B&B Transcript Wednesday 9/14/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 9/14/05


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Dante: Well, now that we're all here, I guess we should order some champagne.

Brooke: Sparkling water for the mother-to-be.

Nick: Before we order anything, somebody tell me what's going on.


Thomas: Look at all this. I'm on every cover.

Gaby: Your collection's a major hit.

Thomas: Too bad the rest of my life isn't going as well.

Gaby: I'm so sorry, Thomas. For everything. For making your parents mad at you. And for calling the lawyer.

Thomas: I just -- I wish you would've told me first.

Gaby: There wasn't any time. Your mom was gonna have me deported and Agent Dunn was already on his way.

Thomas: I still can't believe this.

Gaby: Look, we had sex, your mom went ballistic.

Thomas: We're married, Gaby. We love each other.

Gaby: She loves you, too, though. Look, if this is too hard for you, I completely understand. I know how much your family means to you.

Thomas: Hey, you're my family, too, all right? You're my wife. I am 100% committed to you. To us.


Jackie: That's Brooke's plan? Getting involved with another man?

Eric: Well, Jackie, Brooke is determined to move on with her life. Who's to say she can't do that with Dante?

[ Jackie sighs ]

Jackie: She's taking an enormous risk.

Eric: Well, if it puts Bridget's mind at ease, it'll be worth it.

Jackie: Bridget may be relieved to see her mother with another man. But I assure you, my son -- my son will have a very different reaction.

Eric: Well, hopefully, Bridget won't be around to see it.

Jackie: Oh, no. No, no, no. It's too late.


Brooke: Nick, why don't you sit down and let us explain.

Dante: He doesn't know?

Nick: Please, somebody fill me in on what I don't know.

Bridget: Sweetheart, my mom and Dante are dating, so I went ahead and invited them.

Brooke: Bridget, I warned you that this might be uncomfortable. Nick and I were very angry with Dante for letting you deceive us about the baby.

Nick: Well, it looks like you got over it. Waiter!

Brooke: And I think you should, too. That's what this evening's all about.

Bridget: Aren't you happy for my mom?

Brooke: Oh, of course he is, sweetheart. I've just been under a lot of stress lately. It's probably strange to see me smiling again.

Bridget: Well, the last few weeks have been that way for all of us, so --

Brooke: Yeah, but that's all in the past now. You and Nick are together again, you're starting a family. We all have a lot to look forward to.


Sally: Look at these numbers, will you, Darla? Manna from heaven courtesy of our resident boy genius and shining star, Thomas Forrester.

Darla: Well, have you talked to Thorne about what you're gonna do?

Sally: About what?

Darla: You don't remember, do you? Thomas signed a short term contract.

Sally: Thomas is a franchisee player, not a free agent. Who offered him a cockamamie deal like that?

[ Darla laughs ]

Darla: You did.

[ Sally sighs ]


Thomas: Dad.

Ridge: You really should call your mom, let her know you're all right.

Thomas: Mom told you what happened.

Ridge: Yeah, I heard the whole story.

Thomas: Well, not our side of it.

Ridge: Well, I'd love to hear it. Or does Gaby need her attorney present? Look, I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. I really didn't come here to berate you. I just want to talk.

Thomas: I'm sure you do. But are you gonna listen?


Jackie: This ridiculous plan is going to just blow up in Brooke's face.

Eric: We don't know that, Jackie.

Jackie: Inviting Nick and Bridget on a double date with her and Dante? A recipe for disaster.

Eric: Can you think of a better way for Brooke to make her point?

Jackie: Well, I can think of more subtle ones. And certainly less dangerous. I mean, Eric, look. Look at Nick's body language. Bridget's got to see how jealous he is. And I can see it from here.

Eric: He just -- he needs a few moments to compose himself, all right?

Jackie: Mm-hmm.

Eric: He's not gonna say anything inappropriate in front of Bridget.

Jackie: Really? When have you ever known my son to hold his tongue?


Brooke: Nick, could you please sit down. People are staring.

Bridget: Honey, please?

Dante: Bridget wants to have a nice, relaxed dinner. Come on.

