B&B Transcript Wednesday 8/17/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 8/17/05


By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: Bridget, wait. Please, just let us talk to you.

Bridget: You just admitted having feelings for each other. There's nothing else to talk about.

Nick: We admitted having feelings for each other so we could get past them. So we could put them behind us.

Brooke: It's true.

Bridget: Oh, get off me! Don't you dare touch me.

Brooke: Bridget, we can't run away from this right now. We have to deal with it, together.

Bridget: I don't want anything to do with you.

Brooke: I'm your mother. No matter how angry you are with me, we have to deal with this. And we're going to have that special bond and you will understand that some day when you have a child with Nick.

Bridget: How sick would that be? My baby's father panting after grandma.

Nick: Bridget -- Bridget, listen to me. It is nothing like that.

Bridget: Oh, yes it is, Nick! It's exactly like that!


Thomas: You wanna throw Gaby out, you'll have to throw me out, too.

Gaby: Thomas, no.

Taylor: No, nobody is throwing anybody out. Ridge, let's just stand here and discuss this rationally, okay?

Ridge: I thought we already did, Taylor. Before I left, we agreed. This marriage had to be annulled.

Taylor: Well, the situation has changed since then.

Ridge: Oh, has immigration changed the law? Is getting married to secure a green card now legal?

Taylor: Thomas, would you and Gaby please go upstairs for a minute? I need to have a word alone with your dad.


Bridget: I asked for your respect and this is what I get?

Nick: I do respect you.

Brooke: We both do.

Bridget: So you expect me to just accept this? A life with you while you're in love with someone else?

Nick: I don't expect anything from you. I'm just asking you to listen. Let's get out of here, the two of us. Go some place, and just talk.

Bridget: But no explanation can fix this, Nick! You can't just say good-bye to her and expect that everything is gonna be okay. It's not going to be okay.

Brooke: Honey, it's been a very emotional week. Let's just talk about this when our heads are more clear.

Bridget: But my mind is clearer than it's been in a very long time. My blinders are off.

Nick: What you saw here didn't mean anything.

Bridget: Oh, Nick, it meant the world to me. It meant everything to me. It meant that the life that I had been dreaming of with you is over.

Brooke: That isn't true, honey.

Nick: Brooke and I have put our feelings to rest. As of right now, there is nothing going on between your mother and me.

Bridget: As of right now? As of right now. And nothing? Nothing! Nothing! What does this look like to you, Nick?! Is this just nothing?! Is this just nothing?!

Nick: That dinner was for you.

Bridget: And what do you expect me to say to you? Thank you? You want me to say, "Thank you" to you? Well, thank you so much, Nick. Thank you for such a special evening!

[ Brooke screams ] Thank you Nick!

[ Glass shattering ] I'll never forget it as long as I live.

Nick: Don't -- don't do this. Please don't do this.

Bridget: I don't want them. I don't want them anymore. I don't ever -- I don't ever want to see you again. If I can't have your respect, then I don't want your gifts. I'm getting rid of everything you've ever given me. Everything! Get out of my way!

Brooke: Bridget, Bridget don't leave like this, please. Bridget, come back!


Gaby: Hey. Hey, can I come in?

Thomas: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Gaby: I'm just gonna get some clothes for tomorrow. I don't want to bug you.

Thomas: Oh, no, no, no. You're not, you're not. I just can't seem to focus.

Gaby: Because of what's going on downstairs?

Thomas: More worried about how it's gonna affect you. I mean, who's my dad, coming in here like the enforcer? Questioning mom's decision. He should know that she doesn't do anything without believing in it.

Gaby: He's right, though. You know -- I mean, it's illegal. Thomas, your parents.

Thomas: Oh, forget about them. My dad's just angry because he thinks this marriage is a fraud. But what I'm feeling right now, Gaby? It's the real thing.


Ridge: You honestly don't see this as a problem?

Taylor: It's not the ideal situation.

Ridge: It's a felony, Taylor. Harboring an undocumented alien. I thought I could trust you to do what's best for our son.

Taylor: Thomas made some very persuasive arguments. If you would just listen to him.

Ridge: An 18-year-old kid with a bad case of judgment-impairing puppy love?

