B&B Transcript Wednesday 10/26/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 10/26/05


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[ Crowd chatter ]

Ursula: Oh, I see Eric Forrester over there. I've got to go get a quote.

Sophie: Everyone is talking about you and Brooke.

Jarrett: Yes, are you willing to do a one-on-one interview?

Sophie: Where is Brooke Logan? Or should I say, Mrs. Eric Forrester?

Eric: No, no. You're missing the story here. All of you. Thomas Forrester -- instant fashion mega-star with his summer teen line -- is going head-to-head with his father, Ridge Forrester, in this fall rollout.

Jarrett: Oh, family feud? No, Eric. We're here for the dirt. You and Brooke got married.

Sophie: In Las Vegas?

Ursula: And is there some kind of a top-secret ad campaign?

Ridge: Cat's out of the bag. Might as well tell them.

Thorne: Are you unveiling a new ad campaign?

Eric: After the showing. Yes.

Ridge: They're onto it anyway.

Eric: Well, our teen line is sensational, of course. But we are loyal to all of our customers. And so -- I would like to present, "Forrester Reunited."

[ Applause ]

Eric: So, the rumors are true. Brooke and I have remarried, and this is our way of celebrating with all of you. We will follow this campaign with a brand new line that will be absolutely off the charts.

[ Applause ]


Thorne: Could I see you two? Now?

Gaby: Oh, thank you. Oh, Andy, hey. Will you have Jerry check the seam on this for me?

Andy: Right away.

Gaby: Thank you.

Thomas: They didn't ask Thorne a single question.

Gaby: You can still win this competition. Right? It's about the orders, not the publicity, right?

Thomas: Yeah, but publicity generates the orders.

Taylor: Big crowd.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, all screaming "Forrester, Forrester." Must make you happy. Dad will win, and Gaby's going to be deported.

Taylor: Thomas, no mother wants to see her child in pain. I just -- you know, I just want you to come home. And have the life someone your age deserves to have -- and should have.

Gaby: You mean the kind of life you think he should have.

Taylor: The kind of life your mother wanted for you.

Gaby: Thomas is going to win this.


Thorne: I should have seen it coming. I should have seen it. Because you would do anything to win! Marry Brooke, humiliate mother -- stab your own son in the back by unveiling this "reunited" campaign that's eclipsing everything in fashion!

Ridge: It's business, little brother.

Thorne: It's business? By destroying your own family, Ridge?

Eric: Thorne.

Thorne: What happens tonight could make or break your son's career. And you have done everything in your power to stack the deck against him, to make sure that he falls flat on his face, ridge! I'm calling this thing off.

Ridge: Hell you are! Thomas agreed to leave Gaby and go back to school if he lost. Well, he made the deal. He needs to live by it.

Thorne: So, you just trample over all of us to get what you want.

Ridge: Hey, I warned you not to overextend. You're the one that made the choice to use Thomas to prop up your business. You've capitalized on the Forrester name over and over again. And now you're talking to me about ethics? Give me a break!

Stephanie: Stop this! Stop it right now! Thorne will see you on the runway.

Thorne: Sally and I invested everything in this line. And it's a disaster.

Model: Your first show. How does it feel?

Dante: Like a rare bottle of Barolo. You want to drink it all up, but -- you just don't want it to end.

Stephanie: So, Sally has bet the shop on an unseasoned and untested designer.

Thorne: It's my fault, too, mother. I should have kept an eye on her. I have my entire inheritance tied up with spectra. And then some.

Stephanie: Well, Thomas is talented. I mean, you could still win.

Thorne: And if we don't? I have a wife. I have a child.

Stephanie: And you always have us. You could come back to Forrester.

Thorne: And work for Ridge? Never.


[ Crowd chatter ]

Hector: Hey.

Taylor: Hi!

Hector: Hi.

Taylor: How are you?

Hector: I'm fine. This is a big day for the Forresters, so I thought you might -- need a friend.

Taylor: Oh. Thank you, hector, but --. I already told you that Ridge and I --

Hector: Are working on your relationship.

Taylor: Well, actually it's more than that. We -- we are really, totally, back together.

Hector: Wow. One session with a counselor and your marriage is as good as new?

Taylor: Yeah. I don't know, maybe it's realizing that someone else could find me attractive -- I don't know, maybe that opened his eyes.

Hector: Yeah, but for how long?

Ridge: For the rest of our lives. Hector. I believe you know the way out.


Massimo: You called -- and, against my better judgment, I came. So -- what's so important?

Stephanie: Thank you for coming.

Massimo: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: I always knew I could count on you. I'm going into Eric's safe, because there's some stock certificates in there that I want to give to the children. And I wanted you to be my witness. I don't want anyone to question my actions.

Massimo: Do you know the combination?

