B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/28/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/28/07


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Nick: Oh, Ms. Abbott. Thank you very much for taking the meeting. Thanks, Meriah.

Ashley: I was intrigued.

Nick: I'll take that was a compliment.

Ashley: The Forresters aren't known to be a family of softies. I wanted to meet the man who wasn't afraid to take them on.

Nick: I hope I don't disappoint.

Ashley: So Ridge and Brooke are in Sydney. You thought that was a good time to invite me over?

Nick: Well, we can certainly hold this meeting off until they get back, it matters none to me.

Ashley: No, no, I'm here.

Nick: Perfect. Have a seat. I understand that you are developing a fragrance for Forrester Originals.

Ashley: That's right.

Nick: Yeah, it's called, "Phoebe."

Ashley: Uh-huh. Yes it is.

Nick: I was wondering, are you wearing it now? Because when you walked in, I could --

Ashley: A variation. It's still in development.

Nick: I can smell it all the way over here. Very, very nice.

Ashley: Really?

Nick: Yes.

Ashley: Did you actually invite me over, just to sniff me?

[Nick laughs]

Nick: No, actually I didn't. I invited you over here to give you something to think about. Whatever the Forresters have offered for your services, I'll double it.

Jackie: What happened?

Donna: Nothing yet. But I spoke with Phoebe earlier. And despite all of Ridge's protests and ultimatums, she and Rick are closer than ever.

Jackie: Donna, please stop right there.

Donna: Jackie, no. The fuse has been lit. The bomb will explode. And Brooke and Ridge's relationship won't survive the blast.

Jackie: The hope that we had, of Nick and Brooke being together, it's not going to be realized. You know, I'd felt for the longest time -- I really believed that your sister was the only woman that could make my son happy. But I was wrong. I spoke to Nick. He's in love with Taylor.

Rick: Phoebe, though those doors, is a whole new world for you. Fashion and fame.

Phoebe: As long as you're with me.

Rick: Well, as much as "The overseer" will allow.

Phoebe: I know we have to chill out for my dad's sake. But when we're finished in there, I have a surprise for you.

Rick: Well, if it doesn't somehow involve the two of us being alone, then I don't think I'm very interested.

Phoebe: Well, then you're interested.

Rick: Okay.

Phoebe: So, you're with me in there? I mean, even if you're across the room?

Rick: Yes. I'll be with you. All right.

Reporter: They're here!


Brooke: Nice entrance.

Phoebe: Thank you.

Ridge: Thank you all for coming to our little pre-opening get-together.

[Applause] I'm Ridge Forrester. What do you think of our store?

[Applause] Yvonne and her crew have done a fantastic job, and we're all very much looking forward to serving all of your fashion needs directly from Forrester Originals to you in Sydney. Now, you've all had a chance to meet Brooke Logan today.

[Applause] Beauty and brains.

Brooke: Well, thank you.

Ridge: I'd like to introduce her son, Rick Forrester, who will be leading our new international division.

[Applause] Last, but certainly not least -- in fact, in many ways, the guest of honor at today's little get-together. She's joined our boutique launch at Forrester Originals, and I suspect you're going to be seeing a lot more of her in the coming months -- my adorable daughter, Phoebe.

[Applause] It's been a very special time for our family, with Brooke and I getting married in Beverly Hills in a few days. Opening the boutique in your lovely Sydney. A beautiful boutique in a beautiful city.


Brooke: I couldn't agree more. We're so far from home, but we feel right at home. And that's because of all of you. So, thank you very much.


Reporter: How about a word from Phoebe?

Phoebe: Okay. Well, I mean, this city is incredible. I love it here.

[Applause there's been this rumor floating around that I would like to address. And I'm happy to confirm that it's true. Ashley Abbott from Jabot Cosmetics will be joining our team, and she's creating the very first fragrance line for Forrester Originals. And it will be called "Phoebe."


[Camera flashes]

[Reporters talking]

Phoebe: Let's get out of here. That way.

