B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/16/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/16/07


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Lt. Baker: All right, go ahead. Tell me what you got.

Taylor: Ridge is the father of my children. I don't want to believe that he would kill anyone.

Dt. Scott: But you think it's possible?

Nick: Not only possible, probable.

Lt. Baker: Yeah, says the man who's accused of the crime.

Nick: I didn't kill Shane McGrath, Lieutenant. You wanna find out who did, I suggest you talk to Ridge Forrester.

Eric: I will, thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Ciao -- well, it appears we've dodged another bullet. Still, questions about Ridge and Brooke. Why didn't the wedding on Rodeo Drive take place? I still can't believe that Brooke pulled out on him.

Rick: Dad, everybody has their breaking points. She warned Ridge over and over again to keep his cool and then, he hits me in Sydney and that's all she could take.

Eric: Yeah, I get that. He shouldn't have done that.

Rick: Yeah.

Eric: But I want the two of you to get along. I don't want to lose you again to Paris.

Rick: You're not losing me to Paris, Dad. I'm here. My life is here now. I'm home.

Eric: Because of Phoebe.

Rick: Yeah.

Eric: You and Phoebe. That's not going to be easy.

Rick: Oh, like things have been with you, mom, and Stephanie?

Eric: I just want you to be happy.

Rick: I am. I am happy, dad. Look, when I first got back to L.A., Everywhere I turned, I found something wrong. And Phoebe changed that for me.

Eric: She's a very special young lady.

Rick: She is.

Eric: Anybody who meets her can see that.

Phoebe: You're looking for a girl like me?

Constantine: Yeah, I saw your video on the Internet.

Phoebe: The one with Rick and me?

Constantine: Yeah, I thought I'd stop in and see if anyone knew how to contact you.

Phoebe: Wait, so, you really were looking for me? Wow. I don't know what to say. I'm Phoebe Forrester.

Constantine: Hey, I'm Constantine.

Phoebe: Uh, yeah. I saw you in concert. You were great.

Constantine: Oh, thanks. So were you. On the video.

Phoebe: Oh, no, we're just -- we're just fooling around. They do karaoke night here, and the owner thought it would be -- you know, profitable for business if he put our video on the Internet. It's stupid.

Constantine: No, if you're that good when you're just fooling around, I wonder how good you can be if we got serious.

Jackie: Tell Clarke to take my 11:00. I've got to do this interview. Damage control is my number one priority at the moment. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Brooke: Jackie.

Jackie: Brooke, I'm so glad to see you.

Brooke: I'm so sorry, Jackie. I can't imagine everything that you're going through.

Jackie: Well, I'm going crazy. I'm worried about Nicky. I mean, you've got to be too.

Brooke: Yes, of course. How's he doing?

Jackie: He's determined to clear his name. Leaves me in charge of the company. And I'm way in over my head. I need help, Brooke. I need you. Please, Brooke, come back to Forrester Creations.

Lt. Baker: If you want me to take you seriously, you got to give me more than that.

Taylor: You had your own suspicions when you first started the case.

Lt. Baker: Because he had a motive -- protecting your daughter from Shane McGrath. Mr. Marone had the same motive. Plus evidence leading him to the victim was found on your boat.

Nick: So that stops you from looking anywhere else?

Lt. Baker: I look where the evidence tells me to look.

Nick: The last time Shane McGrath was seen alive was in Ridge Forrester's office. How about looking there?

Dt. Scott: All right, look, the coroner's never been able to establish an exact time of death. So, how do you know he wasn't seen after leaving Mr. Forrester's office?

Taylor: Listen to me. Phoebe was there is Ridge's office when Shane showed up and he was very angry. He was very upset. She asked him to leave and nobody knows if he did.

Lt. Baker: Was Ridge in the building at that time?

Taylor: Stephanie claims that he was with her all evening.

Lt. Baker: So nobody saw Shane and Ridge together?

Nick: He was with the mother. That's the alibi! Come on. Everybody knows how far that woman will go to protect her family.

Taylor: The night Shane showed up in Ridge's office, Ridge had a date with Ashley Abbott. And he never showed. He didn't even call or cancel. And then Stephanie started making all of these excuses as to where he was and none of them have added up. They don't even make sense.

Nick: Lieutenant! Do you want to know what happened to this guy? Ask Ridge Forrester. He knows!

Taylor: I've known Stephanie Forrester for a long time. And I know when she's lying.

Dt. Scott: And you think she gave her son a false alibi?

Taylor: Yes, I do.

Dt. Scott: Maybe she was just trying to spare Ms. Abbott's feelings. Look, I'm sorry, I don't see a conspiracy here.

Taylor: No. I know Ridge. I was married to him. If he wasn't going to be able to make that date, he would have picked up the phone and called her and told her so.