Nick: Then she shouldn't have invited you.

Brooke: Dante and I came to support you and Bridget. She wanted us all to celebrate her good news.

Bridget: Mom was really excited about the ultrasound photo. And I thought it would be a good time for us to all celebrate this exciting time in our lives.

Nick: Our lives. Doesn't include him.

[ Nick sighs ]

Bridget: Sweetheart, Dante is a friend of mine.

Nick: You'll see him another time.

Bridget: You know what, mom and Dante have something to celebrate, too. I think it's great. She was really disappointed after losing ridge. And she's trying really hard to get on with her life.

Brooke: And you both are going to get on with your lives. You're starting a family. You're having a baby. You can't have any stress in your life right now, Bridget. You're gonna have so many wonderful things to look forward to.

Bridget: And Nick, too.

Brooke: Oh, yes. Did you show him the ultrasound picture?

Bridget: Of course.

Brooke: It's amazing, isn't it?

Nick: Yes.

Brooke: It seems real now, doesn't it?

Bridget: It's true. At first, it was just the idea of a baby. But then to see the actual photo. It's amazing. Words can't describe what it's like to hear that little heart beating inside of you. I actually brought the photo. Do you want to see it, Dante?

Dante: Very much.

Brooke: Well, Nick, you must be ecstatic. I know how long you've wanted a family of your own. Now you can have your own baby. You're gonna hear its first words. See it walk for the first time. You have so much to look forward to.


Eric: You haven't touched your food.

Jackie: Neither has my son.

Eric: Well, at least he's behaving himself.

Jackie: He's just trying to be mindful of Bridget's feelings.

Eric: He loves her, Jackie. He loves her. Don't forget, it wasn't that long ago that he came to my office and convinced me that he was committed to Bridget. Once he realizes that Brooke will never betray her daughter, he'll be committed to Bridget again.


Sally: What was I thinking? Short-term contract? You don't throw out the golden goose after it lays only one golden egg!

Darla: But Sally --

Sally: Not buts, Darla. Thomas Forrester is the future of Spectra Fashions. He's not going anywhere. Not if I can help it.


Thomas: Dad, come on. You have to admit, mom totally overreacted, calling Agent Dunn like that.

Ridge: She was trying to protect you, Thomas.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, like the way you tried to protect me from Amber with that bogus restraining order?

Gaby: Is that what you think? That I'm like Amber?

Thomas: No, no, that's not what I meant.

Gaby: No, but that's why your parents are reacting this way. You think I'm a gold digger.

Thomas: No, no, you are not a gold digger.

Gaby: Mr. Forrester, when my mother died, your mother offered me a lot of money. And I didn't take it. Have you forgotten that?

Ridge: No, Gaby, I haven't forgotten that. And I also haven't forgotten that my mother was driving the car that fateful night. We have a responsibility to you, yes. But that doesn't mean I have to accept your relationship with my son.

Gaby: And it also doesn't mean you have to treat me like a criminal, either. Do you know how it feels? To have people that you've respected all your life treat you like you're some kind of disease that's infected their family?

Thomas: Does that sound familiar, Dad? You've been angry with grandma for all these years, the way she's treated Brooke. Now, you and mom are treating Gaby the exact same way.

Ridge: That's not our intention.

Gaby: Well, that's how it feels. You know what, I don't deserve it. All I've done was fall in love with your son.

Ridge: No, Gaby. That's not all you've done. The two of you went out and got married without telling us. And then, after agreeing not to, you both go out and have sex. Well, I'm sorry, but that's not acceptable. Now you have to face the consequences.


Dante: Brooke was right. This food is wonderful.

Bridget: Oh, well, I guess my fiancÚ would prefer a burger and fries.

Brooke: Did you ever tell Dante about that surprise dinner you had for Nick by the pool?

Bridget: That was nothing compared to the dinner he arranged for me the night that he proposed.

Dante: You told me about that one.

Bridget: It was the happiest night of my life.

Brooke: Yeah, Bridget kept going on and on about that. How romantic it was.

Nick: It was no big deal.

