B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/17/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/17/07


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[Taylor remembering]

Nick: You want to help Thorne and his daughter but it's out of obligation and guilt. It doesn't have the passion it takes for two people together to live the rest of their lives together.

[Knock on door]

Taylor: Oh, Ridge, hi.

Ridge: Sounds like you were deep in thought. I'm not surprised. Wedding tomorrow. You've got to have a million things on your mind.

Taylor: Yeah, well, the wedding's still a little bit up in the air.

Ridge: Taylor, I'm so sorry. I had no idea that Hope had any knowledge about your involvement with Darla's death.

Taylor: I just wish she'd been able to hear it from me.

Ridge: Yeah, how's she doing?

Taylor: She's a little confused, but I know she'll come around. And when she does then we'll have the wedding.

Ridge: Doesn't give a lot of time to get everything straightened out, does it?

Taylor: Well, if we have to we'll postpone it. But Thorne doesn't seem to think we'll need to.

Ridge: Feel the same way?

Taylor: We'll have to see how today goes.

Ridge: I bet everybody's over at the house by now.

Taylor: I know, I really do appreciate the whole family being there to come around Ally. This has to be the most difficult thing for a little girl to deal with.

Ridge: That's the only reason the wedding wouldn't happen, right? Well, Brooke just had this crazy thought in her heard that there's something going on with you and Nick. I mean, I know it's ridiculous. You know, it's probably just her imagination running wild, but you know -- it's totally out of line and all that stuff. There's absolutely no truth to it, right?

Florist: I only brought some of the things today. We'll be back first thing in the morning with the rest of the flowers.

Pamela: Okay, come whenever you want, we're all early risers in this house.

Florist: Okay, I'm gonna go check on what we'll need on the balcony.

Pamela: Okay, thanks so much. They look great!

Eric: Pam, it's going to be beautiful. Thank you for putting all this work into this big wedding tomorrow.

Pamela: It's my pleasure. Though it's more of Stephanie's forte than mine.

Eric: Yeah, well she's not here and you are. Besides she and your mother have their hands full putting together this abused women shelter in Chicago.

Pamela: They're going to be here in time for the ceremony tomorrow, right?

Felicia: If there is a ceremony tomorrow.

Eric: I spoke to Thorne this morning. He was very enthusiastic.

Felicia: And he's bringing Ally by?

Eric: Well, yeah.

Felicia: What does he want from us?

Eric: Number one, he wants us to put no pressure at all on Ally.

Felicia: But he wants us to talk to her?

Eric: He wants you to see that we've all forgiven Taylor.

Felicia: Doesn't mean Ally will.

Thorne: Hey, Dad.

Eric: Hey!

Thorne: Sis.

Eric: Hey, hey. Wow, Ally, look at this place. You see, it's just like we talked about last night. Look at all the flowers. And the chairs. And the pretty altar where dad and Taylor are going to get married tomorrow.

Alexandria: I wanna go home.

Nick: That is not what this interview is about. If you want to discuss the direction of the company, or the new line, fine. Otherwise, we have nothing to talk about.

Bridget: Hi.

Nick: Hi. You look beautiful.

Bridget: Thanks.

Nick: So, what does your family think about you over here fraternizing with the enemy?

Bridget: I'll never think of you like that Nick, you know that. Although my life would be much simpler if I could. Nick, I'm really sorry of what my family did to your mom about exposing her past -- it was just so incredibly wrong. Although looking at you sitting behind my father's desk doesn't seem incredibly right either.

Nick: Excuse me. Marone. No, I signed them. Yeah. Well, as soon as Brook's lawyer sees them I'm sure she'll sign them, too.

Bridget: Does that mean that you're going through with the divorce?

Nick: That's what it means.

Taylor: Brooke told you her theory.

Ridge: Yes she did. Is that all it is?

Taylor: About Nick and me?

Ridge: I know it sounds -- it sounds so --

Taylor: Absurd!

Ridge: Yeah, so tell me Brooke's completely whacked out of her mind.

Taylor: I'd rather not state the obvious. God, Thorne and I are getting married tomorrow.

Ridge: Doc, I'm not doubting your love for my brother. It's just that I think Nick would probably do anything to use this situation to his advantage. He's out to destroy our family any way he can.

Taylor: I don't believe that!

