B&B Transcript Thursday 9/22/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/22/05


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Nick: You can't do it, Brooke. You can't come to the wedding.

Brooke: Bridget wants me there.

Nick: Well, I don't! If you really care about your daughter, if you really want what's best for her and you want her to be happy, you won't be there. You can't be there. Because if you're there, I don't know if I can say those vows.


Eric: Hey, you.

Bridget: Oh, dad, thank goodness. I've been looking for you everywhere.

Eric: What are you doing?

Bridget: Well, I'm leaving you an invitation. Nick and I are finally getting married -- tonight.

Eric: What? Really?

Bridget: I know it's short notice. I hope you don't have plans, 'cause I really, really want you to come.

Eric: All right. I wouldn't miss it.

Bridget: He's having this other captain come to the boat and do the ceremony. He's fixing everything up.

Eric: Wait, Nick is making all the arrangements?

Bridget: He's doing everything, yeah.

Eric: Captain Nick Marone, wedding planner.

[ Bridget laughs ]

Bridget: Well, there's nothing my fiancÚ won't do if he has the right motivation.

Eric: Well, you've certainly given him that.

Bridget: I have. Oh, goodness, Dad. When I think about just even -- what -- a month ago how confused I was and scared, and Nick and our future and this baby, I couldn't possibly imagine having mom at our wedding. I didn't even know if there was gonna be a wedding.

Eric: You're mother's going to be there?

Bridget: Yeah. Well, you gotta have witnesses. And you also have to have a dress, which is why I've been looking for you. Do you think you could pull something for me?

Eric: What? Another one?

Bridget: I know. I know. I'm sorry. I would be honored to be able to wear the first one you made me. But I think it's important to Nick that I have a new dress for a new start and a clean slate.

Eric: All right, I'll scrounge something up for you.

Bridget: Thanks.

Eric: Okay, I won't keep you. Come on, you have a million things to do. Go on.

Bridget: Okay, you're right, I do. Is mom in her office? I just wanted to stop by and say hello.

Eric: Yeah, she probably is. She had a really heavy slate today, so she's probably there.

Bridget: Okay, I think I'm gonna pop in. Maybe she can run out to the boat and help nick finish everything up, you know.

Eric: No, I'll do that. I'll do that.

Bridget: No, Dad, it's okay, really. You're doing the dress. And honestly, I want mom to feel like she's, you know, doing a part of all this. We've been reconnecting recently, and I don't want to spoil that.


Brooke: Nick, you have to marry my daughter. You need to take care of her and forget about me.

Nick: How am I supposed to do that? Please, I'm asking for help here. How do I do that when you're standing there at the altar with me?

Brooke: We can't avoid each other. When you're married, you'll be a part of the family.

Nick: Wouldn't that be perfect? All of those wonderful family things to just fall right into place. Well, it can't right now. You need to -- you need to find out what's going on inside, for real. And ask yourself, right now, can you feel how much I want you? Can you say to yourself you don't want me? It's there when we're together. And if you're at that wedding, Bridget will feel it. Now, if you want to do what's right for your daughter, and if you want to make her happy, you'll stay away.

Brooke: I told her that I was gonna be there.

Nick: Well, then don't ruin it for her. Don't come. Because I swear to god, Brooke, if you're there, there may not be a wedding.

Brooke: Oh, my god. How am I gonna do this? How am I gonna make this work?


[ Knock at door ]

[ Bridget singing ]

Here comes the bride all fat and wide well, not totally. But I feel like I'm ready. I mean, I can feel it.

Brooke: Bridget, honey, what are you doing here?

Bridget: I came to make sure you were getting ready for the wedding tonight.


Dante: What do you think?

Ridge: Hey, dad told me the good news. Welcome aboard.

Dante: Thank you. It's an honor.

Ridge: He also told me about your new project here. Hand-painted designs by Dante Damiano. Inspired by your favorite contemporary artists. Interesting idea.

Dante: He thought so, too.

Ridge: How about Brooke?

Dante: She was very supportive.

Ridge: Never hurts to have one of the CEOs in your corner.

Dante: Well, the relationship between me and Brooke helped me with the interview, but I assure you that my idea got me the job with your father. He wouldn't have just hired me because I'm dating Brooke.

Ridge: You're what? You're dating Brooke?


Brooke: Sweetheart, I'm really touched that you want me at your wedding. But it really isn't necessary.

Bridget: Well, it is to me.

Brooke: I just wouldn't want there to be any complications. You know, maybe it would just be safer if it were just you and Nick.

