B&B Transcript Thursday 9/1/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 9/1/05


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Nick: Still here?

Jackie: We weren't through talking.

Nick: Maybe you weren't.

Jackie: This is a critical time in your life, Nicky. If I know what's best for you, I am going to tell you.

[ Nick scoffs ]

Nick: As if there was any way to stop you.

Jackie: You'll do the same thing for your child one day. I just hope he or she has the good sense to thank you.

Nick: Would you like me to thank you, Mother?

Jackie: I want you to be honest about you and Brooke’s feelings.

Nick: You've always known the truth. You know I love Brooke. But it doesn't mean I can't be happy with Bridget.

[ Jackie sighs ]

Nick:  When I found out she was pregnant, I was thrilled.

Jackie: Until she told you she had an abortion.

Nick: That was a mistake.

Jackie: It was also hurtful and very immature to lie to you like that just to test you.

Nick: She's having my child, mother. Now, I don't know how you feel about that, but for me, it's a blessing.

Jackie: It's a blessing for all of us. Especially for me. My first grandchild. I'm thrilled. At least I would be, if you would please stop denying the truth. You can't ignore your heart.

Nick: Like you did? I grew up without a father. I'm not gonna do that to my kid.


[ Knock on door ]

Bridget: Hey. What's going on?

Dante: Well, that's what I came here to find out. What happened with Nick? I mean, did you tell him you're still pregnant?

Bridget: Yeah.

Dante: Yeah, and what happened?

Bridget: I'm so sorry that I didn't call you. I really -- I should have. You know, just after I had that conversation with Nick, I was exhausted. I slept for twelve hours straight.

Dante: You were a wreck for a couple days, you know. And being pregnant is certainly not helping, you know?

Bridget: I can't believe that I put myself through all -- myself -- my goodness, I can't believe I put you through all of that. Nick and my mother --

Dante: Listen, the important thing right now is for you to take care of yourself and the child.

Bridget: The crazy thing is, I thought that that's what I was doing. Lying about having an abortion. And then testing his commitment -- you know, just all of that -- as messed up as it was, I really did think that I was protecting my baby.

Dante: Well, your mother and Nick admitted to having feelings for one another. I mean you were devastated.

Bridget: No, I was insecure. And I -- I don't want to be that person any more. I want to start my family with Nick, just put all that junk behind me and move on.


Taylor: When did you get to be such a wiz with the press?

Thomas: What? Are you kidding me? I was shaking in my shoes.

Phoebe: Well, you looked great. Your designs did, too.

Thomas: Are you gonna be my first customer?

Phoebe: Do I get a family discount?

Steffy: All our friends are gonna be wearing your stuff.

Gaby: Know what, no wonder sally wants you to sign on for after summer.

Taylor: Sally wants to extend your contract?

Thomas: Well, she'll have to talk to my agent about that.

Taylor: Oh, my goodness, don't be surprised if your dad or your grandfather doesn't call you.

Thomas: Really?

Taylor: When your grandfather told you to go get more experience, you went out and got it. That shows a lot determination and passion. Passion your father shares. And I know nothing would make him any happier than working side by side with his son.

Thomas: That's awesome. But if dad's so proud of me, why isn't he here?

Gaby: Seriously, your sisters think you rock.

Thomas: Yeah, tonight. But tomorrow they'll be ragging on me like the always do.

Taylor: I don't think so. You should of heard them upstairs just a minute ago, going on and on about how talented their big brother is.

Thomas: Right, right. I just wish -- I mean, I thought that dad would be coming home with us tonight.

Taylor: I was hoping that, too.

Thomas: Well, did you talk to him?

Taylor: We're at an impasse, sweetheart.

Thomas: What does that mean?

Taylor: It means that it's nothing we should be talking about right now. We don't need to let it ruin your evening.

Thomas: Well, you and dad were supposed to be part of this.

Gabby: Thomas was hoping it would help bring you guys together.

Taylor: Our problems aren't going to be solved with a fashion show.

Thomas: Well, you suggested counseling, and he said no. Why?

Taylor: It isn't something we should be talking about, Thomas.

Thomas: Is this about us? Have you been fighting about us?

Taylor: It isn't just one thing, okay? I think you both know that your father and I, you know we both disagree about the fact that I want to support you both. Because he doesn't think that you two are able to play by the rules. Especially after seeing the two of you kissing backstage.

Thomas: He told you about that?

Taylor: I thought I had made myself clear.

Gaby: Look, we weren't -- I was just trying to --

Thomas: We got caught up in the excitement, okay? Dad was the only one who saw us.

Taylor: Just as long as that's as far as it goes.

Thomas: Yes, yes, we've got it.

Taylor: Tell, you two may not be tired, but I am. So I'm going to bed. Congratulations again, sweetie.

Thomas: Thanks.

Taylor: Good night. Go night, Gaby.

Thomas: Yeah, I'm pretty beat, too. I'm just gonna catch some tv and crash.

Taylor: All right.

Gaby: Good night.

Taylor: Good night.

Thomas: Just give me a few minutes and then meet me at the cabana. Okay?


Nick: I grew up without a father. It's a fact.

Jackie: I let Massimo slip away because I was too afraid to follow my heart. And yes, you paid for it.

Nick: Well, I'm not gonna put my kid in the same position.

Jackie: By putting yourself in mine? By turning your back on love because it's inconvenient? What kind of lesson is that to teach a child, nick? Look, I didn't realize the importance of my feelings for your father until it was too late. And I don't want you to make that same mistake. What happened between you and Brooke was not an aberration. It was real. It redefined Brooke's life. You said so yourself. And darling, it could do the same for you if just you let it.

Nick: No.

Jackie: Please.

Nick: No!

