B&B Transcript Monday 8/22/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 8/22/05


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Nick: Tell me you didn't do this. Tell me.

Bridget: There's no future for us. Don't you know that?!

Nick: I don't believe you.


Brooke: So this is your solution? This is how you want to help Bridget?

Stephanie: Yes, we're sending you away. It was your idea.

Brooke: With that!

Stephanie: So it won't be Pparis. It'll be a far, far better place.

Brooke: Put it down Stephanie. Nick's with her Bridget right now, telling her that all he wants is to have a life with her.

Stephanie: Well that'll be a hard sell. He wants that baby. But she after having lost one husband to you is going to end that pregnancy before she loses a second man.

Brooke: I refuse to believe my daughter would do that.

Stephanie: It is unthinkable. But we both know she's thinking about it. This is untraceable -- there's no serial number. I don't even know if they put them on in those days.

Brooke: Stephanie --

Stephanie: We can make this right for Bridget and the baby. Sometimes you have to take a life to save a life.

Brooke: So you've decided -- you're going to kill me??

Stephanie: No, you're gonna kill yourself.


Dante: Come on, Bridget. Just tell him and get out of there.

Bridget: I can't bring a child into this. Why would I want to put my own child through what I've been through?

Nick: Stop saying this. Stop it, because it's not true. You wouldn't do this --

Bridget: And I know you tried to love me. It's not your fault that you couldn't --

Nick: I do love you Bridget!

Bridget: Stop lying to me! You admitted last night that it was a lie. Do you think I've already forgotten?

Nick: But you wouldn't do this. To our child.

Bridget: You love my mother. My mother. Why would I want to have you child?

Nick: When I called you today, where were you?

Bridget: The doctor's.

Nick: Doctor's. At the doctor's? To have an abortion?

Bridget: You can be with my mother now. No one will blame you. You can have a child with her.

Nick: Was it before... or after?

Bridget: Before or after what?

Nick: When I called you. Is that when you did it?

Bridget: What difference does it make, Nick?

Nick: Because I'd like to know when my child died!


Stephanie: You wanna do the honors? No, you might hurt yourself.

Brooke: You came here to ask me to kill myself?

Stephanie: Well I --I know it seems a little bit extreme. But we have to think outside the box. By the way, I brought two bullets, in case you miss the first time.

Brooke: All right, Stephanie. You've had your little joke. Now take that thing and get out of here.

Stephanie: I thought you said you wanted to help your daughter.

Brooke: And I do! But with that!

Stephanie: Well I told you there would be some sacrifice involved. What is so valuable about your life anyway?

Brooke: My life is valuable to me!

Stephanie: Why? It's been mostly rack and ruin. What is so precious that you're hanging on to?

Brooke: My god. Do you really have to ask me that? You're a mother too Stephanie --

Stephanie: Oh, well, but I'm a mother who would die for her children, if it came to that. You said you'd do anything for you daughter.

Brooke: And I would.

Stephanie: Well nick is never gonna give up on you. And the last time when this happened with Deacon. I mean if justice would've been served, you should've just gone ahead and done it. Forget justice, now it's just a matter of simple decency.

Brooke: So killing myself is the "decent" thing to do?

Stephanie: Well, a life for a life. In this case, maybe two. Quick and simple. You'll never feel it.

Brooke: No, no Bridget would be destroyed. She would blame it all on herself.

Stephanie: For a while she would, yes. But Nick and the baby and I will help her heal. Then after awhile she'll forgive you. And then she'll start loving you again. Think about it. What are you really giving up? Just old age. Isn't it better to leave this world, still the object of desire for every man that you've ever known? You don't want to turn into an old woman that nobody wants to touch?

Brooke: Maybe everybody would be better off. But what if there's really such a place as hell?

Stephanie: God will understand.


[Cell phone ringing]

Dante: Hello.

Taylor: Dante, it's Taylor. Have you seen Bridget?

Dante: Why do you ask?

Taylor: Well something's happened, something not good --

Dante: I know all about it. She stayed with me last night.

Taylor: Oh thank god. Did she mention to you I'm sure she did -- I know that she trusts you. Anything about what she plans to do about her pregnancy? Because I know there's some concern that she may try to terminate it. And I'm concerned that she's just reacting emotionally.

Dante: Taylor, it's too late.

Taylor: What do you mean? She's already made an appointment with the clinic, what?

Dante: I mean it's just too late.


Bridget: Please, let's not make this any harder than it has to be. I didn't do it to hurt you --

Nick: How far long were you? Tell me, I wanna know, tell me everything. Was it a boy? Was it a girl? Tell me.

Bridget: I don't have to tell you anything.

