B&B Transcript Wednesday 8/31/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/31/05


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[ Audience chatter ]

Spectra employee: Excuse me. Excuse me. Sally asked me to bring you more of these press kits.

Gaby: Thank you.

[ Chatter ]

Clarke: Darla, Darla, Darla, this is still not working. There's a smudge right over here. There's a smudge.

Darla: Honey, what do you want me to do about it right now?

Thomas: All right, Thorne, I want you to be honest with me. Your opinion on this dress. What do you think?

Thorne: Well, it's your design. You tell me.

Thomas: I want it to be perfect for mom and dad.

Thorne: It is, okay? You're going to make your mom and dad very proud today, Thomas.

Sally: All right, all right, pay attention, everybody. It is all happening, people. The place is filling up. Tommy, Tommy, come here. This is our chance, boy. One big stab right into the heart of that big youth market, full of moolah!

Thomas: I don't know, there's a lot of people out there.

Sally: So what, so what? Kid, you've got nothing to worry about, because what you have created is gangbusters. Gangbusters! Don't you agree, Bucky?

Clarke: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, gangbusters. Right.


Gaby: It's true. You're gonna be a huge hit.

Thomas: Gaby. Hey.

Gaby: Hey.

Thomas: When did you get here?

Gaby: I just got here a few minutes ago. Walking around, taking in everything.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, it's pretty exciting, huh?

Gaby: I've never seen anything like it in my whole life.

Thomas: Hey, come check this dress out.

Gaby: Okay.

Thomas: I wanna see what you think.

Gaby: All right.

Taylor: This is pretty, isn't it? Hi, sweetheart.

Thomas: Hey! Hey, you made it.

Steffy: Hi.

Thomas: Hey.

Phoebe: The stuff looks great.

Steffy: Yeah.

Thomas: Thank you.

Taylor: Yeah, everything looks beautiful.

Thomas: Thank you. Did dad come with you?

Taylor: No, I'm sure he's on his way. He doesn't want to miss your big debut.

Thomas: Look, I know things have been tough lately. But if the show goes well, maybe dad'll want to come home with us. A family celebration. You know he wouldn't miss that, right?

Taylor: Well, we'll see. The important thing, sweetheart, is for you to enjoy yourself. You've worked really hard and you need to go have some fun. Enjoy it.

Thomas: Yeah, okay.

Taylor: Good luck.

Steffy: Bye.

Phoebe: This is gonna be great. I'm excited.

Thomas: Maybe today will be a start, you know? Dad'll see what he's missing and come home to us.

Gaby: I hope so.

Thomas: I guess I just want the show to work a miracle.


[ Nick remembering ]

Brooke: When Ridge turned his back on me, you were there for me, for Hope, for R.J. We need you. I need you. I won't let you leave me. Please. I need you, Nick. I need you.

Bridget: Hey, sailor. Some storm last night, huh?

Nick: Yeah.

Bridget: Look, honey, I know that I've made things really, really hard on you the last couple of days. You're still upset with me and you have every right to be. I should've never, ever let you think that I had an abortion. It was --

Nick: What? Unforgivable?

Bridget: I know I have no right to ask for your forgiveness. But I have to. Everything that matters to me depends on it. You, us, our future together. Our child. Our child's future. Baby, please. I'm so sorry. God, everything I put you through -- I am so sorry that I ever doubted you. I'll never, ever lose faith in you again. I love you. I need you. God, I need you now more than I ever have before.

Nick: Hey. Now, Bridget, you shouldn't be worrying like this. You know, being stressed out. You're pregnant. That's not good for you.

Bridget: But if you're not gonna forgive me --

Nick: I didn't say that. I just think we have to -- you said you haven't eaten. Why don't you let me go below and rustle you something up, huh?

Bridget: No, thanks. Actually, I just came to get my lab coat from inside.


Jackie: Nicky. I heard the news. Eric told me about Brooke, and how the two of you have finally realized --

Nick: Mother, shh, shh. Quiet. Quiet.

Jackie: Oh, sorry. Is Brooke still sleeping? I am so happy, Nick. Of course,B, the abortion, that is a tragedy --

Nick: She didn't have the abortion, Mother.

Jackie: What?

Bridget: Hey, Jackie.

Jackie: Bridget. Hello.

Bridget: I'm not sure what you know and what you don't know, so --

Nick: I'll bring her up to speed.

Bridget: Okay. So, we'll just talk later then.

Nick: Yeah.

