B&B Transcript Tuesday 9/20/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 9/20/05


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Brooke: Advertising was supposed to be here at 10:00.

Megan: The cruise line pitch, I know. Well, Micah just called and they are on their way up.

Brooke: So what's on my schedule for today?

Megan: Let's see. Okay, Eric wants to know if you can have the budget revisions for the holiday line to him by 1:00.

Brooke: Yes.

Megan: And also, you have a meeting with the committee from Hong Kong at 2:00, but I have left an hour for lunch.

Brooke: No, I'll eat at my desk. Just call Jarrett at "eye on fashion" and see if he can take a call at 1:00. Maybe I can get some ink on this new ad campaign.

Megan: Micah!

Brooke: You're late.

Micah: You know that expression gives you wrinkles. Look what I have brought you. The latest Forrester Creations cruise line. And I know just how to sell it. Think fantasy. Every woman's fantasy -- alone on a yacht with a handsome but brooding captain. We'll tell the entire story in print. There you are in your newest Forrester original. It's a dark and stormy night. The boat is rocking. It's frightening, yet romance is in the air.

[ Brooke remembering ]

Brooke: The man that I'm supposed to be with -- it's you. It's you. It's not Rridge, it's you. It's you, nick. It's you. God, it's you. It's not Ridge, it's you. It's you, Nick. It's you. God, it's you.


Andrea: You okay? Nick?

Nick: Hmm?

Andrea: Are you okay?

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Oh, those signatures you needed. Sorry about that. Here.

Andrea: You have a visitor.

Nick: Oh, Captain Seager? Yeah. Captain Seager, come in. Here you go.

Dante: I'm not Captain Seager, but I'll come in anyway.

Nick: I got nothing to say to you.

Dante: Well, good then. Then you'll have time to listen to what I have to say to you.


Taylor: Oh, thanks, Margaret. Just put that right there.

Margaret: You know, we had an associate in here for over five years. He left only last week. We tried not to change it. A coat of paint, new carpet --

Taylor: It looks great.

[ Knock on door ]

Hector: I'm sorry, I do not have an appointment.

Margaret: We're so very happy to have you back.

Taylor: Oh, thank you. It's great. Wow, look at this. This is exactly what I needed to get back in my office. All I need is a few patients.

Hector: Seems to me you're the kind of person, deep down, who likes to help others.

Taylor: Yeah, I guess we kind of have that in common -- saving people's lives. Except I don't quite do it the same as you do.

Hector: Oh, now, come on. I bet you've talked more than one patient in off the ledge.

Taylor: It does mean a lot to me to make a difference.

Hector: Oh, well, I brought you these. Just a little something.

Ridge: You want to tell me what's going on?

Hector: Hey, Ridge. Just stopped by to wish Taylor good luck.

Ridge: So everyone seems to know that my wife's come back to work except me.

Taylor: Ridge --

Ridge: That's okay. That's okay. I can always check in with our children. Thoughtful of you to at least tell them where you would be in case of an emergency.

Taylor: Well, I did just make a decision.

Ridge: So I see. Yet another decision made without considering the family.

Hector: Ridge, go easy on her, okay? This could be a good thing for her.

Ridge: Don't you have a fire to put out somewhere?

Taylor: Hector, thank you so much for stopping by. And thank you for the well wishes and the plant. I'll see you later.

Hector: Okay.

Ridge: What's going on?

Taylor: I need to go back to work. I need to do this. This'll be good for me. It'll be good for the family. It'll be good for all of us.

Taylor: Look at this place. It's like I never left it.

Ridge: But you did leave, Taylor. Left your work, left your family for years. You can't expect to just walk back in and pick up where you left off.

Taylor: I know that.

Ridge: You said you wanted to work on our marriage, our problems at home. You said you wanted to spend more time with the girls.

Taylor: Oh, the girls aren't even there in the day. They're in school. And Thomas moved out.

Ridge: Yeah, well, that's why I was looking for you.

Taylor: Did you talk to Thomas? Is he coming back home? Ridge, please tell me that you've found a way to stop this ridiculous nightmare with he and Gaby.

Ridge: Thomas and I talked.

Taylor: And?