Stephanie: I know my husband. How hard can it be? It's got to be a wedding, birthday, anniversary, something. I'm going to try his -- his birthday first. Okay. I'm going to try my anniversary. Maybe I was too quick. Maybe I was too quick. You don't suppose -- he would -- oh, he wouldn't use Brooke's anniversary, would he?

Massimo: This week?

Stephanie: No, the first one. All this time that he and I have been reconciled -- he's had her anniversary as his combination for the safe. Eric, I don't even know who you are anymore.


[ Crowd chatter ]

[ Applause ]

Eric: All right. All right, all right. Two great fashion houses -- Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions. My grandson, Thomas, made his debut not too long ago and made quite a splash. And so we're all very, very curious to see what he's brought along with him today. And so, with no further ado, let's start this show. From Spectra Fashions -- Thomas Forrester!

[ Applause ]

[ Light applause ]

Ridge: All right. You got 'em. You got 'em! Go play with it. They want you. Go do it. Go! Have fun. Have fun.

Dante: You don't seem so confident. What's up?

Ridge: We'll win. We've got to. My son's whole future is at stake.


[ Applause ]

Thorne: We're finished.

Darla: Honey, the contest is won by orders -- not applause. You know that.

Thorne: Honey, I know, but the preorders have already been canceled. If the buyers today don't turn it around tonight -- we're dead.


Stephanie: Let's just get on with it. I know those stock certificates are here.

Massimo: What's this?

Stephanie: I have no idea, but --. Mass, that wouldn't be it. I'm looking for something smaller -- and probably in a white envelope.

Massimo: Wait. Hold it a minute here.

Stephanie: Mass, I just want to get the stock certificates.

Massimo: Okay. Now -- this looks pretty damn interesting. Stephanie -- this looks like a trust document. Hey, looks like somebody's been shopping!

Massimo: Aha!

Stephanie: What? What?

Massimo: This is -- a trust document drawn up by your father years and years ago. See? Look here. See, that's his signature there. See?

Stephanie: You're right -- it is.

Massimo: Mm-hmm. And it names you as the beneficiary.

Stephanie: Of what?

Massimo: My god, Stephanie. You are not going to believe what this is.


[ Cameras snapping ]

[ Light applause ]

Sally: Doesn't look good, Bucky. Going up in smoke -- all my hopes and dreams!

Clarke: Tell me about it.

Sally: I bet big on the wrong horse. This could be it for us.

[ Cameras snapping ]

[ Heavy applause and cheering ]

Ridge: All right!


Thomas: I'm so sorry.

Gaby: No! No. It didn't work out the way we hoped -- but I will never, ever forget what you did for me. Never.


Lauren: Congratulations, Mr. F!

Ridge: Thank you, Lauren. Thank you. Great job.

Taylor: Wow. Looks like you have a hit on your hands.

Ridge: Oh, incredible. Just incredible.

Taylor: Did you talk to Thomas?

Ridge: No. I know this wasn't easy on him. But he'll learn. He'll learn. Doc -- we got our son back.


Darla: You did a great job. We appreciate it.

Thorne: I got wiped out the same day my mother walked away from the company she founded. I knew she said there were only two things you needed to succeed in life -- it was honesty and hard work. She was wrong on both counts, huh?


Stephanie: I've never seen this before.

Massimo: All right. Look at the date.

Stephanie: Yes, that would have been around the time that Eric and I set the company up.

Massimo: Okay. These are original articles of incorporation.

Stephanie: I was pregnant with Ridge at the time, and I remember I wanted my father to -- believe that Eric had the ability to set this company up.

Massimo: Something that he wasn't too happy about, if I remember correctly.

Stephanie: Well -- excuse me? He gave us the money to start the company, didn't he?

Massimo: Yeah -- which was substantial. And that's the reason why he drew this trust up, okay? According to the articles of incorporation, all the stock from Forrester Creations must be held in this trust.

Stephanie: No! No, mass. Eric and I have always, always owned the company jointly. And the only time that we've divided the stock up was to disburse it to the children -- and then -- well, we did lose some to Brooke through her marriages and her divorces.

Massimo: Mm-hmm. All right. So -- who determined that? That you and Eric owned it jointly.

Stephanie: We live in California. It's community property.

Massimo: Not if it was put into this trust before the marriage. Okay? That's what this is! See, your father wanted to make sure that Eric would not walk away from you with the money that he gave him to start up the company. So he found a way to protect you.

Stephanie: But what about all the stock that's been divided up over the years?

Massimo: No. Doesn't mean a damn thing. If Eric knew about this trust -- every transaction that he put forward -- was illegal. Okay? The only legitimate holding in Forrester Creations is in this certificate. The Stephanie Douglas irrevocable trust. And it names you as sole beneficiary.

Stephanie: What?

Massimo: Mm-hmm. Stephanie -- if I'm right about this, Forrester Creations is yours.

Stephanie: Mine?

Massimo: Yours.

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