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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 12/16/05


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Felicia: Thanks, Nick. Here you go. Oh, could you give me that --

Nick: Oh, I see. Here you go.

Felicia: Bridget, would you like to feed him?

Bridget: No, it's okay. You go ahead.

Felicia: I wasn't making enough milk. I think it might have been an after-effect of the treatment.

Bridget: It's possible. Did they give you a thyroid test?

Felicia: You know, it took my doctor a week to think of that. Wish you'd been there.

Bridget: Well, you could've been here with his family. And his father. Nick will never get that four months back, and neither will Dominick.

Felicia: Well, maybe you and I can figure out a way to make it up to them.


Eric: Felicia told me. She told me about the tests. She said they came back clear for cancer.

Stephanie: Well, let's just hope that's not what it is.

Eric: What makes you so sure something's wrong?

Stephanie: Because we were here -- we were last night. We were talking and she collapsed.

Eric: She collapsed? Were you talking or arguing?

Stephanie: Well --

Eric: I'm going to call university hospital. I want her to see doctor Dr. Namura right away.

Stephanie: No, no, it's too late. I've already taken her to the hospital. I've brought her back. They've run all kinds of tests. She's taking some kind of prescription pill, and I don't think she'd be taking it if there was nothing wrong.

Eric: When were you going to tell me about this? My god, if you hadn't been searching for yet another example of what a lousy father i am, you wouldn't have said anything to me at all. What, were going to wait 'till she was on her deathbed? Look, I'm sorry, it's just --

Stephanie: No, no. Don't walk away from it. Don't do that. You have to find a way to face this. And face the absolute worst thing that can happen if you're going to be of any use to her. If you don't do that, Eric, then she'll just protect you the way she always does. Now, you want to find a way to redeem yourself with me, you be a real father to her now. Because she really needs you.


Felicia: Where were we?

Bridget: I should probably apologize to you for just barging in like this.

Felicia: No. Bridget, you and I need to come to an understanding.

Bridget: An understanding? Is that even possible, Felicia? I have tried to be as forthright as I can possibly be, but your behavior isn't making any sense to me. Was your strategy just to let Stephanie tell nick about his child instead of you springing it on him yourself?

Felicia: Just think of me of as half-baked and I won't seem so mysterious. Besides, you know my mom. There's no controlling her.

Bridget: Well, I do know Stephanie spent a good portion of the last few months trying to break up nick and me.

Felicia: Why? She seems to adore you both.

Bridget: Please. Stephanie? She seems to be ever-changing. Maybe you know more about this than I do. Does she want you with nick? Felicia -- you should know that that's not going to happen.


Eric: Where is Felicia?

Stephanie: Sleeping, I hope. Because we were late at the --

Eric: I'm going down to the guest house.

Stephanie: No, you -- don't do that.

Eric: Don't do that? Don't do that? What is it with you? "Eric, do something." "Eric, be a father to your daughter, only don't wake her up." I'm going to go see her, and if you think I'm doing this to get back in your good graces --

Stephanie: Please, Eric. I know you care about her. You just never graduated into the hard part of the caring.

Eric: And you resent me for that?

Stephanie: You bet.

Eric: Do you wanna know what I resent? Your selfishness with the children. How it was so important for you to be everything to them. You would shove me away, and then accuse me of being aloof, so that you could blame somebody for your screw-ups.

Stephanie: Well, I guess there's a grain of truth in that one, Eric.

Eric: Thank you. So is it any wonder that she came to you with this, instead of coming to me?

Stephanie: Anything I have found out about Felicia has been purely accidental. She hasn't confided in me. Eric, it's not her nature, and it's certainly not the nature of her relationship with me.

Eric: Well, I don't believe that she came all the way back here from Europe just to take advantage of the opportunity to design cutting-edge caftans with you and Thorne.

Stephanie: Well, you know what, neither do I.

Eric: Cancel our reservations at the cafe russe. I'm going to go see her.

Stephanie: Eric Eric

Eric: Look, I don't care --

Stephanie: Eric!

Eric: I don't care if she's lesbian or if she's living down there with a tribe of unwashed gypsies --

Stephanie: Eric, Eric.

[ Stephanie sighs ] She's living with a little baby. Her son. Your grandson. Nick's the father.


