B&B Transcript Tuesday 8/16/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 8/16/05


By Boo
Proofread by Becky

Nick: Hi.

Brooke: Sweetheart, you're home.

Bridget: What's this?

Nick: It's dinner. I hope you're hungry.

Bridget: Dinner for two?

Brooke: Nick asked me to join him. On the phone you said not to expect you.

Bridget: Obviously you didn't.


Taylor: Gin.

Thomas: Not again.

Taylor: All righty, how about a little ice cream to smooth over this agony of defeat?

Thomas: Okay, sure, fine. One bowl, two spoons.

Taylor: Okay.

Gaby: Thank you, Mrs. Forrester. Wow, your mom's really, really great, Thomas.

Thomas: Yeah.

Gaby: Maybe now I can stop looking over my shoulder, huh?

Thomas: Well, maybe not quite yet. But, I can think of a few better ways to spend our evening than playing cards with my mother.

Gaby: Thomas. We can't. The rules, remember?

Thomas: Ah, the rules. Yes, the rules. No, what rules?

Gaby: You know what, I'm going to go help your mom.

Thomas: No, no, no, you helped with the dishes. I'll get the ice cream.

Gaby: Okay.

Ridge: Gaby ?

Gaby: Mr. Forrester. What are you doing home?

Ridge: I live here. Question is, what're you doing here?


Eric: Bridget is pregnant?

Stephanie: I believe that she's breaking the news as we speak.

Eric: She's happy about this?

Stephanie: She should be. Should be one of the happiest times of her young life.

Eric: Are you telling me that she's not happy about this?

Stephanie: I shouldn't have to be telling you anything. She is your daughter. Do you have any idea what's going on in her life? Or are you just too busy running around town with marriage proposals?

Eric: Oh, for god's sake, leave Brooke out of it.

Stephanie: I wish I could, but she's the problem. She is the reason that your daughter is not overjoyed about this pregnancy.


Nick: I can see how this must look to you.

Brooke: Nick ordered this dinner for you.

Nick: It was supposed to be a surprise.

Bridget: Oh, I'm surprised, all right. I just probably shouldn't be.

Brooke: Honey, don't look at us that way. We didn't do anything wrong.

Bridget: Then I guess it's good that I came home when I did, isn't it?

Nick: Bridget, now don't jump to conclusions like this. Let us explain.

Brooke: Nick and I were just talking about you.

Nick: We understand completely what's going on here, what the issue is. How our friendship makes you uncomfortable. We've discussed it and we've agreed to be as sensitive as we can to your feelings.

Bridget: I can see that.

Brooke: Honey, this isn't what it looks like.

Bridget: Then what is it, Mother? Are you celebrating? Are you congratulating yourself on what it must feel like when I walk in on moments like this and why it freaks me out? To see my mother and my fiancÚ touching each other and holding each other and laughing and whispering. I came home tonight happier than I've been in a really long time. I was so -- I was so happy. And this is what I walk in on?

Brooke: Honey, I couldn't sleep. I just came down here to get a book.

Bridget: Oh, for god's sakes, mother! Go put some clothes on. I can't look at you like that. Go! And you. I can't believe I actually ever felt guilty asking you for a little reassurance. And I was so grateful when I got it. But what a fool I've been. It was all just a lie, wasn't it? Nothing but lies.


Gaby: What am I doing in your house? That's a good question. It's a long story, Mr. Forrester. Thomas had this idea, and --

Taylor: Ridge. You're back.

Thomas: Hey, is everything okay?

Gaby: Yeah. Your father wants to know what I'm doing here.

Taylor: Well, we didn't expect you to come home tonight.

Ridge: I didn't expect to find the three of you all cozied up here. What's going on, doc?

Thomas: My wife lives here now.

Ridge: Lives here?

Taylor: In the guest room.

Ridge: Since when?

Taylor: I told Gaby she could stay. It was the only way to get Agent Dunn off our backs.

Ridge: Look, Thomas, I know how you feel about this. But the fact is, you're breaking the law here. And I can't allow that in my house.

