B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/8/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/8/07


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[Sirens wailing]

Nick: This is insane! I did not shoot Shane McGrath and dump his body in the ocean.

Dt. Scott: Yeah, well, the evidence says otherwise.

Nick: I'm sorry about your evidence, but it's wrong.

Taylor: Nick!

Nick: What are you doing here?

Taylor: I followed you in my car. Your mother wanted to come, but I told her she shouldn't.

Lt. Baker: Mrs. Marone, you shouldn't be here, either.

Taylor: What? You arrest my husband for murder, and I'm not supposed to be here? This is a huge mistake, Lieutenant. Look, Nick would never kill anyone. You've gotta take my word for that.

Lt. Baker: With all due respect, your word isn't good enough.

Storm: Can you at least give them a moment alone, please?

Nick: Yes, I am fine. I don't want you to worry about this. I want you to take care of yourself, focus on what's going on at the hospital.

Taylor: That's the thing. I got a phone call from Bridget. She wants us to come up to the hospital right now.

Nick: Well, get over there!

Taylor: No, I'm not leaving you like this. I can't leave you at a time like this!

Nick: If you really want to help me, go to the hospital and take care of this procedure. Storm is gonna post bail. I will be over there in no time.

Taylor: I know you didn't do this. I just don't know how to prove it.

Nick: Well, you let me take care of that.

Ridge: This is wrong. It's just wrong, Mother. I should be the one in custody, not nick. He didn't kill Shane McGrath, I did.

Stephanie: You did not kill Shane. That boy wanted to commit suicide. You tried to save him, and the gun went off. It was an accident.

Ridge: I just can't let him go to jail for a crime he didn't commit.

Stephanie: Well, wait a minute. Just because he's been arrested doesn't mean he's gonna go to prison. Besides, storm's his attorney. He did a wonderful job for Taylor. The odds are, he'll get him off.

Ridge: You know, innocent men do go to jail sometimes. The justice system is not infallible. Besides, if Baker felt he had enough evidence to arrest him the way he did, he obviously feels comfortable that he's gonna get a conviction out of this.

Stephanie: Wait a minute. You're getting ahead of yourself. You've got Nick -- you've got him tried, convicted, sentenced. We don't know anything at this point. We don't even know what's going on. Ridge, I do not want you going down to the police station and confessing to this. I don't want you to ruin the rest of your life. As far as nick is concerned, he'll get what he deserves, one way or the other.

Bridget: Wow. Well, you said he's definitely getting out on bail tonight, right?

Taylor: Yeah, that's why he was so insistent that I keep the appointment.

Bridget: Well, good! Good, because he knows it's just an awful mistake, and it'll be cleared up. Taylor, it will be cleared up. Listen, about the implantation. The embryos, your uterus. You're ready to go, but obviously, I understand if you want to delay it.

Taylor: No, Nick doesn't want to delay it. He's so anxious for this to work. I want to do this for his sake. It's just that he wanted to be a part of this.

Bridget: I'm gonna go let Dr. Kimbrough know that you're ready to proceed.

Storm: I'm just saying it's not an entirely circumstantial case. There's physical evidence linking you to the murder. And Baker wouldn't have arrested you if he didn't have a solid case.

Nick: Theory. That's what he's got, a theory. And a loose one. When I went to that boat the other night, things weren't the same as I left them. I just thought it was Phoebe, maybe she had moved some stuff around, but anybody could've followed her onto that boat. Anybody could had got the extra set of keys.

Storm: Anyone, being Shane?

Nick: If he was following her, if he showed up there.

Storm: Wait a second. You're not suggesting that Phoebe had anything to do with this, are you?

Nick: No. No, but this guy had a short fuse. We saw that. This guy had to have enemies. If somebody followed him to that boat --

Storm: Well, you do have a few enemies of your own. Namely the Forresters.

Dt. Scott: All right, Marone, let's go. Time to get you booked. Come on.

Lt. Baker: You can wait here, counselor. This won't take long.

Ridge: You'd actually let an innocent man go to jail?

Stephanie: Oh, don't be so melodramatic. He isn't going to hang for anything. He probably won't even serve any time in jail. Because, look, the point is he doesn't have a record, and you do because of what happened with grant. And after you put the body in the bay, the police are certainly not going to believe it was an accident. So I don't want you to say anything, for now.

Ridge: And if Nick is convicted, what then?

Stephanie: Well, it won't be the first time someone has taken a fall for a crime they didn't commit. What? Is there something that you haven't told me? Is there something else I should know about Shane's death?

Ridge: No.

Stephanie: Well, then, what is it? What?

Ridge: Grant Chambers.

Stephanie: What about him?

Ridge: The truth is, I didn't shoot him. I just told everyone I did.

Stephanie: What?

Ridge: Told you, the judge, everyone that I was responsible.

Stephanie: Why would you do that? Why would you say you shot a man when you didn't?

Ridge: To protect Brooke's son. To protect Rick.

Stephanie: You let me -- you let all of us believe that you had shot Grant? All this time?

Ridge: Rick does not remember what he did. That's how I want it to stay, do you understand? Do you hear me right now? There's no reason for him to ever know this.

Stephanie: You're still protecting him. Even after everything that he's put you through since he came home.

Ridge: What happened with Grant is in the past now, Mother. There's absolutely no reason whatsoever to bring this out now.

Stephanie: Are you serious? If the truth had been known, you would've been able to have call the police after what happened --

Ridge: Mother, the judge was very explicit to me on what would happen.

