B&B Transcript Wednesday 11/23/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 11/23/05


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Eric: So tell us, have you determined who has the legal right to run Forrester Ccreations?

Gloria: What your friendly shark of Silicon Valley and I agree on is what the outcome of taking this matter of court will be.

Ridge: Well?

Gregory: There will be a series of judgments. And then a series of appeals.

Gloria: Some in your favor, some in yours.

Gregory: And in the meantime, your business will die.

Gloria: Your assets will be frozen or keep changing hands, so your orders will be held up or never filled.

Gregory: Your clients will desert you, your buyers will give up.

Gloria: You'll drop $10 million to $12 million on jaws and me.

Gregory: And you will all end up exactly where you are.

Gloria: Fighting over the carcass.


Dante: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Bridget: Oh, do you need a ride or something?

Dante: Don't you have your next prenatal exam today? You forgot?

Bridget: No, I didn't forget.

Dante: Let me put on my shoes.

Bridget: No, no, it's okay. I can go myself.

Dante: Yeah, but you might want some company.

Bridget: I'd actually just -- I'd rather not.

Dante: Well, you mean you think I'm getting too invested in the baby?

Bridget: No, no. I don't think you're too anything. I think you're just perfect.

Dante: Too invested for a guy that you're not interested in, I mean.


Stephanie: With all due respect, I don't agree. Any court, and I mean any court, will find that the trust is iron-clad.

Eric: She goes to court, so do I.

Gloria: And if you live to be 110, you'll never get a decision.

Gregory: Look, for the whole history of Forrester Creations, it operated as though that trust didn't exist. People drew salaries. They were given titles, positions, stock. They bought property, they planned their futures and their children's based on what they thought their prospects were. Now, no judge is going to declare the firm's entire recorded existence one big "oops" and toss it out.

Gloria: Your quickest, probably your only hope of a judgment, is to present a settlement agreeable to all claimants.

Brooke: All of us?

Gloria: The court will sign off without even reading it, I promise you.

Ridge: Yeah, when have the six of us ever agreed on anything?

Gloria: Start small. This office. If my client gives up her right to enforce the terms of the trust, it should go to her.

Eric: I give up this office, what do I get?

Gregory: A fair share of the company and a hand in running it.

Eric: What kind of a share? And how much of a hand?

Taylor: Well, I think our attorneys are trying to tell us that's for us to figure out.

Gloria: It won't happen overnight. You'll argue, you'll knock each other around, so be it. Just as long as no one pushes anyone else into litigation.

Gregory: Or everyone will pile on, and there won't be a business to fight over. Do you have lunch plans counselor, besides roasting me on a spit?

Gloria: I know a good Vegan place. Oh, but you haven't your blood meal yet today.

Stephanie: Thanks, Miss Schiller, I appreciate your coming.

Eric: Gregory, thank you.

Gregory: Always.

Taylor: Do you think we can do this?

Thorne: What's stopping us?

Stephanie: Not with her, we can't.

Ridge: There you go, Mother. Show your willingness to let the company go down the toilet because of your spite.

Stephanie: All right. If you two will work with me, I'll work with you. Just keep the bitch out of my sight.


Bridget: Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Dante: You know what, you're right, you know? I shouldn't have assumed anything.

Bridget: No, I mean you moving in here and everything.

Dante: Oh, Bridget, don't say that.

Bridget: Well, it's just, maybe I let you do too much for me.

Dante: You need a little support. That's what friends are for.

Bridget: Yeah, but I'm not exactly damaged. I -- you know, I got a little knocked around, it hurt, but I'm okay. The things that I need to do for myself, I can. I'm going to the doctor as a single mother to be, because that's exactly what I am.

Dante: Then you better get going.

Bridget: Thanks.


Stephanie: They can share an office. They'd probably prefer it. No, not on this floor, Megan. You know what, I'll find the space for them myself, thank you. Thank you, honey, bye.

Taylor: Stephanie?

Stephanie: Look, I'm angry, and I have every right to be. That trust was supposed to be -- that trust was supposed to protect me. And now all it feels like is just another broken promise.

