B&B Transcript Wednesday 12/28/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 12/28/05


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Bridget: Where's the heartbeat? There's no heartbeat?

Dr. Caspary: We'll find her.

Nick: You said that the surgery wouldn't hurt the baby.

Dr. Caspary: We don't know that it has.

Nick: But we saw her heartbeat during the procedure, it was on the monitor. Why aren't we seeing it now?

Dr. Caspary: Sometimes it takes a moment. She still has a lot of room to move around in there.

Bridget: You have to find it. Oh, god, she's has to be all right.


Darla: Hector. Hi.

Hector: Hey.

Darla: Hey. What are you doing here?

Hector: I was looking for Taylor.

Darla: Oh, well, I think she's gone home for the day. She said something about going home and going swimming.

Hector: Oh, that's too bad. I wanted to ask her to thank Thomas for me. He did such a great job with the toy drive, the fire station.

Darla: Uh-huh. And you couldn't just call him yourself?

Hector: Um, well -- I was in the area. Inspecting sprinklers. There's a building right down street.

Darla: Sprinklers, mm-hmm.

Hector: Yeah.

Darla: Do you usually get so dressed up to go run inspections?

Hector: Oh.

Darla: [Chuckles ] Hector, it's okay. I saw you and Taylor at the Christmas party. You two looked pretty cozy. Definitely a little chemistry going on there, huh?

Hector: Oh, no, no, no. We were just talking about our kids, Thomas and Caitlyn. How much they've grown this year.

Darla: Mm-hmm. Right. Come on. Your secret's safe with me.

Hector: Darla. I think the world of Taylor. She is an incredible woman. But I also know that she's married to Ridge.

Darla: Ah. You didn't say happily married.

Hector: Well, married is all I have to say.

Darla: Hmm. I'm sorry you see it that way. I'm sure a guy like you could've really given Ridge a run for his money.

Stephanie: Ridge isn't home? I thought he was flying in as soon as the weather changed in Paris.


Taylor: Yeah, so did I, but he figured he might as well take a few more meetings, since he was already there.

Stephanie: He should be here with his family. Thank you.

Taylor: Yeah. He said the buyers still weren't sold on the line, so he needed a little more time.

Stephanie: He's missed Christmas.

Taylor: Mm-hmm. And he's sorry about that.

Stephanie: He doesn't even know about Felicia.

Taylor: Well, if she had let me tell him, I know he would've come back, but I had to respect what Felicia wanted and let her tell him herself.

Stephanie: Well, of course, but it shouldn't be a matter of a life or death crisis that brings him home.

Taylor: I know. I really wanted this Christmas to be special. It was my first Christmas back home, Stephanie. I wanted my whole family around me. I guess -- I don't know, I just had this fantasy of everything being like it was.

Stephanie: Well, I thought you told me things were better.

Taylor: Well, I thought they were, too, but I don't know what he's thinking. I mean, I know he doesn't accept what you and I are doing with the company, but I at least thought he had accepted the fact that I had something that I could contribute. Why did he stay in Paris? What is it, some kind of payback?

Stephanie: Well, I don't know.

Taylor: I don't know if he realizes what he's doing. I don't know. Passive aggressive, whatever.

Stephanie: Wait, wait, wait. You know Ridge can thoughtless, but he's not vindictive.

Taylor: I just want everything to go back the way it was, but I'm starting to think it's too late. I don't know if our marriage is ever going to be the same.


Dr. Caspary: It'll be all right. Just relax.

[ Baby's heart beats ]

Bridget: [Gasps] See? There she is. She was just hiding from us.

Nick: She's okay.

Dr. Caspary: Her heartbeat's nice and strong.

Bridget: I'm so sorry, Dr. Caspary. I didn't mean to get so upset. It's really not like me.

Dr. Caspary: You're a mother now, Bridget. You're going to react differently to a lot of things, especially where your child is concerned.

Bridget: I was just so scared.

Nick: Everything's fine. Everything's fine.

Bridget: Okay.

Brooke: Bridget, honey? What's going on?

Bridget: Mom --

Nick: I called her.

Bridget: It's okay. I'm fine. The baby's fine.

Brooke: Oh, thank god. Nick said that you fell.

