B&B Transcript Thursday 1/18/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 1/18/07


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Felicia: Where's Kristen?

Ridge: Thorne didn't want her and Tony canceling the Africa trip, otherwise they'd be here.

Minister: No wedding ever starts on time.

Eric: Yeah, well, you can blame my wife for that.

Brooke: Even Stephanie can't be blamed for snow in Chicago. How long was the takeoff delayed?

Ridge: An hour and a half. They should be here any time.

Felicia: And no fighting when they get here.

Eric: Look, this is Thorne and Taylor's day. Nobody could be happier for them than I am.

[Taylor remembering]

Nick: You've got to pull yourself out of this fog and wipe the guilt out of your eyes. Look at what you're doing. Be honest with yourself.

[Knocking at door]

Taylor: It's open.

Thorne: Hey, I could have sworn I put it by the door last night so I wouldn't forget it.

Taylor: Oh, don't worry. I'll blame Stephanie for keeping everybody waiting. Nobody has to know I didn't have the dress.

Thorne: However, you do look good in that robe.

Taylor: Oh, well, I think for Eric's sake, I'll wear the gown.

Thorne: You know, I never thought I'd be this happy again.

Taylor: I want to make you happy every day. And Allie, if she'll let me.

Thorne: Allie loves you. She's proven that. Now, I'm going to go so you can finish getting ready, okay? I'll see you downstairs.

Phoebe: Hey, your flower girl dress looks so pretty.

Alexandria: Thank you.

Phoebe: What are you doing? Okay, what are you thinking? Are you still mad at me, Allie? Look, I didn't lie to you, okay? I lied to some other people, because -- you know how much you loved your mommy? Well, that's how much I love mine, and I really didn't want her to go to jail for an accident. And that's what it was, Allie.

Alexandria: I know.

Phoebe: Well, you forgave my mom. Do you think you could forgive me, too?

Alexandria: Okay.

Phoebe: Thank you.

Jackie: What time is it?

Nick: About time for our meeting.

Jackie: That wedding could already have started.

Nick: I don't care, Mother.

Jackie: Nicky, you only get one chance. Don't let her slip through your fingers. Do something!

Thorne: Sweetheart, look.

Alexandria: It's not Christmas anymore.

Thorne: Oh, I know, but today is a very special day. And it's happening because of you.

Alexandria: It's gold!

Thorne: Yes, it is. It's a heart. Here, let's do this. I want to show you something, too. See, it's like I said. Mommy will always be in your heart. And mine, too, sweetheart. Here, turn around; let me put this on you.

Felicia: Hey.

Thorne: Hey.

Felicia: Mom called.

Thorne: Yeah?

Felicia: She said they were stuck on the tarmac for three full hours, and then when they were finally second in line for takeoff, all flights were grounded because of the weather.

Thorne: You're kidding me.

Felicia: No. She said the forecast isn't much better for tomorrow, either. She also said don't even think of postponing because of her.

Thorne: Well, she's the boss, huh? Well, I tell you what, your grandmother's going to miss the prettiest flower girl there ever was.

Jackie: Just a minute. Will you go? I'll handle the meeting. You know what a mistake Taylor is making.

Nick: It's out of my hands, Mother.

Jackie: Brooke is with Ridge, and despite what you don't say, I know this is painful for you. What if Taylor is your other chance? What if you both suddenly wake up tomorrow, and you know it, and it's too late?

Nick: Come in! Hey, don't get too comfortable. Some of you may be leaving real soon. You know what tomorrow is?

Clarke: Friday?

Nick: Tomorrow the Forresters unveil their new design business. I want you all to pay close attention. Their failure will define our success. And it's not going to be on an annual report. Their downfall and our business plan are one and the same. So if anyone here has a problem with that, say so now.

[Knocking at door]

Taylor: Come in.

Brooke: Can I help?

Taylor: Define help.

Brooke: Okay. Well, you don't need me to help you look gorgeous, because you do. And I'm not here to pour molasses in your shoes.

