B&B Transcript Thursday 12/15/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 12/15/05


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Nick: Bridget, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Bridget: So, you have a son. With Felicia.

Nick: Yes.

Bridget: Oh, my god.


Stephanie: I -- I've waited such a long time to hear you actually acknowledge the damage that Brooke has done to this family. To me, but also to you -- to your self-respect.

Eric: Narcissist, slow learner -- everything that you've called me over the years, it all seems apropos.

Stephanie: Why this epiphany now?

Eric: You know what, we're going to be late for our dinner reservations.

Stephanie: Has Brooke done anything that she hasn't done 100 times before, other than not have sex with you during your five-minute marriage?

Eric: I just didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to have to work with her.

Stephanie: But you wouldn't have anyone else as your co-ceo.

Eric: Well, that was then. Forrester has a new -- a new image now. A new design concept. And it just can't -- she's fighting me every inch of the way.

Stephanie: As were you.

Eric: I was wrong.

Stephanie: Is that a recent development?

Eric: The new design concept is not working with us. There's just no meeting of the minds with Brooke.

Stephanie: Nobody's ever met Brooke's mind.

Eric: Touché.

Stephanie: So, let me see if I understand this. Brooke is just acting as the regular, sort of vacuous Brooke that she is, and you find her unbearable suddenly? Well, I'm the same woman that I've always been, too. Just because you ask me out for dinner, doesn't mean that I suddenly went stupid.


Nurse: The doctor would like you to bring whatever you might need to stay overnight at the hospital.

Felicia: Over night? Okay, I'll be there. Thanks.

Dante: Lisa?

Felicia: Felicia. Close.

Dante: Do you remember me, by any chance?

Felicia: Of course I remember you. I just don't remember why I remember you.

Dante: We met last year in Cannes.

Felicia: I wouldn't be caught dead in Cannes.

Dante: Probably just as well you don't go back.

Felicia: Oh, that bad?


Bridget: So, where is the child?

Nick: He's here. She brought him with her.

Bridget: How old is he?

Nick: Four months. Bridget.

Bridget: So Felicia has a child. She has your child. Why can't anything ever just -- just be mine. Just mine. Why does someone else always have to get there first? It's our family. Do I have to share that, too?


Felicia: Care to tell me how awful I was?

Dante: Well, there was this bar.

Felicia: There's always a bar.

Dante: Well, you were dancing on the bar.

Felicia: That wasn't Cannes.

Dante: No?

Felicia: No, that was Nice.

Dante: Oh, Nice, yeah.

Felicia: Nice, and I remember exactly why I was on that bar. And you came to my rescue.

Dante: Well, somebody needed to walk you home.

Felicia: And you were such the perfect gentleman.

Dante: What can I say? I'm Italian.

Felicia: So what brings you to L.A., Allesandro?

Dante: Dante.

Felicia: Close.

Dante: Well, a couple of galleries wanted to see my work.

Felicia: You're an artist.

Dante: Yeah.

Felicia: See, I would have figured you to be a dancer.

Dante: Dancer? No.

[ Felicia laughing ] Well, while I was pursuing that, I got offered to work as a fabric designer.

Felicia: Where? Because I'm in design. Well, I used to be, but --

Dante: Yeah? Um, it's a fashion house called Forrester Creations.

Felicia: Maybe we should stop while we're ahead.

Dante: Why?

Felicia: I have a lot of Forrester Creations in my closet. Along with the skeletons.

Dante: A good customer, I hope.

Felicia: Felicia Forrester. Eric's daughter, Ridge's sister. I'm the baby of the family. Oh, well, I have a half-sister. She's younger.

Dante: I can see why you wanted to stop while we were ahead.


Nick: I hate what this is doing to you.

Bridget: You have a child with Felicia. What does that take away from me?

Nick: Nothing. I want to give you everything that you want in life.

Bridget: Well, even you can't do that, Nick. She conceived while she was still in chemotherapy. Do you know what the medical odds are against that?

Nick: No.

Bridget: Is he healthy?

Nick: Yes.

Bridget: Have you seen him.

Nick: Yes.

Bridget: What was it like? Tell me, I want to know everything. What -- what is his name?

Nick: Dominick.

Bridget: Dominick. I guess that tells us something, huh?

Nick: I don't know.

Bridget: It tells me -- it tells me what she's thinking. What she's thinking about him and her. And you.


Stephanie: Just when I think that you can sink no lower, you sink lower. My god! These words are things that you thought I wanted to hear? And then I was going to wrap my arms around you and beg you to take me back, and give you the company, as well?

Eric: Look, if we're not going to be honest with each other, let's at least go to dinner.

[ Stephanie laughing ]

Stephanie: Thorne and Taylor may be babes in the woods, but, please, give me a little credit. Honey, you have never purposely, ever done anything or said anything that would endanger any future opportunity of you getting back into Brooke's pants. Here's my money bet -- you and your five-minute bride cooked this little scheme up, hoping that this ex-old lonely wife would fall for it.

Eric: You need me, and I'm here. It's your life-long ambition to get Brooke out of the picture. If I can help you accomplish that, what do you care what my motives are?

Stephanie: How did I ever fall for someone as clueless as you?

Eric: Just my luck, I guess.

Stephanie: Do I need you? Yes, I regret to say. And if I ever thought there was a chance that you would grasp what it is that I really need from you, I'd probably sign your precious company over to you and just call it a bargain.

Eric: All right, so you need something from me that you're not getting. What is it?

Stephanie: It's hopeless.