Taylor: Frankly, I'm having a problem with your judgment, not his, right now.

Ridge: Mine?

Taylor: Thomas and I have already sat down and we discussed this at length. I mean, he made arguments that were mature and rational, unlike the sarcasm I'm getting from you right now. You just can't walk in here and make unilateral pronouncements about something you don't really understand that's going on, and expect everyone to obey you. I mean, maybe that's the way things worked out when Brooke was here with you and raising the children, but with me that's not going to fly.


Brooke: Did you stop her?

Nick: I couldn't catch her. She took off too fast.

Brooke: Nick, she shouldn't be driving. She's way too upset.

Nick: She's upset because of us. Have you ever seen her like that before? She thinks it's happening again.

Brooke: Yes. Yes, I know. I know that she was hurt by my affair with Deacon, but the scars and the wounds that it left --

Nick: Look, we'll fix it. We'll make this right.

Brooke: Nick, it's not right. These feelings. My god, what were we thinking?

Nick: We were thinking about Bridget. And we have to believe when she cools off, when she calms down, she'll see that.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Stephanie: Is Bridget here?

Nick: She left.

Stephanie: What happened? Brooke, what happened here?


Bridget: It's happening again.

Dante: Just breathe, okay? Take a deep breath. Thank god I showed up when I did. Why were you running away? Did something happen with your mother?

Bridget: Yes. And Nick.

Dante: What did they do?

Bridget: Well, according to them, nothing. Nothing at all.


Brooke: Look, Stephanie, this is none of your business.

Stephanie: The hell it isn't. I've just been at the cabin with your daughter. She told me -- she told me what she saw at the hospital. The behavior between the two of you. Now, she drove down here to tell you something. What did she say?

Nick: We had a misunderstanding.

Stephanie: What kind of a misunderstanding?

Brooke: She came home and she saw us having dinner.

Stephanie: A romantic dinner?

Brooke: I know that's probably what it looked like, but, no, it wasn't.

Stephanie: What have you done? What have you done, Brooke?


Gaby: Thomas, we can't.

Thomas: Well, don't let my dad make you nervous.

Gaby: No, that's not why. I mean, he's not.

Thomas: Good. Because the more he pushes us apart, the more I want to --

Gaby: You wanna what?


Ridge: I'm not making a unilateral decision. Taylor, we discussed this before I left town.

Taylor: And I would've discussed it with you again, but you weren't here.

Ridge: Is that what this is about?

Taylor: No, this is about our son. But somebody had to handle things while you were gone, and that's what I did. And I'm sorry if you don't like it.

Ridge: What I don't like is being made to feel guilty for trying to protect my own child. That's not really what you want me to feel guilty about, is it?

Taylor: Well, I admit, yeah, there are still some unresolved questions and issues about our relationship. But no, what I'm talking about right now is the fact that Thomas' situation needed a solution right then and I feel right about the choice I made.

Ridge: It's late. I'm exhausted. Can we just talk about this tomorrow? All I want to do is go up and say good night to the kids. Take a shower and go to bed.


Brooke: We didn't do anything, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Then why did Bridget take off?

Nick: What's it to you?

Stephanie: You're ruining your daughter's life, you know that, don't you?

Brooke: Nothing is ruined. Bridget is just a little confused.

Stephanie: Oh, I don't imagine she's confused now. Not after having walked in here and finding the two of you, I think she probably knew exactly what was going on. My god, you can't keep your hands of hands off each other.

Brooke: That's not true!

Nick: Hey, we don't owe you any explanations.

Stephanie: I don't want an explanation from you. And I can see the guilt all over your face.

Nick: Please, you have no idea what you're saying at all.

Stephanie: That's pretty ironic coming from you.

Brooke: You said Bridget came here to tell us something. She said she was happy. Happier than she's ever been.

Stephanie: Well, I don't imagine she's very happy right now.

Nick: And why is that? Why is that, Stephanie? Why would you say that, you're the one who's been with her. You were with her in Big Bear, did you corner her and really work those insecurities?

Stephanie: I am not responsible for this, Nick. You are. I can't believe that poor girl walked in her and found you two together. Gee, just after she found out --

Nick: Found out what? Found out what?

