B&B Transcript Monday 1/8/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 1/8/07


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[Reporters shouting]

Jackie: How could you, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Oh, you blackmail my family and you thought there would be no consequences?

Jackie: You'll lose more than I will. You will lose Eric.

[Stephanie gasps]

Stephanie: Oh, my goodness, you're right. You might be interested in you on an hourly basis. I'll have to find a way to discourage that.

Jackie: He doesn't know?

Stephanie: But he will now.

[Reporters shouting]

Nick: It wasn't enough, was it? What you did to us then.

Captain Kramer: Nicky, she told me Jackie was looking forward to seeing me.

Reporter 1: Is that Kramer with a C or a K?

[Reporters shouting]

Nick: Guards! Get him out of here! I want him out of here.

Captain Kramer: Easy, easy.

Reporter 1: How long ago was your relationship with Jackie Payne?

Jarrett: And was relationship, actually the right word?

Donna: Clearly, there's no truth to this smear you just witnessed. I'm sure you all recognize the voice of Stephanie Forrester.

Nick: Where is she?

Donna: Their family took top dollar for the company. Now, they want to sabotage it.

Reporter 1: But, obviously, this Kramer was no stranger?

Jarrett: Nick, who is this man and what was he to your mother?

Nick: Nothing. He's no one and he's nothing. Just like all of you.

[Reporters shouting]

[Flashbulbs flashing]

Taylor: How can you do this to him?

Ridge: Don't be silly. There's no telling what Nick when he figures how we know about Kramer.

Taylor: You should have thought that before.

Thorne: I thought you were in Santa Barbara?

Taylor: Did you see what just happened up there?

Clarke: Hey, hey -- how'd you do that? I thought we were friends?

Thorne: Well, so did I, until you decided to help Nick Marone get away with robbing our company.

Clarke: For that, you cold-cocked me? If you told me what you were up to, I might have been in on it.

Jarrett: So, Nick, you were getting to understand that Massimo Marone was your father?

Donna: Our ceo is no longer taking questions --

Jarrett: Can you be sure that he wasn't one of these other men? I mean, what was the timeline here?

Donna: I'll be happy to speak with you all outside. Show's over.

Stephanie: Jacqueline?

Jackie: What do you want?

Stephanie: I thought, perhaps, I could reason with you.

Jackie: You are just completely mad.

Taylor: Jackie. Jackie, I can not begin to tell you --

Jackie: And you? You know what the biggest mistake of my life was? It was encouraging my son to trust himself to you.

Stephanie: No, wait a moment. She didn't betrayal any professional confidences --

Jackie: Like hell.

Taylor: Why did I trust you?

Stephanie: Well, why would you trust nick to give us back the company?

Taylor: Oh, to hell with the company. She already knew you hated her. You're the one that stuck a knife in my back! How could you do this to me? How could you do this to me?

Jackie: Is there a back way out of here?

Rita: Back there.

Jackie: Thanks.

[Reporters talking]

Jackie: No, no, -- will you stop filming me? Please, out. Just leave, okay? You're trespassing. I've had enough. Leave me alone.

Ridge: Quite a show, George?

Vijay: Not a happy day for Marone Industries.

George: I almost called you when the Forrester proposal first came before us. But since, you're no longer on the Marone board, and it was an executive session --

Suzanne: Clearly, there are issues with your family that we were not made aware of.

Ridge: Well, your ceo did a number on all of you. On us too.

George: That might irrelevant, as long as the acquisition was to our advantage. But this, was a disaster. Public relation wise and every other way.

Ridge: Well, you put a guy that could barely coordinate his socks in charge of a fashion house, what do you expect?

George: I believe it's time to call an emergency session of the board.

Ridge: If you all do decide to divest yourself of Forrester before your fearless leader drives into chapter 11, give us a call.

George: Nick, that exhibition today --

Nick: Save it. Where's my mother?

Ridge: You might check the elevator shafts. Oh, and George is calling an emergency meeting of your board. I don't think they're going to have much of an appetite for the fashion world after today.

Nick: You just keep doing what you do best. Hiding behind mommy's skirts.

