B&B Transcript Thursday 1/11/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 1/11/07


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[Doorbell rings]

Jackie: I have absolutely nothing to say! You can write whatever you want to sell your bloody papers! Go away!

Eric: Jackie, it's Eric.

Let me in.

I want to see you.

Jackie: Eric, before you say anything, there's something that you have to know. What Nick did, selling his Marone shares to buy Forrester Creations was just as much a surprise to me as it had to be for you. But of course, that's not why you're here, is it. No, you've come to tell me what you think of me. Now that I've been exposed as a prostitute.

Eric: Jackie, you think I give a damn about something you did to survive 30 years ago? Don't you know me better than that? We've all done things in our past that we've looked back on with sorrow and regrets. Those things do not define who we are today. And you are just this wonderful, beautiful, stunning accomplished woman, whose life has been shattered by something my wife and my sons did to you. Which I deeply, deeply regret.

Jackie: Oh, Eric.

Eric: Just so you know, when Stephanie gets back from Palm Springs, she and I are going to have it out about this. Of course, I wanted my company back, but never -- not like this, not at your expense.

Jackie: You could be saying such a wonderful things after you just lost your company again -- ohh!

Eric: Jackie? Jackie, are you all right?

Jackie: I'm fine. I just -- I need my pills.

Eric: Then come sit -- come sit down.

Jackie: They're in the study. They're in my purse in the study.

Eric: All right.

Jackie: Oh, thank you.

Eric: I'll get them.

Jackie: Thank you. Thank you. I'll be fine. Thank you.

Stephanie: Oh, I would have stopped by sooner, but I've been out of town.

Jackie: Hiding out, I heard.

Stephanie: Why would I be hiding? No, I came by because I just wanted to see the look on your face when you found out that we got our company back. Or haven't you heard?

Jackie: I think that it's you that hasn't heard.

Hope: Katie's mom was talking about it. It's true. Taylor ran over your mommy.

Alexandria: Take it back.

Hope: It's what my friend heard.

Alexandria: Your friend heard wrong.

Hope: Taylor didn't hit Aunt Darla with her car?

Alexandria: No. Taylor's nice. She wouldn't hurt my mommy. Daddy wouldn't marry her if she did.

Brooke: I'm relieved to hear you say that.

Taylor: I love Thorne. I mean, of course he's my priority.

Brooke: Even though you're continuing to spend time with Nick.

Taylor: I've explained that.

Brooke: You feel you owe him something.

Taylor: I've explained that too.

Brooke: Well, I'm sure that you're not the first psychiatrist to develop feelings for --

Taylor: Brooke, whatever you're insinuating --

Brooke: I am not insinuating anything. Nick is a very attractive man. You wouldn't be human if you didn't notice that.

Taylor: Wow, if I didn't know better, I'd think you studied psychology in school, too.

Alexandria: I'm tired of coloring. May I go to my room now?

Taylor: You don't want to have cookies and milk with Hope?

Alexandria: I'm not hungry.

Hope: Me either.

Brooke: Sweetheart, is something wrong? Okay, well -- we've got to go anyway. So, why don't you say thank you to Aunt Taylor and Ally, okay?

Hope: Thank you.

Taylor: You're welcome. Come back and see us soon, okay?

Brooke: We'll show ourselves out. Thanks, Taylor.

Taylor: Ally, are you okay? Didn't you have fun with Hope? Honey, what is it?

Alexandria: Hope, she said something to me. It wasn't very nice.

Jackie: I wouldn't be so smug, Stephanie. Things aren't always as they appear.

Stephanie: That's true isn't it? Like you, everyone thought you were a lady and you were a prostitute.

[Shame on you sounding] Have you no shame?

Jackie: What I have is no use for you --

Stephanie: It goes both ways. I'm on my way to the airport I actually just stopped by to gloat. I'm picking my sister up, she's going to spend a little time here. I'm going to go to Chicago visit my mother but before I go, we're going to have one bang up celebration, now that we have the company back.

Eric: We don't have the company back.

Stephanie: Eric? What are you doing here?

Eric: How's your headache? Is it better?

Jackie: Thank you.

Stephanie: What did you just say to me?

Eric: We don't have the company back. It's not ours. And it never will be again probably, because of you.

Stephanie: What are you talking about?

Eric: Your little scheme backfired. The only thing it really accomplished was to make her son more livid than he already was. Now he's come back at us with a vengeance.

Stephanie: What does that mean?

Eric: The new owner of Forrester Creations is not our family -- it's Nick Marone. And you have no one to blame but yourself.

Taylor: Sweetheart, sometimes friends say things that really hurt our feelings, but they don't mean to. It's a -- misunderstanding. You know what that is, right?

Alexandria: May I go wash my hands?

Taylor: Yeah, honey, but -- I'm surprised to see you home. I thought you'd be over there for with the big celebration. Thorne?

Thorne: Nick sold all of his Marone stock. Bought Forrester Creations before we could make an offer -- payback for what we did to his mother. You were right, Taylor. We should've been more patient, we should have let you bring him around. But instead, we've created an enemy for life. And there's no way Nick will ever let go of Forrester Creations. And I knew -- I knew in my gut that it was wrong. To expose what Nick confided in you. But it's just -- I just wanted to get this company back so bad for my father that I didn't think. You know -- I just jumped right in. I realize that sounds like an excuse --

Taylor: It sounds like a son who loves his father very much.

Thorne: It was wrong, Taylor. It was hurtful. And not just to Nick and Jackie but to you -- I betrayed your trust, disappointed you. And for that I am very, very sorry. I know that saying I'm sorry doesn't fix everything but --

Taylor: No, it's okay. I know you got caught up in something. And what's done is done. It's in the past. We just have to move forward -- together.

Thorne: So does that mean you still want to marry me?