Taylor: Oh, well, that's one you've never tried before.

Brooke: But, since we're going to be sisters-in-law --

Taylor: Yes, I know. Who'd have thought?

Brooke: I would like to wish you every happiness.

Taylor: Thank you.

Brooke: If this is what you want.

Taylor: If you're here to peddle your theory about Nick and me, please, I'll take the molasses in my shoe. I already know that you gave Ridge an earful.

Brooke: I know, and Ridge is satisfied that I'm mistaken. What I was really talking about was that it's kind of a strange circumstance. It's not ideal. Everybody's thinking about Darla, and people don't really want to say so.

Taylor: Do you think I don't think of Darla every single day? That's all I've been doing is searching my conscience to make sure every single choice I'm making, that I'm doing the right thing.

Brooke: Thorne thinks you are, and Alexandria thinks you are.

Taylor: Well, that's all I want to do, is make them both happy.

We only grow the finest beans

Thorne: Ridge, by the way, is everything set for tomorrow?

Ridge: Oh, wait until you see the showroom.

Thorne: Is the paint even dry?

Ridge: Felicia has a way of keeping the contractors hopping.

Thorne: I can imagine. You know what? I know that Dad really needs this -- to be working and back in the public eye. I just wish he would have waited till the honeymoon was over. You know, it seems like it was only yesterday that I was in this exact room getting ready to marry Darla.

Ridge: Yeah. Now that you mention it, I -- I admit, I still feel really bad about the way I treated Darla all those years, when all she was just trying to do was stand up for you.

Thorne: You know what? Don't hold onto that, okay? She knew, Ridge, and she loved you.

Ridge: I hope you don't think it was Brooke or me that said anything to Hope about Taylor.

Thorne: No, no. You know, to tell you the truth, I'm glad it happened. It's always been a little hazy as to how Taylor and I were going to break -- break the news to her, anyway. So, at least now we don't have anything hanging over our heads.

Eric: Alexandria, did this?

Pamela: Yeah, look -- crayon. I didn't know if I should say anything to anyone. A child has a right to have private feelings too, and if Allie obviously doesn't want her father to get remarried, I just thought maybe it was something that should stay between them.

Eric: I think you're probably right about that. I'm just gonna lay this aside until they get back from their honeymoon, and then I'll show it to Thorne and let him know that they have a little more work to do.

Pamela: Okay.

Bridget: Hey, sweetheart, Taylor's asking to see you. Baby doll, I think they're about to start.

Alexandria: How long were you sad?

Bridget: Oh, honey, I'm not sad.

Alexandria: When your baby died.

Bridget: Oh, well, I was sad almost all the time, but then, you know, things kind of change. And you think that you're not sad anymore, and then one day you realize that you really are still very sad because you just miss that person so much. I know that you miss your mom a lot, but I know she misses you too.

Phoebe: I should dye my hair black.

Taylor: No! You're not going Goth on me.

Phoebe: Come on, let's get you dressed. We need to get you in this before the food's gone.

Taylor: Phoebe, honey, I wanted to talk to you about this. I wanted to know if you wouldn't mind. I know it would usually be your job, but I wanted to ask Allie if she would help me dress just so she could feel like a little bit more like a part of everything.

Phoebe: Yeah, I think it's a good idea. She's quiet today. Actually, everyone's kind of walking around depressed about Forrester Creations.

Taylor: Oh -- well you'll have to forgive me if my sympathy for the Forresters is a little bit limited. It's not like they'll ever be wanting for anything.

Phoebe: Why do you always defend him?

Taylor: I wasn't defending Nick, and if you ever think of dying your hair black, I'll have Jorge come over and put some dreads in there.

Phoebe: Okay.

Clarke: This is my shot, the chance I've been waiting for. Whatever your game plan is, I'm not going to walk away from it.

