B&B Transcript Tuesday 11/22/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 11/22/05


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Stephanie: Good morning, Megan, how are you?

Megan: Fine.

Stephanie: Listen, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, I'd love coffee and a little roll or something --

Megan: But --

Stephanie: What've you done?

Eric: This. What do you think? Lower the neckline a little, show a little more leg?

Stephanie: What are you doing in my office?

Eric: Your powers of observation are slipping. It's a brand new day.


Taylor: Sweetheart, I'm headed out, and I just have a couple of patients after I'm at Forrester so --

Ridge: Are you sure we're back in?

Brooke: Eric's a genius. Or his lawyer is. He says we have an equitable right to take it all back.

Ridge: Destiny designs can be a division of Forrester.

Brooke: That'll drive Stephanie crazy. If we have enough designs, then maybe --

Taylor: Good morning.

Ridge: Hey, good morning.

Taylor: Destiny designs?

Ridge: I was going to tell you about that today.

Taylor: Tell me what?

Ridge: You know how I feel about mother taking over the company.

Taylor: You've made that very clear.

Ridge: Well, I wasn't going to sit back and let her destroy all the hard work Brooke and I have put in over the years.

Taylor: So what, you and Brooke -- are going into business together?

Ridge: That was the initial idea.

Brooke: It was a bluff, mostly.

Ridge: To get mother to back off.

Brooke: We figured Stephanie would rather have us at Forrester than anywhere else.

Taylor: Brooke, why is it that the shortest distance between two points is always some kind of convoluted plot with you?

Ridge: Taylor, it wasn't Brooke's idea. It was mine.

Taylor: Well, who's grand idea was it to have the name "Destiny Designs"?

Ridge: Mine. I'm sorry you had to find out this way, but you know how much Forrester Creations means to me.

Taylor: Ridge, you're making it sound like it's lost to you.

Ridge: It is, now.

Taylor: No, it's not. You know how much your mother wants you at Forrester. And if you weren't so busy trying to shove Brooke down her throat, you know it could happen today.


Brooke: Actually, it already has.

Stephanie: Throw that in the dumpster.

Eric: Well, I see you've had your daily breakfast of staples and nails.

Stephanie: Get out of my office, please.

Eric: Oh, I'm afraid I can't do that.

Stephanie: Oh, I see. She's given you the kiss-off.

Eric: It was very amicable.

Stephanie: You sap.

[ Stephanie chuckles ] Well, I'll admit, this might change things. But don't think that you can come crawling back and think that we'll pick up where we left off.

Eric: You know, I've really missed all this romantic talk.

Stephanie: You make it very difficult to be sweet and generous to you. And why in the world do you think that I would want you working for me?

Eric: Why in the world would I want you working for me? It's not like you have any skills, beyond the theatrical.

Stephanie: Work for you? Oh, my god. You've snapped. What's that? Temporary restraining order?

Eric: Now get the hell out of my office.


Darla: Good morning, handsome.

Thorne: Hey, honey.

Darla: Cup of Joe?

Thorne: Thank you.

Darla: You're welcome.

Thorne: Come here.

Darla: What?

Thorne: Come here.

Darla: Come where?

Thorne: Right here.

Darla: Why?

Thorne: Because.

Darla: What are you doing?

[ Darla giggles ]

Thorne: You know, everyone else talks about the sex they have in their offices?

Darla: Yeah.

Thorne: What do you think?

Thorne: Mm-hmm.

Darla: I think we make better use of the bedroom than they do, personally. Hey, what happened to you this morning? You were out awful early. Didn't even hear the alarm go off.

Thorne: I didn't need it. I have so many ideas of things that I want to do, it just wakes me up.

Darla: Yeah? Well, you just pace yourself, all right? Because you don't have to earn this job, Mr. Forrester. It's yours, and no one's going to take that away from you.


Taylor: What is an equitable right?

Brooke: I guess once in a while, legal justice has to have something to do with fairness. Promises were made to those of us who built Forrester, and we accepted them in good faith.

Taylor: Well, I don't know how much good faith was involved in keeping the trust a secret.

Ridge: Well, that wasn't my doing. It wasn't Brooke's, either.

Taylor: Personally, I don't see how much upheaval this company can take. And why aren't you out with your husband celebrating or something?

Brooke: Eric and I annulled our marriage.

Ridge: You what? Really?