Jackie: Okay, what is going on? Eric said that Bridget had an abortion.

Nick: She lied.

Jackie: She lied?

Nick: She lied.

Jackie: Why?

Nick: Because she saw Brooke and me together. And because everyone was whispering to her how much I'm still in love with her mother and how we're meant to be together. She snapped because of you, and because of Stephanie.

Jackie: I had no idea.

Nick: Well, now you do. And to make sure that she wasn't crazy, completely out of her mind, she wanted to test my feelings for her mother, to make sure that I wouldn't run back into her arms, because that's what all the experts said I'd do.

Jackie: If she's insecure, it's because the feelings between you and Brooke are there. They have always been there --

Nick: Stop it, stop it.

Jackie: -- And no, I won't stop it. You and Brooke have always had feelings for one another. The only difference now is that the two of you finally realize it.


Thomas: Hey, Gaby. All right, listen.

Gaby: Yeah?

Thomas: No matter what happens today, I want to celebrate with you after the show. Alone. I've got something special planned.

Gaby: I can't wait. Okay, all right. I gotta go. Good luck.

Thomas: All right, thanks.


Ridge: Ever been this nervous?

Thomas: Dad! Oh, you made it!

Ridge: Yep. Of course I made it. It's not every day the next generation Forrester gets to blast out of the gate like this.

Thomas: I am extremely nervous.

Ridge: Well, you know what? That could be a sign of humility. And that's a trait you might want to hold on to. As far as your designs, my son, you've got nothing to be ashamed of or nervous about at all. In fact, I know without a doubt, you have to be my son now.

Thomas: Hey, mom's saving you a seat out there. And I told her maybe after the show , we could all celebrate at home together.

Ridge: Yeah. Let's talk after the show.

Thomas: Okay.

Ridge: Hey. You're a designer. You are a designer. Enjoy it.

Thomas: All right. Thanks.


Ridge: Hi.

Taylor: Hi.

Ridge: May I?

Taylor: I was hoping you would.


Steffy: Maybe thomas was right. Maybe this will help mom and dad get back together.

Phoebe: I hope so.

Spectra employee #2: Mr. Forrester? Mr. Marone? We're about to begin.

Eric: Oh, good. Thank you.

Spectra employee #2: Everyone, if you could please take your seats.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Sally: Hi, everybody. Guess who's here? Hello, hello, hello. Oh, isn't it wonderful? Thank you, boys. Impeccable, as usual. Hello. In case you didn't know, I'm Sally Spectra. And if it's inspiration you want, or some razzle-dazzle, or some hot tamales, then that's exactly what you're gonna get here today, because the hottest new designer is in the house. The house of spectra. And his name happens to be Thomas Forrester.

[ Applause ] Careful, boys. Don't hurt yourselves.

[ Applause ]

I sometimes say things really loud I found out that volume can make up for content drought

scream until you lose your breath force your way inside some youthful soul tonight teach him only you are right

I used to know how to change the world I lie awake at night


Nick: Nothing would have happened between Brooke and me if we'd had known Bridget was still pregnant.

Jackie: But it did happen, and whatever the reasons, you two have finally found each other.

Nick: Brooke doesn't want me to say anything to Bridget about what happened between us. She begged me not to tell her.

Jackie: Oh, no, sweetheart, you can't mean this.

Nick: Well, I do mean it. I'm going to do what Brooke asks. I'm going to forget about her. I'm gonna make a life with Bridget and our child.


[ Applause ]

[ Upbeat music playing ]

[ Applause ]

Thomas: Maybe there will be a miracle today.


Jackie: Nicky, you can't pretend this away. I mean, what happened with Brooke is real.

Nick: Bridget and I are having a child together. We're going to make it work.

Jackie: But you are in love with her mother.

Nick: I'm in love with Bridget.

Jackie: It's not the same. You're an honest man, Nick. You will not be able to hide your feelings from Bridget. Or yourself. Look, I know that you think that having this child with Bridget is just going to change everything, but it won't. If you care about her -- if you love her -- then you have got to be honest with her. You have got to tell her the truth. You have got to tell her that you're in love with her mother.


[ Rock music playing ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Taylor: That's our son.

Ridge: I'm so proud of him.

Taylor: It'll mean everything for him to hear you say that. But what he really wants is for all of us to be together again.

Ridge: I want that, too, Doc. I want to come back. I want us to be a family. Put all of this stuff behind us.

Taylor: Counseling.

Ridge: Come on, not that again.

Taylor: Please, Ridge.

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