B&B Transcript Friday 3/30/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 3/30/07


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Brooke: Get somebody to look at your eye as soon as we get back in town.

Rick: Oh, I'm fine. How are you?

Brooke: Numb? I don't know. I'm supposed to be marrying ridge tomorrow, and the whole world is invited to our wedding. But I can't. I'm not. The company -- oh, Rick, this company --

Rick: Mom, please, don't. Don't worry about that right now.

Brooke: I sacrificed everything -- everything for that company. But I just can't go through with it. I won't marry a man who could do this to my son. I won't.

Ridge: You're just gonna give me the silent treatment all the way back to L.A.? What would you like me to say?

Phoebe: You could apologize.

Ridge: I'm sorry. I'm sorry this is happening to our family.

Phoebe: To Rick, Dad. You hit him. You punched Brooke's son in the face.

Jackie: Hi, have you heard anything?

Donna: Not yet. I left messages for Brooke and Phoebe, and they haven't called back.

Jackie: So we don't even know if Ridge has caught Rick and Phoebe together?

Donna: No.

Jackie: He might not have.

Donna: Well, I hope he did, don't you? Jackie, it was your idea to get them together. You said it would be better for everyone if Brooke and Ridge were to confront this before their wedding tomorrow. Isn't that what you want?

Jackie: Yes. Well, it was. That was before I found out Nicky and Taylor are trying to have a baby.

Nick: Ow!

Taylor: Good morning.

Nick: Good morning. Do you always look this good in the morning?

Taylor: Yes, I do, and I always will.

[Taylor laughs]

[Nick mumbles]

Nick: Hello down there. Hello. There could be a baby growing in there right now. You realize that, don't you?

Taylor: Well, you never know. We did just start trying.

Nick: Well, you know what they say? If at first you don't succeed –

Phoebe: You really should be embarrassed. You should be ashamed of yourself for hitting Rick.

Ridge: I could say the same to you. The honeymoon suite?

Phoebe: We wanted to be alone.

Ridge: Yeah, I'll bet Rick couldn't wait to get you alone.

Phoebe: How many times do I have to tell you, we weren't doing anything. And we agreed nothing can happen until after we're engaged.

Ridge: Engaged? That's sure as hell not gonna happen.

Phoebe: Why, because you won't allow it to?

Ridge: Because it's a fantasy. That's why, Phoebe. What is this, just you and Rick against the world? It all seems very romantic? It's not real, Phoebe. It's not gonna last. All you'll end up doing is getting hurt. That's what I won't allow.

Phoebe: Dad, Rick is the one who is hurt, and I -- I hate -- I hate to say this, but you're gonna end up getting hurt, too, because the only other person who is angrier about this than I am is Brooke.

Brooke: I loved Ridge most of my life. And even when we weren't together, that love was still there. But then I saw him standing over you, and I had your blood on my hands. And every little bit of love that I ever had for him just drained right out of me. And I warned him about his attitude towards you and the way that he was treating you, but he just couldn't control himself. He showed a side of himself that I'd never seen, resorting to violence. I've seen that with his mother many, many, many times, but I -- I never thought I'd see that coming from Ridge. And I just don't need that kind of aggression in my life, and I definitely don't want that around my children either. I have to get out.

Rick: You were out. Mom, you were out with Nick. You chose to go back to Ridge.

Brooke: I know, I know. I don't expect you to understand. I mean, I made what I thought was the right choice at that time.

Rick: It was the wrong choice. You do realize that now?

Brooke: It doesn't mean that my relationship with Nick was perfect.

Rick: Nobody's relationship is perfect, Mom. But you were happy with Nick.

Brooke: For a while.

Rick: You don't think that you can be that happy again?

Brooke: Well, Nick and Taylor are engaged.

Rick: Mom, he wouldn't be with Taylor anymore if he thought for one second he could have a future with you.

Brooke: Sometimes, you don't get the fairytale ending no matter how much you want it.

Rick: But do you want it? Would you go back to Nick if you could have it?

Brooke: Why are we talking about Nick?

Rick: Because you're thinking about it, Mom. You two were good together. And it might not be too late. How is Nick gonna react when he finds out that you and Ridge are finished? Shouldn't you be the one to tell him? Shouldn't you be there to see how he responds? You and I both know he's not over you. You need proof? You need to know what to do next? Go to him. Be honest with him. Tell him he's right about Ridge, about Stephanie, about everything.

Brooke: Go to him?

Rick: Yeah, as soon as we land. Just talk to him, Mom. Look him in the eye. Trust me, this is the news that he's been waiting for.


Taylor: Oh, my God! Stop it. Don't you have to go to work?

Nick: I am working, honey.

Taylor: Is that so?

Nick: I'm working on a very special project at home today. My schedule's cleared.

