B&B Transcript Monday 5/7/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/7/07


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Eric: Lieutenant, Shane McGrath's killer is not in this room.

Nick: Is this where we all draw straws?

Eric: And if you know who did it, why call this conference here instead of just arresting him?

Nick: Maybe whoever looks guiltiest gets arrested?

Lt. Baker: That only works if the killer has a conscience.

Rick: Ashley, why didn't you say something?

Ashley: Why would I? I know how you feel about Ridge. And honestly, I didn't think that my personal life was your concern.

Rick: Ashley, I'm always going to be looking out for you.

Ashley: Well, good. Could you do me a favor then --

Rick: Yeah --

Ashley: And don't make a big deal out of this with Phoebe? She knows I'm friendly with her father, let's just keep it at that, okay?

Rick: How friendly are you exactly?

Ashley: Um, I'm not interested in having a fling, if that's what you mean. So, there wouldn't be a beginning unless I felt there was a chance for a happy ending.

Rick: A happy ending? You do realize that Ridge does not do happy endings? You're serious about this? I mean, this is for real. This is not just for my benefit?

Ashley: How would it be for your benefit?

Rick: Well, you're not exactly thrilled with the idea of me being with Phoebe. And now, you're going after her father, who just so happens to hate my guts -- are you sure that you're just not trying to get underneath my skin?

Ashley: It seems like I already have.

Lt. Baker: I may not be prepared to make an arrest at this moment, but I will be before I leave. There are details that I need clarified, and collectively, that information is right in this room. Your lives are all so interconnected. Which is a good thing. Until you work together like the gears of a meat-grinder --

Storm: Lieutenant, what details are you looking for exactly?

Lt. Baker: Shane McGrath got into this picture because he witnessed the fatal incident -- ruled an accident by law -- that took Darla Forrester's life. He was a problem for you from that day on, Dr. Hayes.

Taylor: It's Mrs. Marone. And he wasn't a problem for me. He was a problem for my daughter. I didn't want him dead, I just wanted him to leave her alone.

Lt. Baker: And yet, you invited him to move into your home, when you thought he could help your case.

Phoebe: I did that. Not Mom.

Lt. Baker: Do you know how to pilot a boat?

Phoebe: Not really, no.

Lt. Baker: See, that body was not supposed to wash up on Venice Beach. It was weighed down with a heavy chain, or a cable. And then tossed out to sea. Which brought me to the "Shady Marlin II." And a search warrant.

Nick: Okay, they're on my boat. Obviously, you found my fingerprints, so what?

Lt. Baker: And your wife's and young Miss Forrester also.

Phoebe: I was just -- I was just staying there to give Mom and Nick some privacy.

Taylor: That's right.

Ridge: I can vouch for that.

Lt. Baker: And what about you, Ridge? Your fingerprints?

Nick: What are you doing on my boat?

Phoebe: Dad just stopped by to check on me. That's all. He wasn't even there an hour. And of course, he touched a few things.

Ridge: Shane had been hanging around her. He was basically stalking her.

Lt. Baker: Was McGrath on that boat with you?

Phoebe: No! How would -- how would he even find it? That was partly the point.

Lt. Baker: Well, somehow he did. Because we found hair that was a positive match to McGrath. And I doubt he was there alone.

Ashley: I take my life a little too seriously to live it to get a reaction from you.

Rick: You seem interested enough in what I have to say.

Ashley: What do you have to say?

Rick: Ridge is still hung up on my mother, which I'm not too thrilled about either. He's a shabby excuse for a man.

Ashley: Really?

Rick: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Well, I guess I'm just a hick from the Midwest. Cause I haven't met too many men like him back home.

Rick: Well, look around. There are ten of him standing on a street corner in Beverly Hills.

Ashley: Do you want me to pine for you? Do you want me to ply with you with wine to the point where I'm so lucky you actually give me a tumble?

Rick: Stop it --

Ashley: No --

Rick: Ashley, come on.

Ashley: I'm tired of doing this dance with you, Rick. You're through with me, but you kind of wish you weren't. You miss what we had, but you don't want to give up what you have now. You are giving me mixed signals. What do you want with me?

Rick: Okay. Okay, fine, I'll play. Part of me wants to take you home right now and make love to you again all night.

Ashley: I'm not interested in having just a part of you. If you were to tell me right now that you wanted me to have all of you and not just a part of you, would I say yes? You know I would. It's hard for me -- it's hard for me to close the door even on just the possibility of having a relationship with you. I think it's hard for you too, isn't it?

Rick: Yes it is.

Ashley: I've got the best part of my life ahead of me, Rick. And I don't want to spend it waiting for somebody who's not coming back. So if you want me then just say it, and you know how it will be. But if you can't say it, then don't think you could come to me in a month and say let's go to some motel off the coast because that ship is sailing. Right now.

Dr. Kimbrough: Dr. Forrester --

Bridget: Please let me know if I'm being a pest.

Dr. Kimbrough: About?

Bridget: The Marone in vitro? Are you seeing fertilization?

Dr. Kimbrough: It's early yet --

Bridget: I know. I know, but they're friends. He's my ex-husband. I know what this means to him.

Dr. Kimbrough: I was going to check in the morning. I'm just about finished here.

Bridget: It's okay. I understand.

Dr. Kimbrough: But as a professional courtesy -- of course I'll take a look.

Nick: All right, you've established that McGrath was on the boat. So what?

Storm: Exactly, what about fingerprints? What about blood? Did you find blood?

Lt. Baker: Sea-going vehicles are designed to be hosed out, rubbed down -- isn't that true? I mean, it wouldn't take a mariner to do that.

