B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/3/07

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/3/07


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Jackie: [Sighs] No, no, no. This is not right.

Donna: We made all the changes you requested.

Clarke: We improved the construction quality.

Jackie: But it's not perfect, Clarke. I mean, you only get one chance at a first impression. This is ours.

Donna: It's a good design, Jackie.

Jackie: It's not great. It's not flawless and that is what we need. I mean, true elegance is in the smallest attention to detail and -- just fix it.

Clarke: All right, all right. The showing's the day after tomorrow.

Jackie: There's not going to be a show, is there? If this is the best we can do.

Donna: Okay, we'll try again.

Jackie: Thank you.

Stephanie: Hello, Jackie. Bail as hard as you can. You and Nick, there's nothing you can do to save this ship from sinking.

Jackie: How did you get in the building?

Stephanie: Oh, please. I know the security guards. They know me.

Jackie: What do you want?

Stephanie: Throw you a life a preserver? Please, I heard the conversation between Donna and Clarke and you are absolutely right. You don't want to put this show on. It's a bad joke, really.

Jackie: Get out.

Stephanie: I'm trying to help you save your reputation.

Jackie: Right. You want to help me.

Stephanie: Well, if it stops you from destroying the Forrester brand, saves you a little humiliation -- it's a price I'll pay, gladly. Look, Nick made a deal with Taylor. If she helped him psychologically, emotionally -- well, the revelation has happened, hasn't it?

Jackie: That revelation is none of your business.

Stephanie: I know it isn't. But this company is. It's my family's. My family's business. So, just tell Nick to keep his end of the bargain.

Jackie: I will do no such thing.

Stephanie: Why? Because you can't or you won't?

Jackie: I want you to leave.

Stephanie: Wait a minute. Do I have this wrong? Doesn't Nick love you, worship you, adore you? I mean, isn't it because of you that he blackmailed Eric into selling the company?

Jackie: Okay, stop. This conversation is over.

Stephanie: All I'm asking is you to talk to Nick, tell him to sell us the company.

Nick: You will never have this company.

Jackie: I told her to leave.

Nick: Then why are you still here?

Stephanie: Because you made a bargain.

Nick: I will throw you out myself if I have to.

Stephanie: That isn't necessary.

Nick: Then get out!

Stephanie: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Jackie: Thank you. Thank you for standing up for me.

[Knock at the door]

Ridge: Hey, Doc.

Taylor: Oh, did your mother call you over here, too?

Ridge: No, I was just going over some sketches with dad.

Taylor: That's a good sign.

Ridge: You were meeting mother here?

Taylor: Yeah, she called me and told me to meet her over here at the house.

Ridge: Oh, she hasn't arrived yet then.

Taylor: Well, that's a good thing actually. Gives me a minute to steel myself.

Ridge: For what?

Taylor: Oh, she's frustrated with me again.

Ridge: Taylor, it's not your fault Nick backed down on this deal.

Taylor: Nick didn't back down on anything. He just needs a little more time. He's not ready to sell the company.

Ridge: Knowing Nick, he will never be ready.

Taylor: Well, he isn't stringing me along.

Ridge: You'll be sorry if he is.

Taylor: What does that mean?

Ridge: Taylor, my father is creatively blocked like never before. Every day he is away from Forrester Creations, it's like a little bit more of him is dying. If Nick doesn't step up and make good on this promise of his, then we may have to handle this thing a whole different way.

Stephanie: Hello.

Ridge: Hey, mother.

Stephanie: Honey, could I talk to Taylor, just for a moment alone?

Ridge: Yeah. I'll be with dad in the kitchen.

Stephanie: That son of a bitch lied.

Taylor: Excuse me?

Stephanie: Nick has no intention of selling the company.

Taylor: Stephanie, I think you've misunderstood the way this whole thing --

Stephanie: No, no, no. I haven't misunderstood anything that you've said to me. He told me. I went there to see him last night, and I saw him again this morning and --

Taylor: I know. And I want to know exactly what you said.

Stephanie: I didn't say anything. I protected you. That son of a bitch is a thief. His mother is a whore. You cannot expect me not to use that information if I can get the company back. I have to.

Ridge: Captain Jerry Kramer. Was he based out of Seattle?

Stephanie: Well, I don't know.

Ridge: Marone ship?

Stephanie: Uh, well, I would say, probably.

Ridge: That doesn't give us much to work with. We've got to narrow the search criteria.

Stephanie: Well, then let's just assume he worked for the Marone Industries. He sailed for them. So, see what you get.