Ridge: And we decided, in typical Forrester fashion, to end our differences on the runway.

Taylor: What? On the runway? What do you mean?

Ridge: We're going to have a one-on-one fashion competition, doc. And if I win, which I will, Thomas has agreed to end this ridiculous marriage and quit spectra.

Taylor: And if you don't?

Ridge: I'm gonna win.

Taylor: But if you don't?

Ridge: Doc, I'm gonna win.

Taylor: Ridge, okay, if you didn't, then what did you agree to?

Ridge: Then we have to accept Gaby into this family.

Taylor: What?

Ridge: Doc, I'm gonna win.

Taylor: Ridge, I cannot believe would put your son's entire future on the line with some kind of runway showdown.

Ridge: It's a sure thing, doc. Trust me here.

Taylor: No, Ridge, Ridge, no. What kind of a message are you sending him? Really, I cannot believe you did this.


Nick: So you've got something you want to say to me? All right. We'll treat you like an egg. Go.

Dante: Pretty amazing woman, isn't she?

Nick: Which one?

Dante: Brooke. Giving up the man she loves for her daughter. That shows character. You've got some of that, yourself, I gotta admit. It wasn't easy for you the other night, was it? I could tell. But you kept it together for Bridget's sake. Yeah, I gotta respect that. But I wonder, you know, how long can you put your true feelings aside? How long will it be until Bbridget finds out that you can't stay away from Brooke?

Nick: For your information, Dr. Phil, I'm marrying Bridget tonight on my boat. A captain friend of mine is coming by, and we're gonna get this over with.

Dante: "Getting it over with." How romantic.

Nick: This is my third time down this road trip, pal. So I'm not gonna act like some weak-kneed schoolboy.

Dante: No, you're gonna save that for Bridget's mother.


[ Phone rings ]

Brooke: Yes, Megan? I'll have those figures for you in a moment. Thanks.

[ Knock on door ]

Bridget: Mom? Busy?

Brooke: Swamped. Micah's new cruise line campaign needs approval, your dad wants a budget for the holiday rollout and I have a meeting with the Hong Kong people at 2:00.

Bridget: Well, I'll get out of your way then. I'm sorry.

Brooke: Oh, no, honey. No, I didn't mean that. Please come in. I always have time for you. Sit down. Would you like some water?

Bridget: No. Thanks, I'm okay. I really just wanted to come by and tell that I thought it was really nice, you know, the four of us going to dinner the other night. You and Dante seemed to have a really good time.

Brooke: Yeah, we did.

Bridget: I was a little worried at first, 'cause I thought Nick might have been, you know, jealous or angry. But to be honest, he just --

Brooke: Yes? Honey, look, I know things have been strained between us lately. But I want you to be able to tell me anything. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable or shy. I want to be best friends. Closer than we've ever been.

Bridget: Me, too.

Brooke: Okay. Well then, tell me what you were going to say.

Bridget: Well, after we left your house, we went back to the boat. And nick was just -- he was touching me and loving me -- it was just really passionate. You know, really intense. He barely said a word, it was just like he -- I don't know, like he took me and wanted me to know that I was really his. He had to let me know that we really belonged together. And it was like we became one just all over again. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before. I was completely lost in him. He just took me to places that i never thought I could go or dreamed I could go.

Brooke: Oh, that's wonderful. I'm so happy for you, sweetheart.

Bridget: And then afterward, I heard him saying that he was never going back again.

Brooke: "Never going back again?"

Bridget: Yeah, yeah. At first, I thought he was saying that he was never gonna go back again with me. And so I asked him. And he said he meant that he was never going back to his life of searching. That he had found what he always wanted, right there on the marlin on the darkest night of his life -- he found what he'd always, always been looking for. He said that out of the darkness, he found truth. - I'm ready!- I don't think so.


Ridge: I think this could be the answer to all our problems.

Taylor: A competition to determine our son's future? What kind of a message is that sending him, ridge? That is not the way to teach him responsibility.

Ridge: Doc, something had to be done. Thomas is considering not going to college. Did he tell you that?

Taylor: What?

Ridge: Yeah, he's really digging his heels in with this Gaby thing.