Brooke: We have.

Ridge: Thank god you finally came to your senses.

Brooke: Well, I'm not the one who called it quits.

Ridge: Dad did?

Brooke: It was incredible, actually. Eric prepared this wonderfully romantic evening with candles and music and champagne. He wanted me to know how much he really did love me.

Ridge: By setting you free.

Brooke: I love him, too, but --

Ridge: You only married him to protect Bridget, so --

Taylor: And so now, once again, you're unattached.

Brooke: Taylor, I know what you're thinking.

Taylor: No --

Brooke: But Ridge and I --

Taylor: Brooke, I don't think about you unless I come out and find you standing around on my patio. What I am thinking, to tell you the truth, though, is "poor Bridget." "Poor Nick."


Stephanie: Megan, I want you to get the security boys up here right away. And I want you to call butler, the fellow that was representing me. If you don't have the number, Massimo will.

Eric: She's having a hard time listening to this. Yes, I would appreciate that, if you can get here. Thanks.

Stephanie: Oh, did you call Jonathan? I'm shaking in my boots.

Eric: Jonathan no longer represents me. Would you just read the document, please? That was issued by the superior court.

Stephanie: Right. That's some cockamamie thing that you and that shyster cooked up in the middle of the night.

Eric: Now look, for all I know, Jonathan's in South America right now.

Stephanie: Oh, yeah, probably filing for divorce.

Eric: My new lawyer and I made an ex parte plea date.

Stephanie: I have not been notified of any court proceedings, Eric.

Eric: That's what "ex parte" means, darling.

Stephanie: Oh.

Eric: It goes into effect as soon as you're served.

Stephanie: Oh. That's what I think of your court order.

Megan: Stephanie, excuse me.

Stephanie: Jimmy, escort him out of the building.

Eric: Jimmy, if you do that, you'll be in violation of the law.

Megan: Do you still want your coffee and danish?

Stephanie: What are you waiting for?

Jimmy: Sir?

Eric: Jimmy, take a look at that document on the floor there. Clarence, how long have I worked here? How long have I been in this office?

Clarence: Years, sir.

Jimmy: This is all torn up.

Stephanie: It doesn't matter. Don't worry about it. My lawyers will indemnify you, Jimmy.

Megan: Stephanie, Mr. Butler can't represent you.

Jimmy: "Temporary restraining order."

Stephanie: Drop it! It's no -- get rid of it. Drop it. What do you mean he can't represent me?

Megan: Apparently, Mr. Marone took him off the case.

Eric: That can't surprise you. If you deal Ridge out, you can't expect Massimo to stay in your corner. Boys, will you escort Mrs. Forrester out to the parking lot?

Stephanie: Boys, I want you to escort Mr. Forrester out to the parking lot.

Eric: Make certain that she doesn't take anything with her.

Stephanie: Make certain he doesn't take anything with him, and remember who signs your paychecks.

Eric: Oh, that would be me, as of today.

Stephanie: Do me a favor? Go out there and call Gloria, what's her name? That -- she did that big age discrimination -- she was at my table last week at the charity thing. Gloria, you know?

Megan: You know, maybe you two should go out for coffee and discuss this in private.

[ Eric and Stephanie together ] It's too late for that.


Ridge: Logan, no one's accusing you.

Brooke: I'm so sick of everyone thinking that I'm out to steal my daughter's husband.

Ridge: You're right, it's ridiculous.

Taylor: Well, I would think the only people's opinions who mattered would be Bridget and Nick's.

Brooke: Well, they know better. What? Did Bridget say something? I know Nick wouldn't come to you, of all people.

Taylor: Intentions are one thing, but I know he doesn't question those.

Brooke: What did he say?

Taylor: Let's just drop it.

Ridge: Did Nick come to you as a patient? That's how you talk when you don't want to talk about it. Was he depressed?

Taylor: I told him I wouldn't take him as a patient for obvious reasons, but at least he's trying to deal with the emotional fall-out in a healthy way instead of trying to find somebody new in the family to marry.

Ridge: Because his ego can't handle the fact that Logan wasn't that interested to begin with.

Brooke: All I'm interested in is our stake in the company. And today, we're going to get that back.


Thorne: Thanks for the call. That was Megan. She said mom and dad are going at it again. I could hear them yelling, and they're not even in the room.

Darla: God, they act as though they're still married.