Bridget: I did. I lost a lot of amniotic fluid and I was cramping. It was terrifying.

Brooke: Oh, honey, I'm sure it was.

Bridget: But she's fine. She's going to be fine. Our baby -- our baby is fine.


Stephanie: The marriage isn't the problem. Ridge needs to get his priorities straight.

Taylor: Well, when am I going to be one of those priorities?

Stephanie: Well, you are now.

Taylor: I wish I could agree with you, but I don't exactly feel that way right now.

Stephanie: Well, you know what? I'm going to call him and I'm going to give him a good talking to.

Taylor: No, please don't.

Stephanie: He should be here with his family.

Taylor: Well, he should want to be here. You shouldn't have to call him and tell him that his wife is upset to make that happen.

Stephanie: The two of you are just going through a rough patch right now.

Taylor: Oh, come on, Stephanie, we've been going through a rough patch ever since I got back. This is not what I had in mind. I was so excited to be back with my family and my husband and this incredible life that we have. But you know what? It has not been incredible. It has been really hard.

Stephanie: Marriages are like that sometimes.

Taylor: Maybe too hard. I mean, I still have to wonder, maybe Ridge would've chosen Brooke if he hadn't thought your life was at stake.

Stephanie: Absolutely not! She doesn't hold a candle to you, sweetheart. Taylor, you're a saint.

Taylor: A lot of good that does me. I miss my husband. I feel so alone and I don't know when or if that's ever going to change. If this relationship isn't important to Ridge, then what are we doing? Why are we still married?


Hector: So you don't support Ridge and Taylorís marriage?

Darla: I just think he deserves to be knocked down a peg or two.

Hector: It's Ridge you don't like.

Darla: He's a bully, Hector. He stomps around this family, expecting everyone to do everything his way.

Hector: He's not abusive.

Darla: He's just a self-centered jerk.

Hector: Well, that was my first impression of him.

Darla: Yeah, well, wait until you get to know him. He's a real peach. You know, he saves his worst behavior for the people closest to him, especially Thorne. You know, he's cruel and he's insensitive. You know what he calls me? He calls me "dingbat," to my face. It's nice. And I'm sorry, I know Taylor thinks that the sun revolves around this guy, but I think she could do a lot better.

Hector: Well, honestly, Darla, I couldn't agree with you more.


Dr. Caspary: You'll be released in the morning, but right now you need to rest. I'm optimistic about your chances carrying to term. But this procedure is not a guarantee.

Brooke: So she could still miscarry?

Dr. Caspary: It's less likely now that her cervix has been stitched.

Brooke: Well, what else she can do? Bed rest? Medication?

Dr. Caspary: My best advice is to take it easy. Lots of rest. No stress. No sex until I give the okay.

Nick: Hey, you're the boss, doc. Whatever you say.

Dr. Caspary: We're going up to O.B.

Nick: Let me get your clothes and I'll be right up, okay?

Dr. Caspary: They'll have her room number at the nurses' station.

Nick: Great, I'll see you in a minute.

Bridget: Okay, bye, Mom.


Nick: What's the matter?

Brooke: I was just so scared. You know, driving over here and wondering if she had lost the baby. Wondering what I would say to her if she did. How I would comfort her after something so awful had happened.

Nick: That didn't happen. Bridget's fine. The baby's fine. You have nothing to worry about because I'm gonna take good care of them.

Brooke: Yeah, I know you will.

Nick: Okay? You gonna come up?

Brooke: Yeah, in a minute. I just don't want Bridget to see me like this.


Stephanie: What are you doing? Trying to wipe the guilt off your face?


Darla: Hey, don't get me wrong, I am not the kind of person to wish anything bad on anybody. Especially Taylor.

Hector: Yeah, well, it sounds like the breakup of their marriage might not be such a bad thing.

Darla: For him to miss in L.A? Taylor's first Christmas back in L.A? You gotta think there's trouble starting already.

Hector: I know she was struggling.

Darla: Who wouldn't?

Hector: I wish there was something I could do to make her happy.

Darla: You could.

Hector: I can't.

Darla: Why not? Come on, ridge isn't making her any happier. I say go for it. Really. It's about time somebody put a smile on Taylor's face.