Nick: You didn't tell me you were pregnant. You didn't tell me you were having an abortion. Yet I have to account for every minute of my day because of your paranoia? Then you do this. You take a life! And not just any life -- my child's life! And you say you have nothing to tell me!

Bridget: Now you know how it feels, to love someone and know you can never have him!

Nick: What? What are you saying? Are you saying you killed our child to teach me a lesson?!


Brooke: Where should I shoot myself? In my head? Or, in my heart?

Stephanie: I'd go for the head. That you can find.

Brooke: Or maybe at you, while I call the police and tell them there's a criminally insane woman in my house!

Stephanie: Self-centered to the end.

Brooke: Why? Because I won't commit suicide for you?

Stephanie: No, so Bridget's child can be born. Shoot yourself.

Brooke: Get out of the house!

Stephanie: Do it! Okay, I will make the sacrifice that you are too selfish to make, even for your own daughter. Shoot me! The same results will happen. The state of California will not execute you. They will simply put you away for life. That way Bridget and the baby will be safe with Nick.

Brooke: You're the one who should be put away, Stephanie. You are insane!

Stephanie: Shoot me or I'll take that gun and turn it on you.

Brooke: Stay away!

Stephanie: What's wrong with you? You've been wanting to do this for years. Be mother enough to do it.


Taylor: Dante, how could you let her do this? You know, you're supposed to be her friend. An abortion is not something you do because of one sleepless night.

Dante: It wasn't my decision.

Taylor: Dante, please tell me that this is not something she decided to do as a way to punish Nnick.

Dante: She has committed to this, Taylor. There's no turning back now.


Nick: What about me? What about what I want.

Bridget: You didn't want me.

Nick: That's not true. Why? That's what I don't have, that's what you've got to give me. Why did you do this?

Bridget: I had a choice to make and I made it!

Nick: Oh, come on! What the hell kind of answer is that. A choice!

Bridget: I don't know how to raise the child of the man that's in love with my mother.

Nick: No. No, not this time. Your mother has nothing to do with this.

Bridget: Nick, she has everything to do with this. Just -- just go be a father to her children, that you already love so much. Give them your name. Give her your name. Just admit it Nick. That's what you both really want.


Brooke: Stay back!

Stephanie: Stupid bitch! I mean it. I can't take this anymore! Every breath that you take is a waste of precious oxygen.

Brooke: I'm warning you.

Stephanie: I don't want to live anymore and be in the same world with you. You shoot me! Go ahead! Damn it pull that trigger!

Brooke: Oh my god! I'm as just as crazy as you are!

Stephanie: You can't even shoot straight.

Brooke: Oh, don't think I wasn't tempted. Oh great, now how am I gonna explain that?

Stephanie: Oh anyone that knows you won't bat an eye. They all will be bringing guns over here.

Brooke: Nobody is as crazy as you are, Stephanie. With your phony heart attacks and your gift-wrap suicide box. Someday, somebody is going to put you away.

Stephanie: Well, until they do, what are we going to do about Bridget?

Brooke: You are not going to do anything. You're gonna home, take a pill and sleep this off.

Stephanie: Doing nothing is unacceptable.

Brooke: Nick and Bridget will find their way back to each other. No one can do that for them.

Stephanie: And if you're wrong? That baby's blood will be on your hands.

Brooke: Go home, Stephanie. And if I see you at my doorstep one more time. I will use this gun.

Stephanie: You haven't got the guts. But keep it as my little present. Remember there's a bullet in it. You may need it.

[Bridget remembering as music plays in background]

Start pretending. Happy ending everything I ever wanted stands in front of me

I have lost my dreams I have lost my dreams

Stephanie: [Flashback] If you would just please listen to what I'm trying to tell you, I think he's still in love with you mother.

Now they say I told the truth life beyond the burden of proof.

Stephanie: [Flashback] I know you want to believe that this isn't your mother's fault, but you need to take this moment and think about yourself.

Bridget: Nick wants to be with me, he loves me. I have lost my dreams.

Bridget: Everyone thinks they know more about my relationship than I do, Nick's not in love with my mother.

Dante: I want you to open your eyes.

Bridget: My eyes are open, they've been open since the very beginning. Do you really think that I would put myself in the position to be in love with another man that was still in love with my mother. I see it every single time he looks at me. He never looks at her that way.

Nick: You don't know this, but I used to lie awake at night, watching you. I'd just stare at you. Thinking of all the different ways I could love you. Sorta like a story you can't wait to get to the end of. You gave me that. And you took it away. I had one day to love that child. And you killed that baby. You killed me. You killed us. And you killed yourself.  

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