Ridge: He's threatened my mother. He's stolen our company.

Taylor: Nick is not trying to sabotaging this marriage! I'm not trying to be short with you. But everybody's waiting over at the house for us right now, including Ally, and Nick is the last person we should be talking about. Come on!

Bridget: I talked to mom. She said you were the one dragging your feet on the divorce.

Nick: I was.

Bridget: What happened?

Nick: I went to talk with Taylor -- a lot. Therapy, can you believe that? I never would've believed talking to her could have solved anything.

Bridget: But it did?

Nick: Yeah. It did. You know Bridget, I've sort of been at the helm my whole life wanting to take care of everything, everybody.

Bridget: And you've made the people that you care about feel so safe.

Nick: The truth is I really couldn't protect anyone -- especially your mother or my mother from Ridge and Stephanie.

Bridget: I'm sorry.

Nick: Well, don't be. It's actually a relief to know that there are some things in the world you just can't control.

Bridget: Yeah, like losing my mom. I'm sure that you'll always love her in your own way. I don't know that I thought this would ever really happen. But your moving past her and making it official.

Jackie: You gave Brooke the divorce? Hi, Bridget.

Bridget: Hi, Jackie.

Nick: I signed the papers yesterday.

Jackie: Well, that couldn't have been easy.

Nick: Well, I guess nothing's been easy for any of us lately, has it?

Thorne: Ally, what did we talk about last night? You know Taylor did not mean to hurt Mommy.

Alexandria: It's her fault Mommy's dead.

Felicia: Hey, Ally, sweetheart. Come here a minute. I want to tell you something if you don't mind, okay? Let's get comfy right there. You know what? I know how you're feeling. I do. When all this bad stuff happens you want to blame somebody. I know -- Aunt Felicia's done it her whole life. We think by having somebody to blame it will make all the bad stuff make sense. But, sweetie, what happened to your mommy will never make sense. It's not fair she's gone. But what Taylor did was an accident. Haven't you done something bad by accident you felt so sorry for? I know I have.

Pamela: Me, too, Ally. I think we all have.

Eric: Grandpa has too.

Felicia: You know, if you did something bad that hurt somebody by mistake, it wouldn't make you a bad person. Taylor's not a bad person either. And sweetie, I know you know that. Deep down you know that. You know how much she loves you and daddy.

Taylor: Hi, Ally. I know you're probably still upset with me and that's okay. But, whenever you want to talk to me, whenever you're ready, we can do that. Ally, if seeing all of this wedding stuff makes you angry -- we don't have to do this, you can say no. And this wedding doesn't have to happen.

Taylor: Ally, I can't bring your mommy back, honey. I wish I could, but I can't. I can't replace her. But I do want to help your daddy take care of you. And I want to be a part of your lives.

Thorne: I wouldn't have asked Taylor to marry me if I didn't think she was good for us.

Alexandria: You don't care what she did?

Thorne: I miss mommy. I miss her every day. And I'll never forget the life that we had or how happy we were. But Taylor makes me happy, too.

Alexandria: She makes me sad.

Thorne: I was sad for awhile. Then I forgave Taylor and things got better. Do you remember when I proposed how much fun it was? All the fun that we had planning the wedding together. If you forgive Taylor, honey, we can be that way again. But Taylor's right. If you don't want us to get married right now we can wait. We can wait as long as we have to.

Jackie: Feels like the end of a beautiful era to me.

Bridget: Well, maybe Nick's sessions with Taylor just helped him let go.

Jackie: Yes, she certainly did help him. Wish she could do the same for me.

Bridget: Jackie, I'm so sorry for what Stephanie did to you.

Jackie: Thank you.

Bridget: If she hadn't exposed your past like that, I actually think my mom and dad would be running Forrester right now.

Jackie: I hope you're not here to plead their case.

Bridget: No. No of course not. I was just here to see Nick, I haven't seen him in for awhile. You, actually. How have you been? Headaches?

Jackie: Oh, they're off and on.

Bridget: Still? I'm so sorry to hear that.

Jackie: That's so sweet of you to be concerned. After all your family is going through so much. Nicky told me about Ally. What a shock!

Bridget: Yeah, to Thorne and Taylor as well. Like all this the day before the wedding.

Jackie: Are they gonna postpone the wedding?

