B&B Transcript Monday 10/10/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/10/05


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Brooke: Stephanie, you have to leave.

Stephanie: Look, Brooke, this is not about you.

Brooke: Bridget is coming right now.

Stephanie: Fine.

Brooke: You're not going to say anything to her.

Stephanie: Yes, I am. Who's going to stop me?

Nick: I am.

Brooke: Where's Bridget?

Nick: I didn't want her to come in here. I didn't want her to be a part of this, because I'd like to get this cleared up.

Brooke: Thank god.

Nick: Go on, Stephanie, tell me. What were you threatening to tell Bridget?

Stephanie: Just the truth, Nick.

Nick: Good. What might that be?

Stephanie: It's about you and Brook, here on the boat that night. I know about it. I know all about it.

Nick: Really? And how do you know, Stephanie? Were you outside the window, peeking in?

Stephanie: No, Nick. I'm not going to leave here until you agree to tell Bridget everything that's going on between the two of you.

Nick: Well, I'm all ears. Exactly what would I tell her?

Stephanie: It's better if it comes from you.

Brooke: She wants to give Bridget a reason to never trust me ever again.

Stephanie: She should never have trusted you after Deacon. And as for you, one day you find out that you've lost a baby, and the next day, you throw yourself in her mother's arms?

Nick: Who told you that?

Brooke: Eric.

Stephanie: Why does it matter how I found out? The important thing, Nick, is what are you going to do about that?

Nick: The important thing is you realize I'm not one of your kids. My marriage is my business, not yours.


Bridget: Dante, you already have the portrait? Well, when can I see it? You're pulling up now? No, wait, don't go to the boat. Mom and Stephanie are there. Why don't you just come across the street and meet me at Chuck's? Okay. Okay, bye. Hey, Chuck.

Chuck: Hello, Mrs. Marone.

Bridget: I've got to get used to hearing that.

Chuck: You and me both. I never thought I'd call any woman Mrs. Marone. That Nick's a lucky guy.

Bridget: Oh, no, I am the lucky one.

Chuck: I guess it's only bad luck for me. Nick used to be one of my best customers. But I hear he's trading whiskey and beer nuts for diapers and formula.

[ Bridget laughs ]

Bridget: Yup, and he couldn't be more excited about it, either.

Chuck: I'll bet. Hey, how 'bout a glass of milk for the mother to be, on the house?

Bridget: Sounds good. But can I also have a side of fries and hot sauce with it?

[ Chuck laughs ]

Chuck: Baby's definitely got dad's taste in food.

Bridget: Yeah. Thanks, Chuck.

Chuck: Mm-hmm.

Dante: Hey.

Bridget: Hey.

Dante: Interesting place.

Bridget: I'm glad it's kind of slow tonight. Otherwise, it would be too smoky for me.

Dante: Here you go.

Bridget: Oh, I'm so excited.

Dante: Thought you might want it as soon as it was done.

Bridget: Ah. Dante, it's gorgeous.

Dante: Glad you like it. Tell me again, why did you want to meet me here?


Eric: I told Stephanie about the night that Nick and Brooke spent together on that boat.

Jackie: What?

Eric: She promised that she wouldn't say anything! I wanted her to understand how deeply Nick and Brooke care for Bridget and how far they would be willing to go to protect her. I wanted her to understand their sacrifice.

Jackie: But she couldn't?

Eric: Jackie, I'm convinced that Nick will, eventually, be able to forget Brooke, and that he'll be able to give Bridget the life she deserves.

Jackie: Not if Stephanie has anything to do with it.

Eric: Oh, god, she's doing it again. She's meddling where she doesn't belong, and she's turning Bridget's life upside-down.

Jackie: To get back at Brooke.

Eric: Did she admit that to you?

Jackie: She didn't have to. It is so obvious, it's just awful that Bridget is gonna be the one that gets hurt.

[ Knock at door ]

Jonathan: Eric, is this a bad time?

Eric: No, not at all. In fact, your timing couldn't be more perfect. Come in. Jackie Marone, this is my lawyer, Jonathan Young.

Jonathan: How do you do?

Jackie: Hello.

Eric: Jonathan, tell me you've brought what I've asked for.

Jonathan: All you have to do is sign these papers, and by the end of the day, your marriage to Stephanie will be over.

Eric: Jonathan, you don't know how much I appreciate you doing this.

Jonathan: Your marriage is as good as finished.

Eric: Just sign on the dotted line, huh?

Jonathan: That's right.

Eric: Well, don't just stand there. Give me a pen.

Jackie: No wonder Stephanie was in such a foul mood today.

Eric: Jackie, that woman's moods are no longer a concern of mine, except as to how they affect my children and my grandchildren's lives.

Jackie: You know, perhaps now isn't the best time to be poking a stick in the viper's cage.

Eric: No, no, this is just a formality, Jackie. My marriage to Stephanie ended the day she faked her heart attack. Jonathan --

Jonathan: Eric, before you sign, I have to caution you.

Eric: You should have done that before I remarried Stephanie.