Ridge: Okay, here's something.

Stephanie: What?

Ridge: "Accommodation, 25 years of services, Marone Industries, Jerry Kramer ran tankers to Asian Australia."

Stephanie: Well, that could be him.

Ridge: Okay, let's see if we can find something more recent. Address, phone number. Here. Here's an ad for a bar. "A charter fishing boat in Long Beach, 40 years commercial sailing experience, Captain Jerry Kramer."

Stephanie: What's the number?

Ridge: Right here. It doesn't guarantee it's him.

Stephanie: Well, no, but there's one way to find out. Okay. Let's see what Captain Kramer has to say from himself.

Taylor: Well, it looks like the two of you are making some progress.

Jackie: Looks can be deceiving.

Taylor: You're speaking to each other. That's a start.

Nick: I was just leaving.

Taylor: Nick, don't.

Jackie: No, Taylor's right. This is your office. I'll go.

Taylor: Jackie!

Jackie: I shouldn't have come in today. It's just that the show is the day after tomorrow, there is so much to do --

Taylor: There are a lot more important things to deal with than this fashion show.

Nick: No, there isn't.

Jackie: The Marone board expects this collection to be a success. I'm doing the best that I can to see that it is.

Taylor: Because you love your son, right?

Jackie: It was my idea to take over Forrester creations. I thought that --

Taylor: It would make him happy.

Nick: Taylor, I do not have the time or the patience for a group session right now.

Taylor: Nick, you're at a very crucial point in your therapy. It's like you're at the top of the crest of a hill, and if you don't find a way to get over it, you're just going to slide backwards down the slope. Now you've been harboring resentment at your mother for years and at the same time running from this perfect image that you've created of her because that's what you wanted. And it's affected every single aspect of your life, everything from your career choices to the way you've handled your relationships with women.

Nick: So I should forgive her?

Taylor: It's not what I want. What do you want?

Nick: I want the least amount of conflict in the next few days, and I don't want Stephanie Forrester marching in here talking about my breakthrough. I don't want her hassling my mother, and I don't want her asking me to make good on my promise to you.

Taylor: I'm really sorry about that. No, no, this is a very intimate and private matter. This is just between you and your mother. It's only for you guys to deal with. This is none of Stephanie's business.

Stephanie: Hello. Yes, is there a Captain Jerry Kramer there?

Kramer: Who's calling?

Stephanie: Oh, my name is Stephanie Forrester. Is he there? May I speak to him?

Kramer: Are you a bill collector?

Stephanie: No, no. I'm not a bill collector. But I do have a very interesting offer for him. Is this Captain Kramer? Is he there? May I speak with him?

Kramer: Yeah, yeah, you got me. This is Kramer here.

Stephanie: Is it Captain Jerry Kramer that retired from Marone Industries?

Kramer: Yeah.

Stephanie: Oh, well, that's wonderful. Can I see you?

Kramer: Come by the bar anytime you want.

Stephanie: Actually, Captain Kramer, I was wondering if you would be willing to come up to my home in Beverly Hills.

Kramer: Beverly Hills? Lady, I don't even know who you are.

Stephanie: I realize that. But we do have a very close mutual acquaintance. Jackie Payne. Do you remember Jackie?

Kramer: Jackie Payne?

Stephanie: Yes, it would have been, I believe, Seattle. Quite a while ago, she was a beautiful young British woman. She's been talking about you.

Kramer: You sure?

Stephanie: Yes. Telling me how fond she is of you.

Kramer: Fond of me?

Stephanie: Yes. Would you be willing to come and see me?

Kramer: In Beverly Hills?

Stephanie: Yes. I think it will prove to be more than worth your while.

Kramer: That's a hell of a trek.

Stephanie: I know. I know. But it really will be something very interesting for you.

Kramer: Jackie Payne. Okay, I could make it tomorrow morning.

Stephanie: Let me give you the address. You got a pen?

Kramer: Yeah.

Stephanie: Okay. It's 369 Willow Hill Road, Beverly Hills. Just off Benedict Canyon. I'll see you tomorrow.

Ridge: Is he coming?

Stephanie: Yeah. If this information that he has is as damning as I think it is --

Ridge: So what are you thinking? The fashion show?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: That doesn't give us much time.

Stephanie: Well, we have to take the chance. Everybody will be there. The press, the buyers, more importantly -- I'm willing to bet you all of the directors of the board of Marone industries to see launch of their new subsidiary. And I think Kramer is going to be the key. But, if we can pull it off, honey, this will be the most devastating day of Nick and Jackie's lives.

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