B&B Transcript Friday 1/5/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/5/07


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Clarke: Looks like the press is arriving. All right everybody, it's show time.

Jackie: Remember Clarke, less is more. Our clients need to see sophistication, elegance, class. Most of all class.

Nick: Listen to what she says, she knows what she's talking about.

Clarke: Class is my middle name, don't worry.

Nick: George how are you? Like what you see far?

George: Not exactly organized back here.

[Nick laughing]

Nick: Don't worry, what happens back here is not what happens out on stage, believe me.

George: This show better prove Forrester Creations to be an asset, inline with Marone Industries conservative values or the rope you've been giving on this deal turns into a noose.

Nick: George, if I'd known you'd be so morbid around gorgeous women I'd never let you back here. Come on, relax a little bit, enjoy. Ready for the show. How we doing?

[Jackie gasps]

[Jackie laughing] Sorry.

Jackie: I'm fine.

Nick: I hope you're fine. Just remember something now, it's been a ruff few days, a rough week. It's over right?

Jackie: You've forgiven me.

Nick: The past is the past. This is our future together.


Ridge: All right, we're all set.

Stephanie: Any problems?

Ridge: Rita and Davis are on board, Thorne's over at Forrester right now, getting things ready there.

Stephanie: Good, I have this article I want you to see.

Ridge: Dad doesn't know anything about what were doing right?

Stephanie: Oh no, he'd never approve.

Ridge: Where is he?

Stephanie: Well, he read this and then he took a long drive up the coast. I don't know how far he'll go.

Ridge: "Mother and son team Jacqueline and Dominic Marone present their first line featuring designs like Clarke Garrison. Aye aye, Captain. All eyes are on Forrester runway, and the illustrious Eric Forrester apparently left dead in the water." Oh, tell me that I'm dreaming here, 'cause this is a nightmare.

Stephanie: No, it is a nightmare. I just hope that this is going to push the entire show right over the edge, embarrass the board and force them -- force them to make nick sell the company back to your father.


Jarrett: There she is.

Danica: Today's the day, Jackie. Are you ready for the show?

Nick: Hang on a second. I'll take it from here, Mother. Bring that camera over here, okay? I've got a little sneak preview for you. Excuse me, dear. Right along here, come on. Clarke, you ready?

Clarke: Right over here, come on. Come on, ladies.

Nick: This way. Just set up right over here. Thanks, Clarke.

Clarke: Donna, Donna, Donna.

Nick: Thank you very much. Take over.

Jarrett: So, Nick, how is it that you and your mother are in charge of Forrester Creations?

Danica: I can not imagine Eric ever selling.

Nick: Now, no we're not discussing the Forresters today. This is not about them.

Jarrett: So, why the secrecy over the sale?

Nick: Like I said, the Forresters are gone. My mother and I are in charge now.

Jarrett: Well, what should we expect for Forrester Creations now, then, with a crusty old sailor at the wheel?

Nick: Well, I've given the wheel to her. She's in charge.

Jackie: We're very proud of everything that we've done. In fact, I think that we've elevated Forrester Creations to new heights of sophistication.

Jarrett: Still, it's a different company, isn't it, with Eric's perfectionism, Ridge's flair, Thorne' hard work?

Danica: Not to mention Brooke Logan's influence.

Nick: Donna Logan has filled Brooke's heels.

Jarrett: But Donna is --

Nick: She's as committed and professional as anybody I've ever worked with. That's the new face of Forrester Creations. And Jackie Marone's in charge. Today will be a day to remember, because of her.


Ridge: Dad's not going to like what we're going to do here. Taylor as well.

Stephanie: I know, I know. But once your father's back where he belongs, running the business, passing his legacy on to his grandchildren, he's going to be very happy and Taylor's going to understand. It's the best thing that we could have done.

Ridge: Now you're sounding like the mother protecting her pride again.

Stephanie: I don't know about that. But for those two S.O.B.ís to walk into our company and think they could steal it from us was a big mistake. This little power play of Jackie and Nick's is going to backfire, big time.

