Make that tomorrow.

Nick: What?

Storm: Just got word, we're officially on the docket for tomorrow morning.

Nick: Tomorrow morning? That's insane. We don't have enough time. You gotta postpone this.

Storm: Look, I advised to wave your right to a speedy trial and you wanted to go ahead.

Jackie: Surel-- surely you could talk to the judge.

Storm: I have. And along with Tartaro.

Jackie: The assistant D.A.?

Storm: Yeah, she's chomping at the bit to get started. In part because Stephanie put the screws to her.

Jackie: Oh, my God, has the woman got no shame?

Storm: Well, when it comes to protecting one her own, evidently not.

Jackie: Have you heard from your sister?

Storm: No, and I'm starting to get worried. We all know what Stephanie's capable of when she's pushed too far.

[Brooke gasping]

Brooke: Don't ever do that to me again!

Stephanie: I'm just -- I can't let you send Ridge to prison!

Brooke: The truth has to co out. We'll be there to defend him.

Stephanie: It's too risky!

Brooke: Well, if you won't do something about it, I will!

Stephanie: Where are you going now? No, no. No, listen to me. The truth can not come out.

Brooke: The truth is the only option.

Stephanie: No, the time for that, honey, has come and gone. No, no -- no jury will believe him. The police won't believe him. Time has passed! Listen to me. Do you love your son?

Brooke: Yes, of course I love my son. And I love Ridge too. And that is why --

Stephanie: And that is why you can not say anything or your son's father is going to go the jail. Please! Please, please, please, please. Please. Please don't say anything. Just swear to me you won't say anything.

Brooke: Stephanie, Ridge's only hope is to confess.

Stephanie: No, no, no.

Brooke: Yes, yes. Please, just get him back on the plane back from Paris --

Stephanie: No, no.

Brooke: Call him.

Stephanie: I'm not going to bring him back if there's the slightest chance that this -- no, I'm not going -- now what are you doing? What are you going to do?

Brooke: If you won't call him, I will.

Stephanie: No, no. No! I'm not going to let you call him! I'm not going to let you do this!

Nick: Stephanie would be sealing her precious son's fate as well as her own if she laid a hand on Brooke. She's in too deep already and she knows it.

Jackie: We'll tell the judge about the noise that Ashley heard that night. With Ridge that he never kept and --

Storm: You know what? Ridge isn't on trial, your son is. And the physical evidence points to Nick. This is why so much is riding on Brooke.

Brooke: A murder was committed, Stephanie.

Stephanie: No, no. It's not a murder. My God, there was a emotionally disturbed young man who wanted to kill himself, and Ridge tried to save him. The problem is the jury will never see it that way now.

Brooke: What I know is that you could have put a stop to this when you found out what Ridge had done. Instead, you let Nick take the fall.

Stephanie: Oh, I didn't set him up. I didn't. Look, I know it may look that way, but -- okay, after Lieutenant Baker started pointing fingers --

Brooke: You chose to be quiet because you hate Nick.

Stephanie: Okay, I accept the responsibility for that. Ridge did want to go. He wanted to tell the truth and I didn't let him. I -- I -- but as far as that son of a bitch is concerned, I don't care if they convict him. I think he's guilty of an awful lot of stuff.

Brooke: Oh my God. Oh, my God! I am not going to let Nick go to jail for this!

Stephanie: It's all right if Ridge and I go to jail?

Brooke: Well, once the truth comes out, hopefully, neither one of you will have to go to jail.

Stephanie: Well, if that happens, then I'm going to tell you something. It will be your fault.

Brooke: What?

Stephanie: Yes. It won't be Ridge's fault or mine. It'll be your fault if we end up in jail.

Rick: You can't mean that. Come here.

Phoebe: Don't, don't, don't.

[Rick sighs]

Rick: Phoebe -- will y please tell me what it is that I'm doing that is so terrible? Nick is married to your mom. You can't believe that he killed Shane anymore than I do.

Phoebe: That's not the point.

Rick: Then what is the point?

Phoebe: Your hatred for my father.

Rick: I don't hate your father I don't hate your father. But I cannot look the other way when all the -- your father is very protective of you, Phoebe. I know this, personally. And I'm not saying that your dad killed Shane on purpose --

Phoebe: Don't.

Rick: But who knows what happened?

Phoebe: Stop! I'm not going to stand here and listen to you making a case against my father and worse, saying that he's setting his own brother up for what he did. That is not who he is. He is t like that. Yore just too busy hating him to realize that -- you're being ridiculous.

Rick: No, that is ridiculous.

Phoebe: So, now I'm ridiculous?

Rick: No, I didn't say that. Phoebe, please --

Phoebe: Stop!

Rick: You can't leave until you understand where I'm coming from.

Phoebe: That is the problem. I do. Just too well.

Constantine: Feeling any better?

Phoebe: Actually, I'm a little embarrassed. I can't believe that I'm here. I don't even know you that well. I was driving by, I'm sorry.

Constantine: Hey, hey, it's not about how long you've know someone, it's about -- anyway -- look, you know, I'd be pretty upset too if the person I loved was scouring my old man's office looking for evidence that he killed someone.