Bridget: I know what you're trying to do.

Brooke: I'm trying to help.

Bridget: Well then, mom, help me. Please? Help me show everyone that we have nothing to worry about. We can put all of the hurt feelings and all of the misunderstandings behind us if nick and I get married with you by our side. Mother -- Mmom, you know good and well that I will not go through with this if you're not there. Please?

Brooke: Okay. Okay, if it means that much to you, of course I'll be there.

Bridget: Thank you.

Brooke: Yeah, sure.


Nick: Pants. Pants -- belt, belt, belt, belt, belt, belt, belt, belt, belt, belt.

Jackie: Have no fear, your mother's here.

Nick: Hey. Good, you got my message. Good, good, good.

Jackie: I guess it was too much to expect the engraved invitation.

Nick: Well, good thing you changed your attitude; otherwise, you wouldn't have been invited at all. So watch it.

Jackie: Well, I'm at your beck and call. So what would you have me do?

Nick: Let's see -- decorations on the couch over there. Start there, thanks.

Jackie: You're sure about this, Nicky?

Nick: Don't start, Mother. Don't even say her name.

Jackie: I don't need to, do I? Because we both know who you're thinking about.

Nick: I'm marrying Bridget today. That's the only thing that my mind's on.

Jackie: Nicky, it's not. It's written all over your face.

Nick: Face? You mean this? These lines? It's irritation, Mother, from you.

Jackie: I'll stand by you, no matter what decision you make.

Nick: Good, 'cause I already made it.

Jackie: Yeah? I saw you at the Cafe Russe with Bridget and Dante and Brooke. You certainly weren't acting like a man who had made up his mind. Nicky, you and Brooke can't really believe you can just shut off your attraction for one another, can you?

Nick: I don't have time for this today. Come on, I can't do it.

Jackie: No, no, no, no. Please, please, please. Nick, what you feel for Brooke, it is real. It is so powerful, and it is so real.

Nick: No, mother. Do you wanna know what's real? This is real. A child. My child.

Jackie: I am not suggesting that you turn your back on your child. But if you go through this ceremony, you're gonna have to be a husband to Bridget. Now you tell me you can do that, I won't mention it again. You can't do that, can you?


Ridge: You and Brooke?

Dante: I'm not surprised you didn't know about this. It just happened.

Ridge: Didn't you have a thing with Bridget?

Dante: Bridget is getting married. Tonight, in fact.

Ridge: Tonight?

Dante: There's a lot you don't know, I guess, huh?

Ridge: I talk with Brooke. We get together with the kids. She didn't mention anything about you or a wedding.

Dante: The wedding was a last minute thing. And as far as me and Brooke is concerned, it's going on pretty well.

Ridge: You know that she's just getting out of a relationship, that she and I were married.

Dante: Yes, I know. If you're thinking that she hasn't gotten over you, let me put your mind at ease.

Ridge: Oh, you think she has?

Dante: Listen, I don't mean to be rude or cross the line here, but right now, you're the last thing on Brooke's mind.


Jackie: It's a simple question, Nicky. One that you're going to have to answer tonight. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with Bridget?

Nick: I want to give Bridget and this child the life they deserve.

Jackie: Then you're gonna have to sound a lot more convincing than that during the ceremony.

Nick: Ceremony will be fine.

Jackie: I'm not worried about the ceremony. It's the rest of your marriage that I'm worried about.

Nick: Do you want me to call it off? Is that what you want? And for what? What would that accomplish, mother? If I hurt Bridget, Brooke would never forgive me. They'd both hate me. Either way, I lose Brooke. And if I don't go through with this wedding, I lose Bridget and the child. So don't ask me what I want. Don't make it seem like I have a choice here, because we both know damn well that I don't. Oh, come in, come in. Captain. Pop.

Massimo: I see grandma. I see papa. Where is the bride and mother-to-be?

Nick: First of all, Captain Seager, this is my mother. Bridget should be here any time. She stopped by Forrester to grab something to wear.

Massimo: Congratulations.

Nick: Thank you.

Massimo: Dominick, my boy, this is a great day for our family. And Bridget is an exceptional young woman. And I am sure that your child is gonna bring more honor to the Marone name. I know you and Bridget have been waiting a long time for this to happen. I can't be happier for you.


[ Eric clears throat ]

Eric: May I interrupt or is this a private mother-daughter bonding moment I have no business being a part of?

