B&B Transcript Friday 7/29/05

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/29/05


By Amanda
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: You had Ridge marry Taylor to punish me!

 Stephanie: I was wrong. I know that now.

 Ridge: Mother, you had be believing you had a heart attack.

 Stephanie: Honey, I'm sorry.

 Ridge: Oh, you're sorry?

 Stephanie: Well, I panicked. I had just seen Brooke down at the beach --

 Ridge: No, don't, don't, don't! Don't you dare blame this on her!


 Dante: It's not your fault, Bridget.

 Bridget: I know. It's just you finally get settled in the beach house, and then my dad shows up and needs you to leave.

 Dante: You know, I could have stayed in a hotel, you know? You know, you could've stayed with him.

 Bridget: No, it's okay. I just -- I was able to talk to him a little bit while you were still packing, and I think he's just in shock and needs to be alone. I can't believe he actually left Stephanie.

 Dante: I can't blame him.

 Bridget: No, I can't, either. She betrayed the entire family.

 Dante: You know, staging a heart attack, paying off a doctor, that's pretty unbelievable. I mean, when you told me your family was crazy, I didn't quite believe you. I mean, crazy, it's an understatement.

 Bridget: You know, she actually let my dad believe that she was dying. Do you know what that did to him? She didn't care. She didn't care what it did to him or the kids, or her grandchildren. All she cared about was making sure that ridge marries Taylor and that my mother out of his life.

 Dante: How is your mother doing, by the way?

 Bridget: Well, I'm sure she feels pretty vindicated. She thought the whole thing was a setup from the very beginning.

 Dante: Well, vindicated or not, I don't know if she'll be okay with me staying over her place.

 Bridget: I don't think she'll care. It's fine, you're my guest, so --

 Dante: You plan on being around?

 Bridget: I don't know. Everything's just really up in the air. If my mom moves back in with Ridge, you could end up having this whole house to yourself.

 Dante: You think that Ridge would change his decision?

 Bridget: I don't think Ridge made a decision. Stephanie did. And now, all hells breaking loose because of it.


 Stephanie: I was thinking of you, and Thomas and the girls.

 Ridge: Well, Thomas and the girls were scared to death. So was I. Holding you in my arms, rushing you to the hospital, and the whole time, I was blaming myself.

 Stephanie: Honey, I never meant for -- I never meant for that to happen.

 Ridge: Oh, mother, we were arguing when you collapsed. You were clutching your chest, gasping for breath. And the whole time, this -- you made a fool of me.

 Stephanie: I was the foolish one, I'm sorry. It's just that I know what Brooke is capable of.

 Ridge: Well now, I know what you're capable of. It was all an -- it was all an act, wasn't it?

 Stephanie: It was a mistake.

 Brooke: You deliberately deceived your entire family!

 Ridge: Did you plan this? Did you wait for this moment? Did you rehearse your little performance here?

 Stephanie: No, it wasn't that way. I told you that.

 Ridge: What, you just did it? You saw an opportunity to manipulate the situation, and you just took it, just like that.

 Stephanie: I was thinking of you and Taylor. I'm sorry.

 Ridge: Well, I don't want your apology! I don't need it. The truth is, mother, I'm actually glad you did this.


 Dante: Ridge knows he was tricked into choosing Taylor. And that changes everything, doesn't it?

 Bridget: Oh, I shouldn't get ahead of myself.

 Dante: Yeah, but you're still hoping that your mother and ridge will get together.

 Bridget: Yeah, of course I am. I think my mother and her children deserve to be happy.

 Dante: So do you.

 Bridget: This isn't about me.

 Dante: You'd have less to worry about if your mother and Ridge get together. And to be honest, so would I.

 Bridget: And why would you?

 Dante: Nick won't be happy when he finds out I'm staying over your mom's place. In case you haven't noticed, he's been a little protective of her. I mean, where is he, anyway? Isn't tonight supposed to be your honeymoon?

 Bridget: Okay, don't start. Do you have to go thee?

