B&B Transcript Tuesday 4/3/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/3/07


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Taylor: What are you doing here?

Brooke: What are you doing here?

Taylor: No, what are you doing there?

Nick: This isn't what you think.

Taylor: Get off the bed.

Brooke: Look, I didn't know that you were here. Why didn't you tell me?

Nick: Well, I didn't have a chance. I can explain this.

Taylor: No, no, Nick. It's okay. Believe me, I know Brooke. I get it. I get what's going on. What is the matter with you? You're getting married tomorrow. What, did you need one last-minute good-bye sex with your ex?

Brooke: No.

Taylor: Really? That's what it looked like to me.

Brooke: No, I mean, I'm not getting married tomorrow. The wedding is off. Ridge and I are through.

Ridge: You heard what happened in Sydney?

Ashley: I saw Rick. And his bruise.

Ridge: Yeah, I'll bet he gave you an earful.

Ashley: He told me his side of the story.

Ridge: You think I was out of line?

Ashley: I'm not a real big fan of violence. I don't think it really solves anything. But I know, sometimes, people lost control of their emotions. And they do things they regret.

Ridge: Did I say I regret hitting Rick? I walked into the honeymoon suite. I found him and my daughter practically naked. After all the times I've told him to stay the hell away from my daughter.

Ashley: Yeah, sometimes words don't get the job done, right?

Ridge: I thought you said violence isn't always the way to solve things.

Ashley: I know, I know, I did say that. But I understand your position. You were trying to protect your little girl. I would do anything to keep Abby safe.

Ridge: Boy, I wish Brooke thought the way you did.

Ashley: I think if you give her a little time, she'll calm down. And realize that this is no reason to end your relationship.

Ridge: That's what I keep telling myself. Because if I lose Brooke once and for all, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Taylor: Did you call off the wedding?

Brooke: That's what I said.

Taylor: Did it have something to do with Rick and Phoebe?

Brooke: Ridge found Rick and Phoebe together.

Taylor: By together, you mean what?

Brooke: No -- they weren't having sex, but it's kind of complicated. I'll let Phoebe explain that to you. It just turned into a really bad scene.

Taylor: So, what bad thing happened?

Brooke: Taylor --

Taylor: No, I want to hear it. I want to hear how bad it was? Is Phoebe okay?

Brooke: Yeah, Phoebe's okay. She's just angry with her father. Ridge hit Rick. And then Phoebe ran out, and Rick ran after her -- long story short, there isn't going to be a wedding.

Taylor: Well, I'm sorry things didn't work out for you and Ridge. But still, that doesn't give you the right to come over here and molest Nick.

Brooke: I think, maybe we should have this conversation another time.

Taylor: No, we won't be having this conversation at another time. You just need to get it through your head that Nick and I are getting married. You know what, you can't just suddenly decide that you don't want to be with Ridge and come back and try to pick up where you left off with Nick. It's doesn't work that way. That is so random. You just can't chase after a man and then change your mind on a dime. You're a histrionic, you're narcissistic -- you know what, quite frankly, I think you're borderline.

Brooke: So, that's your professional opinion?

Taylor: No, that would be a diagnosis.

Brooke: Well, I just thought Nick should know.

Taylor: Well, maybe you should know that we almost got married last night.

Brooke: Is that true?

Nick: Yes.

Brooke: You didn't get married. I mean, you didn't go through with it. So, it's not too late.

Taylor: Oh, my gosh! Do you want to tell her or should I?

Brooke: Tell me what?

Taylor: Nick and I are trying to start a family together. We just decided that we didn't want to wait. That we'd rather start now. In fact, I might already be pregnant.

Ashley: I really think Brooke needs a little time. You were looking out for your daughter. That's what good fathers do.

Ridge: Let's see, you're an expert in that department. John was one of the best.

Ashley: Yes, he was. He was. He always protected us. He always stood up for us. Even when we didn't deserve it. I guess that's what parenting is all about, right? Unconditional love.

Ridge: You miss him.

Ashley: I do. Every day. You're so lucky, I mean, you have Eric. Don't take your dad for granted. Each day's a gift. I'm so sorry. Sorry.

Ridge: Don't apologize.

Ashley: Well, you know, I'm trying to make you feel better. And instead, I bring you down.

Ridge: It's okay. Really. Thank you for letting me vent.

Ashley: Anytime.