Nick: Let me first off start by thanking everyone for all of your efforts. So, thank you very much. And secondly, you all look absolutely beautiful today.

Jackie: They do.

Nick: If there's any reason to be in the fashion business, it's because of this moment right here. I know it's been a strange transition for all of us the last few weeks. But I think we're on the verge of something very exciting. We're combining the sophistication, the elegance and the class of Forrester Creations with the conservative values of Marone Industries. Strange bedfellows, but that's where we are. And I'm putting it all in your hands, so we can only ask that you give your best and give them a hell of a show. What do you say, huh?

[All together] Go, Forrester!


George: I just came from backstage.

Vijay: How's it going back there?

George: It seems chaotic to me, but Nick said it was going to be fine.

Suzanne: We'll see. We'll see.


Stephanie: Isn't it ironic that at just this moment, the information about Jackie would come out? Talk about the chickens coming home to roost.

[Knocking at door] And here's the man of the hour.

Captain Kramer: Good morning, Stephanie. Ridge --

Ridge: Captain.

Captain Kramer: I'm sorry I'm a little late. I had to let the old uniform out. It took a little longer than I thought.

Stephanie: Well, believe me, it was worth it. You look so handsome.

Captain Kramer: Are you sure she's going to be happy to see me?

Stephanie: Oh, yes. Come on, we're going to go. The driver's waiting. Are you coming with us, or are you taking your own car?

Ridge: I'll meet you there.

Stephanie: Okay. Don't you leave me in the lurch. I don't want you to miss this show.


Suzanne: Very glamorous.

Vijay: Remember, we're about the bottom line.

George: I'm afraid the bottom's we see today might be the kind that make our shareholders uncomfortable. There better not be any wardrobe malfunctions.

Jarrett: You know, the Forresters always watch from backstage.

Nick: Did they? Well, we're not Forresters.


Clarke: Thank you. And welcome to the debut show of the new Forrester Creations. We are thrilled to have you here today for a show that promises to be like no other.

[Applause] Thank you. And I'd like to introduce two people, without whom none of this would have been possible. Ladies and gentlemen, Nick and Jackie Marone.

[Applause] You know what you expect from Forrester. Glamour, elegance, style. Ladies and gentlemen, the cruise line!


Jackie: It's wonderful.


Ridge: Taylor --

Taylor: Hi. You look surprised to see me.

Ridge: Thorne mentioned you were in Santa Barbara at a conference.

Taylor: Well, it wrapped up early, so I thought I'd come by and see if I could cheer up Eric.

Ridge: He's not here.

Taylor: Is everything okay?

Ridge: Doc, we need to talk.

Taylor: What is it?

Ridge: I know about Jackie. I know she was a prostitute.

Taylor: Stephanie told you?

Ridge: Yeah.

Taylor: Where is she?

Ridge: Doc --

Taylor: Where is she, damn it?


Stephanie: Thorne -- hi, honey, this is Captain Kramer. Captain Kramer, this is my second son, Thorne.

Captain Kramer: How do you do?

Thorne: Hi, nice to meet you.

Stephanie: Oh, the show has started, great. Come, sit down, and you can watch it right here on the monitor. Excuse us just a moment. Did Davis leave the door open for us?

Thorne: Yeah, Rita's waiting, too.

Stephanie: Oh, good.

Captain Kramer: Wow. Jackie -- still so lovely.

Stephanie: Yes, she is.

[Stephanie whispering] And still the same tramp. But the world's going to find out all about that today, Miss Jacqueline.



Nick: I'd say we've got a hit here, George. Maybe there's a tie-in, buy a fleet of cruise ships.

Suzanne: I like it.

George: We wait for sales reports before we go buying anything else.

Nick: Sales are going to be just fine. Congratulations. We beat the Forresters at their own game.



Taylor: This isn't a game, Ridge. How could she do this? I just don't even know how she could do this to me.

Ridge: You treated Nick, Doc. You said he'd give the company back. Well, he hasn't, and he has no intention of ever doing that.