Jonathan: Normally, I would advise the couple to discuss a decision of this magnitude for several weeks. At least, try to have a conversation.

Eric: Jonathan, Stephanie gave you her power of attorney right after her stroke, did she not?

Jonathan: Yes, but --

Eric: Then there's nothing else to discuss.

Jonathan: Eric, you and Stephanie have had your ups and downs over the years. You fight, you make up.

Eric: Not this time, Jonathan. It's gone too far. It's too late. In fact, Stephanie's need to control everything and everyone in her life has become absolutely chronic. And her vendetta against Brooke is threatening to destroy my daughter's life. So you tell me where I sign this to get this cancer out of my life.


Dante: Why would Stephanie and your mother be waiting for you or Nick's call?

Bridget: I don't know, and I don't particularly care to find out.

Dante: Are you and your mother having problems again?

Bridget: No, but Stephanie would like to think that we are.

Dante: Is it making you suspicious?

Bridget: I swear that woman never gives up.

Dante: Good thing, neither do you.

Bridget: Thanks, but I've had a lot of support. From you, too. Thank you so much for this. It's just -- it's lovely.

Dante: I wouldn't be a very good artist if it wasn't. It's a picture of you, you know?

Bridget: That's really sweet, but to be honest, I think you made just a few improvements.

Dante: No, I didn't. You never looked so beautiful. 'Cause maybe you've never been so happy.

[ Bridget laughs ]

Bridget: So it shows?

Dante: I'm glad I was able to capture it.

Bridget: Aw. You're so sweet today. Things are really good, though. Nick and I are coming together, and he brought me all these gifts for the baby. It was -- it was really fun. Now, I have an incredible present for him. Do you mind?

Dante: No, it's your gift.

Bridget: "Nick, all my love. Bridget."


Nick: I love Bridget, and that's all you need to know.

Stephanie: You know, if either one of you were really watching out for her, I wouldn't have to do this.

Nick: Well, believe it or not, I think she can look after herself.

Stephanie: How, when she has no idea what's going on?

Brooke: Everything has to be a battle with you.

Stephanie: Only when I think there's something worth fighting for.

Brooke: Bridget doesn't need your protection.

Nick: She doesn't want it, either.

Stephanie: Because she won't allow herself to see the truth.

Nick: I'll tell you what the truth is, Stephanie. She has never been happier and more content in her entire life. Those words came out of her mouth tonight.

Stephanie: And what do you intend to do? Just pretend that what's going on between the two of you has never happened?

Nick: I'll tell you exactly what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna move on with my life, and so is she, and so is Bridget. And so are you. You're gonna forget about what Eric told you, and you are gonna turn around and march right off of this boat.

Stephanie: Nick, do you really think that you can just overcome these feelings that you have for Brooke? I guess you do.

[ Stephanie sighs ] I've heard that from so many men before. Honey, this is not how life works. You cannot just clamp down on big, powerful emotions like this. Eventually, they start to eat away at you, day after day, night after night, until finally you act on them. You may not want to, but you will. That's human nature. If you can't see that, nick, then you're not just lying to Bridget. You're lying to yourself.

Stephanie: I really -- I really thought you were different, Nick.

Nick: You know, Stephanie, I don't give a damn what you think.

Stephanie: I hope Bridget will.

Brooke: Bridget's just as sick of your accusations as we are.

Stephanie: I know. I am, too.

Nick: So you're disappointed in me, is that what you're saying? Well, isn't that the -- the pot calling the kettle black. You know, when I first met you, Stephanie, I looked at you with respect. I thought you were full of principle and morals. But I see now that you're just callous and judgmental.

Stephanie: I don't care what you think about me, the truth is still the truth.

Nick: The truth is Bridget and I are committed to one another, and you will not say a word to disrupt that.

Stephanie: It's a little late to be playing her white knight.

Nick: Well, she doesn't need to be saved, for god's sakes! She needs to be left alone!

Stephanie: If you continue this sham, I'm sure she'll find she has plenty of time alone, once you start running off and playing around with her mother.

Nick: I said stop it!

Stephanie: That's what I'm trying to do, Nick! If you'll just face your feelings! I'm trying to stop you from hurting her! I'm trying to stop her mother from ruining her life again!

Nick: Don't say anything to Bridget. You will not say anything against me and Brooke.

Stephanie: Or what, Nick?

Nick: Keep your mouth shout. You stay away from my wife.

Brooke: Thank god you showed up when you did, without Bridget.

Nick: So what now, though, huh? We got to run some kind of damage control here, because she's not gonna stop.


Eric: Well, that's all taken care of.

Jackie: You're officially a free man.

Eric: Yes, and I feel like celebrating.

Jackie: Do you want to go to the Cafe Russe?

Eric: No, I was thinking more of a private celebration.

Jackie: Hmm. Do you have some champagne stashed?

Eric: Yeah, but why would I want champagne when I have the most intoxicating woman in all of L.A. All to myself?

Jackie: Oh, Eric, you are a devil. Yeah?

