B&B Transcript Monday 10/31/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/31/05


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Massimo: Stephanie? Are you still there? Stephanie, did you hear what I said?

Stephanie: Yes, yes, yes. Yes, I heard you. Are you absolutely sure?

Massimo: Yes, I am sure. You are in sole control of Forrester Creations. Unless --

Stephanie: Unless what?

Massimo: Katherine chancellor. As trustee, I mean, there's the possibility that she made some decisions on your behalf that we know nothing about.

Stephanie: Well, how can I find that out?

Massimo: As luck and fate would have it, she's here in L.A. She's on a visit. I'm gonna track her down, and I'll get back to you.

Stephanie: I'm going to wait for your call.

Brooke: Not in my office, you're not. You can conduct your business elsewhere, Stephanie, from now on. Better yet, why don't you take one last look around, because this is the last you'll be seeing of Forrester Creations.


Nick: We both know you haven't been having sex with Brooke.

Eric: Brooke and I make love like newlyweds. And I have to admit to you, I had forgotten what that kind of passion and intimacy feels like. But being with Brooke -- like I'm 20 years old again. It's like that for her, too.


Brooke: Shouldn't you be on your broomstick to Boca by now? I've got things to do.

Stephanie: Lives to wreck?

Brooke: Lingerie lines to resurrect.

Stephanie: No.

Brooke: And you thought you'd seen the last of Brooke's bedroom.

Stephanie: You wouldn't.

Brooke: Wouldn't bring back one of Forrester's most profitable lines?

Stephanie: You can't.

Brooke: I can. And I will. I'm co-ceo now.

Stephanie: Well, Eric has my sympathies.

Brooke: Eric and I make a dynamic duo. We're gonna do wonders for Forrester Creations.

Stephanie: Forrester creations used to be the source of family pride. We took pride in our designs, our work, our dedication. We didn't go after just sex and profit. That only came with you.

Brooke: Oh, spare me. I know everything about the elite clientele that you went after for years and years and years. The good old days at Forrester Creations. The glory years. Yada, yada, yada. It's a new day, Stephanie. I'm in, you're out. And you're never coming back.


Massimo: Katherine chancellor. Looking as ravishing as ever.

Katherine: My god, that voice. Could it be -- Massimo Marone? Oh, my god, how long has it been?

Massimo: Oh, wonderful to see you. How long has it been? Well, it's been several years, let's see, since that business symposium in Chicago, right? They were honoring you.

Katherine: And you flew in all the way from L.A.

Massimo: Of course. I had to pay tribute to my fellow captain of industry whom I admire greatly.

Katherine: Oh, you better not let your wife hear you talking this way.

Massimo: Jacqueline and I have been divorced. I thought you would've heard of it.

Katherine: I had.

[ Both laughing ] Oh, what a coincidence running into you here.

Massimo: Actually, Katherine, it is not a coincidence.

Katherine: Oh?

Massimo: Truth be known, I tracked you down for an important reason.


Nick: It's a little uncomfortable here, Eric. I don't know what you want us to say. We're not buying it.

Eric: That's because you refuse to face what's happened.

Nick: Nothing's happened. Nothing has happened. Can we be honest here? You invited us over, right? You wanted to get things out on the table so we would move on. Let's get it on the table. Let's get it right here, shall we? Now, Brooke may say that she loves you, and she probably does as the father of her children, as a man that she admires and she looks up to and she respects. But in love with you, she's not. She never will be.

Eric: Her priorities have changed, nick. She made a commitment to me. We made a commitment to each other and to our future. To this family's future. And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you and my daughter --

Bridget: Dad, stop it. Just stop it. I have already told you --

Eric: I know what you told me, honey. But you're hurting. Look at you. You're still hurting. You both are. Now, there's a child on the way. And the love that created that child has not just disappeared. Now, Brooke and I have moved on. And there's no reason the two of you cannot -- look, I'm trying to help here.

Nick: Well, you're not. Lying to us doesn't help.

Eric: Well then, you need to go to Brooke, Nick. You need to go to Brooke, and you need to ask her if we've had sex. Maybe then you'll accept it and move on.

Nick: Bridget -- please don't leave. Los Angeles?


Massimo: I have my sources.