 Dante: I'm just asking.

 Bridget: It has been a very long day. I'm exhausted.

 Dante: Tired of walking down the aisle? I mean, how many times has it been now? And you still don't have a ring on your finger. You know, if I was a superstitious man, and I am, I'd say that this wedding wasn't meant to be.

 Bridget: You just can't let this go.

 Dante: And give up any hope of being with you? Never.

 Bridget: I'm gonna show you to your room.

 Dante: Is it across the hall from yours?


 Ridge: This is the best damn thing you could have done. You really opened my eyes.

 Stephanie: Honey, you're angry, and you have every right to be.

 Ridge: Now I know the truth, mother. You know, when everybody told me that you were manipulative, I defended you. When Brooke complained about your vendetta, I asked her to please be patient. Over and over, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I thought you were just trying to help me, that you were doing things for my best interest.

 Stephanie: I did. I do.

 Ridge: No, Mother. If you did, you would have let me make my own choice. I told you you wouldn't like what would happen if you didn't stay out of this. And you're not going to like it now.

 Stephanie: Honey, don't do this. Please, don't --

 Ridge: You're the one who did it. You're the one who did it, mother. It was your lies, your manipulations, your vendetta. You had to punish Brooke, didn't you? You had to make her pay. You make me sick!

 Stephanie: All right, I admit it. I admit it. I went too far. It's just -- it's just that I love you so much. I mean, the truth is, if I'm guilty of anything, it's of loving you too much. It's all these years of competing with Brooke for your love.

 Ridge: What are you talking about? I'm your son!

 Stephanie: And you're my whole world, and I could feel her pulling you away from me.

 Brooke: For god's sake, Stephanie.

 Stephanie: Well, you said to me that if I didn't accept her, you'd cut me out of your life, I'd never get to see my grandchildren. Those were your exact words. And knowing her, she'd make sure that came true!

 Taylor: You gave him an ultimatum?

 Brooke: No!

 Ridge: She's the mother of my child, mother. We were married. But you couldn't deal with that! You had to keep on! You couldn't let go of your damn vendetta! It's over.

 Stephanie: Yes, it is.

 Ridge: This is over.

 Stephanie: It is, yes. It's over. And I will never deceive you again, I promise you.

 Ridge: Oh, you're damn right, you won't. I am no longer your son. I am cutting you out. You're a cancer that's killing this damn family, and I'm cutting you out, forever!


[ Knock on door ]

 Dante: Entra.

 Bridget: Dante? Oh, you're changing. I'm sorry, I'll come back.

 Dante: No, no. Do I make you nervous? Don't deny it. You can't even look at me.

 Bridget: It's just you're half-dressed.

 Dante: It didn't bother you on the beach in Italy.

 Bridget: I'm not bothered. I'm not.

 Dante: Then why are you blushing? Why did you ask me to come to stay here?

 Bridget: My dad -- the beach house, you know?

 Dante: Well, I could've stayed somewhere else. I didn't have to stay here. But you wanted me to stay here, right? Next to you, right? Right?

 Bridget: Yes, I did. Oh, Dante. Oh, god. Dante.

 Bridget: Dante?

 Dante: Uh, sorry. What?

 Bridget: Towels.

 Dante: Uh, right.

 Bridget: So is there anything else I can get for you?

 Dante: No, I've got everything -- well, almost everything. I think I'm gonna be very happy here.


 Stephanie: I wasn't thinking clearly. I made a very poor decision in a moment of weakness.

 Ridge: This isn't the first time you've tried to force Brooke out of my life. I should've protected you, and I didn't. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

 Brooke: It's okay.

 Ridge: No, it's not. I let you down.

 Brooke: I was angry and confused.

 Ridge: Well, with good reason.

 Brooke: I shouldn't have taken it out on you. It wasn't your fault.

 Ridge: I should have seen it.

 Taylor: Ridge, nobody could have even imagined the lengths your mother would go to.

 Brooke: Stephanie took advantage of all of us. She used your compassion against you. She knew if she convinced you that she was dying, she could get you to do anything.