Thorne: What do I do, let them kill each other or stop it?

[ Darla chuckles ]

Darla: Well, you could send them a presidential memo, hmm? Maybe rap their knuckles with the presidential stapler?

Thorne: Somebody's got to get some work done around here, though. You know, mom thinks she can just snap her fingers and this place is going to be full of size 12 gowns that are supposed to make her golf buddies look like Sophia Loren.

Darla: Well, you need some more help, is what you need.

Thorne: I just wish my brother would get on board.

Darla: Oh, come on. Let ridge pout if he wants to. Hire a new team, honey. You're the president here. You can do whatever you want. And I might say, a mighty fine president.

Thorne: You know, I care. I care a lot more than I would want anyone to know but you. But one thing that I will never forget, the thing that I need most in this world, I already have.

Darla: Aw.

Brooke: Eric's attorney just arrived? Thanks, Megan. I just pulled in, so I'll be right up.

[ Brooke remembering ]

I had a dream you were there for the taking what a dream it was love we were making

I woke up I was lying on the floor again like a ship that's lost in the ocean we been lost in our own potion

gotta find a place we can call home again

too many nights alone too many days gone by too many tears we cried we've got to right the wrong time to bring it on

Brooke: That's all they'll ever be.

Bring it on

Brooke: Just memories.

Gregory: It would appear our T.R.O. has had a mishap.

Eric: Yeah, you're looking at her.

Gregory: Temporary restraining order.

Stephanie: Did he tell you that I was stupid?

Gregory: Do you understand the phrase "contempt of court"?

Stephanie: Do you understand the phrase "get out of my office, Mr. S.O.B. Now."

Gregory: It would appear that you didn't have the chance to familiarize yourself with the legal issues. Here's a copy.

Stephanie: The Stephanie Douglas trust gives me 100% control of the assets of this company. That is the legal issue.

Gregory: But a judge has restrained you from considering them yours. You will notice that your business account is frozen, except for payroll expenses.

Stephanie: What? We're trying to run a business here. We have an inventory to create.

Gregory: Maybe you can bring some fabric scraps in from home.

Brooke: Is this him?

Eric: This is my co-ceo, Brooke Logan.

Stephanie: Ex -- they've both been fired.

Gregory: Delighted.

Brooke: You worked on a big anti-trust case? The silicon valley shark, they called you?

Gregory: Well, you know those dot-com people are so excitable.

Stephanie: Oh, I'm sure they are. Honey, I've been swimming with sharks all of my life.

Brooke: She locked the door to my office.

Gregory: The key, Mrs. Forrester.

Stephanie: Nothing gets unlocked in this building until my attorney arrives.

Taylor: Stephanie? Are you okay?

Stephanie: You are not going to believe what's going on here.

Taylor: Well, the guys in security just said there was something wrong with your heart.

Eric: Did I tell you about her heart attack?

Thorne: Mother, if you were going to take away my office and give it back to Ridge, the least you could've done was --

Ridge: I never said she gave it to me. I said it's mine again.

Eric: These are my sons, Thorne and Ridge.

Ridge: Hello.

Eric: Ridge and Brooke and I will continue as principal officers, but I'm -- and I'm not adverse to giving Thorne a position in the company.

Stephanie: Oh, how kind of you. You think I'm going to stand here and let you steal this company from me for a second time?

Thorne: Who is he, and why is he here?

Megan: Excuse me. Miss Schiller is here.

Gloria: Honey, what century are you living in? "Miss?" Gloria Schiller. Don't worry about a thing.

Stephanie: I'm not, now that you're here.

Gregory: Gregory Morehouse for Mr. Forrester.

Gloria: I know all about you. You're scum.

Stephanie: If you give us 15 minutes, I'll bring my attorney up to speed.

Gloria: No, no, I read the papers. Your secretary faxed me the trust and the transfer, and I called Judge Krantz on the way over. You, you, out. Crawl back in your holes. You, you, I'll see you in court. Criminal court.

Gregory: Hmm. Apparently, you haven't had a chance to read --

Gloria: No, no, no, Krantz told me all about your cute, little T.R.O. Nice try. Somehow, you forgot to mention that this man is guilty of calculated fraud, perpetrated for over 40 years, which makes you an accessory to conspiracy after the fact. And you can kiss your next 10 to 15 years goodbye. That's with good behavior. Can I get a cup of coffee?