Katherine: Mm-hmm. And I have a housekeeper who couldn't keep her mouth shut if her life depended on it.

Massimo: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Listen, I promised Esther that she wouldn't get into any trouble whatsoever.

Katherine: Yeah, well -- all right, come on, Massimo, what is this all about now? Something to do with Marone Industries?

Massimo: No. It has to do with a mutual friend. Stephanie Douglas Forrester. You remember her.

Katherine: John Douglas' pride and joy? I remember her.

Massimo: You got it, that's right. She would love to have a visit with you. Do you have some time?

Katherine: Actually, I'm booked on a plane back home this evening, I --

Massimo: Katherine, not to worry, all right? I'll fly you back in my jet. Would you meet with her?

Katherine: I take it this is more than a social Katherine, I would really appreciate it if you would do it. Would you meet with her?


Brooke: To think that your opinion ever mattered to me.

Stephanie: It did once.

Brooke: You know what, I'm not going to hold any grudges. In fact, I'm gonna give you a parting gift. Share these with your geriatric friends in Florida. Maybe it'll keep them from turning on you when you bore them to death with your tales of the wild, wild west.

Stephanie: You know, when I was a little girl, my mother used to say to me, "Stephanie, you can't respect anyone if you don't respect yourself." And you, my dear, respect no one.

Brooke: Just write me nasty postcards from Florida and tell me what you really think about me. As of now, your obsolete ideas are officially turned out to pasture.

[ Phone buzzing ]

Brooke: Yes, Megan? For you. Again.

Stephanie: Hello?

Massimo: I'm with Katherine Chancellor. Meet us at your house.

Stephanie: I'm on my way.

Brooke: To the airport, I hope.

Stephanie: That anxious to get rid of me?

Brooke: What's wrong, did your hearing aid break?

[ Stephanie chuckles ]

Stephanie: No, no, my hearing aid works well. Very well. I heard every obnoxious word you said. But we've been here before, haven't we? Brooke Logan, on top of the world, just about ready to fall on her derriere. Things are going to be different.

Brooke: Oh, they already are. You're gonna be thousands of miles away, unable to do what you do best -- stir up trouble.

Stephanie: What are you doing?

Brooke: Escorting you to the elevator. For a final farewell.

[ Stephanie scoffs ] Nasty to the bitter end. This is the end for you, Stephanie. So take one last look around. The executive floor -- once your domain, but never again. Toot-a-loo, you sanctimonious old --

Stephanie: Enjoy yourself while you can, tootsie. Because you have not seen the last of the old girl yet.


Nick: Bridget, please --

Bridget: I can't do this.

Nick: I want to talk to you.

Bridget: No, I'm not going to put myself in this situation again.

Nick: Bridget, I'm asking you, please --

Bridget: Look, I chose not to call you back. I chose not to see you for a reason. I know that you're in love with my mother.

Nick: Bridget, please, I just -- what are you doing?

Bridget: I gotta just -- you're free now, all right? You're free to go and fight for her. Just please, do me a favor, and don't try to contact me and don't leave me any more messages. Just stay out of my life, and I'll stay out of yours.

Nick: Bridget, now listen to me.

Bridget: No!

Nick: My feelings for you haven't changed. Now we're having a child.

Bridget: Our child will be fine. As much as I wanted to believe -- in us, I know better now. My days of denial are over. So is any future that we might have.


Brooke: How'd it go with Nick and Bridget?

Eric: Not as well as I'd hoped, I'm afraid.

Brooke: Why, what happened?

Eric: Bridget does not believe that it's over between you and Nick. To her, our marriage is just a convenient cover. And she cannot believe everything we're claiming, especially if we're not sleeping together. Which, of course, we're not. Now, Bridget kept pushing, so I --

Brooke: Wait, what are you saying? Eric --

Eric: Look, I know what you're thinking. I know you're thinking how much this must have hurt Nick. And it would've hurt him if he had believed me. But, of course, he didn't. Because he's still so much in love with you. Brooke, you and I both know that Nick cannot possibly have a future with our daughter until he's convinced that he doesn't have one with you. Can you convince him of that? Can you look Nick in the eye and convince him that you're committed to me? In every way?


Stephanie: Katherine --

Katherine: Oh, Stephanie!

