B&B Transcript Thursday 4/19/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 4/19/07


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Ridge: Don't do anything stupid.

Shane: Who do you think I am? Do you think I'm stupid?

Taylor: Well, I can't say I'm surprised to see you.

Rick: Phoebe told you about our little disagreement regarding you and Nick and my mother?

Taylor: I don't know what you want from me.

Rick: I love my mother, Taylor. And I know what I want goes in direct contradiction with what you want.

Taylor: That being your mother happily married to Nick.

Rick: Ridge is no good for my mom.

Taylor: Well, they just split up.

Rick: Yes, I know that, but without Nick my mom is going to end up right back with Ridge.

Taylor: I know, they've done that about 100,000 times.

Rick: It doesn't have to be that way this time.

Taylor: Rick, nobody's ever been able to control what happens between Ridge and Brooke, not Stephanie. You won't be able to. I learned to stay out of it a long time ago.

Rick: If Nick were to just --

Taylor: Nick isn't going to be doing anything because he's engaged to me.

Rick: It is wrong between my mother and me. The guy is out of control.

Taylor: You are talking about Phoebe's father.

Rick: Taylor, you're a psychiatrist. You know the relationship my mom had with Ridge was completely dysfunctional. The amount of times that they left her, how he treated her, treating me as his own personal punching bag.

Rick: The first thing you were saying, yes, I agree with that. The punching bag part, no, I don't agree with that. Ridge isn't abusive.

Taylor: Not to you or maybe not in your world with you and your children and your family but with my mother and me, the guy's a nut case. Look, Taylor, I know that you and Nick are engaged. Nick is still in love with my mom and she loves him. If Nick is the only man that can keep my mom and Ridge apart, so be it.

Brooke: Rick. I think you should let Taylor and I settle this. Please, let us talk alone.

Rick: Okay.

Taylor: Are you here to find out if I'm pregnant?

Brooke: I know that you're not.

Taylor: Well, you didn't hear that from Nick.

Brooke: I was there with Stephanie when she was on the phone with you.

Taylor: That is so wrong on so many levels.

Brooke: Taylor, I am not here about Nick. I'm concerned about my son. He and Ridge are on the verge of an all-out war. Please, I need your help.

Leo: Good night, ms. Abbott.

Ashley: Good night, Ashley. Thank you so much.

Stephanie: Ashley.

Ashley: Well, hi!

Stephanie: Sorry. There's a mandate out today because we've all worked so hard to launch the new stores. There's no working late.

Ashley: Well, I'm just wrapping a few things up.

Stephanie: Good. I've been meaning to tell you how wonderful I think all the fragrances are that you've developed.

Ashley: Good to hear. We're very close to getting a finished product.

Stephanie: How are things going with you, your daughter?

Ashley: Couldn't be better. Abby loves her school. We love, love, love living by the beach. We're very happy to be in L.A.

Stephanie: I hear that you're going to have dinner with Ridge tonight.

Ridge: No, I don't think you're stupid. If you were, Phoebe never would have cared about you. If you shoot me, she'll definitely have a problem with that.

Shane: You already think I'm a freak! That's what you say. I can't even be in the same room as your daughter. Let me ask you a question, Ridge, if I wasn't holding this gun to you right now, you'd probably be calling the cops, wouldn't you? Admit it! Admit it!

Ridge: Yeah, I probably would have.

Shane: Yes, you would. Yes, you would. Let me ask you a question, Ridge. You ever have to live out of your car? Huh?

Ridge: You think my life's perfect?

Shane: What's not perfect about it? What, you got too many women to choose from, too many people love Ridge. What's not perfect? You've got all the toys. You've got money. You've got freakin' jet, man! I got nothing! Nothing!

Ridge: That's how you think about it?

Shane: Yeah! Yeah!

Ridge: If that's what you think, Shane, no wonder you're a loser. If you act like you got nothing, then that's the way the world's gonna treat you. You know, there are a hell of a lot of people out there worse off than you are who have made something of their lives. Is there any reason that you couldn't be one of them? Huh? If you want to get a break, make it easy to give.

Taylor: I really don't think it's a wise idea for me to be getting involved in your peace plan for Ridge and Rick.

Brooke: So the violence escalates?

Taylor: If she want to have an all-out civil war, what am I going to do to stop them?

Brooke: You're willing to let Phoebe get caught in the crossfire? Look, after everything happened, Jackie M. refusing to carry Forrester Originals, adding to all that stress, Ridge has to find Rick and Phoebe in bed together.

Taylor: Then that was when Ridge struck Rick.

Brooke: Yes.

Taylor: You had to end the relationship because of that one incident?

Brooke: I can't be with him after that, Taylor.

Taylor: I don't really know why you're here and why you're telling me all of this. I don't. I just don't get it. Your son was just here and I had to explain to him that I'm not going to end my relationship with my fiancÚ to protect you from Ridge. Now you're here and you're wanting me to convince your son with you that Ridge is not such a bad guy when that's the whole reason you ended the relationship. Do you hear this? Do you hear how this sounds?

Brooke: I just don't want them to kill each other.

Taylor: Nobody does.

Brooke: Rick could see good in Ridge, I know he can. Right now, all he sees is bad. What if we remind him what Ridge did to protect him?

Taylor: I don't know what you're talking about.

Brooke: Think back many, many years ago. Grant Chambers.

Stephanie: I'm delighted that you and Ridge are having dinner this evening.

Ashley: We're really just friends.

Stephanie: Friendship is a great way to start a relationship. Forgive me if I recognize a good thing when I see it.

Ashley: Oh, thank you.

Stephanie: Everyone's really happy with your work here and they just adore you.

Ashley: That's nice to hear. I feel the same way about everybody here.