Taylor: I know, okay? But you got your payback, all right? You got to take away from Eric and Brooke what meant the most to them. But it didn't last, okay? But now, if you don't let them back in the business, the business will go under. There's a part of this that's like a little kid on a playground -- if you can't have it yourself, you might as well break it so nobody can have it. It's very human, Stephanie. But you also have to think about the hundreds of people all over the world that have families. They're putting bread on the table because of Forrester Creations. Now, granted, you and I don't love this company the way Eric and Ridge do. We didn't work here every day. But that's also my point. You and I can't care about it. Because this is also the place that took Eric and Ridge away from us all the time. We had to compete with it for their attention and for their loyalty.

Stephanie: It's also the place that allowed Brooke to come into our lives. I mean, I can keep her away from my home.

Taylor: But you're still the CEO. And I seriously doubt you're going to get any kind of satisfaction as a businesswoman trying to find ways to punish Brooke every day. You already lost your husband to her. Don't lose yourself.


Brooke: Stephanie will never accept me here.

Eric: She doesn't want me around here, either.

Brooke: Because of me. Now, you and Ridge can make this work if I remove myself.

Eric: No, Brooke.

Ridge: Come on, Brooke, we need you here.

Brooke: Well, that's really nice of both of you to stick up for me. But if things become intolerable -- look, I'm going to make myself scarce until Stephanie opens up my office or finds me a new one. Meanwhile, I do have some mom duty I have to take care of.


Doctor: Would you mind if we did another ultrasound today?

Bridget: No, is there something wrong?

Doctor: I just want to look at something, okay?

Bridget: Okay.

[ Knock at the door ]

Doctor: Sorry.

Nick: Hi.

Doctor: And you are?

Nick: The husband. Is the undressing part over?

Bridget: Yes.

Doctor: I'll be right back in for the ultrasound.

Nick: Funny seeing you here, you know? I was just cruising the halls of the hospital.

Bridget: How did you know I had an appointment?

Nick: Bridget, receptionists all over the world bare their secrets to me. So, ultrasound?

Bridget: Apparently, yeah.

Nick: You want me to leave?

Bridget: Maybe that would be -- no, I don't.


Ridge: Big job you've taken on, Thorne.

Thorne: Well, it's big enough for two, Ridge. We could be co-presidents.

Ridge: Oh, mother would allow that, huh?

Thorne: You know what, Ridge, don't, okay? Mother's out of control and we all know it. Now, it may have worked to my benefit this time, but it usually works the other way.

Ridge: They've never given me anything I didn't earn.

Thorne: Ridge, there's an offer on the table. Now maybe we can grow up and put this "who got more than who" stuff behind us, okay? You want to share the presidency? Equal pay? Equal say? Equal everything?

Ridge: Why should I prop you up? What's equal about that?

Thorne: I'll take that as a "no, thank you."

Ridge: I should let you fall flat on your face. Again.

Thorne: I wonder where your ego would be if you didn't have me to think of as a screw-up? But what if I succeed? It'd be a hell of a kick in the teeth, wouldn't it?

Ridge: I'll get this office back, Thorne. And the title. And it won't be a gift, and it won't be because the job description is to make you look good.


Eric: I'm going to need office space and a drafting table.

Stephanie: Yes, I've just been looking around the building. And I think I found a space for you and Ridge. High ceilings, plenty of light.

Eric: What about Brooke?

Stephanie: Have you forgotten that we're remodeling? There's very limited space available.

Eric: Well, Brooke can share an office with Ridge and me.

Stephanie: Oh, I don't think that's wise.

Eric: What're you worried about? We're going to be looking down her dress all day? Or that I might fall in love with her all over again? Don't worry about that. I never stopped loving her.

Stephanie: I think I found the right space. I think it's going to suit you quite well.


[ Door opening ]

Dante: Well, that was fast. You still are the world's greatest mom.

Brooke: Something smells good.

Dante: Oh, I thought you were Bridget.

Brooke: I know. Dante, this has to stop.


Nick: Thanks for letting me stay.

Bridget: It's your child, too.

Nick: You know what I wish? I wish you could know what's going on in here. I wish you could take that ultrasound thing and stick it right here, and I could show you what's inside.

Bridget: Would it look something like your closet?

Nick: No, it wouldn't. It would look more like a house of mirrors, you know, like reflections. You and me, looking at each other like this. And you and me, looking like this -- you and me -- I can't get you out of my head. I'm useless at work, I'm useless to myself, all I think about is you and this child. And I think about how I've failed. How I failed you.