Bridget: Hi, Dd. Oh, good, good, good, good, good. You found something.

Eric: Yes. I think it's the perfect outfit for my daughter's last wedding. Hopefully.

Bridget: Oh, I know. I hope so, too. Thank you so much.

Eric: Yeah. Well, go try it on. Go on, see if it fits.

Bridget: Okay, okay. But then we have to go. Because I think Nick and the captain are waiting for us on the boat.


Eric: You're going to the wedding?

Brooke: Bridget insisted.

Eric: Not gonna be easy.

Brooke: I know. None of this is easy, Eric. But it has to be done.

Eric: I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

Brooke: You're just concerned about Bridget.

Eric: I didn't think you could overcome your feelings for Nnick. Even for your own daughter and for her child. But you did. You sacrificed your own happiness for hers.

Brooke: I could never have been happy knowing that I'd hurt Bridget again.

Eric: It's an extraordinary gift you're giving her, and she's never gonna know it. But her life and our grandchild's life will be better for it.

Brooke: And that's all that matters. Nothing is more important to me than our daughter's happiness.


Jackie: Okay.

Nick: There we go, good, good.

Massimo: There you go. Well, if your mother's gonna meddle in your life, at least she can put the lights on, right?

Nick: Thank you, mother. Thank you very much.

Massimo: That's good.

Nick: Much better. Thank you very much.

Jackie: Pleasure.

Massimo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Quick, close your eyes.

Nick: Why?

Massimo: The bride has arrived.

Nick: Oh, she's here? She's here?

Massimo: No, no, no, no, no, no. Come on, you don't want to bring any bad luck to your wedding.

Bridget: I think I'll go touch up my make up.

Eric: Yeah, okay.

Massimo: Okay, the coast is clear.

Nick: Good.

Massimo: Eric, good to see you.

Eric: Good to see you.

Massimo: Hello, Brooke.

Nick: Hello, Brooke. I didn't realize you were coming.

Brooke: Bridget wouldn't take no for an answer.

Jackie: Eric, I don't think that you've met Captain Seager. Captain Seager, this is Eric Forrester. He's the father of the bride.

Eric: Hello, captain. Nice to meet you.


Nick: I thought I made myself clear.

Brooke: This is what Bridget wants.

Nick: She wants to get married. And that's not gonna happen if you are here.

Brooke: It is going to happen. Now. Tonight. Do you hear me? You will get through it. I will get through it. And everybody can move on with their lives. You and my daughter are going to be very, very happy together.


Ridge: Brooke is the mother of my child. We may not be married, but --

Dante: I'm sorry. Listen, you misunderstood me. I didn't mean to insult you or anything.

Ridge: You said I was the last thing on Brooke's mind.

Dante: Listen, you may not be thrilled about me and Brooke, but we both agree that we want Bridget to be happy, right?

Rid: And you think Nick can do this?

Dante: Bridget does.

Ridge: Yeah, well, let's hope she's right. They've tried this before, you know. Let's hope, for her sake, they can make it stick this time.


Eric: Well, obviously, Nick did not expect Brooke to be here.

Jackie: He told her not to come.

Eric: Bridget insisted.

Jackie: This could be bad, Eric. This could be very bad.

Seager: Nick has asked for a simple ceremony.

Brooke: I think that's best.

Massimo: They should have the words memorized by now.

Brooke: You know what they say. Practice makes perfect.

Nick: I guess we'll see. The flute player's here. Excuse me. Hi, how are you?

Jackie: Eric has gone to get Bridget.

Brooke: Should we take our places?

Massimo: You know what I think? I think we should go over there. Let them be in the limelight.

Jackie: Good idea. We wouldn't want to be in the way, would we?

Nick: Okay. Bridget's about ready. So, let's do this, huh?

[ Flute plays ]

Nick: Okay, everybody's here. Let's get this thing moving, shall we?

Bridget: And I thought I was anxious to get married.

Seager: Well then, let's get started. We are gathered here tonight to join Nick and Bridget in holy matrimony. This is not their first trip to the altar, but I'm assured it will be their last. Tonight, they join themselves in marriage and begin the work of building a family together. Which, I'm also told, they have already had a jump on that, too. So as husband and wife, father and mother, the love and commitment of these two people will bind their souls together from this day forward for the rest of their lives. Please join hands and state your intent. Do you, Bridget, take nick to be your husband, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?

Bridget: I do.

Seager: And do you, Nick, take Bridget to be your wife, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?

Brooke: Say it, Nick. Say it.

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