Jackie: Nicky, you and Brooke have spent your lives searching for something that you could depend on, something solid. Well, she thought she found that with Ridge. But she didn't. He let her down because Ridge is not her destiny, you are.

Nick: What about Bridget? I've been telling her over and over that I'm different. That I'm the man that she can depend on. And now I tell her that I'm not? That I'm leaving her for her mother? You know me better than anyone. What kind of man does that make me? If I leave Bridget now, I'm betraying the mother of my child.


Gaby: Wow.

Thomas: I told you I had something special planned.

Gaby: What about your mom?

Thomas: Don't worry about her. Her room's on the other side of the house. She won't even know we're here. So, I learned something today.

Gaby: That you're gonna be a huge success?

Thomas: That's what everybody else learned. But I learned something far more important. How much you've brought to my life.

Gaby: Me?

Thomas: Yes, you. Today would've been great no matter what. But having you there and knowing you were supporting me made it incredible. Because you are incredible. I mean it. I know my mom wants me to explore other options, but I don't want to be with anyone else. I'm in love with you. I love you, Gabriela Forrester.


Jackie: You aren't doing Bridget any favors staying with her because of the child.

Nick: Bridget doesn't want favors. She wants a man that she can believe in.

Jackie: That's why she lied about the abortion. She wanted to test your commitment to he and poor thing, thinks you passed.

Nick: I gave her my word, mother. I'm keeping it.

Jackie: And what about what happened with Brooke the night you two talked?

Nick: That's not an issue.

Jackie: Okay, so you've just decided to sweep it under the rug?

Nick: Bridget's got nothing to worry about.

Jackie: Well, there's the problem. Despite everything that she has seen, all of her doubts, Bridget isn't worried, because you and Brooke managed to convince her in that you two can control your feelings for each other. But what if you can't, Nicky? What happens to Bridget when the truth comes out? And the truth will come out.

Nick: Not if I can help it.

Jackie: Well, that may not be possible.

Nick: Well, I'm gonna make sure it is.


Dante: I don't want you to get hurt.

Bridget: I won't.

Dante: I want to believe that. But if you're wrong, and Nick disappoints you again -- I wanna there for you, Bridget.

Bridget: Nick and my mom aren't together. They've overcome those feelings. Just like you need to overcome your feelings for me. Come on, Dante, you deserve so much better than to be somebody's plan B.

Dante: You want me to let you go?

Bridget: I'm just saying, if you're still holding out hope --

Dante: My only hope is for you to get what you want, Bridget. Whatever, whoever you want. For yourself and the baby.

Bridget: I want to be with Nick. And he wants to be with me. Don't be sad. Look, a great catch like you? It'll be, like, a few ,months before you meet somebody new.

Dante: Really? I was thinking more of a couple of hours.

Bridget: I should know better than to ever worry about somebody like you.

Dante: Right.

[ Bridget chuckles ]


Gaby: Say it again, Thomas.

Thomas: I'll say it over and over again. I love you, Gaby.

Gaby: I love you, too. Wow.

Thomas: And that's how I feel every time I look at you. Wow. You know, I didn't expect this. When we got married, I wanted to help. I wanted to protect you. But this -- the way I feel when we're together. Having you in the house -- going to bed every night knowing that you're right down the hall --

Gaby: Thomas, you've changed my life. You've changed my life. After my mother died, you made me happy again. I just -- when I'm with you I feel so safe. I want to show you how I feel.

Thomas: I want that, too. I wanna make love to you.

Gaby: Thomas, I've never --

Thomas: Only if you want to.

Gaby: I do. So much.

Thomas: Then don't worry. We're married. But we do have to be careful.

Gaby: Yeah.

Thomas: Um. I gotta go back upstairs.

Gaby: Okay.

Thomas: I forgot something important. I'll be right back.

Gaby: Hurry. Hurry.

Thomas: All right.

Nick: I don't know what to do here. I'm lost.

Jackie: You've always been honest and forthright, Nicky. That's just who you are. It's what attracted Bridget to youand if you lie to her, if you continue to hide your feelings for Brooke, you keep up this charade -- then you're cheating everyone. No one wins. Honesty, Nicky, honesty. That is the only way, and you will find that out sooner or later. God, I hope you find it out soon.

Nick: Brooke. I need to talk to you. I don't care. I'm coming over now.


Gaby: Thomas, you said you'd be right back. Did you have to go to the store? Mrs. Forrester.

Taylor: What's going on here? Or do I even have to ask?

Gaby: It's not how it looks.

Taylor: You lied to me, Gaby. After everything I've done to protect you. Misleading a federal agent. Inviting you into my home. And I only asked for one thing in return.

Gaby: Nothing happened, okay? Thomas and I were just talking.

Taylor: Oh, no, but you were planning on a lot more.

Gaby: Thomas just wanted to celebrate.

Taylor: How? Are you going to trying to make me believe that you weren't planning on making love? I want the truth now.

Gaby: Yes.

Taylor: I went out on a limb for you two. I went against my husband's wishes because I trusted you. I thought you were a nice girl in a bad situation.

Gaby: I am.

Taylor: One rule, okay, Gaby. I told you that I would support your marriage to my son with one stipulation. And you gave me your word that things would not get physical between the two of you.

Gaby: We haven't.

Taylor: Well, they were about to get that way. You know, Ridge was right. I really couldn't let these two teenagers stay in the house by themselves. It was like playing with fire.

Gabby: No, Mrs. Forrester, please, okay? We got caught up in the moment. Just give us one more chance.

Taylor: Another chance for you to -- to deceive me? To abuse my trust?  I want you to go, Gaby. You can call Stephanie, she'll let you stay with her. I want you to up upstairs and put your things together, and you leave this house.

Gaby: No.

Taylor: Excuse me?

Gaby: I'm not leaving. I'm not going anywhere.

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