Phoebe: I couldn't believe it. I mean, it's one thing for him to think that Nick was unjustly accused, but to try to prove that my father -- I just -- he had to know that I would have been upset and he did it anyway.

Constantine: Which you're not sure you can forgive him for. Or even should.

Nick: And one more thing. We've been assigned the same tough judge who presided over Taylor's case. Plus, with Tartaro having an axe to grind against me, with virtually no prep time.

Storm: I just want to warn you both, the case doesn't look very good, unless Rick or Brooke can pull off a miracle.

Brooke: My fault?

Stephanie: Yes, Brooke. Your fault. Ridge took the blame for Grant, for your son. Your child. He has a criminal record now that should have been Rick's. Your son doesn't even -- he doesn't even know the sacrifice that my son has made for him. And he did it because he loves you. He took the blame for Grant because he loves you. And now I think -- I think you should repay him for that. This man that you have supposedly loved your whole life.

Brooke: Stephanie, you're asking me to just sit back, while Nick just rots in jail and I can't do that.

Stephanie: I'm not asking you to do that. Iím asking you just to -- I'm asking you to stay silent now, just for a little while. Just let's wait and see what happens. Your brother is a very gifted attorney. Nick could walk out of that courtroom a free man and then no one will suffer. Not Nick, not Ridge, not R.J., Not Rick, no one. If you will just -- Brooke, please. Just don't say anything now.

Brooke: I'll do everything I can to get the D.A. to understand the extenuating come forward. But, Stephanie, he's going to have to come back and he's going to have to confess --

Stephanie: I'm not going to tell him to come back and confess to anybody! He's my so I love him! I'm his mother, I'm not going to do that! No mother would!

[Stephanie laughs] What the hell am I talking to you for? When have you ever been a good mother?

Brooke: Don't ever say I never gave you a chance to get things right.

Stephanie: Okay, you win.

Brooke: You agree with me?

Stephanie: We have to talk to Ridge first.

Brooke: Fine. I'll call him in Paris.

Stephanie: No. I haven't been very truthful with you. He's not in Paris. He's in Big Bear.

Brooke: What? He's been there this whole time?

Stephanie: Yeah. We can go up there together. I'll drive up with you right now and we can talk to him together.

Brooke: Okay. Yeah, sure.

Rick: I'm over looking something. What? Phoebe. I know how much you love your dad. I gotta call her. No, what are you doing, Rick? What's the point? She's not going to talk to you anyway. Nobody can talk to her when she gets like this.

Constantine: I gather you and Rick have had your share of challenges?

Phoebe: It's been pretty much us against the world from the beginning.

Constantine: Your family doesn't approve?

Phoebe: Especially my dad.

Constantine: Oh, he and Rick don't get along?

Phoebe: No, they've been at it since Rick got back from Paris. I mean, it's not that it's Rick's fault, it's just --

Constantine: You never thought Rick would go this far to get back at your dad.

Phoebe: I'm not sure that's what Rick's doing. I mean, maybe he was just trying to prove Nick's innocence.

Constantine: Then let him. I mean, whatever he digs up, it's not going to hurt your dad. He's innocent, right?

Phoebe: Absolutely.

Constantine: Then, you've got nothing to worry about, love. And neither does your dad.

Nick: Next time, don't paint such an ugly picture for my mother, huh? She's worried enough as it is.

Storm: Nick, Jackie's a brave lady. She knows the deal.

Nick: Something happened in that office.

Storm: Yeah, well, if it did, you can bet that Stephanie took care of anything that might implicate her son. Look, Nick, we can still beat this. But if you're pinning your hopes anyone, pin them on Brooke. If she can get a confession out of Stephanie --

Guard: All right, come on, time's up. Let's go.

Storm: It's all resting on my sister.

Brooke: Ridge? Ridge, you here? God, it's awfully cold in here and dark. You lied to me. Ridge isn't here, he's still in Paris. You think this is going to keep me quiet?

Stephanie: I'm not going to let you say anything to anyone. And I'm not letting Ridge to prison.

Brooke: Stephanie, you don't know that that's going to happen.

Stephanie: I'm not willing to take that chance, Brooke.

Brooke: Oh my God. This is so stupid. This is absolutely ridiculous that you bring me all the way up here. I'm going to go back down to that courthouse and I'm going to tell them everything that happened. And you can't stop me.

Stephanie: I can! Yes, I can and I will! Now we can do it the hard way or we can do the easy way. It's your choice, my friend.

[Buzzer rings]

[Nick remembers]

Nick: You bitch.  


Taylor: Don't be upset.

Nick: What are you doing here?

Taylor: Know how you feel about your pregnant wife being in a place like this.

Nick: How did my pregnant wife get in a place like this?

Taylor: I started crying outside and they were really nice. They said I have two minutes.

Nick: I'll take it.

Taylor: I just couldn't stay away from you. I needed my husband to know how much love him.

Nick: You.

Taylor: We're going to get through this. Everything's going to be okay, I believe that. Because I believe in you. I believe in us and in the love that we have for each other. And this baby -- this baby is what you have to look forward to. This is our future, Nick, with you out of here. The truth is going to come out. It always does. You just watch and see. I love you. I love you. Whatever happens, I'll never abandon you. I'm yours forever.

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