Eric: Oh, god. You love this game, don't you? You accuse me of some wrongdoing, some sort of violation, and then you refuse to tell me what it is.

Stephanie: I've told you 100 times in 100 ways.

Eric: You need me to be more attentive, is it that old song?

Stephanie: Yes. No! I don't want to be Brooke to you. I don't want you making cow eyes at me and putting your lips to my ears. There was a time, 1,000 years ago, when I would have settled for desire, Eric. But that stopped when I became a mother. And I've been waiting for you to catch up. I'm still waiting.

Eric: For what?

Stephanie: For you to become a father.

Eric: Is that what you want from me?

[ Eric laughs ] My god. I know that I'm a failure in your eyes in 1,000 different ways, but maybe we ought to poll our children on this one.

Stephanie: Oh, honey, you'd win. You're the adored one. They waited for you! They waited for you to come home. They waited for you to come out of the study. They waited for you to pay attention to them. My god, they'd go into orbit if you patted them on the head. They still do. They're thrilled to death when you give them 30 seconds of your undivided attention. But what kind of love is that, Eric? Does it heal them when they hurt? Does it pick them up when they're falling down?

Eric: You know, this is a very convenient way for you to remember all of this, but my dear, as a mother, you became the person you had always been, only more so.

[ Stephanie laughs ]

Stephanie: This is the way it always goes. Is it coming back to you?

Eric: Why are we rehashing this? The children are grown. The children are fine.

Stephanie: They're fine? They're fine because they can dress themselves, and they can walk and talk, and they can feed themselves, and you think they're fine? And you think that's all it takes about being a parent? They're fine?

Stephanie: Eric -- Eric, they're our children until they take their last breath. When do you get that?

Eric: Sit. Something's wrong. You tell me what it is.


Felicia: Is one of us going to comment on what a small world it is?

Dante: There's small and then there's -- yeah. You still single, or did you patch things up with that guy you told me about that night? I guess things were just ending or something?

Felicia: Yeah. That turned out to be for the best.

Dante: That's what I always say.

[ Felicia laughs ]


Nick: She might have felt that way when she first came to town.

Bridget: What, the three of you as a family?

Nick: She didn't know about us, Bridget. I've gotten it all out on the table. I've spoken to her. She knows we're married. She knows I love you, and she doesn't question it.

Bridget: I thought you said you found out about this yesterday?

Nick: She didn't tell me. Stephanie did.

Bridget: Stephanie, of course she did.

Nick: I think she felt I had a right to know I had a son. She felt it was the right thing.

Bridget: What does Felicia even expect? Do we know?

Nick: I'm the one with the expectations, Bridget. I have to be part of this boy's life. He's my son. And I have to know if you're okay with that. And if you're not, I have to know that, too. What are you doing? What is it?

Bridget: I just think we need to go talk to Felicia and get some answers from her. Don't you?


Stephanie: I made a promise.

Eric: To one of the children? Look, you always accuse me of being clueless and then you insist on keeping me that way.

Stephanie: Just think, Eric.

Eric: Thorne and Darla are having trouble.

Stephanie: Use your eyes and your ears.

Eric: Thorne is overwhelmed with his new responsibility.

Stephanie: Did you have a party at the office for Nick and Bridget? Did Felicia come, and then did she leave suddenly?

Eric: It was awkward for her. She and Nick were an item when she left, and then she comes back and Nick is married.

Stephanie: Is that what she said?

Eric: I didn't ask her. If she had something to say to me, she would have.

Stephanie: How would she know you gave a damn, Eric?

Eric: Felicia knows how important she is to me. And hounding our kids for information, that's your style, not mine. Felicia's always been painfully private, you know that.

Stephanie: So private that she hid the fact that she had cancer from us?

Eric: Look, what's your point? She left a party early, that's all. You make it sound like she's dying. No.


[ Knock at the door ]

Felicia: Not now, Mother, I'm busy. Come in.

Bridget: Are you going somewhere?

Felicia: No. Overnight.

Bridget: Really, where? I don't believe you, Felicia. If you're going to take that boy somewhere, don't you think Nick has a right to know?

Felicia: I gather you two have talked.

Bridget: Whereas you don't seem to have talked to anyone about anything, and that's going to end right now.

Felicia: All right.

Nick: This news is still a little fresh to Bridget.

Bridget: Nick, please. Did you know you were pregnant when you left?

Felicia: No, I had just finished my last round of chemo. I was amazed to be alive.

Bridget: Were you trying to get pregnant?

Felicia: I didn't even know it was possible. They told me one of the main side-effects of chemo was infertility, okay? I went to a doctor a few months later in Paris. I missed my period while I was on chemo, and then I went to see if and when I would get my cycle back. And surprise.

Bridget: Look, obviously, you didn't want to tell dad or any of the family about this, so that's your prerogative. But don't you think nick has a right to know about his own child?

Felicia: You're healthy, Bridget. You know your baby's healthy. That was not my situation.

Bridget: What about after the baby was born and you knew he was all right?

Felicia: Nick was good to me. Not in love with me, but good to me. He might actually have gone the distance. Would you want a man who was only with you because there's a child? Nick's the type who might actually do that. Oh, I warmed up a bottle in the kitchen, will you get it for me, please?

Nick: Yeah.

Felicia: Thanks.

[ Baby crying ] Oh, my love, I know. I know. It's that time, isn't it? It's coming. Daddy went to get y0u a bottle. Hey, look. It's your Aunt Bridget. Isn't she pretty?

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