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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 5/17/07


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Stephanie: Well, I sent them over this morning by courier. Have they been executed? Oh, thank you. That's a relief. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Ridge: I don't know what you're so relieved about. If Nick can convince Taylor I murdered Shane, he's gonna have no problem at all convincing the police.

Stephanie: The police are not going to listen to him. He's their prime suspect.

Ridge: But he didn't do it. I did it -- and he knows that.

Nick: Forrester did this. I gotta prove it.

Taylor: Shouldn't you just leave that up to the police?

Nick: I'm not gonna wait for this Baker to reopen the investigation. I love you. We're having a child. I would like to be around for that and clear my name.

Taylor: It's nine months till the baby comes.

Nick: Well, I'd like to spend that nine months with you, not in a courtroom with 12 people trying to decide my fate. I've left messages for Ashley Abbott. Maybe she'll remember something from that night.

Taylor: But they still don't know if Shane actually was killed the night that he was in Forrester Originals --

Nick: It's the last time anybody had contact with the man. It was late at night. There could have been some clean-up crews around. Maybe they heard something. Maybe they saw something, and if they did, I'm gonna find out.

Stephanie: You've got to get away from here as quickly as possible. Please. The plane's at the airport. It's fueled up. It's ready, waiting for you to go to Paris.

Ridge: Oh, that is not a good idea, mother.

Stephanie: I told -- I told Taylor you've left.

Ridge: Why?

Stephanie: Because if I hadn't, she'd still be looking for you.

Ridge: So, you tell another lie? How many is that now? How long before you can't keep any of them straight anymore?

Stephanie: If you leave now, then you won't make a liar of me. Listen, if she finds out you're still here, it'll only make her more suspicious than she already is.

Nick: She can't do it. Stephanie cannot cover for the dressmaker forever.

Taylor: She's doing a pretty good job right now.

Nick: Somewhere along the line he made a mistake. Someone saw him that night. One witness, that's what I need. Just one, and he'll be the one sitting in front of that judge.

Machine: You have one unheard message.

Nick: Hello, Ashley. It's Nick Marone calling. I realize you don't want to get dragged into all of this but I did tell the cops about Ridge missing his date with you. Can't really be sure that they're gonna follow up on it, but if you can remember anything else, anything strange about Ridge's behavior last week, even if you don't think it's important, please give me a call.

[Ashley remembering]


Stephanie: Oh, Ridge is fine, actually. It's just been a stressful evening.

Ashley: Yeah, I bet. You look a little worried.

Lt. Baker: Yes, I'm Lieutenant Baker.

Ashley: Hi, Ashley Abbott.

Lt. Baker: I assume you know why I'm here. I want to talk to you about Shane McGrath.

Ashley: Hi, it's me. I need to see you right away. Right away.

Ridge: Look, even if I do leave town, Nick's gonna just keep looking for evidence against me, anyway.

Stephanie: Let him look. He's not going to find anything that ties you to this. Let's just let the police handle this for now.

Rick: Ashley said she needed to see me about something.

Phoebe: Well, let's go. She's not here, and Constantine's waiting for us.

Rick: You're really excited about this, aren't you?

Phoebe: You think it's immature?

Rick: No, I think it's adorable. I love that you're so excited about something.

[Door closing]

Ashley: Excuse me.

Rick: Hey.

Ashley: Hi, glad you're here.

Phoebe: Hi.

Rick: You sounded pretty serious on the phone.

Ashley: I know you don't have much time --

Phoebe: I should call Constantine. Let him know we're on our way.

Rick: Okay, that's a good idea. What did you want to talk to me about?

Ashley: Shane McGrath. I think I might know who killed him.

[Door closing]

Ashley: I didn't know who else to talk to because I don't know who I can trust.

Rick: You know something about Shane's death?

Ashley: Yeah, I might.

Phoebe: Hey, I talked to someone at the studio who said they'd give him the message. Okay, hang on. Phoebe, I'm so sorry. I can't -- I can't go with you.

Phoebe: Why?

Rick: Ashley, she really needs my help with something. But I'll catch up with you as soon as we're done. Okay?

Phoebe: You won't be long?

Rick: No. Not long at all, I promise. I love you.

Phoebe: I love you, too.

Rick: See ya. You might know who killed Shane McGrath? Not Nick?

Ashley: Ridge.

Ridge: If I leave town now, it's just gonna look like I'm running.

Stephanie: Not to the police. They have no reason to be suspicious of you.

Ridge: But Nick is. Now Ashley, Taylor.

Stephanie: That's why I want you to go, because of Taylor. If she sees you and talks to you, she knows you so well, she'll know that you're hiding something.

Ridge: How long do you expect me to stay away, though? I can't keep running forever.

Stephanie: I don't expect you to do that. Please, just trust me. I'll handle Nick. He doesn't know it yet, but he's about to be stopped dead in his tracks.

Taylor: I just can't even formulate an image in my mind of Ridge dumping Shane's dead body over your boat. I just can't. It doesn't even seem possible. I was married to him, Nick. It just doesn't seem like him.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nick: Excuse me. Marone.