Bridget: You know, I think we did the best we could. It was a collision. My weakness and yours. Maybe that's just what happens when two people decide that --

Nick: Decide what? That they want one life?

Bridget: Yeah.

Nick: What do they do when the worst has happened?

Bridget: I don't know. I haven't gotten that far yet.

Nick: Forgive me.

Bridget: I have. I do.

Nick: You think you could start liking me just a little bit again?

[ Knock at the door ]

Doctor: Are we ready?


Stephanie: It may need a few finishing touches, but -- I think you, the three of you, actually, will be quite comfortable here.

Eric: Toilets?

Stephanie: I thought a throne was rather appropriate.

Eric: This is your idea of cooperation?

Stephanie: I'm thinking that you could probably put Brooke in the middle, and that way, you and Ridge will have equal access.

Eric: I'm calling my attorneys back.

Stephanie: Oh, come on, where's your sense of humor, Mr. Humor? You know that we've been remodeling down here for weeks. The plumbers are just storing the toilets here. This will all be taken out.

Eric: All right, fine. I'll take it. The further away from you I am, the better. You cannot humiliate me anymore. You lost the power to do that the day I divorced you.

Stephanie: Remind me, what power did I have as your wife? It seemed all I did was raise the children, make a beautiful home for you, and create a lifestyle that you thought was appropriate for your dignity. While you, on the other hand, were over here, pussyfooting around the company that you forgot to tell me I owned.

Eric: Well, that was the bargain that you struck. Idle and well-dressed is what you were raised to be, and that's all you ended up being. Did you ever come down here to try to learn about this business? To learn about how to do the books? Or learn anything about design? And now you blame me for not imposing on you the lifestyle that you wanted nothing to do with?

Stephanie: And what pride was I supposed to take in this idle, well-dressed life that you bestowed upon me? What sort of pride was I supposed to have? Wasn't there Brooke, and Lauren, and Brooke, and Sheila, and Brooke, and Brooke and brooke.

Eric: Get out of my office. I'm as tired of your grievances and your insults as I am of that sneer I've seen on your face the last few years. Go on. I'll be happier down here with these toilets than I was ever in that house with you.

Stephanie: Truth hurts, doesn't it?


Brooke: Come on, Dante. You're a smart man. You have to know it's not over between her and Nick.

Dante: Yeah, I know that Nick has been sniffing around a little bit. But a snap of your fingers could change all that.

Brooke: No, he wants this marriage.

Dante: No, he wants the baby, and that's it.

Brooke: And Bridget. You have to see that you're in the way now.

Dante: You know, you should be asking nick to stay away. Why wouldn't you want a man who's devoted to your daughter and only your daughter?

Brooke: Nick is!

Dante: I should know better, remember? I was a failed attempt to get Nick to look away from you.

Brooke: Now, everything's different. It's changed.

Dante: Yeah. Nick has failed with the both of you. And now he's got this idea that he's the world's greatest dad. Something he hasn't screwed up yet, just yet. Let me ask you something. What if Bridget were to lose the baby?

Brooke: Dante!

Dante: Well, don't tell me you haven't thought of that yet. Because he'd be at your doorstep before the tears were dry, and you know it.

Brooke: Look, you can dream up all the "what ifs" you want. I understand that's all you've got. But I came here to point out the obvious, that Nick and Bridget are going to be together. It's time for you to bow out gracefully and leave.


Bridget: Nick? The show's over.

Nick: Why'd she take the picture?

Bridget: I don't know. For a closer look, I guess?

Nick: Well, can't we play it back, or rerun it, or something like that?

Bridget: That would be quite the Friday night entertainment. Why don't we just make some popcorn and watch the baby's ultrasound?

Nick: Well, I could see it again. I could see this thing 100 times. Did you see that, when the baby moved, it was just kind of like, moving around in there?

Bridget: Yeah, I know. But I'm glad. It's supposed to.

Nick: I love you! I love -- I can't help but say it. I love you. I love this. I love this whole process, this kid. I love what's happening, I'll remember this the rest of my life, what I saw today.

Doctor: Sorry to take so long.

Nick: That's all right.

Doctor: I just needed to confirm something.

Bridget: Okay. Confirm what?

Doctor: There's -- I'm afraid there's a problem.

Nick: With the baby?

Bridget: No. Oh, god.

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