Felicia: My mother is tireless in her efforts to reconfigure other people's lives, and I'm sorry you were a target. But I don't even think she is unrealistic enough to believe that Nick would overthrow you for a woman he hasn't seen in more than year, and was never in love with. So if your question within your question is about me -- if this was my hidden agenda --

Nick: Felicia. Nobody's accusing you of anything.

Felicia: No, there are a couple things to accuse me of. And Bridget's trying to figure out what they are, and I don't blame her. When Taylor got in touch with me about the changes at Forrester and offered me a job, I used it as a clear excuse to come back and see where things stood. I mean, I found out that my parents had split, and that dad had married Brooke, and that all seemed like fun. But where my conscience was tender was in my relation to nick. Believe me, Bridget. Married was the last thing I ever thought Nick would be. And I guess everybody else felt like it would be a sore subject, too, because nobody told me. So yeah, I decided to come back and test the waters. But that was before I found out about you. And that you were pregnant. And I already knew that you two had been through so much.

Bridget: Felicia, I'm not worried about our marriage. And listen, Nick is going to love that little boy just as much as he's going to love the little girl that we're having.

Felicia: I'm so glad that my plan didn't work. I have to tell you, I'm happy that you both know, and I'm even more happy to know that Dominick's going to grow up with a sister.

Nick: So -- you might not go back to France?

Felicia: I don't know where I'm going to end up, but it's clear to me that Dominick's home should be here.

Bridget: So you would leave him?

Felicia: Not without a fight. And not unless I knew.

Felicia: I'm sorry. I'm thinking of too many things at the same time. What are you guys doing the rest of the day?

Nick: Uh -- I don't know. Bridget's already put in a full shift at the hospital.

Felicia: Would you mind going back? With me? The doctor wants to go over the test results, and that stuff goes in one ear and out the other with me. I can never think of the right questions, but I bet you would.

Bridget: Was it dr. Namura? If I were him, I'd find this a little intrusive.

Nick: Is there some kind of problem?

Felicia: Well, not 'till I get there. But I did know he was going to keep me overnight, and I told Renee she could go down to Lahoya and visit some old friends.

Bridget: What about Dominick?

Nick: Why doesn't he stay with us tonight?

Felicia: That's perfect.

[ Fefecia chuckles ] That's great. He'll sleep for two or three more hours, and then's he's going to wake up hungry, and I made some bottles, and the kitchen directions are right on it. Don't get them to hot, okay?

Nick: Okay.

Felicia: Everything he needs is right here. Pajamas, diapers -- just, when you change him use the ointment or the powder, not both at the same time.

Nick: Okay. I got it.

Felicia: Bridget, you don't mind?

Bridget: No, I don't mind.


Eric: My god, what this is going to do to Bridget.

Stephanie: Well, that's what Felicia's worried about. She doesn't want to complicate their lives.

Eric: But now, if Felicia is sick again --

Stephanie: We can't let her leave Los Angeles. I don't care if we have to barricade that guest house. We cannot let her leave.

Eric: Mmm. Bridget's my daughter, too. I don't know -- I don't know if I'm going to be able to help either one of them.

Stephanie: I don't know if you can or you can't, Eric. But one thing you cannot do is -- you can't walk away emotionally now. My god, what's going to happen to that little baby boy if he's left without his mother?


Dr. Namura: I let you go home last night, but this time, I can't take "no" for an answer. I need to have you on a cardiac monitor, in case the syncope you had -- the episode last night --

Bridget: You had a loss of consciousness last night?

Felicia: Yes. And he didn't have any leeches like in the middle ages, so he had to cut a half a dozen little pieces out of me.

Dr. Namura: Felicia, before you left for France, after your chemo, you promised me you would see an oncologist.

Felicia: I did. In Paris.

Dr. Namura: And I told you that you would have to be on radiation.

Felicia: How could I, doctor? He's the one that found out that I was pregnant. Besides, I thought the chemo shrunk the tumor.

Bridget: You need both. Doctor, are you saying she's having a recurrence?

Dr. Namura: Yes, I am.

Felicia: How bad is it?

Bridget: Is it in the same location?

Dr. Namura: No.