Stephanie: Nick, would you be kind enough to come to the house? I'd like to talk to you for a moment.

Nick: We're talking now.

Stephanie: Face to face.

Nick: I'm on my way. That was Stephanie. She wants to talk.

[Constantine singing]

Well, I don't believe we can't fight the remedy and I don't know why everybody says good-bye it don't matter who you are you can't come very far it's written in the stars singing everybody loves everybody cries everybody dreams of a perfect life and that's all right so let's get busy give it a try everybody loves somebody tonight it'll be all right 'cause everybody loves everybody cries

Constantine: It's good there, man. Hey, Phoebe. Come on in.

Phoebe: Hi. That sounded great.

Constantine: Really?

Phoebe: Yeah.

Constantine: Thank you. Just working on a few new tracks. So, you liked it?

Phoebe: It's amazing. Why are you looking for new talent when you have so much of your own?

Constantine: Thank you. Well, when you're starting a new label, you kind of need more than one artist, so that's exactly what I'm doing. Where's Rick?

Phoebe: He had something come up at work, but he's gonna try to make it back later.

Constantine: Oh, that's cool.

Phoebe: Are you sure it's not a problem?

Constantine: Yeah, it's fine. Do you mind watching while we finish up?

Phoebe: No. I mean, I can watch?

Constantine: Yeah, of course. Make yourself right at home, little lady. Let's go again.

Rick: You think Ridge killed Shane McGrath?

Ashley: I don't know. I don't know.

Rick: Have you been talking to Nick, because I know what he's been saying, Ashley.

Ashley: He's not putting any ideas in my head. If anything, it's the other way around.

Rick: What do you mean by that?

Ashley: Look, I don't want to say something that's gonna hurt Ridge. I care about him.

Rick: Ashley, look. You know that you can talk to me about anything. Anything that we say in here, it's not gonna leave this room, I promise.

Ashley: Okay, a couple of nights before Shane's body washed up on the beach, I was here in the lab working late.

Rick: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Ridge and I were supposed to have a date. Now, according to Nick, Shane was here in the building that same night.

Rick: And you saw Shane here?

Ashley: No, I didn't. But the point is, I never saw Ridge, either, because he stood me up. Stephanie said that it was a business emergency, but Ridge never bothered to call me and cancel. And I know this doesn't sound very suspicious, but I'm getting a vibe. Something's wrong.

Rick: Okay, did you ask Ridge if he saw Shane here at the office?

Ashley: No. No, and now I'm afraid of what his answer might be.

[Constantine singing]

there's something in the air President of Spain be a poor man walking in the pouring rain wherever you go whatever you find there's really just one kind it don't matter if you are drifting in the stars singing everybody loves everybody dies everybody dreams of a perfect life and that's all right.

Engineer: Nice vocal. Best yet.

Constantine: Thanks. Felt pretty good. So, this is Phoebe Forrester. Phoebe, this is Todd. Todd is the sound mixer to the stars.

[Todd laughs]

Todd: Hi.

Phoebe: Hi.

Todd: So, you're a friend of Constantine's?

Phoebe: Well, we just met.

Constantine: I saw a video of her, and her -- friend, on the Internet.

Phoebe: It was karaoke.

Todd: Really?

Phoebe: Yeah.

Constantine: Don't let her modesty fool you. I saw some real talent on that video. And, I was so impressed I had to track her down and get her in the studio.

Todd: You couldn't be in better hands, Phoebe. Constantine will take good care of you.

Ashley: I keep telling myself over and over again that it was nothing -- that I was right, Ridge just got cold feet about our date.

Rick: But you can't be sure.

Ashley: There's something else -- something that happened that night. I was here in the lab waiting on Ridge, and Stephanie was with me. And we heard something.

[Ashley remembering]

[Gunshot] It was a really -- a loud noise. It was like a bang.

Rick: Like a -- like a gunshot?

Ashley: Yeah, and -- yeah. But Stephanie said it was the freight elevator. Well, I've used the freight elevator. It's not some clunky old thing.

Rick: No. No, it's not.

Ashley: So, I can't be sure what I heard that night. I don't know for sure, but I do know that ever since then, Ridge and Stephanie have been acting really strangely.

Rick: Okay, hang on. So, so, what you're saying is, you think that Ridge shot Shane McGrath, right here in this office building?

[Doorbell rings]

Taylor: Yes?

Sheriff: Hi. I'm looking for Dominick Marone.

Taylor: Um, he's not here.

Sheriff: This is where he lives?

Taylor: Yes. I'm his wife.

Sheriff: Can you sign for the receipt of this document? Please give this to your husband as soon as he returns.

Taylor: Okay.

Nick: I don't imagine it would feel so lonely to you in here if you hadn't sent sonny-boy off to Paris.

Stephanie: I didn't realize I was lonely.

Nick: Well, I figured you had to be, if you wanted to talk to me.