Stephanie: I promise you, from this moment on, I will protect you. And I've made it imminently crystal clear that you had no idea what was going on --

Taylor: I don't care about my license. I don't care about my reputation. I care about what you did to those two people.

Stephanie: Those two people? Where does your loyalty lie?

Taylor: I don't know. You know what? Maybe I better think about that. It suited you just fine to cut me out of your life when you wanted to. And then you paired me off with one son, and then the other.

Stephanie: Oh, you don't really believe that?

Taylor: Oh, yes I do. And now you've used me. You've taken advantage of me. And I'll tell you it's not for the first time, but it's definitely for the last. If this is what being your best friend is, you can count me out.

Ridge: They're gone. The reporters. At least, I think they are. Oh, a few of them want to know if you were going to be unveiling a Jackie's bedroom line.

Jackie: To think, that I used to feel sorry for you.

Ridge: It didn't stop you from snatching my career out from under me, did it?

Jackie: You know, I guess I never noticed how much like your mother you are. The amorality, the pleasure that you take in other people's pain --

Ridge: Well, Jackie, you have no one to blame, but yourself. You and your bastard son.

Jackie: Your brother.

Ridge: Half. So, I guess you'll be needing some new offices, huh? Somewhere else?

Jackie: You haven't won yet.

Ridge: Make the offices real cozy, that way you can meet your sea captains there.

Captain Kramer: This is Jackie's office.

Stephanie: Not for long.

Captain Kramer: Where is she?

Stephanie: Oh, down the deepest, darkest hole that she could find, I would imagine. Captain, not to add insult to injury, but what do you want? Money?

Captain Kramer: You lied through your teeth to get me here. You parade me around like a damn porn star. And then you stand there and insult me?

Stephanie: Forgive me, but as far as I'm concerned, the ends justify the means in this case.

Captain Kramer: Ah, then what does who a woman slept with 30 years ago have to do with whether she can sell a damn dress or not?

Stephanie: You know, I can stand here and talk ad nauseam, but I could not possibly make you understand what this company and the principles it stands for mean to me.

Captain Kramer: I see. I see. You're doing this for the high moral standards. T me tell you something, lady. I may have done some really lousy things in my life, but when it comes to pure nasty, I couldn't hold a candle to you.

Stephanie: Bon Vonage, Captain.

Nick: You are such a bitch. Where's my mother?

Stephanie: She was here. But I believe she left.

Nick: And what are you doing hiding in her office?

Stephanie: Oh, I'm not.

Nick: Why couldn't you come after me? Just me and make it a fair fight.

Stephanie: And what was fair about you blackmailing Eric?

Nick: You had a choice. You choose to sell.

Stephanie: Eric had no choice. And I didn't sell.

Nick: You think this changes anything?

Stephanie: Oh yes, I do, Nick. I think a very conservative company like Marone Industries, that board is not going to let you flush millions down the toilet.

Nick: Well, you don't know me very well at all.

Stephanie: Taylor did not betrayal any professional confidence. She had no part in this. She had no part in this.

Taylor: You really -- you really don't want to talk me right now.

Thorne: Taylor, they were going to do it with or without me.

Taylor: And you saw that as your only choice? To either be in or to be out? What about telling them it was wrong? What about telling me what was going on? What about telling me what they were planning?

Thorne: I guess I didn't think it was wrong. Taylor, my father built this business from the ground up.

Taylor: I am so sick of hearing that. You know, nobody's going hungry if your father retires.

Thorne: And neither will Nick Marone. All we did was tell the truth.

Taylor: Airing somebody's dirty laundry is not telling the truth about them.

Thorne: You are at no legal risk, okay? I made damn sure of that, Taylor.

Taylor: I don't think you understand anything about me. My sense of obligations has nothing to do with my earning a living. You know, at the very least, I would have thought your obligations to me would have meant something.

Thorne: Can we just talk about this at home?

Taylor: No, no, no. I'm going to get myself home.

Nick: Well --

Taylor: Nick.

