B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/21/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/21/05


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Bridget: This is it.

Nick: You do have to admit, I'm getting pretty good at the proposing. By the way, if it doesn't work this time, I'm just jumping overboard. Weights on my ankles, weights on my waist, forget about it.

Bridget: Oh, we're never going to go back again to that place of insecurity or doubt about you and my mother. It's over.

Nick: It's just you and me now, kid.

Bridget: You and me and our baby.

[ Nick remembering ]

Brooke: You're going to be a father, Nick. You have to move on. Forget about me.


Eric: Dante, it's beautiful. Very, very nice. Please, continue.

Dante: Well, this design was inspired by one of Andy Warhol's camouflage prints. And this one evokes Brice Marden's Zen studies.

Eric: So, they're all contemporary artists?

Dante: Yes, my favorites. Each exceptional in their own way. As these will be, too.

Brooke: And these patterns aren't copies?

Dante: No, they're my interpretations of pieces that inspired me. Translations. From the language of art to the language of fashion. This unusual arrangement takes place from the work of Fred Tomaselli's collage. And the indistinct bleeding quality of these colors comes from the work of Anish Kapoor. See?

Eric: These are all hand-painted?

Dante: Yes. And when they're finished, with the belief, they'll be indelible.

Eric: So they're beautiful and practical. Thank you ladies, thanks very much.

Dante: Great job.

Eric: Good job, Dante. I like this. The idea of combining fashion and art. It's not a new idea, it's been done before, but it hasn't been done for a long time. Innovation and classicism at the same time.

Dante: Like Forrester Creations.

Eric: There you go. Brooke? Are we boring you?

Brooke: No, no.

Eric: Well, you insisted that Dante be able to do this presentation. I thought you'd be more interested.

Brooke: Oh, well, yeah, I am.

Eric: Oh. Just thought -- it looked like your mind was somewhere else.


Bridget: It's really gonna happen. We're finally getting married.

Nick: No more relatives coming back from the dead. No more fake heart attacks. Just the two of us on the boat. Which is the way I wanted to do it in the first place, if you remember.

Bridget: I know, I know. I should've listened to you.

Nick: Maybe we can have a clause put in the vows. "I, Bridget Forrester, vow to love and cherish and honor and always listen to everything that nick says."

[ Bridget laughs ]

Bridget: I could do that. As long as you vow to always, always listen to me.

Nick: If we're always listening, who's gonna do the talking?

Bridget: I think we did just fine without any talking the other night. I don't know what it was. But you -- just the way that you were making love to me. I think we connected in a way that we just -- we just haven't really connected before. I know you've always been so attentive and passionate, but -- I'm serious, I think we got really lost in it. I mean, did you feel it?

Nick: Yeah.

Bridget: Maybe it was just my hormones or the fact that I'm carrying this baby. Or maybe it's 'cause we're past all of our problems. I don't really care what it was. I just hope it works again. I want -- I wanna do it right now. I want you to make love to me again.


Brooke: I'm sorry, Dante. I was listening.

Eric: Not very closely.

Brooke: I'm the one who suggested hiring him, Eric. I already know what Dante has to offer.

Eric: Really?

Brooke: Speaking professionally, of course. Dante doesn't want any special consideration just because we're dating.

Dante: Dating Brooke is reward enough.

Brooke: Don't worry. My feelings won't get in the way of business, if we hire Dante.

Eric: Well, it appears that the forrester co-ceo's are in agreement about this. Welcome aboard, Dante.

Dante: Thank you, sir. It's an honor.

Eric: I'll take you down to production and show you where the real work gets done around here. Before I do, I want to say something. I understand that Bridget's very relieved the two of you are dating, and I'm grateful for that. But you don't have to put on a show around here for me.

Dante: Wouldn't you rather we keep our display of affection behind closed doors, right?

Eric: I just want my daughter to be happy.

Brooke: So do we, Eric. I think we're all in agreement on that.


Nick: Bridget. Bridge -- we're in the office, here.

Bridget: So you want me to lock the door?