Bridget: No big deal? Honey, you had chuck shut down the bar on all you can eat wings night.

Brooke: You wrote her a song, remember? How'd it go? Something about you being the sole reason for living.

Bridget: You're right, yeah. That was the title. "Soul reason."

Brooke: Bridget let me read the lyrics. It was really very romantic. Now, I know it's been kind of rough for you two lately but here you are. You're together again, and you're going to have a baby. I think that's wonderful. I think this deserves a toast. To Nick and Bridget -- and to the wonderful life that they have ahead of them.


Ridge: I'm sorry, Gaby. No one wants to see you get hurt, but I have to think about my son.

Thomas: Your son can think for himself.

Ridge: You're too young to get married.

Thomas: We're already married.

Ridge: Well, not for long. We'll help Gaby. We'll do everything we can. But this marriage, it has to end.

Thomas: No.

Ridge: Look, Thomas, I'm not gonna argue about this any more. I'm your father. I put a roof over your head. I pay for your education. So, as long as you're dependent on me, you're gonna do as I say. And I say this marriage is gonna be annulled. Because, Thomas, like it or not, you don't have a choice.

Sally: You've got a choice all right, Tommy boy. Yours truly is gonna see to that.


Eric: Jackie, Nick and Bridget were happy together.

Jackie: Well, not as happy as he could have been with Brooke.

Eric: How could they possibly be happy together, knowing that they betrayed Bridget?

Jackie: How can Nick be happy with Bridget, knowing that he'd rather be with Brooke?

Eric: He can't. And neither can Bridget. He's not gonna be happy until he forgets about Brooke.

Jackie: I don't know if he can.


Bridget: That looks like fun. What do you think?

Nick: No, thanks.

Bridget: Oh, come on, honey. You're a great dancer.

Dante: I'll dance with you.

Bridget: Well, all right. Thank you.


Brooke: Damn it, Nick. You have to get over this right now.


Dante: So what do you think?

Bridget: Well, you're no Fred Astaire, but --

Dante: No, I mean about your mother and me.

Bridget: Oh, well it looks like you two are enjoying each other's company.

Dante: Well, we're just getting to know each other. But we both have something in common.

Bridget: What's that?

Dante: We'd both do anything for you.

Bridget: I don't want you dating my mother to try to make me feel better.

Dante: I don't need an excuse to date your mother, Bridget.

Bridget: Nick seems to think that you do.

Dante: Nick doesn't like me. That's obvious. He's never liked me since we met. I wouldn't read too much into his reaction tonight.

Bridget: Believe me, I'm trying not to.


Nick: I know what you're doing.

Brooke: Maybe you should pay more attention to what you're doing. Acting jealous in front of Bridget.

Nick: Well, how did you expect me to react?

Brooke: I think you should respect the fact that I want to move on with my life.

Nick: Oh, please. What the hell are you talking about, moving on? That's not what this. This is an act.

Brooke: No, it's a date.

Nick: Maybe what you want Bridget to think.

Brooke: I want Bridget to be happy. To relax. And maybe you're too busy brooding to notice, but she's having a good time tonight. She's celebrating. And that's what you should be doing. You're gonna have a happy, healthy little baby. A family that you've always wanted. This could be an extraordinary time for you and Bridget.

Nick: I'll take care of Bridget. And I'll take care of my child. But that is not the issue here.

Brooke: Yes, it is. That is the issue. Your commitment to Bridget and to this baby. As much as I want you -- as much as I love you -- there's something more that I want. I want my daughter to be happy. This is your child. Now, as a parent, you have to make certain sacrifices for your children. And it's not about we want or what we feel. Bridget's practically had a Bridget's practically had a nervous breakdown because of all of this. And your child deserves to come into this world with a loving father and a loving mother. My god, Nick. You're a parent now, you've got to start acting like one. The child that you always wanted -- the child that we thought we were going to have together -- you're gonna have that child with Bridget. And they need you. They need to be more than just an obligation. They deserve to feel your undying love and your full commitment. You understand that, don't you? You do?

Nick: Yes.

Brooke: Bridget and that baby are your future now. Nothing else matters. Nothing.

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