Stephanie: That she's pregnant, Nick! She's carrying your child.


Dante: Please Bridget, tell me what's going on. I want to help you. So you saw Nick and your mother together --

Bridget: He loves her.

Dante: You already told me that before.

Bridget: They told me.

Dante: They admitted it? I'm so sorry, Bridget. Come here.

Bridget: I just feel like such an idiot. I should've seen this coming earlier.

Dante: You did. Weeks ago. Remember, you came to me. But Nick talked you out of it. He swore it wasn't true. This is the last time he's done this to you. This is the last time he's hurt you, okay? You know what? You can move on now. You can move on from all this confusion.

Bridget: It's just starting.

Dante: No. You're free now. See?

Bridget: I'm --

Dante: What? What is it?

Bridget: I'm pregnant. I -- I can't move on. I'm carrying Nick's child. I'll be tied to him forever.


Nick: Pregnant? Bridget's pregnant? A baby? Our baby. But she was here --

Brooke: She didn't say anything.

Stephanie: Well, what do you expect her to say?

Nick: She would have told me.

Stephanie: If she had found you alone. But you weren't.

Brooke: Well, we didn't know.

Stephanie: Would it have changed anything?

Nick: It changes everything.

Stephanie: It changed everything for her, too. She was going to leave you, Nick. Walk away.

Brooke: But she changed her mind?

Stephanie: After she found out the test results. She thought it was going to bring the two of you together. She drove down here full of hope. I want you to know I tried to stop her. Because she wasn't thinking straight. Just before she got the test results, I -- she was on the edge of a breakdown.

Brooke: You're exaggerating.

Stephanie: I'm not exaggerating! She was hanging by a thread. You know, being your daughter has taken a lot out of that girl.

Brooke: We didn't know she was pregnant.

Nick: She said something -- Brooke, she said before -- before she left. When she took the jewelry off. Do you remember what she said?

Brooke: Oh, god.

Stephanie: What did she say, Nick?

Nick: She said if she couldn't have all of me, she didn't want any part of me. And that she wanted to get rid of everything I've ever given her. The baby. She's gonna get rid of the baby.


Bridget: Oh, I thought that I was done with all of this. This pain and the insecurities and the need for reassurance. I thought that I would just tell him about the baby, and we would go on as planned.

Dante: You can't. Not after he's told you he's in love with your mother.

Bridget: I know that, that's why I couldn't tell them.

Dante: He doesn't deserve to know.

Bridget: Stephanie warned me about all this.

Dante: Stephanie did?

Bridget: Yeah. She told me to just move on and leave him.

Dante: Stephanie's right.

Bridget: Before I took the test, she said that it didn't matter about the result, it wouldn't change anything. But it's changed everything.

Dante: Only if you let it.

Bridget: I just feel so trapped.

Dante: You're not.

Bridget: Yes, I am. It doesn't matter what I do, one way or another -- it's not going to make the pain go away. It's not going to make the memories go away. It's just like with Hope. Only I'm the one that's pregnant now.

Dante: Wait, you're afraid that this baby's gonna remind you of what Nick has done to you, is that it?

Bridget: I told him that I was gonna get rid of everything that he'd ever given me.

Dante: You don't mean --

Bridget: My mother made me suffer because of her mistakes. But I am not gonna let this baby suffer, too.

Dante: That's why you have to make a clean break from nick right now. Let her have him, okay? You have this baby to worry about.

Bridget: But Nick wants to be a father.

Dante: Nick wants to be with your mother. I'm sorry, the truth needs to be told, okay. You can't forget about this.

Bridget: Oh, I wish I could forget. I wish I could forget growing up, knowing how it feels to have my mother in love with my father's son. Her yearning to be with him. And us never feeling like what we had to offer was enough for her. I'm not gonna let my baby grow up and feel that way from Nick. Having him longing after my mother. Ridge had to go through the same thing knowing that his father was in love with someone else. Generation after generation this has been going on. The betrayal and the secrets and the infidelity and the pain and -- I am not going to have my baby be part of that cycle. I won't do it. I have to break it. I don't think I have a choice. I know what I have to do.

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