Nick: You said that you want to be connected, right? Like last night. Well, I can't do that in the office. I'm distracted here. It's not gonna --

Bridget: Hey, hey, hey, hey. All you have to do is just forget about work. Forget about everything. Forget about your problems. Just focus on us. Okay?

Nick: Bridget. Bridget. Bridget.

Andrea: Mr. Marone?

Nick: Oh.

Andrea: Oh, excuse me.

Nick: Andrea, sorry. Yeah, what is it?

Andrea: It's Captain Seager. You said to let you know the minute he called.

Nick: Yeah, right. What line?

Andrea: Line one.

Nick: One. Thank you.

Nick: I gotta take this.

Bridget: Nick.

Nick: No, I gotta take this. It's Captain Seager. He's the one marrying us on the boat tonight. I've got to take it.

Bridget: Okay, okay, okay. I guess I can't be mad about that.


[ Brooke remembering ]

Bridget: After we left your house, we went back to the boat and -- Nick was just -- he was touching me and loving me. It was just really passionate. You know, really intense. Nick was just -- he was touching me and loving me. It was just really passionate. You know, really intense.

[ Brooke fantasizing ]

Brooke: Keep it together.

Brooke: Keep it together. Stop thinking about Nck. Get him out of your head. Dante, good. You're back.

Dante: Only been on the team a few minutes and you can't get along without me.

Brooke: So, how was it down in production?

Dante: Eric gave me a tour. You should have come with us.

Brooke: You don't need me to hold your hand. You got this job all on your own.

Dante: You know, Eric respects your opinion very much. And so do I. And I want to do something to thank you. Let me take you away this weekend. Let's Ssanta Barbara. Let's leave tonight.

Brooke: That's sweet, but I can't.

Dante: You deserve a break. Get out of town for a couple days. Help me celebrate getting my new job.

Brooke: I'm not really in the mood for celebrating.

Dante: Better than sitting around here driving yourself crazy. You gotta block it out.

Brooke: What?

Dante: Whatever's been distracting you. Who is it? Bridget or Nick?

Brooke: Bridget and Nick. They made love.

Dante: You're jealous?

Brooke: No. Concerned. Bridget told me about it. I asked her to open up. I wanted her to feel comfortable telling me anything. It's just the way she described it. I'm not really sure that Nick's intentions were pure.

Dante: Listen. Remember, you're doing this for your daughter, okay? Nick is very committed to her, okay? You just gotta stand your ground. Just a little bit longer.


Nick: No, no, Captain Seager, it's a very small wedding, actually. On my boat. It's basically the two of us and you. Right, right, tonight. Couple hours, actually. You okay with that? Oh, good. Perfect, perfect. Thank you. I'll see you then. Okay, we're set for the wedding.

Bridget: Good, good. Let's just get a jump start on the honeymoon, though. I'm gonna lock the door. Will you tell Andrea to hold your calls, please?

Nick: Now hold on a second here, would you? Like a couple hours 'till we do this. You got something to wear?

Bridget: Yeah, you liked the dress from the first wedding. I'll wear that.

Nick: Well, don't you want to wear something different? You know, it's a new dress, new start.

Bridget: Okay, okay. But lucky for me, my dad's a designer. It'll take me a few seconds. Hey, Megan. It's me. Will you put me through to my mom? I have some really exciting news for her.

Nick: I thought you were calling your dad.

Bridget: Yeah, well, a bride needs more than just a dress.

[ Intercom buzzing ]

Brooke: Yes? Dante, I have to take this. It's Bridget. Hi, sweetheart. Megan says that you have some good news.

Bridget: I do. Well, I -- you are not going to believe this. You might actually, because, well we've tried three times already and it hasn't worked. But it's going to work this time. Nick and I are going to get married. Tonight.

Brooke: Your wedding's tonight? Wow, that -- that really is good news.

Bridget: So it's going to be on Nick's boat. And I'll call you later with the exact time.

Brooke: You want me to come to your wedding?

Bridget: Of course I want you to come to the wedding.