Hector: You know what, Darla? I just realized I have something really important to do.


Stephanie: Your daughter's in emergency surgery and you're down here with your hands all over her husband.

Brooke: Bridget's out of surgery, she's fine.

Stephanie: Good. So what were you and Nick doing, just celebrating?

Brooke: I'll just tell Bridget you stopped by.

Stephanie: I don't know, I think she might be very interested to know what was going on here.

Brooke: Leave her alone.

Stephanie: You just can't help yourself, can you?

Brooke: Shut your mouth! Bridget's just been through a huge ordeal. She almost lost her baby. Now the doctor said she needs some rest, and she needs to avoid all stress.

Stephanie: Did the doctor suggest no sex? Is that where you come in? Naughty Florence nightingale going to help hubby through the dry spell?


Taylor: Hector? What are you doing here?

Hector: Well, I hope you don't mind, but the back gate was open.

Taylor: Apparently the pool house was, too.

Hector: Yeah. Pretty good fit, huh?

Taylor: You answer me first, what are you doing here?

Hector: I couldn't wait until New Year's to see you.

Taylor: You're not going to see me on New Year's. Ridge will be home.

Hector: You have confirmation of that?

Taylor: I know my husband.

Hector: I know how disappointed you will be if he doesn't show up.

Taylor: You really shouldn't be here.

Hector: I know. Chasing after a married woman is not who I am. But saving people from perilous situations, that is who I am. And that's what I'm doing right now.

Taylor: It seems like you're trying to instigate something perilous.

Hector: No. I'm trying to pull you back from the ledge. How many times are you going to allow Ridge to let you down? How many times are you going to let him disappoint you before you say, "enough?"

Taylor: I can't, Hector.

Hector: No, I can't. I can't stop thinking about you. I can't stop my heart from racing whenever I'm near you. I can't untie the knot in my stomach each time you say my name. Can't you see? I can't stop wanting you.

Hector: I want you. I want to make you smile. I want you to be happy. I want you to be completely, totally satisfied with every part of your life. But that's not up to me, that's up to you and how badly do you want it. How long can you go on living without it?

Taylor: Hector. I don't deny there's something between us and it's more than just my anger at Ridge.

Hector: You know, it's been so long since you felt real passion. You don't even know what to call it anymore.

Taylor: It doesn't matter what you call it. I can't, I'm married.

Hector: Yeah, to the invisible man.

Taylor: He's my husband.

Hector: You know, the greatest love story of your entire life could be right in front of you, but your loyalty to ridge won't let you reach out for it. So I'm going to come to you. Tomorrow night is New Year's eve. And if Ridge doesn't show up, if he let's you down again, I'll be right here. Right back where we are now. On the verge of something incredible. Maybe a new beginning for both of us. The beginning of a new year and maybe a new life.


Brooke: Just when I'm sure you can't sink any lower, you prove me wrong.

Stephanie: That's exactly what I was thinking about you.

Brooke: I came here because Ii was concerned about Bridget and her baby.

Stephanie: Then why weren't you upstairs with her? Why did I walk in and find you cuddling with her husband?

Brooke: He was comforting me.

Stephanie: Oh, I'm sure he was. And you can't wait to get him alone to return the favor, right?

Brooke: That is enough. How could you? How dare you accuse me of making a play for my daughter's husband while she's in danger of losing her baby!

Stephanie: Let's talk about the baby. Let's be very honest about this. The only reason that you and Nick don't have a future is because of that baby. If anything, god forbid, happened to that baby, that marriage would be over just like that. But you know that, don't you? That's really why you came rushing down here to the hospital. You were hoping Bridget would lose the baby.

Brooke: You are sick!

Stephanie: I am right.

Brooke: You are deranged. To think that I could get pleasure out of a potential tragedy. That I would wish this on my own daughter? On my own grandchild? Bridget is happy now, Stephanie. Maybe happier than she's ever been in her life. She has a future with Nick. She's having a baby with him. Has your vendetta against me eclipsed everything else in your life? Once Felicia is gone, Nick and Bridget have agreed to raise little Dominick. Do you really hate me so much that you're willing to ruin his life just to get back at me? Now you think about that. You think about that before you dare go to Bridget with your groundless threats and accusations!

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