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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 9/23/05


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Bridget: I think you're supposed to say "I do."

Nick: Well, I don't think I have to say anything. I would prefer you use my full name. Dominick, if you please.

Seager: Do you, Dominick, take this woman to be your wife, for better or worse, in sickness and health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?

Nick: I do.

Seager: If anyone can show just cause why this man and woman should not be wed, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.


Hector: Well, fancy meeting you here.

Taylor: Hector?

Hector: Yeah. The maitre d' always calls me for backup whenever somebody orders snails. I mean a person could choke on one of those shells.

Taylor: Oh, well, you're not supposed to eat the shells.

Hector: Oh, I know. Such tragedy in French restaurants could be prevented. Are you waiting for anyone?

Taylor: Oh, let's see. My daughters take turns blaming me, and each other, for everything that's going wrong in the world. And my son is shacking up with an illegal alien that he married in Vegas. My husband, who is still hung up on his ex-wife, is not speaking to me right now because I'm working -- because I'm not sitting home being ornamental. No, I don't think I'm meeting anyone.

Hector: Then how about I join you? You never know when one of those things will crawl onto your fork.

Taylor: I feel safer already.


Seager: Since I find no impediment, I call upon each of you present to be a witness and an ally to the union Bridget and Dominick now make. Do you affirm your continued support and love as they grow in their marriage?

All: Yes, we do.

Seager: Do you offer them your care and counsel in times of trouble?

All: Yes, we do.

Seager: Do you celebrate with them the decision they have made to choose each other?

All: Yes, we do.

Seager: Then Bridget, Dominick, I ask you to declare before this company your solemn vows. Repeat after me. "I, Bridget, take you, Dominick --"

Bridget: I, Bridget, take you, Dominick --

Seager: " -- To be my wedded husband."

Bridget: -- To be my wedded husband.

Seager: "I will trust you and honor you."

Bridget: I will trust you and I will honor you.

Seager: "I will love you faithfully --"

Bridget: I will love you faithfully --

Seager: " -- Whatever may come, for all of my days."

Bridget: -- Whatever may come, for all of my days.

Seager: "As I give you my hand --"

Bridget: As I give you my hand --

Seager: " -- So I give my life to your keeping."

Bridget: -- So I give my life to your keeping.

Seager: "So help me god."

Bridget: So help me god.

Seager: "I, Dominick --"

Nick: You mind if I put this in my own words?

Seager: That's allowed.

Nick: Thanks. I've always felt that the best gift in life is the gift of giving. And I want to thank you for what you've given me. You've given me your life. Your love. And now, you're gonna give me a child. I promise to honor that. And I promise to give you my best as a husband and as a father to that child. So help me god. I'm done.

Seager: May we have the rings, please? These rings are a symbol of the union you have declared, and of the love between you, which, like a circle, will be without end. May they always remind you, and all others, of the vows you have made this day. Bridget, take this ring, place it on Dominick's finger and repeat after me. "With this ring, I thee wed."

Bridget: With this ring, I thee wed.

Seager: Dominick, place this ring on Bridget's finger and repeat after me. "With this ring, I thee wed."

Nick: With this ring, I thee wed.

Seager: By virtue of the authority vested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride, sailor.

[ Applause ]


Taylor: How's your soup?

Hector: It's cold, but good.

Taylor: Chilled soup is generally served cold.

Hector: What?

Taylor: I didn't say anything.

Hector: Okay, you're right. This isn't my kind of place. I've only ever been here to check the sprinklers in the kitchen.

Taylor: Mm-hmm. But tonight, you had a yen for haute cuisine?

Hector: I could've had cold soup at home. No, I tracked you down.

Taylor: I see. What, am I a fire hazard?

Hector: In that dress? Oh, yeah. No, I stopped by your office to check up on you. And when you weren't there --

Taylor: Well, they're not supposed to let people track me down.

Hector: You know, you're right. The receptionist thought I was some deranged kind of patient. And then, Dr. Kibe recognized me. You see I'm not rich enough to have psychiatric problems. I think she could see that right off. Or maybe I do. Want me to lie down, tell you my dreams?

Taylor: No, no, I'm off-duty now. No. Besides --

Hector: Oh, no. Don't tell me you're letting ridge talk you out of going back into business.

Taylor: You know, I don't know, maybe he's right. Really, what business do I have helping people sort out their problems when I can't even sort out my own? I'm really starting to think that coma caused some kind of misfire in my brain.

Hector: Taylor, your only problem is that you're under appreciated like me.

Taylor: Is that your diagnosis?