Nick: Lieutenant! You know the people we're talking about here. You got an overprotective mother and a spoiled son. He's also one with the piece of information that you're missing. Forrester took off for Paris today. How does that work for you?

Lt. Baker: Ridge went to Paris?

[Phone rings]

Nick: Excuse me. Marone.

Bridget: Oh, hey, Nick, it's me. I was just calling to confirm Taylor's appointment today.

Nick: What appointment?

Bridget: You know, the blood tests. I was thinking that, you know, if the lab's not too backed up, we may able to get the results while you wait.

Nick: We'll be there as soon we can. It's Bridget. We've got that blood test.

Taylor: We have to go.

Nick: Last time, gentlemen. I did not kill Shane McGrath. Ridge Forrester did. Maybe it was an accident. Maybe it wasn't. Either way, I know one thing. This family would like nothing more than to see me go down. So, it doesn't surprise me that you found evidence on my boat. They set me up. Now, it's your job to reopen this case and prove it.

Constantine: Thank you.

Phoebe: It's -- I can't believe that I'm sitting here with you. I mean, I just -- I listen to your song on the radio all the time. Are you -- are you working on anything new?

Constantine: Yes, actually I am.

Phoebe: Like a new album?

Constantine: My own record album.

Phoebe: Oh, really?

Constantine: Yeah. That's why I'm here. I wanted to meet you. I'm looking for new talent. I saw your video with you and your cousin.

Phoebe: Rick -- Rick. He's not my cousin.

Constantine: Well, you haven't already signed with someone, have you?

Phoebe: Signed like a record deal? No. No.

Constantine: What? You haven't actually thought of singing professionally?

Phoebe: No. I mean, I sang at a mall with my choir once -- but Rick's -- Rick's more serious about music. He's classically trained.

Constantine: Well, there are a lot of serious musicians out there. But it takes more than that. You have to have the whole package. You have to have talent, the looks, voice, and you have it, Phoebe. You have it all.

Rick: I'm not the only one who appreciates Phoebe, Dad.

Eric: There's a reason we've built so much of originals around her.

Rick: There's just something about her. She's got that "it" factor, you know?

Eric: She reminds me of someone else we both know and love. Your mother.

Rick: Okay, it's getting a little weird.

Eric: I'm sorry. You know what I mean. She's beautiful. She's enchanting. And they both have that wonderful quality to be able to move people.

Rick: You miss mom.

Eric: More than Stephanie would like to know, yes.

Rick: You know mom had her reasons -- her good reasons for leaving the company.

Eric: Yeah. It's funny, I would never seem to be able to hang on to your mother.

Rick: Well, like it or not, you still have Bridget and me.

Eric: So, I do. This is true. And you are a real blessing to me.

Rick: I love you dad.

Eric: I love you too, son. And your mother will return to us. She always does.

Brooke: I can't do it, Jackie.

Jackie: Why? I mean, you're not working at Forrester Creations anymore. You're not involved with Ridge.

Brooke: Have you discussed this with Nick?

Jackie: No, I haven't. I wanted to find out if you'd be interested first.

Brooke: It's not a good idea.

Jackie: For whom? For my son? For the company?

Brooke: No, it's not a good idea for me. I can't come to work here with Nick all day and then he goes home to Taylor at night.

Jackie: You're still in love with him.

Brooke: I can't do it, Jackie. Please don't ask me again.

[Knock on the door]

Bridget: Oh, good.

Nick: Hi.

Bridget: Hi. How are you, guys?

Nick: Fine. Fine, fine, fine, fine. Fine, fine --

Bridget: Okay. What's wrong?

Taylor: The police were just at the house.

Bridget: Oh, my gosh. Come on in. So, are two ready to become parents?

Nick: That's a much better question.

Taylor: And the answer is yes.

Bridget: Good. I was pretty nervous, apprehensive.

C.J.: Yes, that is exactly who you think it is. Constantine, himself. He comes in here all the time. You guys should come back more often to see him. He brings his friends, too.

Constantine: I can't make any promises. But you know, I won't know what I have until I actually have you in the studio. But I do see potential.

Phoebe: Boldface records.

Constantine: Yeah, I run it out of my loft in Hollywood. Bring Rick down anytime you want.

Phoebe: You're serious?

Constantine: You know, you're not just a pretty face, Phoebe Forrester. You have an amazing voice. And I just think that the whole world should hear it.

Phoebe: Okay. Well, thank you. Thanks. I'll think about it. And get back to you. Yeah.

C.J.: Hey, so, give it up. What was that all about?

Phoebe: Constantine is starting his record label and he wants Rick and me to come down and sing for him.

C.J.: Oh, man. See? I told you that video was a good idea!

Phoebe: Thank you so much.

C.J.: It's awesome.

Rick: Hey? What's going on?

Phoebe: Hi, Rick! You won't -- Constantine was just here. And he wants us to come down and sing for him. He wants to make us stars.