Eric: I told Megan to hold all my calls.

Jackie: Really?

Eric: Mm-hmm. And I'm feeling very naughty.

[ Jackie laughs ] A little cheeky. Jackie, Jackie, Jackie -- have I told you how wonderful you are?

Jackie: Not in the last five minutes.

Eric: Jackie Marone, you are the most wonderful, vivacious, sexy woman in the world, and you make me feel things I haven't felt for a very long time -- excitement, enthusiasm, desire.

Jackie: Oh. Oh, is that all?

Eric: I have something for you in my pocket.

Jackie: This one?

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Jackie: Is that it?

Eric: No.

Jackie: Good.

Eric: Jackie, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Jackie: Oh, Eric.

Eric: Jackie?

Jackie: You were gone quite a long time.

Eric: Yes. I wanted to walk Jonathan down to his car and be sure he was all right.

Jackie: So, um, that's it? You were married, and now you're not.

Eric: Yes, well, you wouldn't wait to treat a disease that was poisoning your entire family, would you?

Jackie: Stephanie doesn't deserve a man like you.

Eric: Look, one doesn't hesitate where Stephanie is concerned. I guess I'm not officially divorced yet until this whole thing's final. But hopefully, it won't take very long. The thing I'm most concerned about is how it's going to affect Bridget's situation.

Jackie: All I know is, the only thing worse than an angry mother lion is a wounded mother lion.

Eric: Well, Stephanie is not Bridget's mother. Brooke is, and she better leave them the hell alone.


Stephanie: I thought I'd find you --

Bridget: Stephanie, I don't want to talk to you.

Stephanie: That's fine. I'll do all the talking.

Bridget: No, no, thank you.

Stephanie: You will, some day.

Bridget: I'll thank you right now to turn around and leave.

Stephanie: I can't do that, Bridget.

Bridget: Look, whatever it was that you told mom and Nick, I -- I don't want to hear it.

Stephanie: I know you don't. I know you don't, but you have to. So come on, let's go.

Bridget: No, wait. Stephanie --

Stephanie: Come on.

Bridget: Let go of me.

Stephanie: I'll explain everything to you. Go, go. 


Chuck: Nick, lookin' for the missus?

Nick: Yeah, yeah, she's supposed to be here.

Chuck: Was. Right there.

Nick: What the hell is this?

Chuck: I don't know. She must have forgot it.

Nick: Forgot it? So she left?

Chuck: A minute ago. Her drinkin' buddy showed up, dragged her out.

Nick: Drinkin' buddy?

Chuck: Bridget wasn't too thrilled about it. But that old silver bird wasn't takin' no for an answer.


Bridget: What's wrong with you? You're acting crazy!

Stephanie: I want you to calm down so that we can discuss this in a rational manner.

Bridget: You practically kidnapped me.

Stephanie: Because I did not want to have a scene like this in a public bar. I wanted you here -- safe, away from your mother and Nick. I have something very important to tell you.


Nick: Come on, we've got to move.

Brooke: What's going on?

Nick: Stephanie's got Bridget.

Brooke: Where?

Nick: I don't know where. I went over to Chuck's. Stephanie had already been there and taken her away. We've got to go find her.

Brooke: No, wait. Just call her on the cell phone. Stephanie could be telling Bridget right now!

[ Phone rings ]

Bridget: Hello?

Nick: Bridget, where are you?

Bridget: I'm at Stephanie's. She's off on one of her rants again.

Nick: Get out of there. Don't listen to her.

Stephanie: No --

Bridget: Stephanie!

Stephanie: No more distractions. You're going to listen to what I have to say.

Bridget: Okay, fine. Go ahead, say whatever it is you need to say and get it off your chest. The sooner you do, the sooner I can get out of here.

Stephanie: Believe me, I wish I were not the one that has to say this to you. But you're just surrounded by people that are lying to you.

Bridget: And I think I'm looking at one of them.

Stephanie: No, I'm not. And you know what I'm about to tell you is the truth, because you've seen it, and you felt it. There was a moment when you did doubt Nick's commitment to you.

Bridget: Sure. Yeah, I'm not gonna deny that, but I was very wrong.

Stephanie: No. A little desperate maybe, but -- you were desperate to believe that they were going to overcome their feelings for one another.

Bridget: But Stephanie, they did.

Stephanie: No, they didn't. It's happened. After you told them that you had the abortion, they saw one another that night, and they felt free -- free to express their love for one another.

[ Bridget laughs ]

Bridget: You're just making this up.

Stephanie: Ask your father.

Bridget: Oh, is that where you got this, from dad?

Stephanie: Your mother went to see him the next day. She was so happy. She was so happy that she and Nick had been able to recognize and accept the reality of the situation. She was thrilled and excited and happy. She couldn't keep it to herself.

Bridget: She was happy?

Stephanie: Go and talk to your father if you don't believe me. I'm sorry, honey. I'm so sorry. But they failed your test. They betrayed you. Your mother's done it to you all over again.

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