Rick: Are you serious? Where? That guard dog chauffeur your father hired is only going to take us back to the hotel.

Phoebe: Exactly.

Rick: You do have a plan, don't you?

Phoebe: Mm-hmm.

Rick: Is it foolproof? Because it better be.

Phoebe: Well, you'll just have to find out for yourself. Unless you're chicken?

Rick: Okay. Fine, let's go.

Ashley: Doubling the Forrester's offer. You are a generous man.

Nick: I do what I have to do to get the best.

Ashley: And not afraid to flatter. I signed a contract with Forrester Originals.

Nick: Is it exclusive?

Ashley: No.

Nick: Good.

Ashley: But I'm still going to have to decline. I'm aware of your recent acquisitions. How you forced the Forresters out of Forrester Creations, and then tried to bury them in distribution by owning distribution. Very ruthless. Reminds me of somebody I know back home.

Nick: Well, I hope it's somebody you like.

Ashley: You know, this is just a rumor, but I understand that you could be motivated by revenge because your marriage to Brooke didn't work out. And now your involvement with Ridge's ex-wife --

Nick: Yeah, a little messy. Actually, we're engaged.

Ashley: Really?

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Between you and me, do you think it's wise? I mean, really -- to be married to somebody who is so involved with the Forresters? Don't they have three kids together?

Nick: Yeah. Love's a funny thing.

Ashley: Oh, is that what it is?

Ridge: Well, that is a fair question. There are two "Forresters," only one original. And Nick Marone can't begin to touch what we've created here. With our years together. Our creativity and our passion. What do you think, Logan?

Brooke: I think.

[Reporters ahh]

Yvonne: The press would like to get a few more shots of Phoebe.

Ridge: Oh, great.

Yvonne: It's just -- we can't find her.

Donna: Nick is only with Taylor because he thinks Brooke is lost to him. But with any luck that is about to change.

[Cell phone rings] It's the hotel in Sydney. Yes! Ridge Forrester's office. Yes, yes, this is Mr. Forrester's assistant. Thank you for getting back to me, Becky. Oh, Phoebe and Rick have arrived at the hotel safely. Just picked up. Good. Good. I need you to e-mail Mr. Forrester an invoice regarding the booking of the honeymoon suite. Ridge Forrester. That's right, directly to him. You have his direct e-mail address? That's it. Perfect. Oh, and could you send that out immediately? Thank you so much for your help, Becky.

Jackie: Okay, what are you doing?

Donna: Trying to save my sister from making the biggest mistake of her life.

Jackie: How?

Donna: Rick and Phoebe are crazy about each other. But ridge won't even give them a moment alone. That's all about to change. As "secretary" at Forrester Originals, I've booked them, what else? The honeymoon suite.

Jackie: For Rick and Phoebe?

Donna: They're on their way up right now. And when ridge goes off again, my sister will see that this family they're planning is doomed from the start. She's almost there, Jackie. Ridge goes off on Rick one more time, and this engagement is over.

Rick: Whoa.

Phoebe: I mean, I wanted to spend time with you, you know, just enjoying the sights of Sydney. But since we're banned from leaving the hotel, I think this is the next best thing.

Rick: You booked the honeymoon suite?

Phoebe: Mm-hmm. And there's a spa on the deck with an amazing view. I mean, since our parents are at the boutique, I think we'll finally get a couple of hours alone.

Ridge: We've looked everywhere. No sign of Rick and Phoebe.

Brooke: Let's not jump to conclusions.

[PDA rings]

Ridge: It's just a message from the hotel. It's just an invoice confirmation. Hmm.

Brooke: What?

Ridge: The honeymoon suite? It must be a mistake.

Nick: You know, Ms. Abbott, using a woman for revenge, that's just not what I'm about.

Ashley: I didn't mean to imply --

Nick: No, no, I understand.

Taylor: Interrupting?

Nick: Hi, hi. Come on in. Ashley Abbott, this is my fiancée, Taylor Hayes.

Taylor: Hi.