Bridget: No, last I heard it was still on.

Jackie: Really? That doesn't give Ally very much time to process what she's learned.

Bridget: I think the family just gonna give her all the love and support that they can.

Jackie: Still, I mean, to forge ahead with the wedding at possibly the expense of Ally's well-being?

Nick: They should stop and think about why they're getting married in the first place.

Jackie: Nicky thinks that Taylor is marrying Thorne out of a misplaced sense of guilt.

Bridget: So do I actually. I -- don't get me wrong. I think that they love each other. I just don't think that's why they're getting married.

Jackie: You think it's a mistake?

Bridget: I wasn't going to say anything when I found out about Ally. Everyone seemed so upset about her. It didn't make sense. But, you know, my opinion of the child as upset as she is, maybe their marriage just isn't meant to be. I really need to just get going. Do you mind walking me out?

Nick: Sure.

Bridget: It was good to see you, Jackie.

Jackie: You too, Bridget.

Nick: It was great to see Bridget -- you all right? You having one of those headaches again?

Jackie: It breaks my heart. Your marriage to Brooke ending.

Nick: I don't want to talk about this.

Jackie: But you must be devastated. I know how much you love Brooke.

Nick: Things change.

Jackie: Maybe that's why Taylor came into your life. To help you find peace.

Nick: Well, if she'd listen to me, I'd love to return the favor.

Jackie: Have you talked to her about Thorne?

Nick: I've tried.

Jackie: Well, maybe it's time to do something more than talk. I mean, I'm not suggesting that you rush into anything with Taylor. But, women like her don't come along very often, Nicky. And I know that you have a connection with her.

Nick: I thought that you wanted me to be connected with Brooke?

Jackie: Taylor understands you. With Brooke, you had chemistry. I know that but --

Nick: Well, she's special. She's a beautiful woman.

Jackie: Nicky, you have to do something!

Nick: No. No more riding in on white horses. I've tried that and it doesn't have a happy ending.

Jackie: I am not suggesting that you and go and propose to the woman, but you've got to stop this wedding. You have to give yourself a chance to explore this.

Nick: Mother, I have expressed my concerns to the woman. Now if she wants to go through with this, that's fine -- it's her mistake to make.

Jackie: Taylor wants you to do this, Nicky. She wants you to do this. You've got to stop this marriage and if you don't do it, somebody else does!

Taylor: It's okay, Ally. If you want to cancel, all you have to do is say so.

Alexandria: If you don't get married -- the flowers will die.

Thorne: We'll get new ones.

Alexandria: Can I take them home?

Taylor: Sure, if you want.

Alexandria: They'll look pretty on the deck.

Thorne: You want to go back to the beach house?

Felicia: Hey sweetie. Would you like to pick out your favorite flowers?

Pamela: Here's a really pretty almost pink one.

Thorne: It's okay. She just needs more time.

Taylor: She doesn't want this, Thorne.

Alexandria: Is Daddy sad?

Eric: He'll be all right, honey.

Alexandria: He wants to marry Taylor.

Ridge: Only if you're ready.

Alexandria: I don't want him to be sad. Here. You need these for the wedding tomorrow.

Taylor: You don't want us to wait?

Alexandria: I want Daddy to be happy.

Taylor: Honey, you know if your daddy and I get married we'll all three be living together.

Alexandria: Okay.

Thorne: Oh, sweetie. That's great! I love you so much, honey.

Alexandria: I love you, too, Daddy.

Thorne: Can you give Taylor a hug?

Alexandria: Okay. Can I color now?

Thorne: Yeah, your crayons are in the den.

Felicia: All right! Come with me! Let's go color!

Eric: Wow.

Thorne: I know, can you believe that?

Eric: She's a very mature young lady. You should be very proud of her.

Taylor: She does seem to be coming around.

Thorne: And tomorrow, you're going to become Mrs. Thorne Forrester. We're going to be a family.

Jackie: Nicky, you can't let Taylor go through with this marriage.

Nick: Mother, if Taylor and Thorne are meant to be married then so be it. I am not going to be the one to come between them.

Thorne: Ally? You doing okay?

Alexandria: Fine, Daddy.

Thorne: What are you doing?

Alexandria: Coloring.

Thorne: Yeah, okay. You need anything I'll be right outside, okay?

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