Stephanie: I don't mean to scare you off. You know what, I think maybe you've arrived in Ridge's life at just the right time.

Shane: You know something, everything would be so perfect, you know, if only Phoebe -- why can't she just see that I want to be with her? How come she can't see that?

Ridge: Shane, you have a better chance of guessing next week's lottery than figuring out what's in Phoebe's mind.

Shane: Ain't that the truth.

Ridge: You think nobody gets you, Shane? Huh? I get you. I was supposed to be married on my honeymoon, right now. But here I am. No longer engaged. My own daughter thinks I'm some kind of kill joy just because I wanted to look after her, make sure she was okay.

Shane: You're talking about, what, that Rick guy, is that what you're talking about?

Ridge: Yes. I hit him. I more than hit him. I really clocked him good. It cost me. Now here you are standing here holding a gun. You use that gun, it will cost you a whole lot more.

Shane: I need some help. Get me a little help, what do you think?

Ridge: I'll get you all the help you need, Shane. Just put the gun down.

Taylor: Why are you bringing up Grant Chambers?

Brooke: Taylor, only a few of us know what happened, you, me, Ridge. What Ridge did, what Rick did.

Taylor: I know, I know, but that was a long time ago.

Brooke: Yes. And to think my son was even driven to such a place. He didn't know what he was doing when he pulled that trigger. He doesn't even remember firing that gun.

Taylor: That's because it was traumatic and he blocked it out.

Brooke: But he was able to do that because Ridge stepped up to protect him. I mean, if that didn't happen, God knows what would have gone on.  Look, Taylor, Ridge pled guilty to a crime that he didn't commit. He put his own freedom at stake to protect my son. He would have gone to prison if I didn't have Grant intervene.

Taylor: Yes, Ridge did step up to the plate in a big way. I don't really -- I'm not getting what you're proposing.

Brooke: I think we should tell Rick what happened.

Taylor: Why?

Brooke: Because, think about it. If he knows that Ridge stepped up to protect him, maybe he will look at Ridge differently.

Taylor: And your feelings about Ridge's recent behavior?

Brooke: Those feelings will never change.

Taylor: Okay. So then you want Rick to suddenly appreciate this humanitarian act that Ridge did years ago?

Brooke: He's a big boy. I really think he'll understand it. Please, Taylor, give me your professional advice. Do I tell Rick what Ridge did or not?

Ashley: Obviously you love your son very much. And I'm so flattered that you think I might be good for him but I don't think we should set our expectations too high just yet. You know?

Stephanie: So there's another man in your life? Victor Newman. I'm prying.

Ashley: You are, you really are.

Stephanie: Sorry.

Ashley: That's okay.

Shane: Gee, I don't know. No one ever offered me any help before. Except for Phoebe. That's why she's -- that's why she's such an angel. That's why I need her in my life so much.

Ridge: Yes, well, I'm no angel but if I can make a phone call, we'll get you all the help you need.

Shane: Oh, yeah? What kind of help?

Ridge: Don't worry about, it you'd be in good hands.

Shane: Wait, I don't know, I don't know. If I can't be with Phoebe, I don't know about that.

Ridge: Shane, you need to focus on yourself for a little while.

Shane: I said no, I said no.

Ridge: It's better this way.

Shane: No, listen to me! If I can't have Phoebe, nothing else matters.

Ridge: Shane.

Shane: Put the phone -- I'm telling you right now, put the phone down. Now. Do it!

Taylor: Brooke, that is a serious issue. It isn't just something you bring up, okay? Just to suddenly bring up out of the blue that Rick tried to kill someone? No, that could cause serious psychological damage. He blocked it out as a well of self-preservation.

Brooke: He's an adult now. I think he'd understand.

Taylor: No, he blocked it out as a child. This would be too devastating to him. It would change his self-image.

Brooke: He only sees Ridge as someone who hurt me. He doesn't know that Ridge pleaded guilty to a crime he didn't do just to protect him.

Taylor: Brooke, look, I agree, if Rick could understand what Ridge had done for him, I think he would change his opinion of him. But I don't know that it's at the cost of him hating himself in the process. I know you want peace in the family but I don't think this was a way to do it. He was just a child and didn't know the seriousness of his actions. I just don't think you should risk revisiting something he might not be able to live with.

Stephanie: I'd like to you have my home phone number. Eric and I were just saying we'd love to have you and your daughter over for dinner.

Ashley: I'd love that. Let me get a pen and paper.

Stephanie: The real reason I'm so happy that Ridge has asked you out to dinner, it just tells me, Ashley, that he's moving on with his life, trying to get his life together.

Ashley: You know what, Ridge isn't the only one. The life I walked away from, let's just say it's better left behind, you know what I mean?

Stephanie: Let's hope it stays that way then.

Ashley: Between you and me, I'm really looking forward to spending the evening with your son.

Stephanie: Good, because he's looking forward to spending the evening with you.

Ridge: Shane.

Shane: Put it down. Put it down, man.

Ridge: What could you possibly hope to achieve?

Shane: Nobody ever listens to me. That's the problem. That's all going to change today.

Ridge: You're not a murderer.

Shane: How do you know? How do you know, man? You don't know me. You don't know one damn thing about me. You think you got life figured out, Ridge. Well, when it comes down to me, you got nothing on me. Your daughter, Phoebe, that was my answer to life. But because of you, people like you, that's not going to happen now. And now she's gone. She's lost. All lost. Look at me. Nobody cares about me. I got no job. I got no money. I got no family. No one's even going to care if I'm dead, whether I live or whether I die. Nobody is even going to notice. So to hell with everybody. I'm done.

Ridge: No, Shane! Shane!


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