 Stephanie: Well, that's a lie! Ridge, please, do not compound my mistake by -- by making one you're gonna regret for the rest of your life.

 Ridge: Oh, shut up, Mother! Brooke doesn't need to listen this anymore, and neither do I. Come on, I'm taking you home.

 Brooke: No, it's all right. You and Taylor have a lot to discuss. I'll see you later.

 Ridge: No way. And risk having her show up on your doorstep? No way. I may not have protected you before, Logan, but I'm not gonna let her harass you ever again.


 Taylor: Well done, Stephanie!

 Stephanie: Well, this is not what I wanted.

 Taylor: This wasn't supposed to have anything to do with you!

 Stephanie: Taylor, be angry with me if you want, but focus on your husband. Don't let her turn this situation to her advantage.

 Taylor: My god. My god. You -- you don't quit. You haven't learned anything from this, have you? You're trying to manipulate me right now.

 Stephanie: I'm trying to help you.

 Taylor: You really don't know the difference, do you?

 Stephanie: Well, I know that Ridge is vulnerable right now.

 Taylor: No, ridge is feeling guilty, because Brooke asked him for help, and he didn't give it to her! He took her home just now to protect her from you, that's all.

 Stephanie: Well, I hope you're right. But if you're not --

 Taylor: Stop it! Just -- just stop it! My marriage is not in trouble. But if it was, it wouldn't be Brooke's fault. It'd be yours!

 Stephanie: I know everybody's angry with me. I mean, they're so hurt, they don't understand why I did what I did. But you -- honey, you're my best e you're the most compassionate person I know. I mean, you know I wouldn't really ever do something deliberately to harm this family. Taylor, don't turn away from me now, now that I need you the most. Please.

[ Door slams shut ]


 Brooke: You were awfully quiet in the car.

 Ridge: Just stunned. My god, Logan. What I put you through these last years.

 Brooke: You? No.

 Ridge: You knew how my mother felt about you. You knew how far she'd go. And yet, you stayed with me.

 Brooke: There's no place I'd rather be.

 Ridge: You must've felt so alone. You tried to tell me how bad it was, with her animosity and her obsession. And I did nothing.

 Brooke: You did put your foot down when R.J. was born.

 Ridge: I should've done a hell of a lot more than that.

 Brooke: I had your love. That's all that really mattered. But there is something else I'd like to ask of you now.

 Ridge: Anything. I meant what I said. I will never let my mother hurt you ever again.

 Brooke: I don't want there to be any more secrets in this family.

 Ridge: There won't be.

 Brooke: I think we need to be honest about our feelings.

 Ridge: Trust me, my mother knows exactly how I feel about her now.

 Brooke: We're not the only ones that she hurt with her deception.

 Ridge: No. It affected the kids, and dad.

 Brooke: And Taylor. Stephanie had this fake heart attack to get you two to be married. And now, your commitment is based on a lie.

 Ridge: My mother manipulated all of us.

 Brooke: She's been manipulating you most of your life.

 Ridge: But not like this. Never like this.

 Brooke: I understand that a bond between a mother and a son is very strong. I know, because I have that with R.J. but at some point, you have to let your children grow up and make their own decisions. And Stephanie was never able to do that with you. But finally, Ridge, the umbilical cord was cut, and you are free. You're free to make your own decision. So I'm gonna ask you one more time. Even though I promised myself I wouldn't do this then you pushed me out of the house, and you demoralized me.

 Ridge: Logan, I never meant to hurt you.

 Brooke: No, I know. I know. You just didn't see what your mother was doing to us. But you know who she is now, and you know who I am. And you know how much I love you and how deeply committed I am to you and to our family. So I want you to look into your heart, Ridge, and make your decision -- the decision that you know is right. For yourself, for me, for the kids.

 Ridge: Brooke, what you're asking me to do here --

 Brooke: I am asking you to give our future the chance that it deserves. Let's go home. Let's restart our life and rebuild our future and never look back.

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