Bridget: Matched to the liver?

Dr. Namura: It's not uncommon for colon cancer to metastasize to the liver. And yes, we did find it there.

Bridget: What's the focal point? Is it operable?

Dr. Namura: I'm afraid Felicia's not a good candidate for surgery. The cancer's also spread to the peritonea.

Felicia: What's that?

Dr. Namura: It's the membrane lining your abdomen and internal organs. It's a condition we call carcinomatosis.

Bridget: It means the cancer's widespread.

Dr. Namura: An aggressive course of chemotherapy -- five or six pulses over several cycles might slow down the spread of the cancer.

Felicia: But it won't eliminate it.

Dr. Namura: Eradication is probably not a realistic goal, no.

Felicia: Then what? I live for a couple months, and then check out? Or, twice as long on chemo, losing my hair, puking my guts out, to check out anyway? How long do I have, doctor, without the treatment?

Dr. Namura: Two months. Maybe three.

[ Felicia cries ]

Felicia: That soon?

Bridget: And with the treatment?

Felicia: Can we have a minute, doctor, please?

Dr. Namura: Of course. Felicia, this needs to be your decision.

Bridget: But your recommendation is that --

Dr. Namura: In all good conscience, I can't make one. I won't have the nurses start the cardiac monitor until we talk. It's rare, but if your heart muscle or function is being affected, we need to know.


Felicia: So, if I'd had the radiation -- if I wasn't pregnant -- this wouldn't have happened.

Bridget: Felicia, there's no way to know that for sure.

Felicia: Be my sister, not my doctor.

Bridget: Statistically, the numbers -- the numbers are pretty good. So, no, I don't think it would've happened.

Felicia: Well, I think that's really some bargain. My life for Dominick's. Most people die, and nobody ever sees anything for it. So I guess that still makes me ahead of the game.


Eric: Felicia's a fighter. If the cancer's come back, she'll fight it again, and she'll win.

Stephanie: She's tired, Eric.

Eric: She has a little baby to fight for now, though.

Stephanie: You didn't see her face when the possibility came up.

Eric: What did she say?

Stephanie: I think she's known for some time that there's something wrong. And, I think, she's prepared herself for the worst. Truth is, I'm not. Go see your daughter, before you accuse me of keeping her from you again.

[ Stephanie cries ]


Felicia: I really hope my cancer survivors group doesn't find out about this. They would absolutely kill me for dying.

Bridget: I think you really need to consider all of the options here, though.

Felicia: Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't I just receive a fatal diagnosis? It's okay to say yes, Bridget. You're going to have to do what that doctor did someday. Practice on me.

Bridget: If the treatment will just slow down the process a little bit, isn't it worth it to have that much more time with your son?

Felicia: What kind of time will that be? Lying in bed? Stinking of vomit? Is that really how I want him or anybody else to remember me? And doesn't it really just buy me enough time to last long enough to get some really awful complication? What, am I thinking about this the wrong way?

Bridget: No. No, I am. I just don't want it to be true, and so I'm telling you you're wrong when you're not.

Felicia: So do you think I'm going to find out that it's affected my heart, or no?

Bridget: Probably not, but they have to check.

Felicia: Too bad. Heart attack in my sleep is sounding like not a bad way to go.

Bridget: Felicia. I'm just so sorry --

Felicia: No, I'm sorry, Bridget. It was unfair of me to get you involved like this.

Bridget: Don't you be comforting me.

Felicia: I have to. I need something from you.

Bridget: All right. What is it?

Felicia: I'm not so afraid of dying -- I mean, I wish I weren't, don't get me wrong, but -- I feel like I've had my miracle. In beautiful little Dominick. I don't think they come in twos. What I'm afraid of is leaving.

[ Knocking at door ]

Nick: Hope we're not interrupting.

Felicia: No, we're just having a little girl talk. Is he okay?

Nick: Yeah, yeah, actually. We were at home having a little boy talk. He said he missed his mom.

[ Felicia sighs ] Bridget. Could you go get him for me? Hey.

Bridget: Hey, sweetie.

Felicia: Looking at daddy? I think you're wife's a natural, Nick.

Nick: She's going to make a good mom.

Felicia: I think so, too. I'm counting on it.

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