Nick: Just the two of us. Just the two of us.

Bridget: Of course I would want our parents there. You'll come, right?

Brooke: How could I say no?

Bridget: Great. Well, then I'll see you tonight. Bye.

Nick: Why did you do that?

Bridget: What? Did you want us to tell her together, or --

Nick: No, no. But we had talked about this. It's going to be the two of us, right? On the boat. Private. The two of us, with the captain. That's what we discussed.

Bridget: Yeah. Nick, but they're our parents. I mean, why would you have a problem with that?


Dante: Bridget invited you to the wedding?

Brooke: You knew, didn't you?

Dante: Uh-hmm.

Brooke: That's why you wanted to take me out of town.

Dante: I thought it'd be easier for you.

Brooke: Anything would be easier than to actually be there. But Bridget wants both of her parents at her wedding. And I've disappointed her so many times in the past. I'm not going to do it again.

Dante: You're going to go?

Brooke: Yeah. I have to go. For Bridget's sake. I'm going to go there and I'm going to watch Nick marry my daughter. I have no other choice.


Bridget: Dante?

Dante: Bridget.

Bridget: Where's my dad?

Dante: He was here a minute ago.

Bridget: What are you doing here?

Dante: I'm dropping off my swatches. I gave my presentation today.

Bridget: Oh, that's right. I -- how did it go?

Dante: I got the job.

Bridget: Oh, my gosh. I'm so proud of you. Congratulations.

Dante: Thank you. Well, congratulations to you, too.

Bridget: Thanks. So I guess my mom told you that Nick and I are getting married?

Dante: No, I heard it from Nick.

Bridget: You two didn't argue, did you?

Dante: No. Nothing to argue about. He cares about you very much. He made it very clear the other day by the pool.

Bridget: How exactly did he do that?

Dante: He didn't punch my nose for making out with Brooke. Besides, if there was anything going on between the two of them, I'd probably look like a raccoon right now.

Bridget: Does that mean I have your approval?

Dante: Do you need it?

Bridget: No. No, I donít.

Dante: You are getting married tonight. I expected you to sound a little bit more positive than that.

Bridget: I am. I am. It's just -- it's going to take me a little bit longer to feel totally secure.

Dante: Listen, Nick Marone may not be my first choice for you, but he's a man of principle, he cares about you, he cares about the baby, so does your mother, so I'm sure they won't cross the line again.

Bridget: You know what? Thank you so much. I have been through a lot the past month. And I honestly -- I don't know how I would have gotten through it without you.

Dante: Well now you can move on with your life, and be happy.

Bridget: I'll tell you, I'd be a lot happier if I could find my father. I need a dress -- I'm getting married in a couple hours.

Dante: You want me to help you find him?

Bridget: No, that's okay. I'm going to -- I think I'm going to have my mom pick it out. I'll just stop by her office on my way out.

Dante: Okay.


Brooke: What are you doing here?

Nick: We've got to talk.

Brooke: You can't be here. You have to go. You're marrying my daughter tonight.

Nick: Yes. Yes, I am. And I'm going to be a great father. And a great husband. I'm committed to that.

Brooke: So what are you doing here?

Nick: You can't be there when I do it.

Brooke: Do what?

Nick: You can't come to the wedding.

Brooke: Did Bridget change her mind?

Nick: I didn't even know she was inviting you.

Brooke: Well, I didn't either. It came as a surprise and I couldn't say no.

Nick: You have to.

Brooke: I already accepted.

Nick: I don't care. Come up with something.

Brooke: Like what?

Nick: I don't know. And I don't care. But you cannot come to the wedding.

Brooke: You think I want to watch you marry my daughter? You think I want to stand there and have my heart ripped out?

Nick: Well, I don't want it either! I don't want to hurt you. But I have to do this! I have to stop thinking about you. Now, I have committed myself to Bridget. And our child. But I can't do that if I can't forget about you. How can I pledge myself to her if I'm thinking about you? You can't come to the wedding! Because if you come, I don't know if I can go through with it.

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