Ridge: I should have you talk to Brooke.

Ashley: Oh, yeah? Why's that?

Ridge: I think she could use some of your common sense.

Ashley: Oh.

Ridge: About the only person she seems to be listening to these days is Rick.

Stephanie: And we know exactly where he stands, don't we? Hello, Ashley.

Ashley: Hi. Stephanie.

Stephanie: Am I interrupting?

Ashley: No, no, I have to get back to the lab. Nice talking with you.

Ridge: You, too.

Ashley: Bye.

Stephanie: Have you heard from Brooke?

Ridge: No. I'm not giving up on her.

Stephanie: Well, you share a child, if for no other reason; you have to keep an open line of communication.

Ridge: Mother, my kids will always be my number one priority.

Stephanie: Mine always are with me. You know, eventually, you are going to figure out that there is life after Brooke.

Brooke: You've decided to have a baby together?

Taylor: That's what I just said.

Brooke: You really want to have children at your age?

Taylor: That is so rude. What are you talking about? I can still get pregnant.

Brooke: You already have children.

Taylor: You know, I would think you of all people would get this. You know, you were married to Nick, remember? You know how much he wants to have a child of his own. You know that.

Brooke: I don't know what to say --

Taylor: How about good-bye?

Nick: I'll walk you out.

Taylor: And thank you, Brooke.

Brooke: Thank you?

Taylor: Nick and I were just talking about this very thing. Thank you for being such a vivid reminder of the insanity we left behind.

Ridge: Mother, you're talking like Brooke and I are finished. Well, this wedding may not happen tomorrow, but it will happen. I'm not giving up on the woman I love.

Stephanie: She doesn't deserve you, honey. You're better off without her.

Ridge: Brooke and I belong together.

Stephanie: Ridge, you and Brooke have -- you've had your time in the sun. And I know you want to go back to her because it's -- it's familiar. It's comfortable. But sometimes you just have to accept the reality. It wasn't meant to be. Cut your losses.

Ridge: Just like that.

Stephanie: No, it's not just like that. It isn't going to be easy. That's what you have friends and family for. I mean, that's why you focus on the positive things in your life.

Ridge: Well, what's so positive right now? Even the launch is going to be a disaster.

Stephanie: Oh, stop that. It's not going to be a disaster. Whatever happens, we'll handle it. I'm concerned about you. Is there anything I can do?

Ridge: Yeah, you can warn Brooke about Marone. I'm sure anything I would say to her now would go in one ear and out the other.

Stephanie: She's -- look, Nick is engaged to Taylor.

Ridge: That doesn't make any difference, Mother. Popeye would drop Taylor in a New York minute if he could have Brooke. I wouldn't be surprised if he's making his move right now.

Stephanie: Well, I hope that doesn't happen. I don't like him, but she seems to care for him. I mean, she's talking about having a baby with him.

Ridge: Taylor wants to have a baby with Popeye?

Stephanie: That's what she told me. God, Brooke on the loose, I mean, what will happen to Taylor in all of this?

Brooke: Nick, is it true what she said? You're really trying to have a child?

Nick: Yeah.

Brooke: When did you decide this?

Nick: What does it matter, Brooke?

Brooke: It matters. I made a mistake. I made the biggest mistake of my life leaving you.

Nick: No, you're just saying that, now. You don't really mean --

Brooke: No, I do.

Nick: No, you are pissed off at Forrester right now. You'll get over it. You always do.

Brooke: No, it's over. I promise.

Nick: Brooke, listen to me. Now, you're very emotional and you're not thinking clearly. I want you to go home and get some sleep. And tomorrow morning, you're going to wake up and realize that nothing is changed. That you still want to marry Ridge.

Brooke: No, the wedding is off. I wouldn't have come here if I wasn't 100% sure. Look, just come with me. Let's go somewhere, we can be alone, we can talk --

Nick: No. No, no.

Brooke: I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I ever hurt you. I'm sorry about so many things. I still believe that we could have a life together. I do. I feel that in my soul. Nick, I know that you believe it too. Just say it. Can you just tell me that you love me?

Nick: I'm sorry.

Ridge: As much as I wish Taylor wasn't mixed up with Marone, she made it very clear. She doesn't want us interfering in her life.

Stephanie: I think I'm going to call her.

Ridge: Did you hear what I just said?