Thomas: Your house? Mom lives here, too, Dad. She's sure if she wants to be here. Are you?


Eric: Am I supposed to know what you're talking about?

Stephanie: You would if you were paying attention. Nick has been by Brooke's side every waking moment since that little incident with Hope.

Eric: Yes, I know that. Nick feels guilty.

Stephanie: Well, it's a little more than guilt, and Bridget's aware of it. Eric, she's distraught. I have not seen her like this since Deacon.

Eric: She saw something. She saw them together. They gave in to their feelings.

Stephanie: She made the decision to walk away from him, and then she got the results of the pregnancy test.


Nick: Bridget, calm down. Whatever you're thinking, don't.

Bridget: I know what I heard, Nick. I know what I saw.

Nick: Well, it would be very easy to misinterpret.

Bridget: So, it's just all in my head? I leave the house for one night and I come back to a romantic candlelit dinner where you're sitting with my mother while she shows off her lingerie!

Nick: Now, stop that. Now, you know that's not what was happening.

Bridget: How do I know? How do I know? Because you say so? Are you gonna be different than all the other guys that have ever loved my mother? Are you gonna be the first man that's really gotten over her?

Nick: Bridget, now come on. This is just stress talking. With your workload, and school, what's happened to your father, what happened to Hope --

Bridget: Oh, right, right! You can just blame everyone, but not you. And not my mother. I've heard it all before, nick. You've been telling me for months that there's nothing going on with my mother. But I've seen it. I've seen it. I saw it in the house, upstairs. You and my mom and Hope laying in bed and cuddling. I saw it in the hospital. I saw the way that you looked at each other. You were holding each other. I wish I was crazy, but I'm not crazy. I know that there's something there.

Nick: You're right, there is. Your mother and I faced up to that tonight. What's been going on with us. Feelings, and what they mean. And that's what you walked in on. Tonight, your mother and I said goodbye.

Bridget: Goodbye?

Nick: My future is with you, Bridget. That's what I want. And I know that now more than ever.

Bridget: Are you kidding me? You just admitted to having feelings for my mother, and you want to move forward with me and just ignore them? What kind of future is that, Nick? You told me that you wanted a life with me. We were gonna get married. And we were gonna have a family. You said that to me! Is that what you really want? Is that what you want, or is it all just a lie?

Brooke: Nobody's lying to you, Bridget.

Bridget: Here come the excuses. Again!

Brooke: Get angry. Get angry with me. Because I'm the one who's been leaning on Nick for support.

Bridget: You've betrayed me, Mother. You swore to me that you would never do it again. And lookie here. Here we are. It took all of my strength and all of my compassion -- it took everything in me to forgive you the first time. But I did it. I forgave you for Deacon. But I'll never forgive you for this.


Thomas: You're making rules for this family? So, does that mean this is where you want to be?

Ridge: We're talking about you now.

Taylor: Thomas, your father's right. Don't change the subject.

Ridge: So you said Gaby's living in the guest room?

Taylor: Yes. That's part of the ground rules.

Ridge: Which are?

Taylor: This is a marriage in name only.

Ridge: Come on, Doc. How realistic is that? We're dealing with a couple of normal, healthy teenagers who are attracted to each other. You really think they're gonna live here copasetically without crossing the line?

Gaby: We won't. We will not.

Ridge: You're damn right you won't. Because if you do --

Thomas: Look, dad. I just want her to go to college. I want her to have the future her mother wanted for her. That's why I did this.

Ridge: Thomas, if it wasn't against the law, I'd be right there with you. But we can't help everyone who wants to be schooled in America.

Thomas: I don't want to help everyone. I want to help Gaby. I care about her. She matters to me. A lot.


Eric: Look, I understand that Bridget's pregnancy complicates things.

Stephanie: Not according to your daughter. She thinks this is the answer to her prayers.

Eric: Well, it definitely precludes Brooke and Nick having a relationship.

Stephanie: The only thing it precludes is their not being honest about it.

Eric: Nick wants a family. Brooke is not going to interfere with that.