Taylor: It takes time, ridge. How do you think this will effect nick? How do you think it will effect Jackie? What about my career? Does anyone care?

Ridge: Look, the guy stole our company. The bastard declared war on us.

Taylor: Where's Stephanie? Did she go over to the fashion show? Is she sabotaging the fashion show, Ridge? Oh, my God!

Rita: Mrs. Forrester?

Stephanie: Rita, Davis, hi.

Davis: Mrs. Forrester, we just want you to get the company back.

Stephanie: Thank you, Davis. Thank you, Rita. I want you to meet Captain Kramer. Captain Kramer, this is Rita and Davis. They're Jackie's right hand people.

Captain Kramer: Oh, hi.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Captain Kramer: Jackie doesn't know I'm here?

Stephanie: No, no, that's the whole surprise.

Captain Kramer: I'm not too sure about this.

Stephanie: What do you mean? Oh, this will be -- oh, Jerry -- may I call you Jerry?

Captain Kramer: Please.

Stephanie: This is going to be fun. After the show, you'll get together, you'll reminisce and you'll talk about all the old times together.

Captain Kramer: Look at Nick. He's grown into quite a man.

Stephanie: Yes, he has. And Jackie gives you a lot of credit. Although I don't have to tell you that, I know.

Captain Kramer: After all these years, I'd really like to talk to him.

Stephanie: I'm sure he'd like to talk to you. If you don't mind waiting here just a few more moments -- I mean, it's such a big surprise, we don't want anything to spoil it.

Captain Kramer: Okay.

Clarke: Oh, Donna, Donna, Donna. Get the final gown, okay?


Stephanie: Why, golly gee, gracious me! Clarke, hello.

Clarke: What are you doing here?

Stephanie: Well, I was going to ask you the exact same question.

Clarke: I'm working. Jackie and Nick gave me a job.

Stephanie: Well, that's a good answer.

Clarke: No hard feelings?

[Both together]

None at all.

Stephanie: Beautifully executed.

Thorne: Thank you, Mother. Let's go.

Stephanie: Oh, Miss Jackie. Ready or not, honey, here we come.

Davis: Donna, are you ready for the finale?

Donna: Yeah.

Davis: Okay.

Donna: Okay.

Thorne: Ladies? Shh -- there's been a change of plans.


Nick: What you've seen is the new Forrester Creations. Elegance, sophistication and class. And right now, I'd like to introduce someone, in my opinion, that's the most important person in the room tonight. And that would be my mother. Please welcome, Jacqueline Marone.

[Applause] As most of you know, my mother just survived a near fatal fall. She fought for her life and she won. We're all very proud of your continued recovery. I'd say we're all very proud of you.


Jackie: And thank you all for coming today and sharing this very, very special day with us.


Nick: Thank you.

Jackie: What is this music?

Nick: Did Clarke okay this?

Rita: Just go. Just go.

Ridge: It's too late, Doc. You can't stop her now.

Stephanie: Donna.

Donna: Stephanie, what are you doing here?

Stephanie: Oh, just want to give you a great send off for the finale.

Rita: Donna, this is Captain Kramer. He's going to escort you on your final pass.

Captain Kramer: Escort? No, no --

Rita: That's why you're here in full dress, Captain.

Donna: I don't know about this.

Rita: This is what Jackie wants.

Donna: Jackie said that?

Stephanie: This is going to be wonderful. Don't worry about it. You just walk right down that aisle. Donna's a pro, she'll guide you. Now, there'll be cameras and lights. But keep your eye on the prize. Jackie's at the end of the runway.

Donna: Ready? Let's go.



[Nick remembers]

Nick: Bastard!

Jackie: Nicky, no! Nicky, no!

Stephanie: I'll tell you ladies and gentlemen. The real showstopper of today's event is the handsome sea captain on the runway.

Captain Jerry Kramer. And did you know that Ms. Jackie Marone was his number one prostitute?

[Audience ohhs]

Stephanie: That's right ladies and gentlemen. The new owner of Forrester Creations is nothing more than a common whore.

[Audience talking amongst themselves]

[Reporters talking]

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