Stephanie: I guess it's too late, isn't it, to try and explain any of this to the authorities. I'm just glad to know you didn't shoot somebody.

Ridge: I'm having a big, big problem keeping this quiet.

Stephanie: Oh, stop it. Stop worrying about Nick. You don't owe him anything. Not after everything he has done to this family. You're gonna give up your life for that son of a bitch? He's not worth it.

Officer: I said all your personal effects.

Dr. Kimbrough: So the three chosen embryos have been suspended in fluid and are ready to load into a catheter with a syringe on the end. After which, I will guide the tip of the catheter through, release the embryos into your uterine cavity, using an abdominal ultrasound to obtain maximum placement. Now, when we take the catheter out, dr. Fields will check the catheter to ensure that no embryos remain. Do you have any questions?


Nurse: Oh, excuse me, Dr. Kimbrough, sorry to interrupt, but Mrs. McCaffrey's labor is progressing rapidly. You're needed in maternity stat.

Taylor: Does this mean you won't be able to do the procedure tonight?

Dr. Kimbrough: Well, actually, Bridget's done a number of embryo transfers. If you're comfortable with her taking over?

Taylor: Of course. It's just that my husband really wants this done as soon as possible. God knows Nick could use some good news tonight.

[Music playing]

Watching the rain begin to fall candlelit shadows on the wall here all alone I drift away just thinking of you so many miles between your touch I know it's real 'cause it hurts so much spend every moment longing for the love that I once knew if you were here tonight I know just where I'd be wrapped up in your arms with you loving me if you were here I'd know just what I've been missing without you by my side if you were here don't want you as a memory can't go on living in my dreams my heart is breaking if you were here tonight I know just where I'd be wrapped up in your arms with you loving me if you were here I'd know just what I've missing in my life if you were here tonight tonight, ooh, oh yeah, yeah if you were here tonight

Storm: Nick, listen to me for a second. I'm serious about what I said before. The Forresters might have framed you. You've taken their company, they want revenge. What better way than to set you up. Think about it, Ridge, Stephanie.

Nick: Forrester didn't have it in him to kill somebody. But, Stephanie -- you know, you may be onto something there. She'd do anything. If she's up to something, we gotta find out. We gotta find out soon.

Lt. Baker: Well it won't be tonight. We couldn't find a judge for the bail hearing this late at night. It'll be tomorrow at the earliest.

Nick: Tomorrow? You mean I got to stay here tonight? You know my wife is in the hospital, right? You get a judge over here, Baker.

Nick: Get a judge over here and get me out!

Storm: Nick.

Stephanie: I'm sorry I yelled. I just don't want you to do something foolish.

Ridge: Nick is at the police station right now, mother. He's been arrested for murder. Because I stood right here in this room and let Baker lay out his case for the wrong man.

Stephanie: Which is exactly why I want you to be quiet just for now. Look, the gun is at the bottom of the bay, okay? Your fingerprints were on the boat, but that's because you went down to see Phoebe, so that explains that. You didn't plant any evidence against nick. The police came to their own conclusions by themselves. Nick has tried to bring this family to its knees. Why? Because of his mother, who trips over her own feet and then blames me for pushing her over the balcony. That's what set up this whole chain reaction. He threatened to prosecute me, right? Blackmailed your father, blackmailed him into signing over the control of that company -- that company was his life, it was our lives. Does nick give a damn about that? No! He just wants his revenge. Revenge against us for what he sees us -- as our wrongdoing against his mother. So what I say is let him take his chances with a jury. Why should you speak up now? You didn't murder Shane. You tried to save that boy, just like you saved Rick. As far as Nick is concerned, you know, if he gets off, then so be it. And if he doesn't, let him rot in prison.

Lt. Baker: I'm sorry, my hands are tied. You're spending the night in jail.

Storm: My client's entitled to at least one phone call. At least let him call his wife.

Lt. Baker: Make it quick.

Storm: Here.

[Cell phone ringing]

Taylor: Bridget, Bridget. That might be Nick, can you grab my phone? Nick?

Nick: Hey, beautiful.

Taylor: Oh, thank God. I'm so glad to hear from you. When are you coming here?


Nick: Yeah, it looks like I won't be able to make bail 'til tomorrow. I'll be here for the night.

Taylor: What?

Nick: I'm sorry. I can't be there with you. How'd it go?

Taylor: Everything went fine. Bridget even did the implantation, and she's been so sweet. She's going to be driving me home. Are you sure you're okay?

Nick: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. You just concentrate on our baby, okay?

[Lt. Baker clears throat] Listen, I've gotta get going. So I will -- I'll see you tomorrow morning.

Taylor: I love you.

Nick: I love you, too.

Bridget: Is he not going to make it out tonight?

Taylor: I don't understand why is this happening. You know, we just got married. All he wants is this child. He was so excited. He wanted to be a part of this.

Bridget: I know. Listen Taylor, you can't stress about it, for your baby's sake.

Taylor: How can I not stress out about it?

Bridget: By concentrating on your child. You could be carrying Nick's baby. We're gonna know in just a few days.

Guard: This is it, Marone. Home sweet home. For the night, anyway.

Stephanie: Nick didn't kill Shane, but he's no altar boy, either. You and I know that firsthand. I don't have any sympathy for him, and you shouldn't, either. What goes around comes around. And if anybody deserves a "come around," it's him.

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