Stephanie: You have no idea what this means to me. Thank you for coming. You look wonderful.

Katherine: Oh, please, if I look so damn good, what am I doing at the hotel all by myself? You tell me that.

Stephanie: Would you like a drink?

Katherine: No, no thank you. I'm fine. But I am sensing that you did not ask me here to stroll down memory lane.

Massimo: Well, here you go.

Stephanie: Thank you.

Massimo: Stephanie will explain everything.

Katherine: You're leaving?

Massimo: Yes, I have another appointment. Fear not. You are in wonderful hands. My pilot will be on standby. Stephanie: Thank you, mass.

Katherine: Stephanie, what is really going on here?

Stephanie: Let's sit down. Katherine, there are some questions that I need answers to -- and as it turns out, you are only person that can give them to me. I'm just hoping that they're the answers I want to hear.


Eric: Brooke, listen to me. Nick's not going to let go of you unless you let go of him.

Brooke: I have let go.

Eric: No you haven't. And I know -- I know that's why you're not able to make love to me.

Brooke: I -- just need a little more time.

Eric: Brooke, there isn't anymore time. Every day that goes by that nick doesn't buy this marriage is another day that he's not going to commit to a marriage with our daughter. Oh god, Brooke. Listen to me. We can have it all. We can have a happy daughter married to a wonderful man, but this company is our foundation. If you could just turn your back on nick, no matter how painful it is. If you can do that, you and I can have it all and no one can take it away from us. Not ever.


Katherine: You are being very mysterious, my dear.

Stephanie: I'm sorry, Katherine. I don't mean to be. It's just -- so much has happened these past eight hours.

Katherine: Which involves me in some way, right?

Stephanie: Yes. Now, you and my father were friends.

Katherine: Well, he was a wonderful person. I thought the world of him, yes.

Stephanie: He thought the world of you.

Katherine: We had a lot in common. Shared a fondness for riding, the opera --

Stephanie: And you were friends -- close friends. Until I discovered this document, I had no idea how close you were.

Katherine: The Stephanie Douglas trust.

Stephanie: Yes, you're the only trustee. Do you remember that? You signed this a long time ago.

Katherine: Oh, Stephanie, come on. I -- you have no idea how many boards I've been on throughout the years -- the times that I've served as trustee on this or that. I mean, my god, it's virtually impossible to remember everything.

Stephanie: Here, here, look at this, please. Is that your signature?

Katherine: Well, now that I'm looking at it.

Stephanie: So, you do remember. Katherine, this trust, of which I am the sole beneficiary and therefore the sole owner of Forrester Creations -- well, you are the only trustee and you are the only person that has the power to transfer ownership or make any changes. Now, Eric and I, all of these years, have always operated Forrester Creations jointly -- together -- because I thought, you know, California law, community property.

Katherine: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: So here's my question -- as the sole trustee, have you made any alterations or any changes of ownership? Or am I still the sole beneficiary and therefore the sole owner of Forrester Creations? I can't tell you -- I can't tell you how much is riding on this.


Brooke: That's right, I'm going to be bringing back Brooke's bedroom line. There should be some pieces down in storage.

Nick: I need to talk to you. It'll only take a second.

Brooke: I'm really very busy.

Nick: Everybody out!

Brooke: We'll resume this meeting later.

Nick: There are a couple things you need to know. First of all, your daughter is devastated. That's not what I want and I know that's not what you want. And I just had to listen to Eric go on about this newly resurrected love affair the two of you have -- filled with commitment and passion.

Brooke: Nick, please.

Nick: I'm not going to listen to how this is for the best. I'm not going to listen to how I have to accept this because I know that you love me. And I know that you love your daughter and you want what's best for her -- and so do I -- but you can't change what you feel. You can't change how we feel.

Brooke: My god. I hope you didn't act this way in front of Bridget.

Nick: Bridget? She knows the truth! She knows how you feel better than you do, you've said so yourself. And then there's Eric trying to explain about how the two of you have been having sex together so we'll move on together. But you see, I know that's not true. I know that wouldn't happen. I know that you wouldn't have sex with another man because you're still in love with me. Tell me the truth. Yes or no. I want to know, Brooke. Have you had sex with him?

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