Hector: Yeah. So why don't we sit here and eat stuff that's hard to pronounce and appreciate each other for a while?

Taylor: You know what? That sounds just fine.


Massimo: To my seafaring son, of whom I am so proud, and the lovely lady who brought him to ground. Salu.

Eric: Hear, hear. Welcome to the family, Nick. You know, not many people impress me, but you've made a very, very good start.

Nick: Thank you.

Jackie: So, how do you feel about apologies?

Bridget: Well, I've learned how to make them. I'm sure learning how to accept them will be a lot easier.

Jackie: Thank you for loving my son. Do you think you could find it in your heart to forgive me?

Bridget: Believe it or not, I understand.

Jackie: Thank you. Congratulations, darling.


[ Bridget sighs ]

Bridget: Mom. You've got to stop crying. You're gonna make me start again.

Brooke: I can't help it, sweetheart. This is the day that every mother dreams of. I'm so happy for you.

Bridget: I honestly didn't know I was allowed to be this happy.

Brooke: Of course you are.

Nick: You should listen to your mother.

Massimo: Oh, wait. We need a picture of the bride.

Eric: Absolutely.

Nick: He's your father-in-law.

Bridget: I'm coming.


Brooke: It was beautiful.

Nick: It was.

Brooke: You love her.

Nick: I do. And she'll always know that.

Brooke: Thank you.


Taylor: And then there's Thomas -- and Ridge's solution to Thomas.

Hector: Which is?

Taylor: Never mind. I get a sick feeling even thinking about it.

Hector: It's a contest? I'm sorry, that's just the way ridge thinks, right? Everything's a contest with him. You and Brooke were a contest. And the winner got to see him stop scowling for a day and a half.

Taylor: You don't have much use for my husband, do you?

Hector: Well, you know, he makes clothes that 99% of the world can't afford or would look foolish wearing. So if you want to call that useful --

Taylor: Okay, let's change the subject.

Hector: You just can't let him make you feel lousy about being you. Do you not see how spectacular you are? I mean, Taylor, for pete's sake, if you're such a dud, what possible hope does the rest of the human race have? So your kids are acting up and your marriage is rocky -- guess what? Those aren't failings. That's life.

Taylor: Yeah, but when the things I work the hardest at turn out so disastrously wrong, that's not life, that's me.

Hector: No, that's not how it works. The best things that you do in life, you don't know that you're doing 'em. It's the day-in, day-out ordinary stuff that you don't even pay attention to. Until somebody else adds it all up and shows it to you. Let's go.

Taylor: Where?

Hector: I want to show you something.

Eric: I thought I might find you here.


Brooke: Sorry, all the reports that I needed to look at were here on your desk, so I thought I would just work here. I've got a thousand things to do before the end of the quarter.

Eric: I think what you already accomplished tonight is damned impressive.

Brooke: Our daughter. Married.

Eric: Yeah. Any other woman you would've fought tooth and nail to hang on to nick.

Brooke: I'm just glad that she finally has the life that she deserves. And it felt good, for once, to be the mother that she deserves.


Nick: I'd like you to come inside now, okay?

Bridget: Oh, wow. Nick.

Nick: So -- tonight? Tonight's about life. Tonight's about the start of our life together. I love you.

Bridget: I love you, too. Very much.

Nick: You can't tell me your old man bought that for you, too.

Bridget: Nope. I'm not gonna be able to wear things like this much longer.

Nick: I have always thought that pregnant women's bellies are sexy.

Bridget: Really?

Nick: Does that sound kind of perverted to you?

Bridget: Well, why do you think I married you?

Nick: You probably could have done a lot better, believe me.

Bridget: Hmm-mm. I looked you up in the catalogue of all the men in the world.

Nick: I didn't know I was in there.

Bridget: Mm-hmm. You know what it says next to your name?

Nick: "Pervert?"

Bridget: Besides that.

Nick: What?

Bridget: "Unafraid of love." What are you thinking, baby?

Nick: Good things. Good things.


Brooke: Good-bye, Nick.

Ridge: Working late? Or just pretending to?

Brooke: What are you doing here?

Ridge: The same. Saw your car in the parking lot as I was leaving. How was the wedding?

Brooke: Perfect.

Ridge: Hmm. So what are you doing here?

Brooke: Go home, Ridge.

Ridge: I don't have a home. Thank you for asking, though. Taylor asked me to move out.

Brooke: Why?

Ridge: Long story, Logan. Long story. So here we are.

Brooke: Have we ever been alone and free at the same time?

Ridge: Alone? Maybe. I don't know about the free part.

Brooke: And now that we are --

Ridge: And now that we are -- I need you more than ever.

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