Stephanie: Oh, Eric, when are you going to take the blinders off? This baby doesn't fix anything. It just makes the situation worse.


Brooke: Nick and I haven't betrayed you.

Bridget: Maybe not physically. But mentally, and in your hearts? Yeah, I think you have.

Nick: I told her what we were talking about.

Brooke: Honey, you have to understand --

Bridget: Oh, I understand all right, mom. I've understood for a really long time. I understand the damsel in distress act. Parading around in your skimpy lingerie. Parading your body and your problems in front of yet another sympathetic man. You knew this would happen, didn't you? Didn't you, Mom? Everyone else seemed to know. Everyone but me. Dad told me, and Taylor told me, and Stephanie, and Ridge, and Jackie! Everyone else seemed to know but me!

[ Bridget sighs ] I guess its just fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice and shame on me.

Nick: Bridget -- Bridget, nobody was trying to fool you.

Bridget: Then I guess I was just fooling myself. Really believing that I could trust you.

Brooke: You can. Because nothing's happened. And nothing is going to happen. Honey, you -- you're my daughter. You're my child. My relationship with you means more than anything to me. I love you more than I could ever love any man.

Bridget: But you love yourself more. You're totally consumed with your own needs. Your own desires. You always have to be the center of attention.

Nick: Bridget, Hope almost died. Your mother was going through a crisis.

Bridget: Oh, she's always going through a crisis! She's been going through a crisis since the day I was born. And I had to grow up with it. Scandal after scandal. And I suffered because of it. I just had to put on a really brave face. I would smile for the camera. I can hear them now. "Isn't that little girl so precious? So well adjusted. So adorable." How well adjusted am I now, mother? I'm not! I'm not! I'm angry and I'm disgusted! I'm disgusted with you. I'm sick of it, and I'm not gonna put up with it anymore. I'm not hiding this any longer.


Eric: Brooke would never do anything to hurt her own grandchild.

Stephanie: What are you talking about? She slept with her daughter's husband.

Eric: You need to get over that. Look, this could be a blessing in disguise. The fact is that Nick loves Bridget. Once he finds out that she is carrying his child, he'll do right by her.

Stephanie: And if he doesn't? Eric, I was with your daughter up at Big Bear. I'm telling you, she's on the verge of a breakdown. If this whole scenario does not play out the way Bridget has imagined it -- I'm really frightened for what it might do to her.


Bridget: I'm sick, Mother. I'm so sick. Look at me. You made me this way.

Nick: Now wait a minute.

Bridget: I've been waiting all my life, Nick. I've been waiting to step out of her shadow. To have a life of my own. A life that I planned with you.

Brooke: Honey, you can still have that life.

Bridget: And I get him by default?

Nick: No. No, Bridget. I want to be with you.

Bridget: But you're still in love with her. And you always will be. That's just what she does. She infects you. She infected my father. And Ridge. And Deacon. You've even infected me. And in spite -- in spite of everything, I was still so proud of you. I was so proud of your optimism and your passion and everything that you'd accomplished. That's why I defended you endlessly to Stephanie. And I would ignore the signs. I really believed that you would learn from your mistakes. That's why I forgave you. I just couldn't see what everyone else could see. That you're exactly who Stephanie says you are.

Brooke: Honey, please.

Bridget: No, don't touch me! You say that you haven't crossed any limits, but you just can't see them. Boundaries and limits have never existed for you!

Nick: Bridget, you're angry and you're confused. I'm sorry about that. But don't take this out on your mother.

Bridget: Don't touch me! Do you know how hard it was for me to rebuild my relationship with you? For me to love you back in here. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to accept Hope as my sister? After all of that, how could you do this again?

Brooke: I haven't done anything. And I wouldn't. You have to believe me.

Bridget: I can't believe you. I can't do this anymore. This endless cycle of abuse and pain. It's just gotta end. The humiliation. The degradation. It's gotta stop. It's got to stop now. It's over, Nick. I don't want you if you're still in love with my mother. If I can't have all of you, I don't want any part of you. It's over, Nick. Do you hear me? This stops now. It ends with me.

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