Stephanie: Yes!

Thorne: Look, I don't know where you came from, but putting my father in jail is not the solution.

Stephanie: Well, would it make us look bad?

Gloria: I was just beating my chest.

Stephanie: Oh.

Gloria: Your case for fraud is a mess. Well, I can't exactly contend that you led a life of deprivation. Were you happy?

Stephanie: A long time ago.

Taylor: Look, this whole thing's escalated way too fast.

Stephanie: What do you mean? He came in here and took my office back from me as though nothing had changed.

Thorne: Is that what this temporary restraining order means? Does it mean that we're all out?

Gloria: Technically, it's an attempt to turn back the clock, yes.

Taylor: What exactly is an equitable right?

Gloria: Is that his game? Right. Equity courts grew up beside common law courts. When a narrow interpretation of the law gives rise to a blatant inequity, then the wronged parties can ask for equitable relief.

Thorne: Well, then we're sunk.

Stephanie: What do you mean? I've been more than fair.

Taylor: Oh, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Well, considering everything that's been done to me.

Thorne: Look, if we have to carve out a role for them, than that's what we do.

Stephanie: Thorne, you don't get it. They're not interested in a role. They want to kick us out on the street.

Gloria: How did Morehouse get involved? He's a good man.

Taylor: I thought you said he was scum.

Gloria: That, too.


Gregory: Trust me, nobody's going to jail. Unless Mrs. Forrester insists on trashing a court T.R.O.

Brooke: Can we have her arrested?

Ridge: Isn't there an argument to be made for the fact they don't know what they're doing? I mean, if any of my kids inherited Forrester, I wouldn't let them run the place.

Gregory: Right, too many livelihoods are at stake, in California and internationally. Listen, you all worked here for decades for the promise of sharing Forrester's success. No way you won't walk away with chunk of it.

Ridge: But it's going to be a chunk of nothing when we let mother run the place into bankruptcy.

Gregory: You know what? I need something to bargain with. That trust is airtight. What if you end up losing this office?

Eric: Unacceptable.

Brooke: Use me as a bargaining chip. She's only doing this because she hates me so much.

Eric: No, no, Brooke. I will lose this office before we lose Brooke.

Ridge: Right.

Gregory: Counselor? Could you and I have a word?


Gloria: Just -- we can't just ignore the T.R.O.

Stephanie: Oh, I guess tearing it up was a mistake?

Gloria: Ah-ah, drama is never a mistake. And maybe I can take the teeth out of it if I know what your bottom line is.

Stephanie: This office is mine.

Gloria: Got it.

Stephanie: If Eric wants to design at home and send the designs in for our approval --

Gloria: Something like that might fly.

Stephanie: And the only job she gets is parking lot attendant.

Gloria: Well, if he wants to play, somebody's got to pay. That's the rule. Counselor?

Taylor: Does everyone realize decisions are being made that we should be making, by two people we hardly even know?

Ridge: How can we make any decision when mother insists on having everything her way?

Stephanie: Well, I own the company. Who else should make the decisions?

Brooke: You only had $100,000 interest. That's all.

Eric: And what about the gifts of stocks that you've given away over the years? Are those still valid?

Stephanie: Gloria?

Eric: You know, I've been paying capital gains taxes on those all these years. I want my money back.

Stephanie: Oh, please. Don't talk to me about you and getting your money back. Gloria, may I ask you a question? I'm sorry to interrupt. Is it possible to attach a lean to their properties for salaries that have been improperly paid over the years?

Gloria: I won't rule it out.

Stephanie: Aha!

Brooke: Think about the tax bill you're going to have to pay, Stephanie, when you claim that the last 40 years of everybody's income is yours.

Gregory: Hey, you're right, she's a keeper.

Stephanie: Actually, she's a time share. Why don't you take her down to the broom closet? You're the only man in the house that hasn't had her. Give me those.

Brooke: I'll be in my office when you figure all this out.

Stephanie: Give me those right now.

Brooke: No.

[ All yelling over each other ]

Eric: Enough, everybody! Gregory, Miss Schiller -- for the love of god, who is running this company?

Stephanie: I am!

Ridge: I should be.

Brooke: You are.

Thorne: Pay no attention to the president.

Eric: All right, we need an answer here, and we need it now. Do you or do you not have one?

Gregory: Yes, we have.

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