Nick: Tell me, how's the guilt-ridden romance going now? No offense, Thorne. But I guess you finally made it up to him, haven't you? My mother for his dead wife. Well done.

Thorne: He had no right to say that.

Taylor: Oh, why not? It's what you thought, too. Oh, Taylor will be upset. But she owes me. But she owes me.

[Nick remembering]

Nick: Bastard! Bastard!

Jackie: Nicky? Nicky, no! No, no --

Stephanie: The real showstopper of today's event is the handsome sea captain on the runway Captain Jerry Kramer. And did you know that Ms. Jackie Marone was his number one prostitute?

[Reporters shouting]

Taylor: Nick? Nick, Nick, wait. Wait! Please. Please.

Captain Kramer: I am so sorry.

Jackie: Why are you here? Why aren't you dead?

Captain Kramer: She said -- she said she was your friend.

Jackie: Friend?

Captain Kramer: She said you were looking forward to seeing me.

Jackie: Why in God's name would I ever want to see you again?

Captain Kramer: All right, maybe I was a fool to fall for it. Maybe that's because there were things I wanted to say to you all these years.

Jackie: You know, jerry, there's been something that I wanted to say to you too, all these years.

Captain Kramer: Well, you haven't lost your touch, kid. You slapped me once before. If memory serves me, we made love right after that.

Jackie: Yeah, we may have made something, jerry, but it wasn't love.

Captain Kramer: Look -- look, I saw you and your kid, you were in a situation and I wanted to help out. All right, maybe I picked the wrong way to help, but that's what I was trying to do.

Jackie: I hope it fills you with a huge sense of accomplishment! Go!

Captain Kramer: There's something I never told you, then. I was married. You filled my head with thoughts that a married man is not supposed to think. I don't know, maybe it was -- I had to give you money because I couldn't give you what I really wanted.

Jackie: Well, no one's paying me to look at you now, jerry. Get out. Get out.

Captain Kramer: You're looking great, kid. Looking great, kid.

Ridge: The press is all over this story, mother. The Marone board wants out. I can smell it.

Stephanie: And there you are, Thorne, what do you hear?

Thorne: We could get the company back in less than a month.

Stephanie: Where's Taylor? Are you all right?

Thorne: What good is getting Forrester back to me if I lose Taylor? I should have gone to her and told her what was going to happen.

Ridge: Don't get carried away here.

Stephanie: I'm sorry, honey. I should have protected -- we should have never involved him in this. I'm so sorry. I know she's really angry with all of us, but you cannot let this come between the two of you. You.

Nick: What? You're not quite finished with me yet?

Taylor: I didn't know what they were doing. I had no idea they would do this.

Nick: They couldn't do it without you. I must say you definitely earned your Forrester stripes today. One of these two will be lined up to marry you the rest of your life. I got to hand it to you, it was a hell of a strategy.

Taylor: It wasn't a strategy.

Nick: The hell it wasn't. You told me from the very beginning you were on a crusade to get their company back to them. I'm the fool here. I'm the one that trusted you.

Taylor: Stephanie overhead me dictated notes from our session. My office was closed. I didn't know she was standing there. I had no idea. You weren't a fool to trust me. It was wrong for me to trust her.

Nick: So, she found out by accident? But you still knew.

Taylor: I thought I was alone. I didn't know she overheard me, but when I did, I told her. I made it very clear that she was not to say a word to anybody. I warned her. Believe me --

Nick: Why wouldn't you warn me? I could have my guard up. I could protect myself. You left us hung out to dry.

Taylor: I guess I thought I would get in the way.

Nick: The way of what?

Taylor: I made a mistake. I let my feelings for you become more important to me.

Nick: Do you know what it was like to see that man again, in that uniform? Right there, Stephanie say those things and everyone else in the world, seeing it and hearing it, too?

Taylor: If it's any conciliation, I feel as betrayed as you do, almost --

Nick: Well, it's not. Damn it! Why did you have to do this? Why did you have to go back in my past and dig all this crap up again?

Taylor: I will make it up to you, Nick. I can't tell you how, I don't know, but nothing will be more important to me. I will make it up to you, Nick.

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