Taylor: You don't have to go to the office at all? Don't you have things over there in crisis mode, with Ridge and Brooke's pending wedding, with their big, snooty boutique on Rodeo Drive?

Nick: No. Nothing is more important than this.

Taylor: Having a baby means so much to you.

Nick: Having a baby with you means everything.

Taylor: Good answer.

Jackie: Donna, I'm sorry. I know this must seem like the most terrible about-face.

Donna: I understand a baby changes things.

Jackie: I truly believed that Brooke was my son's true love, and maybe she still is. He just got tired of waiting for her to realize it.

Donna: And what if she does realize it, Jackie? What if Brooke finally frees herself from Ridge and his family?

Jackie: Well, then she'll finally see Ridge for who he really is, won't she? He's a bully, just like his mother.

Ridge: I did what I had to do, Phoebe. I'd do it again if it meant being able to protect you.

Phoebe: Is that Brooke's engagement ring? She gave it back.

Ridge: After you and Rick ran out of the room.

Phoebe: So the wedding?

Ridge: She just needs time to cool down. 15 hours back to L.A. Should clear her head. Settle things when I get back home.

Phoebe: Dad, she took off her engagement ring.

Ridge: I'm not worried about the ring.

Phoebe: You're afraid you really lost her.

Ridge: No. No. It's not gonna happen. That's not how our story ends.

Brooke: Hi, Meriah. This is Brooke Logan. Is Nick there? I need to speak with him. No? Where is he? Oh, okay. He's working on a project at home. Well, then I'll just try there. Thanks. Uh, I'm sorry, but there's been a change. We need to 68210 Rose Briar Place in Bel Air, as fast as you can.

Brooke: Take the next exit up ahead. I'm almost there, Nick. Maybe it won't make a difference, maybe it will. But you have to know, my future is not with Ridge.

[Pager beeps]

Nick: Can't you throw that pager away for the day?

Taylor: No, unlike you, I can't just clear my schedule. I've got patients that need help. Okay, let me go call my service.

Nick: No, no, hey, it's just your cell phone. Call them from the bed.

Taylor: No.

Nick: You don't even have to leave.

Taylor: These calls are never relaxing, okay? Let me just go take care of it. You stay put, recharge those batteries.

Nick: Just love 'em and leave 'em, huh?

Taylor: Start recharging.

Ridge: Where's Brooke?

Donna: Ridge, I wasn't expecting you till this evening?

Ridge: Is Brooke here?

Donna: No.

Ridge: What about Rick?

Donna: No.

Ridge: Have you seen them?

Donna: Didn't -- didn't you come home together?

Ridge: No. Rick and Brooke took the jet. I called the pilot. They got in a little while ago, so Brooke should be here.

Donna: Did something go wrong in Sydney?

Ridge: Damn right it did. I don't have time to get into that with you right now. Tell Brooke I came by.

Taylor: Yes, Mary, I called in the prescription, and you can take the first appointment when you get back in town, all right? All right, no problem. Bye-bye. Jackie, hi. I was just taking care of a patient. So I'm gonna go on back upstairs.

Jackie: Oh, no, please, please. There's no need to run away.

Taylor: Well, no. Nick is waiting for me.

Jackie: Oh, I'm sure he's fast asleep by now. Taylor, we haven't had a chance to talk. Well, not since your engagement anyway.

Taylor: Look, I -- I know how fond you were of Brooke.

Jackie: No.

Taylor: I understand.

Jackie: I still am fond of Brooke. I always will be. She's a marvelous woman. But you are my son's fiancée and I hear soon-to-be mother of my future grandchild. He's very excited about it. So am I. Nick has wanted a family a very long time, Taylor. If you're the woman that can give that to him, you have my total support. Let's go make some coffee, shall we? We can talk, and you can take a cup up to old sleepyhead. What do you say?

Brooke: Nick?

Nick: I'm recharged. I am, really. I'm recharged. Brooke?

Brooke: Uh, your assistant said that you were here working on a project.

Nick: Well, yeah. What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in Australia, aren't you?

Brooke: I was, but I had to come back early. Something terrible happened in Sydney.

Nick: Is everybody okay?

Brooke: It's Rick. Ridge assaulted him.

Nick: Assaulted him? What do you mean?

Brooke: Rick and Phoebe were there in the hotel room, and Ridge walked in on them. They weren't doing anything, but he went ballistic anyway. And I warned him, Nick. I warned him never to do anything like that to Rick. I was down on my hands and my knees next to my son, and he was bleeding. Ridge attacked him, and I don't think I'll ever be able to look at him the same way ever again. It's over. There is not going to be a wedding. Ridge and I are not getting married.

Nick: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that all that happened to you. Why are you here? Why are you telling me?

Brooke: I'm back. And I'm yours. I mean it this time. I'm yours, Nick. I'm really excited about the road ahead.

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