Jackie: Look, I realize that I'm putting you in a very difficult position. But I'm in one, too.

Brooke: But it won't get any better if you hire me.

Jackie: You won't even think about it? It's that painful for you?

Brooke: Yes. Yes, it is painful. To think of everything that Nick and I could have accomplished here.

Jackie: But Brooke, I'm offering you that opportunity now.

Brooke: No, it won't be the same.

Jackie: He still cares about you.

Brooke: And he and Taylor are trying to have a child together. A child that I could have given him, but I didn't. Jackie, everything could have been so different. But I made too many mistakes. And not a single one of them can be undone now.

Bridget: So, I was told I could put a rush on this.

Tech: Yeah, we're ready for it.

Bridget: Okay, great. Um, I'm just going to wait for the results here. It shouldn't take very long, right?

Tech: No. No problem.

Bridget: Good.

Tech: Marone? Oh, hey, I've been meaning to ask you about those donor eggs.

Bridget: Yeah, we're just waiting to see if they implanted.

[Beeper goes off] Oh, you know what, I'm going to have to go. Do you mind paging me when you get the results?

Tech: Yeah. Okay.

Bridget: Okay. Thanks.

Taylor: Nervous?

Nick: No. I just don't want to say anything to jinx it.

Taylor: Either I'm pregnant or not, talking about it isn't going to change it.

Nick: Shh-shh. Please, please, please.

Taylor: Okay, fine. We'll talk about something else.

Nick: Good. I think Baker will re-open this case.

Taylor: You think so?

Nick: I do. If he heard us, he will.

Taylor: I don't know which one hurts more. Thinking that Ridge would have actually killed somebody or if he did, that he would let you be convicted.

Nick: It could have been an accident.

Taylor: Well, if he did, it wouldn't be an accident that he let you get caught. It wouldn't be an accident that he went to Paris.

Nick: Well, look at the bright side. In a short time, he may not be the only father to your children.

Taylor: I thought you weren't going to jinx this?

Nick: Right.

Bridget: Hi.

Taylor: Are those the results?

Bridget: Hot off the printer.

Taylor: Is it positive?

Bridget: Yeah. Yes. You're pregnant.

Taylor: I'm pregnant? I'm pregnant!

Bridget: Congratulations. Both of you.

Rick: Just slow down for a second. Tell -- what is this whole thing about Constantine?

Phoebe: He saw our video on the Internet.

Rick: Right. And he obviously liked it or otherwise you wouldn't be so excited.

Phoebe: He wants us to come down to his studio and sing for him. I mean, he gave me his card. And he has his own record label.

Rick: Okay, so he just handed you this card and said, "I liked your video, come by sometime."

Phoebe: We talked for awhile. Yeah.

Rick: I see.

Phoebe: What? What, come on. This is fine. This is great, right? Is this great?

Rick: Yeah, Phoebe, it is great. I just -- I don't really know what to think right now.

Phoebe: Why -- you don't want to be a rock star? Come on! Come on! We can be the next big thing. Rick and Phoebe.

Rick: Okay, okay, you've got to promise me something though.

Phoebe: What?

Rick: When you get all big and rich and famous, you can't do anything crazy, like shave your head or cover yourself in tattoos, okay?

Nick: You're sure about this?

Bridget: Yeah, you're going to be a dad.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh. Thank you. It worked. Oh, my gosh, I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby.

Taylor: Just one?

Nick: Easy. Easy already.

Bridget: Yes, your hormone levels don't indicate a multiple pregnancy, but we'll do an ultrasound in a couple of days just to be sure. Congratulations again.

Nick: Thanks. I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say.

Taylor: Call your mother.

Nick: My mother?

Taylor: Yes, call her. She'll be thrilled. Please. Call her now.

Nick: Okay.

Jackie: Hello.

Nick: Mother, hi. I've got some good news for you.

Jackie: You've been cleared?

Nick: No, no. Still working on that. It's the other project is underway.

Jackie: What other project? No, no, don't tell me!

Nick: You are going to be a grandmother.

Jackie: Oh, Nicky! Nicky, a baby! A baby! Oh, that -- that -- it's brilliant. I don't know what to say. Congratulations to you both. Yes, darling. I love you too. Big hug for Taylor. Okay, bye! Oh, Brooke. Brooke.

Brooke: No. It's okay. I mean, I'm very happy -- I'm very happy for Nick. But I would give anything to be the one having his child. And I'm not. It's Taylor. She is his future. She's the mother of his child.

Taylor: I'm so happy. This is what I wanted for you. Me, too. But especially for you.

Nick: First try.

Taylor: That's right. Because it was meant to be. Your baby is going to be so lucky. You're going to make the most amazing father.

Brooke: I lost you forever. If it was meant to be, you would be having this baby with me.

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