Donna: I want my sister to be happy, and she cast her lot with the Forresters, but I also know that Brooke can take care of herself and if we were throwing them out on the street in rags, well I'd have a problem with it, but nothing but their pride will be hurt if we win and they lose. I can't forget the way they jerked around my parents.

Storm: Amen to that.

Donna: Or the way they chewed me up and spat me out, so, yeah, I guess I'm in.

Storm: Out in the street in rags is okay with me.

Jackie: What, you're not questioning my loyalty?

Nick: What about Eric?

Jackie: Don't you tar him with the same brush. We could do worse than to have him here.

Clarke: Hey!

Nick: He'd have the rest of them through the door in a second.

Jackie: Yeah, I suppose you're right.

Nick: If any of you have any misgivings, I'll know. I suggest you all put your heads together, figure out a way we can diffuse all the attention they'll get tomorrow. I'll be back shortly.

Jackie: Nicky? Good luck.

Nick: Mother, I am dropping off the wedding gift as any grateful patient would. Actually, Taylor is the one that showed me I have spent most of my life wasting my time trying to keep people that I care about from making the mistakes that they would probably go ahead and make anyway, and today I'm not gonna do that.

Taylor: Hi, Allie. Is everything ready downstairs?

Alexandria: I think.

Taylor: Come on in, maybe you can help me. I thought maybe you'd like to help me dress. Usually that's what the maid of honor does, but Phoebe doesn't mind. I thought maybe you could help me because you're a person of honor.

Alexandria: Don't!

Taylor: What?

[Taylor gasps] Sheriff, the McSweeneys are tearing up the town !

Thorne: Alexandria did this?

Alexandria: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done it.

Thorne: Why did you?

Alexandria: I was mad. You can still get married. You have so many nice dresses.

Thorne: Allie, the dress isn't important, you are.

Alexandria: No, I'm not.

Taylor: We can't do this. We can't do this today.

Thorne: No, we can't. Not today. I'll go tell the others.

Taylor: Just don't make it sound like it's her fault.

Thorne: No, of course not.

Taylor: I don't want to go downstairs, okay? I don't want to be asked a lot of questions, I just want to go out the back and let the driver take me home, okay?

Thorne: Okay. You gonna be okay?

Taylor: Mm-hmm, I'm okay.

Thorne: All right.

Thorne: Hey, everyone. Listen, Taylor, Alexandra and I want to thank you for your patience. We're going to postpone the wedding. Mom and Grandmother really wanted to be here and we just -- we want everything to be perfect, so --

Eric: We understand, Thorne.

Pamela: But there's a certain roast beef that cannot be postponed. Allie, how would you like to help me in the kitchen?

Nick: Hi. I just came by to sneak a gift in. Shouldn't you be at the --?

Taylor: The wedding didn't happen.

Nick: Why not?

Taylor: It's too soon for Allie.

Nick: She did this?

Taylor: God, I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought I was doing the right thing for her, for Darla, for Thorne --

Nick: What about to you?

Taylor: I just -- I want to find some peace. I just thought maybe if I could fill this void that I've left in those people's lives --

Nick: People don't get married to fill voids.

Taylor: She's never going to accept me.

Nick: I'm sorry.

Taylor: I feel like such a fool.

Eric: Thorne --

Thorne: I'll be in a minute.

Eric: No, I want you to see this. Your Aunt Pamela found that in the den.

Thorne: How could I have misread my daughter so badly?

Eric: Because you wanted what you wanted and you wanted it so badly. You can't blame yourself for that.

Alexandria: Aunt Pamela says to carve the --

Thorne: Don't worry, Taylor didn't see this, okay?

Alexandria: I don't know why I'm so bad.

Thorne: Look at me -- you are not bad. You hear me? And I don't want you to ever say that again. You're hurt, Allie, and we all know what that feels like, okay? I love you, honey.

Nick: I know that it feels bad. It feels like the end of the world, but there are better things in store for you -- dreams you've never dreamt, feelings you've never felt. Just trust that it's gonna be okay.

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