Ashley: Hi.

Taylor: Very nice to meet you.

Ashley: Nice to meet you. Phoebe is a beautiful girl.

Taylor: Oh, well, she is very honored to be working with you.

Ashley: Thank you. Congratulations to both of you on your engagement

Nick: Thank you. Thank you for coming by.

Ashley: Nice to meet you.

Nick: Thank you very much. To what do I owe the surprise?

Taylor: Oh, well, I came to tell you a couple of things.

Nick: So tell me.

Taylor: First, I love you.

Nick: Well, that's a nice surprise.

Taylor: And next --

Nick: Yeah?

Taylor: Today is the day for making babies. The timing is perfect.

Nick: That's right. It is today, isn't it?

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Okay, I think I'm ready to do my part.

Taylor: Maybe you should call it a day.

Nick: Right. Hang on. Meriah, cancel my appointments for the rest of the day, would you please? Thanks. There's someplace I'd like to take you.

Taylor: I'm all yours.

Nick: Oh -- I love you, too.

Ridge: No, there must be some mistake. I didn't book the honeymoon suite. Mr. Forrester just checked in? You're sure? Okay. Rick. He just took Phoebe to the honeymoon suite.

Phoebe: It's gorgeous out there.

Rick: It is. The city looks so beautiful from up here.

Phoebe: I know. I can see everything, I think. I want to talk to you about something.

Rick: Yeah, absolutely.

Phoebe: I don't know, I just been thinking a lot about us. And everything that's happened at Big Bear. And you know what? I wanted you to make love to me. And you stopped us. If we had, I don't know, maybe we wouldn't be together now. And I've also been thinking a lot about what you said. About how our first time should be really special. Not forbidden. And I'm grateful to you for that, Rick. And you know, whenever it does happen, it will be perfect. And worth the wait. And you know, having my dad's blessing might not be that bad, either.

Rick: Well, that is never going to happen.

Phoebe: I don't know. But I just I want us to make a commitment to each other. Like a real commitment.

Rick: Oh, okay. Well, that's good, because I have an engagement ring right in my pocket. I can give you. Oh, you're going to tickle me now?

Phoebe: Uh-huh.

Taylor: I don't think they allow you to make babies in here.

Nick: Well, that's not why we're here.

Taylor: Okay, is this the part where you start making me crazy?

Nick: Well, I'm probably going to make you crazy, and I'm probably going to make you cry. But either way I hope I make you happy.

Taylor: You do make me happy.

Nick: Well, I hope so. Because I am completely committed to this. But I want to do it the right way. If we're lucky enough to bring a child into this world, I want that baby to know that mom and dad are there together. In every way. I want the child to know -- I want the whole world to know that we're doing our best. So, I brought you here tonight because I'd like to marry you here. I'd like to marry you here. And now.

Phoebe: You know what my favorite part about today is?

Rick: What's that?

Phoebe: These robes!

Rick: What?

Phoebe: Are they -- they're soft, right?

Rick: You know what?

Phoebe: What, you thought I was going to say something about you?

Rick: You know, my ego can handle losing out to a bathrobe. Especially these. I really like these. I was thinking about maybe taking one home and giving it to you for your next birthday.

Phoebe: Uh-huh.

Rick: They're soft. They're really soft. Not as soft as this.

Phoebe: I just want to stay here with you. Forever.

Rick: You're an angel, aren't you? You were sent down from heaven to torment me.

Phoebe: Torment you?

Rick: Only in the best way.

Phoebe: Okay. I admit it. I was hanging out on a cloud up there and I heard singing. Only it was a little bit off key, so I had to come check it out. And that's when I saw you. And an arrow went right through my heart. It was gross, blood was everywhere.

Ridge: You bastard!

Phoebe: Dad, what are you doing? Dad, leave me alone!

Ridge: Get off her!

Phoebe: Dad! Dad! Rick!

Brooke: Rick! Oh, my God. Oh, Rick, honey. Rick, are you okay? Are you okay? Rick?

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