Taylor: What do you think?

Thorne: I think I'm the luckiest man in the world to have you in my life. And that I will never, ever let anything come between us again. She has astigmatism.

Eric: Nick bought back the company before we could.

Stephanie: But, but -- the board they told --

Eric: Nick made a better offer.

Stephanie: Well where the hell were you?

Eric: The point is -- you couldn't let Taylor handle this thing. You had to pull another one of your stunts.

Stephanie: No the point is that Nick told me he'd cut his arm off before he'd let us own Forrester again, for God's sakes I had to do something. You were becoming more and more depressed everyday. You'd had your life's work. Your sense of yourself stolen, because of me. I thought I had to do something.

Eric: You thought you had publicly humiliate Jackie?

Stephanie: Yes! If necessary.

Eric: God! Nobody stands up to your moral code do they? And if they don't they're absolutely fair game. I thought you had changed -- I thought you had a real break through but I guess you haven't. I don't think you're really capable of change.

Stephanie: Of course I've changed. But I'm not going to discuss this in front of her. We can talk about it privately when I come back from Chicago.

Eric: Chicago?

Stephanie: Yes I thought that I could go there but obviously I've -- Pam's coming for a visit, I'm going to go see mother. But maybe I should stay --

Eric: Don't bother.

Jackie: What Eric means Stephanie is -- that he can't stand the sight of you right now. And if he needs support, I'll be here for him.

Stephanie: Oh shut up Jackie. Of course you'll support him and hold out your hand for payment.

Eric: Stop it, Stephanie, stop it right now! You've inflicted enough damage on Jackie!

Stephanie: On Jackie? What hell's the matter with you? What about the damage she and her son have inflicted on s? Our family!

Eric: You need to go, now.

Stephanie: I'll see you at home.

Brooke: You were awfully quiet on the way home, sweetheart. Are you sure you're all right?

Hope: Ally's mad at me.

Brooke: About what? Honey, you can tell me. What is Alexandria so upset with you about?

Taylor: Nick called just before you got in and he didn't mention anything about any of this.

Thorne: What did he want?

Taylor: Well he said you'd just left, and that he wanted to talk to me.

Thorne: He asked you to you to come see him?

Taylor: Yea, I guess he just wanted to explain his side of things.

Thorne: Including why he doesn't think you don't really love me.

Taylor: Well he didn't have any right to say that. If anything, I feel like I don't deserve to be with you. I do love you, Thorne. I want to marry you. I want to make a home with you and with Ally and with my children. That is what I want. It really is what I want.

[Ally remembering]

Hope: Taylor killed your mommy.

Thorne: Hey sweetheart. Come here and give daddy a hug. Come on. Hey, is something wrong? You don't seem like yourself.

Taylor: Just before you came in, Ally and I were about to talk about her problem that happened earlier. I think Hope said something that upset her.

Thorne: Honey, what happened? What did Hope say? Sweetheart, you can tell Daddy.

Pam: All settled in. Steph --

Stephanie: I'm sorry I'm just a little preoccupied.

Pamela: Yes I noticed on the drive back from the airport.

Stephanie:  I apologize, Pammy. (Sighs)  Everything backfired. We didn't get the company, and Eric is furious with me.  All because of that bitch, Jackie.

Pamela: Who's Jackie?

Stephanie:  Jackie Marone. She's...some whore who's been after him for years, and now she's being even more brazen about it.

Pamela: She's putting moves on Eric?

Pamela: Yes. You think you could help me, Pam?

Jackie: You know, now that the truth is out, it's surprisingly freeing.

Eric:  Freeing? In what way?

Jackie: I was convinced that I would never be able to show my face in public again, I'd be too ashamed. Because of you, I realize that I don't have to live my life with a paper bag over my head. So what if people whisper behind my back? Right? My son has forgiven me, and now you have. And that is all that matters. And everybody else, they can go to hell. And that includes your wife. And you can tell her I said so when she gets back from Chicago.

Eric:  Hmm.

Jackie: Right now mister, you better be forewarned, that I intend to do everything -- and I do mean everything -- in my power to remind you of just how good we were together.

Pam:  What exactly do you want me to do?

Stephanie: Well, keep an eye on her.  Just -- just keep her away from Eric if she shows up here.

Pam:  I will.

Stephanie: My marriage means everything to me. Can you please help me? Just try and...I need you to keep that whore away from my husband.

Thorne:  Come on.  Sweetheart, listen.  Whatever this is about, you know you can talk to me, right? And Taylor, too, who loves you and she only wants to help, right?

Taylor:  I was telling Ally that sometimes even best friends fight.

Thorne: Yeah. Is that what happened? You and Hope got in a little fight?

Taylor:  It's okay, Ally. It's not like you're trying to get Hope in trouble.  You're not tattling on her or anything.

Thorne: Are you worried that if you say something, you might get Hope in trouble?

Ally: Hope lied. Lying is wrong.

Thorne: Yes, lying is wrong, but--

[Phone ringing]

Taylor: Hello?

Brooke: Taylor, hi, this is Brooke. I need to tell you something that happened. Hope told Ally that you --

Taylor: Well we're trying to get into that right now. We're trying to take care of that problem. I'll call you back in a little bit.

Thorne: Sweetie, what did Hope not tell the truth about?

Alexandria: Mommy's accident.

Thorne: You and Hope were talking about the accident?

Alexandria: I miss Mommy.

Thorne: Oh, sweetheart I miss Mommy too. Very much, there's not a day goes by that I don't think about her.

Taylor: Ally, we all miss your mommy so much --

Thorne: Honey, tell me exactly what hope said that made you so upset?

Alexandria: She said Taylor killed Mommy. But that's not true, is it? Taylor wasn’t driving the car that killed mommy. Right Taylor?

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