Stephanie: Oh. Oh, I would think if anyone were anxious to talk, it'd be you.

Nick: You invited me to stop by here.

Stephanie: So that you could say to me, to my face, the things that you've been saying behind my back.

Nick: Is it getting a little hot in that kitchen for you, Stephanie?

Stephanie: The way I look at it, this case is going to go to trial fairly soon, so I can understand why you'd be planting seeds of reasonable doubt.

Nick: It's better than planting evidence, which is what you and sonny-boy did on my boat.

Stephanie: Is that what you have been saying to Taylor? That Ridge and I set you up, and have framed you?

Nick: Taylor -- that's why I was summoned.

Stephanie: How dare you do that -- tell her, accuse her ex-husband of murder, the father of her children?

Nick: Well, the first three, anyway. That's right, Stephanie. I'm going to be a dad, and I do plan on seeing my children grow up. So, any hopes you have of seeing me behind bars, forget it, 'cause it ain't gonna happen.

Stephanie: It might -- sooner than you think.

Todd: All right. Good work, men.

Constantine: Thank you. I'll see you next time.

Todd: All right, I'll see later.

Phoebe: Bye. So, you live and work here?

Constantine: Uh, yeah. Music is my life.

[Phoebe laughs]

Phoebe: I hope you know, your label is gonna take off.

Constantine: Well, I'm off to a good start. But if I want to succeed, I have to keep trying new things -- finding new talent.

Phoebe: Well, it must be hard competing with all the big record companies.

Constantine: Well, it's not easy, but you know, the recording industry is changing. You don't' really need a big distribution deal or marketing machines behind you. All you really kind of need is the buzz you generated.

Phoebe: It's got to take more than that. I mean, or else, most people would be stars, right?

Constantine: Not everybody has what you have, Phoebe. I mean, all I saw was that one song, on the Internet, and I knew it. What I saw inspired me.

Ashley: I don't know what to think. My head is just spinning.

Rick: When you say that Ridge and Stephanie have been acting strange --

Ashley: Yeah, jumpy and anxious. You haven't noticed that?

Rick: I try not to spend a lot of time around those people.

Ashley: Well, I haven't been able to spend any time with either one of them at all. Every time Ridge makes plans with me, he cancels. I go into his office, and Stephanie runs out.

Rick: Okay, well Stephanie, with you, when you heard the noise --

Ashley: Yeah, I told you that, yes --

Rick: And Nick said that Shane was here at the office -- did you tell Nick about this noise?

Ashley: No. No. Just you.

Rick: All right. Look, I know that Shane was here. Phoebe told me. And she said that he was very unhinged. If he and Ridge came together, it would end very badly, especially if one of them had a gun.

Ashley: Okay, but the thing is, okay, the thing is -- if it did happen in this building, it doesn't explain the evidence on Nick's boat, does it?

Rick: What if Nick was telling the truth?

Ashley: No.

Rick: Yes. Ridge hates Nick, Ashley.

Ashley: Enough to frame him for murder?

Rick: Yeah! In Ridge's eyes, Nick took his family's company, and Nick came in between him and my mom --

Ashley: I can understand Ridge being overprotective of Phoebe, and maybe going too far, but what you're suggesting is --

Rick: What I'm suggesting, is that Ridge dumped Shane's body off of nick's boat. It make sense.

Ashley: It's just -- it's just so gruesome.

Rick: It's so possible. All right, let's think about this again. Shane -- Shane is here, in the office. Ridge stands you up, he's nowhere to be found. You and Stephanie hear a noise. Sounds like a gunshot. Ever since Ridge and Stephanie are acting strange. I don't think Nick is guilty. But Ridge -- Ridge could be.

Nick: When the truth comes out, it's going to be you and your golden boy who'll be gettin' fitted for jumpsuits, not me.

Stephanie: Oh, have the police reopened the investigation? I didn't know that. Have you told them your deep, dark, mysterious truth? Did they listen? No. And they're not going to. But Taylor has, and that is unacceptable to me.

Nick: I thought you were in Paris?

Ridge: Nick, it's none of your damn business where and what I do.

Nick: Well, I'm on to you, Forrester. And it won't be long before the cops are, too.

[Knock at the door]

Stephanie: Oh. Are you expecting someone, Ridge? There he is.

Officer 1: Nick Marone?

Nick: Yeah. What about it?

Officer 1: Are you concealing any weapons?

Nick: What?

Officer 1: Weapons!

Nick: No.

Officer 2: Nick Marone, you are under arrest.

Nick: What are you doing?

Nick: Under -- under arrest? For what?

Officer 2: For violating the restraining order Mrs. Forrester took out against you.

Nick: She invited me here!

Stephanie: Thank you, officers. I don't know what we would've done if you hadn't got here in time.

Nick: You called them while I was on my way, didn't you?

Stephanie: I'm so relieved. I don't know what he might've done.

Nick: I know what you did. I'm going to prove what you did, and you will go down for it! You'll go down!

Ridge: A restraining order?

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