Phoebe: You can't think my mother would --

[Cell phone rings]

Lt. Baker: You have very protective parents.

Nick: Lieutenant, are you telling me that you can picture this woman lugging around the body of a full-grown man?

Lt. Baker: Well, I would assume she'd need assistance. But then, Phoebe does have another parent --

Eric: Oh, come on! This is -- this is outrageous!

Stephanie: Yes, it is.

Storm: What about "means," lieutenant? What about a murder weapon? Was that recovered?

Lt. Baker: The bullet was. But when you talk about "means," you're also talking about the ability to transport the body to sea. The physical strength necessary to dispose of it -- you ridge, and you mr. Marone, you two fit that bill.

Taylor: That's the basis for your accusation? Because somebody could lift this person?

Lt. Baker: The two men closest to you and your daughter. Both of whom have had angry confrontations with the victim --

Stephanie: Well, so have other people.

Lt. Baker: They're the only two to have made public threats.

Phoebe: Shane was a lot scarier to me than my father was to him, or else he wouldn't have kept coming around.

Storm: My client issued no threats.

Lt. Baker: I'm sorry, counselor. I heard him.

Storm: My client did not pursue McGrath. It was the other way around. He turned up at our officers --

Jackie: He certainly did. And he was volatile, and extremely unbalanced.

Nick: I asked him to leave. He wouldn't.

Storm: In fact, it was McGrath who threatened to come after my client.

Lt. Baker: Yes. And that's exactly how I think the victim met his end.

Rick: Please?

Ashley: You have something to say?

Rick: I don't want you to leave. Not like this.

Ashley: It's okay.

Rick: You deserve an answer.

Ashley: I get it. I really do. You want me, but you want Phoebe more.

Rick: Haven't you ever wanted two things so badly at the same time?

Ashley: I have. I lost them both.

Jackie: My son doesn't even own a gun!

Lt. Baker: The bullet was from a 25-caliber "junk gun," as we call them. Cheap, rarely registered. You can pick one up in various parts of this town 24 hours a day.

Storm: Mr. Marone is a high-profile businessman. You think he'd take that kind of risk?

Lt. Baker: No. But Mr. McGrath, now. Sleeping in his car, on the street -- feeling vulnerable. Like a piece of dirt swept under the carpet. He might feel the need for some protection. He probably knows where to pick up a cheap gun.

Nick: Where are you going with this, lieutenant?

Lt. Baker: On the night of April 20th, did you radio the harbormaster at marina del rey that you were taking your vessel out?

Storm: The time of death was never established.

Lt. Baker: It's within the window, counselor.

Nick: I called the harbormaster. I was taking my boat out for its first run.

Lt. Baker: For what purpose?

Nick: Why does anybody own a boat?

Lt. Baker: Were you alone?

Nick: Don't you mean, did I have a dead body with me?

Storm: Nick --

Nick: Do you actually think i would call the harbormaster if i was thinking of dumping a corpse into the ocean?

Lt. Baker: Where were you earlier that evening?

Nick: Well, this is something you can attest to, lieutenant. I was at a coffeehouse with my wife. We saw you there.

Lt. Baker: A place known to Mr. McGrath?

Taylor: Shane wasn't even there. And nick didn't go looking for him. He just wanted to go home to his boat and spend the evening alone.

Lt. Baker: Yes, but what if your husband was followed that night? McGrath was angry. All of you who had been so good to him when you thought he could do something for you had turned him away. Insulted him. He'd had enough. And you -- you were marrying Phoebe's mother. You were the one in the way. You were the one in the way. You were checking out the new shady marlin. Satisfying yourself all the details were right. Maybe enjoying a cigar. And suddenly, McGrath is there and he's got a gun. Where do you get off throwing him out of Miss Forrester's home, he wants to know.

Shane: You threw me out of the house --

Lt. Baker: Kicking him out of your office when he was just trying to make a living. He looks dangerous to you. So you make your move. Now the gun is in your hand. Not his. Maybe he's not afraid. What are you going to do? Who's to say he won't show up with another gun tomorrow? Just take care of the problem. And pull the trigger.

[Gunshot fired] Now what? Of course, you've got a few expensive suits stowed away onboard. You take the garment bag from one, roll the body into it. Zip it up. And then let the harbormaster know you're heading out for a while. You find a quiet spot out of the shipping lanes. And think about dropping anchor. But no, you have a better use for that anchor chain. You wrap up the body and throw it overboard. Went to the bottom of the bay. Until some deep-sea predator decided the package was worth unwrapping.

Nick: You're basing this whole story on a few strands of McGrath's hair?

Storm: My client's right, lieutenant. A few strands of hair and a theory don't make for a conviction.

Lt. Baker: Excuse me.

[Cell phone rings]

Taylor: It's the hospital.

Nick: Well, take it.

Taylor: Hello?

Bridget: Hi, how soon can you and nick come in?

Taylor: Come in?

Bridget: Enough of the donor eggs were fertilized. We're ready to do the implantation.

Taylor: Um, I'll have to call you back.

Lt. Baker: Mr. Marone, do you recognize this shirt?

Nick: No. Why?

Jackie: No, Nicky -- that --

Lt. Baker: It has your monogrammed initials on it.

Jackie: Is that a shirt you had made for me? Okay, it's mine, why?

Lt. Baker: We found it on the shady marlin ii. Do you know what this is? According to the DNA analysis, this is Shane McGrath's blood. You're under arrest, Mr. Marone.

Dt. Scott: Nick Marone, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you by the court. Do you understand these rights?

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