Taylor: How do they think they're going to have a future if he doesn't go to school?

Ridge: He's gonna have a great future thanks to Sally. She wants to extend his contract because his first showing was so successful. So tell me, you're an 18-year-old, you're married to a hot, little number. You're arguing with your parents. What would you do?

Taylor: But a competition?

Ridge: You don't think I have the talent to compete with someone with no training and no experience?

Taylor: Ridge, I'm not talking about whether or not you would win.

Ridge: At least Sally sees me as the forerunner in this competition. She actually suggested leveling the playing field by having both of us design a teen line. She thinks that would help Thomas, give him the advantage.

Taylor: So you beat Thomas, and then we win our son back?

Ridge: That's right. I win, he gets an annulment and comes back home.

Taylor: And if Thomas wins, we welcome Gaby into the family? No, Ridge. That is something I will never do.


Dante: Can you really believe you're committed to Bridget, knowing how you feel about Brooke?

Nick: Let me explain something to you, Picasso. I love Bridget. And I love the child she's carrying. And that kid deserves to come into this world with a loving mother and father. They have my full commitment, both of them. And nothing you say is going to change that. So get out of my business. And as far as Brooke goes, that little charade you pulled the other night is over. That circus left town.

Dante: If you're so committed to Bridget, it doesn't matter who Brooke dates, does it?

Nick: Stay away from Brooke.


Megan: Brooke? Accounting needs those numbers.

Brooke: I'll be there in a minute.

Bridget: I'm sorry, Mom. Here I am going on and on -- you have all this work to do.

Brooke: Work can wait.

Bridget: I guess I was just so relieved, you know? Nick and I have put all this junk behind us.

Brooke: Yes.

Bridget: I think we're gonna end up being stronger than we ever were before.

Brooke: I'm so happy for you.

Bridget: You know, I am, too. And you know what else? I think last night was so incredible because of this baby that I'm carrying. It's really just -- it's such a special thing, and it's really brought us together. I think it's cleared up a lot for all of us.

Brooke: Yeah. You're right, sweetheart. I know how much Nnick loves you. And you're going to have a wonderful life together. And it just started. Nobody deserves that more than you do.

[ Brooke remembering ]

Brooke: The man that I'm supposed to be with -- it's you. It's you. It's not Ridge, it's you. It's you, Nick.

Bridget: And then afterward, I heard him saying that he was never going back again. It's you, Nick.

Open up your eyes tell me what you see

is there a place for me inside of you

can we both forgive try to just forget forget the past and let today begin

I'm going back again I'll take it to the end

remember where we've been and where we have to go take a look around

look at what we've found and know that we can be

what we want to be I'm going back again


Bridget: Ahoy, captain. Shall I be swabbin' the floor or winding the sail?

Nick: It's actually swabbing the deck and hoisting the sails.

Bridget: Where would you be without your sassy wench?

Nick: Saucy, actually -- the pirate said "saucy wench," technically.

Bridget: Whatever. I'm just still floating from last night.

Nick: Last night was amazing.

Bridget: Yeah, it was. I told my mom how incredible it was.

Nick: You told your mom?

Bridget: Yeah. Well, yeah. I think she really appreciated it, actually. She's been wanting us to get closer like we used to be. You know, like best friends. It was nice to have her to confide in. I've got my best friend, I've got the man that I love and I've got my baby -- my life is so complete. Our life is so complete.

Nick: No, no, you're wrong. It's not complete. I've done something I didn't tell you about. I called a captain friend of mine. He's coming to the boat tonight. It's just gonna be the two of us. And he's gonna marry us.

Bridget: Tonight?

Nick: Tonight.

Bridget: Because of the baby?

Nick: Because if I'm going to be the best father in the world, we gotta be married.

Bridget: So you're asking me to marry you?

Nick: Well, it's not like it's the first time.

[ Bridget giggles ]

Bridget: No, but I want it to be just as wonderful as the first time.

Nick: Bridget Forrester, I love you. Will you marry me?

Bridget: Yeah. Yes, I will, I will, I will. Oh, it feels so wonderful. All this drama is behind us and we are never -- never going back again.

Nick: Never again.

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