Stephanie: Yes. I want her to know that Brooke's on the loose.

[Cell phone rings]

Taylor: Hello?

Stephanie: Taylor, it's me.

Taylor: Can you call me back later? This isn't the best time.

Stephanie: Look, their wedding is off. And I'm concerned that Brooke is going to make a play for Nick.

Taylor: You think?

Stephanie: Yes, I think. And I want you to be prepared.

Taylor: Well, I appreciate that, but you're too late. Brooke's already been here.

Stephanie: Just where?

Taylor: Here at Nick's.

Stephanie: Nick's?

Taylor: I walked in and I found her straddling Nick on his bed, right here. Nothing happened.

Stephanie: Oh, you know that for a fact?

Taylor: There wasn't enough time. I just can't even believe she did this. I mean, she actually thought that Nick would just ditch me and then pick up where he left off with her?

Stephanie: Classic Brooke.

Ridge: What's going on?

Stephanie: Where is she now?

Taylor: Nick is escorting her out.

Stephanie: Are you okay?

Taylor: I'm fine. You know, Brooke may have destroyed my relationship with Ridge, but she won't be doing that again. Listen, I've got to go before Nick comes back.

Ridge: Brooke went to see Nick?

Stephanie: Yes.

Ridge: She gets off the plane from Sydney, doesn't bother going home to see her kids, and she just heads straight for him?

Stephanie: That's what Taylor just said.

Ridge: What else did she say? Mother?

Stephanie: You don't want to know.

Ridge: At least I know what Brooke's thinking now.

Stephanie: I'm sorry.

Ridge: Are you? That's really what you wanted.

Stephanie: No, this is not what I wanted. I don't want to see you hurt. What I want is for you to see Brooke for what she really is.

Ridge: I just can't believe it's over. But I guess if Logan has her sights set on Marone now --

Stephanie: I'm not sure she ever really put him behind her. I know you're hurt and devastated.

Ridge: I just can't believe this. A couple of days ago, I was about to start a whole new chapter in my life. I was going to marry the woman I love. And now -- I feel kind of alone.

Stephanie: Sweetheart, you're not alone. You're not.

Brooke: Just say it.  Can you just tell me that you love me?

Nick: I've loved you from the first moment I met you.  You're the love of my life and I'm not letting you go this time.   I'll never let you go ever.

Taylor: Nick?

Nick: I was just coming up to you.

Taylor: Did Brooke leave quietly?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah.

Taylor: Good. You okay?

Nick: You know, I don't really think she's right with what happened with her son and Ridge -- I just don't think that she's thinking clearly.

Taylor: You're making excuses for her?

Nick: No. No, I'm really not. She's wrong. She knows she's wrong.

Taylor: Nick, you know, I've known Brooke for a long time. And this is part of her behavior pattern. Whenever she starts doing things like she just did, she isn't going to stop until she gets what she wants. And what she wants right now is you.

Brooke: Eric, please call me. We really need to figure out what we're doing for tomorrow. It's important.

Stephanie: Well, I'm just in a pickle.

Brooke: Excuse me?

Stephanie: You know, when I first see you, usually what I want to do is just stick my finger in your eye. But today, I thought, oh, I'm just going to give her a great big kiss. See my dilemma?

Brooke: I take it you've heard.

Stephanie: Yes, good news travels fast.

Brooke: Of course, you'd see it that way.

Stephanie: Is there any other way to see it?

Brooke: You know why I called off the wedding?

Stephanie: Yes.

Brooke: And that doesn't concern you? Ridge hit Rick.

Stephanie: Yes, it does concern me. It was wrong. He shouldn't have done it. But how many times did he ask you to keep your son away from his daughter? What else were you thinking? I mean, why would you come home from Sydney, and jump in bed with Nick hours before you're supposed to marry Ridge? Honey, that takes the cake.

Nick: I think you're wrong about this. I really do. I think right now, Brooke, as I said, is emotional -- she's confused and she thinks that she wants me.

Taylor: And what do you want? Come here. I want to talk to you. Come on. Sit with me. You know, I'm generally not an insecure person. I mean, I know what Brooke did. You didn't invite that or encourage it. But I also know that you cared very deeply for Brooke at one time. And feelings like that just don't disappear. I mean, I know that nothing's changed between us. I feel as strongly about you as I did before that happened. I -- I think I know where you stand, but I just need to hear it from you.

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